Posted by: jerseyg | June 7, 2011

Larry Silverstein is Selling Willis (Sears) Tower…oh no

Larry Silverstein, famous for being the owner of WTC 7 and the phrase “pull it” has put the Willis Tower up for sale.  His name is not mentioned as part of the group selling the building  but this piece by Dean Starkman from the Wall Street Journal dated  March 4, 2004 documents the transaction:  

Two investors who are part of Larry Silverstein’s group that owns the World Trade Center lease are among the buyers of the Sears Tower, which MetLife Inc. agreed to sell Thursday for more than $800 million, according to people familiar with the situation.

Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre, New York investors who are among Mr. Silverstein’s backers in the Trade Center, are part of a group that agreed to buy the Chicago landmark, these people said. Another New York investor, Jeffrey Feil, was also a participant in the Sears Tower deal, the people said. Names of the other investors couldn’t be learned.

Mr. Goldman led a group including Mr. Cayre that put up most of the $125 million of the equity that Mr. Silverstein, a New York developer, used to buy the 99-year office lease on the Trade Center office portion from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The deal, valued at $3.2 billion, including the Trade Center’s retail mall, closed in July 2001, weeks before the September terror attacks that destroyed the complex.

Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Port Authority in December had quietly agreed to return all of the $125 million in equity that Mr. Silverstein and his low-profile group originally invested to buy the leases. The full details of that transaction haven’t been released to the public. But the deal effectively eliminated the Silverstein group’s capital risk in the project, while allowing the group to retain control of 10 million square feet of office space. The Port Authority has rejected a Wall Street Journal request to review the transaction, citing Mr. Silverstein’s ongoing lawsuit against his insurers, led by Swiss Reinsurance Co., over how many claims may be collected as a result of the attacks.

Does this mean another 9/11 style false flag is in the works?  Let’s look at some interesting facts:

Security at Willis is provided by Kroll’s.  The same company that provided “security” to the WTC.

Private equity firms have been moving out including Ernst & Young and Thoma Bravo  citing the poor quality of the building.

Last June, a 5 day drill was conducted which simulated a jet crashing in Oak Lawn on it’s way to the airport, a train evacuation due to an explosion and an explosion at a chemical plant.

Exactly a year later June 10, 2011,  another drill is planned by the name of Red Dragon The  exercise will be conducted by Northwest Community Hospital and the Army Reserve.  It’s reported that it is the “largest scale drill ever hosted by NCH”. 

“The purpose of the two-hour drill is to better prepare the hospital for a catastrophic event – such as the deadly tornado earlier this week in Joplin, Missouri – while practicing crisis interactions between medical staff and military personnel. The scenario created for the exercise is day three of tornadoes striking a nearby community, with dozens of injured and deceased workers from an Elk Grove Village industrial park being transported to NCH. The military is now involved, with medics on site.”

“During the two days prior to the drill – on June 8 and 9 – the U.S. Army Reserve Mortuary Affairs Unit will be staged in NCH’s west parking lot to practice handling mass casualties. Mannequins will be used as the bodies are decontaminated in tents and prepared for either burial or the medical examiner’s office.”

Last but not least,  Rahm Emanuel, dual citizen of Israel & the U.S. with his first allegiance being to the former is now mayor of Chicago.   Rahm Emanuel- “Mr Mandatory Civilian Service, Larry Silverstein- Mr “Pull It”, armageddon drills,  security firms fleeing an asbestos filled declining building (any of this sounding familiar?) and the table seems to be set up very nicely for a large scale false flag.  Or is it?

Let’s hope not otherwise this little tribute to the name change of the Tower from Sears to Willis will be it’s prophetic death knell instead. ~jg



  1. By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO

    CHICAGO, 6/6/11 — Mass casualties will be triaged and mass deaths buried in the Red Dragon disaster drills Wednesday through Friday. This report affirms my Friday article, Chicago Aon Center Alert, and requires a six-day warning, effective Monday, 6/6/11, through Saturday, 6/11/11.

    New Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has a reputation as a man-eater who is half Machiavelli and half Mephistopheles. His father was a member of the Israeli Irgun terror organization that blew up Jerusalem’s King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, killing 92, King David Day is still celebrated in Israel.

    Rahm is an Israeli military veteran who volunteered for the First Gulf War. Ironically, at the same time I was volunteering to serve my own country, the USA, in the same war, Neither of us saw action. He worked in an Israeli army motor pool, while I was a stateside war game controller.

    Wednesday, the first day of Red Dragon, will be the 44th anniversary of Israel’s 1967 sneak attack against the USS Liberty. It was a textbook false flag operation, in which they tried to sink the ship, shoot the survivors, then blame it on Egypt, against whom they had just launched the Six-Day War. The Liberty fought bravely and survived at a cost of 34 dead and 171 wounded crewmen.

    LBJ’s willingness to sacrifice the Liberty as a pawn on the geostrategic chessboard wasn’t unusual. Five years earlier the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff had proposed Operation Northwoods to JFK, a plan was to hijack planes, blow up a U.S. ship, and stage terror attacks in U.S. cities, then blame it on Cuba.

    Ecclesiastes is right that there’s nothing new under the sun:

    * On 9/11/01 Israel’s Odigo messaging service warned subscribers about the impending attacks two hours before they occurred, according to an article in Haaretz.

    * Three months after 9/11, Fox News aired an eye-opening Carl Cameron investigative series on Israeli connections to the Arabs blamed for the 9/11 attacks.

    * In 2002 Crawford talks with U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, U.S. President George W. Bush suggested provoking Iraq into shooting down a U.S. airplane as an excuse to start the war, according to the Downing Street Memorandum.

    * Former NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark stated in a 2003 CNN interview that the Bush administration had decided on an Iraq war before if was even inaugurated, and 9/11 was a perfect casus belli.

    * In 2007 Vice President Dick Cheney considered starting a war against Iran with a false flag naval operation, according to a New Yorker article by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

    Captain Eric H. May is a former Army NCO and officer, with specialties in WMD warfare, military intelligence and public affairs. He was on the general staff of the 75th Division, and afterwards an NBC editorial writer. His essays and articles have been published widely, from Military Intelligence Magazine to The Wall Street Journal.

    Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, he self-mobilized on a mission of conscience to uncover the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up (BOBCUP), joining other veterans to form Ghost Troop. Since 2004 they have operated to prevent the next 9/11 (9/11-2B). As a result of Ghost Troop’s historic accomplishments, The Lone Star Iconoclast has called for Congress to award him the Medal of Honor.

    As a Cold War Russian linguist, his Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) score of 156/160 was the highest in the Army. It’s one of the advantages he brings to the post-9/11 infowar, in which he has become adept at decrypting the Cabala code of the war cabal.

    • 4 more days to sweat it out…/?\ YOIKS


      I still can’t copy and paste here…WTF???

  2. “Wednesday, the first day of Red Dragon, will be the 44th anniversary of Israel’s 1967 sneak attack against the USS Liberty.”

    Interesting timing, eh? The monsters are so clever…

    Thanks for posting May’s article Boom.

  3. bet Silverstein has a ring side seat with popcorn!
    the last demolition sale was a dud, what now, a fire sale..
    all that profit from a ruin, and still he wants more..

    • Yea oz, these monsters are insatiable demons..

  4. He is a psychopath. He has killed, and profited from it greatly. It worked mighty fine the first time (?). He feels hungry. He “needs” to eat again. He will always want more, and return again and again until Stopped. Such are the lizard beings.

    This is the problem humanity seems too timid to clean up. THEY will never stop unless made to STOP! There is no reasoning with them. They’re certifiable. I’d bet the farm on it.

  5. This latest version amuses me…

    “Hitler Discovers Adam Kokesh Dance Party”:

    • That’s the best version I’ve seen of that Hitler vid! It’s funny but in a black comedy way since it’s friggin’ TRUE.

  6. Does anyone else here get a totally different block for making replies???
    I cannot paste into this one???
    I have a weird new set-up under this Reply Window with three bars, one is gray with my hybrid name in it two below that are turqois and dark blue, both say Log In.

  7. Hmm….something has changed since this morning Will. The box IS different and now my picture and ID shows up below it. Let me see if I can copy and paste in it..

  8. Yep, I can. That link is to a video called “new american century” which was recommended by Karen Tosdao and I haven’t watched myself yet…..

  9. Interesting News JG. Very interesting as well Boomer. Any bets on my Midwest event.

    Between Gadahn farce, the small arms UN treaty and OBarry’s clan denying the “Gunrunner” scam we have pretty much narrowed the boys club with Holder/Napolitano connection and they have enough to try the Supreme courts with Kagan and Sotomayor.

    You can feel the darkness coming down around you. Who’s even looking at Libya? We are going to war with Mexico. So remember the Maine and the Alamo. 911 Redux—

  10. I had your prediction in mind when I saw the Tower being sold and read about the Red Dragon drill taking place this week.

  11. “I thought well, that’s rather interesting,” he said.
    “This one is pretty well outside the New Madrid region,” he explained. “So this is probably the biggest earthquake in Missouri this far outside the New Madrid system as far as we’ve been reading earthquakes.”

    • Bingo! Checkmate! Ariba me chivas!

  12. Nice find Ko..curiuser and curiouser..

    What’s also odd, is that there were no aftershocks.

    “I looked through the records to see if there was any smaller earthquakes that came with it, and could not find any, so it seems to be just a single little event,” Conder explained.

  13. Year of the Dragon
    Jan 23, 2012 – New Moon w/ Mars stationary
    Motto “I Reign”

  14. xxx

  15. This new WordPress deal is fucked, the URl above is a story on 9/11 that I wrote yesterday.

    • It’s all about the global grid my friend. Adding Twitter and Facebook further assists the committee & spooks in correlating posters and commentors to their real identities.

      Don’t let it get you down because it’s small potatoes in the future panoptic grid. We have barely seen the rapid change coming in the eight month window.

      • Yea Puddy, I’ve been filled with this an…tis…ip….ayyyy….shun Just about all my adult life.

        [FFWD>>] to the New World Order


  16. You might be interested to know that the Sears Towers has the same built in demolitions scheme that the WTC had. When Silverstein said Pull it, thats exactly what was meant. Watch video 911 The Third Truth Dimitri Khalesov & you’ll see what I mean.

  17. Hey Leslie.. thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the built in demolition scheme. I intend to check out the vid you recommend. Thank you!

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