Posted by: laudyms | June 3, 2011

Joe Rogan talks politics

When people say “support the troops” but aren’t fighting to bring them home and get the criminals who run things in check, I wonder
how serious they are about helping anybody.
Joe Rogan speaks for those who can’t

HT to Scott Creighton!



  1. thanks laudy… this is spot-fuckin-on.

    whoops… a no-no word. might alienate the “swing voters.”

    “…that’s stupid hippie bullshit…” (JOE said that)

    yep. welcome to my nightmare for the past 40 years. it never changes much. sometimes it takes some time to figure it out… sometimes it takes no time at all. this last round of stoopid wis dead-bone OBVIOUS on 9/12/01. “freedom and democracy are under attack” yep. big orange flag right there.

    and today in krakkkerland i am surrounded by people who call themselves “9/12 patriots.” yep. i aint making this up. and what are they mad about? “taxes!” “SOCIALISM!”

    takes about 45 seconds on line to figure this one out. i sill always remember “9/12” as the stoopidist day in US history. and these bozos NAME themselves after it. figures.

    thanks, laudy. gonna spread this around.


    The Conspiracy Copout: Stop fretting about conspiracies – they don’t matter.

    More of this 9/12 Lie Movement


    • <> ,,, my hat has sick in it again… urp… pt

      • Lol, bite me with a scientist…

        One Dr. Ward, a PhD. in ‘Sociology”, has joined the conversation on
        Scragged and gagged, and he is one of these anti-conspiracy
        punkivooters too.

        The plot thickens…
        Dr. Ward,
        And what of your own indicators of ”effort-justification”?

        “For your information I have impeccable qualifications in social science..”–doctor

        I have detected indicators of comorbidity within just the few comments you have made here.
        Of course this really strikes my interest.
        Can you tell me more?

        “the fraudulent overoptimistic proponents of globalization flourished”–doctor

        Your proposition here is one of those the might be cleared up with a deeper study of history through a forensic lens, rather the bubbling around in the ‘social theory’ meme.
        Both Quigley and Antony Sutton can give you hard data to consider, rather than theorizing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
        To make this less obtuse; my meaning is the, “head” of the pin is not the “point”.

  3. purrrrr ..

    None are more hopelessly enslaved
    than those who falsely believe
    they are free ~ Goethe

    Sell the suckers merch; ‘t-shirts, get your t-shirts here’ and don’t stop there, hell sell them refrigerator magnets with constitutional quotes, how’bout little American flags and ‘Don’t tread on me’ flags, etc. of course visa or master card ecceptable, that’s right, make’m use credit cards, of course the merch is priced in federal reserve notes. it’s a simple quid pro quo trade of over-priced t-shirts for over-valued units of account.


    Some wonderful history leading up to some of the deeper financial foundations for the events of 9/11

    A Must Read.

  5. scragged huh? Sounds like Cass Sunstein appealing to the right wing nuts. Wonder where Cass’ blog is that appeals to the left wing nuts?

    • “Wonder where Cass’ blog is that appeals to the left wing nuts?”~JG

      Ahhh, try OEN.



  6. Nice rant Joe Rogan. You have learned well grasshopper. Joe was with a friend on Alex Jones show a while back and his friend was wide awake as far as coto awareness goes. Joe at the time was not . Alex told him about Northwoods and he was floored. Looks like he’s done a lot of research since then. You go Joe:)

    • It is interesting to go back and grasp the connection between Edward Landsdale and ‘Northwoods’.

      Landsdale ran the coup d’etat in Dallas in 1963.


  7. “Step Back and look it all in a different way” Joe stepped back. Joe keep stepping way back and learn more. Almost there. Stop the steroids, quit drinking budweiser and forget your penis for awhile pal.

    History is the weapon. Under that rug lies the truth, nasty dirt and dustbunnies. Who wants to deal with that? Only a housekeeper who might get raped or killed while bending over. I guess we can say we are all abused servants.

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