Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 29, 2011

Firing on all six cylinders….finding the cotorie frequency

What an amazing “coincidence” the recent postings from the COTORIE. From all ranges the information came together this week as never before seen in my experience. Every post rendered like a simple equation but with a universal differential factor, an expression by each zooid of the colony.

We had it all.  From Waldo and Laudy’s expressions of the Corpocracy and wisdom of Joe Bageant, Peters expression similarly in the frequency of infra-red.  From Mary’s and Boomers expressions on the high GAMMA spectrum to Korny’s, JG’s and Brad Griffith’s very low frequency couplings.

Mr. M is moving time and space in CONTEMPORARY CONSPIRACY wavelengths. How important was “CONTEMPORARY?” Most critical I believe. As John Kusumi is doing the same but in a different Phase,  he is approaching it from a different energy. One more closely tuned to  the historical scale.  This is a longer wavelength from the contemporary scale.

What is happening?  Bizarre~Bizarre~Bizarre from Korn-Tech. Certainly true we all agree, from our contemporary or current molecular scalar jump point. But we have no basis for constructing the universal scale, so we are left to find ourselves in the frequencies of that which we interact.

These limited and often manipulated stimuli by the mathematicians, alchemists or committee technicians via their knowledge that control almost all known energy are working the spectrum. The subatomic, atomic and human. The Astronomical deception for them is the final frontier.

When a child is conceived, it exists as a single cell. That cell divides itself in until there are roughly 16000 cells. These cells unite in a group and at that moment a scalar jump is produced. The cells no longer see themselves as individual cell organisms, but as a pluricellular organism. The Creator gave us the ability to do the same after birth and therefore family, relationships, communities developed with powerful and exponential frequency.

1984 – BRAVE NEW WORLD – The silent war and weapons

I ask you, Orwell or Huxley who was right?  Were they both right?  I say yes. Were they both wrong?  Again I say yes.  We are all color blind in certain frequencies.  Some we all see.  Those we all see are the illusion? They are manifestations of interference and the mind structuring that was programmed into each single cellular vessel after birth by historical and contemporary structuring. Our personal package of preconceived and prepared notions?

Just as I prescribe to the theory there are no coincidences, I agree there are no false illusions. Illusion is real and is a powerful frequency to human perception because it is in the wavelengths that cater to the five senses and the pentagonal existence we live. The other senses, The fifth Platonic solid, the planets, the dodecahedron universe is far beyond the grasp of the human insanity condition.

Recorded history and education are an aberration. Science is a phantasm of illusion packed inside a box.  Social engineering a chimera of fear, vanity and self-indulgence. Yes, we are insane. All of us. But it’s historical, contemporary and temporary.  It’s a hallucination for the mind only.  Those are real because they are illusions.  The degree to which we suffer depends on the minds ability to filter the interference. We can list these interferences for days.

What they rely on is the disconnect from the creator frequency. The mechanisms are sophisticated and used solely to interfere with the creator (in that image, in that structure) frequencies.  The intuitive scalar jump from positive to negative is a simple matter of running interference.

When Waldo posted the hummingbird video and when Korny posted the Deere tractor he reconditioned, or Mikel Paul posts his words when he stops by or certain laughter generating comments and posts we feel these positive wavelengths and under the tragedies, death and injustice we find the same exponential distribution of the negative frequencies.

The turbulence techniques are the disconnecting force. Not the positive or negative frequencies we synchronize on, but the ability of the  PTB to disconnect the energies, disconnecting the frequency and killing the generators. Killing GOD is a scientific project in progress. Not from an astronomical mission to the end of the universe with a death ray but a destruction of the universal frequency that that connects us to the real energy source that is all we are.  Let’s focus on that interference.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. ~ Albert Camus

No interference when you do it this way.


  1. RogueMan? Can you dig the Dunne’ster? He’s gone deep, deep into the endzone… I love it!

    • Yes indeedy mister Boom, yes indeedy…

      beyond the farthest star
      is will be has been
      you have been and are
      is will be has been
      from beginning to the end
      is will be has been
      and when we meet again
      is will be has been
      as always one and friend


  2. purr ..

    I’m a Cat, and as a Cat I catch and eat Birds. Is it wrong? Is this immoral, or unethical? Does God not create both Predator and Prey?

    Which one are you?

    • Get over the fur and the feathers…they’re all window dressing. Dearrrr…

      • Tender chunks of Venison are marinated twice and wrapped in bacon before being grilled. A Venison version of Filet Mignon.

        • Good thing I just had breakfast.

  3. Meher Baba said – way back in 1925:
    “I have come not to teach, but to awaken!”


  4. Nice post PD. We are family….vibin’ on the same frequency… I love you guys 🙂

  5. Speaking of frequencies…remember Dan Rather being approached by two men, one that beat him up asking “what’s the frequency, Kenneth”?

    Seems someone’s always had it out for Dan Rather….

    • Dan was on slippery ground ever since he discovered the Zabruder Film that he had gotten a scoop on in 64, had been tampered with to make it appear that Kennedy had been knocked forward by the last shot. He probably figured this out by sometime in 1968 or so.

      He got promoted as a TV journalist by keeping quite on this all these years.
      One of those “offers one can’t refuse”.

      He was getting a bit too spunky there, remember the W Bush, National Guard controversy? This was around the time he was accosted.


      • “I think we’ve got a bunch of thugs here, Dan.” ~ W. Cronkite
        Commenting on the Obvious

    • You remember that too? Shortly after the Challenger was Microwaved and I started investigating the bird kill, I got hold of the Church committee reports. I remember later that year the strange case for Monarch involving Rather.

      I had already known of the Woodpecker system and came to the conclusion after Rep. Larry McDonald was assassinated along with useless eaters on KAL007.

      McDonald knowing that the US and USSR had struck a deal long before the end of WWII and had illuminati/Zion information regarding NWO design for the Cold War and Scalar Weapons the Kruschev had spouted openly.

      McDonald was a cousin of George Patton, who also came to know this deal. He was furious and killed in 1945 by pellet / poison causing paralysis and thrombosis. Hell, they may have broke the tough son of a bitch’s neck themselves, but he was murdered, no doubt.

      The Cold War was the largest swindle to date until the WOT-WTO scam came after Reagan and Gorby cut their deal. Traitors the lot. All guilty.

      • “The Cold War was the largest swindle to date”~Puddy

        Yes this is proven in excruciating detail by Antony Sutton is his ‘Wall Street” books, and his final and greatest work; The Secret American Establishment: Skull and Bones.

        Yea that hit on McDonald proves how far and how brutal ‘they’ are and the number of innocents that are sacrificed to “get their man”.

        • Aye Rogue. When you are running the numbers in billions, what a few hundred? Tips!

  6. Thanks for the kind words chief. I will have to resist confrontations with neanderthals,it takes too much of a toll on My physical and mental state. When different frequencies meet there is chaos that can even cause eathquakes. On a twin-engine plane there is a little gauge that shows little dials that represent the separate frequncies of the propellers,if they are not brought to a harmonic balance by adjusting the two throttle levers the plane will rattle till it comes apart. The machine is falling apart now. I awoke to zionist propaganda on the radio today.As the beast system is being exposed damage control kicks in. I expect a sharp upturn in jingoism,flag waving and Hagee puking pablum. Get the golashes on its going to be a romp through the cess-pool.

    • Hatred is rampant and it’s not left vs right, East vs West, it’s North vs South.

      When the sheeple get the MSM memo, they’ll call for our heads on a platter.

      The dumb animals Kissinger spoke of was not far off the mark. The dumbest animals are the sheeple and not the military. Therefore they will need a bluebeam cocktail and a homegrown IMAX presentation to get their heads right.

      • “I have always known about man. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand and hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him, even himself.” – Dr. Zaius

        • Yes the prescient ape Dr. Zaius…

          A quirky novel that.
          A novel quirk that.

  7. Dan Rather – The Palace Guard. Read that in 76 when I got to Texas. Great door opener for me and the NAZI/ZIONISTS.

    Great characters; HRBob, Herr Ehrlichman, Heinz Kissinger, Bremer the MK and the whole cast that reappears as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith….

    A deja Vu du jour

    • Haldeman’s book The Ends of Power, revealed a lot of things if you wanted to wade through all the self searving bullshit to get the nuggets.

      Like Nixon was talking about the JFK assassination everytime he mentioned “that Mexican thing”.

      That they had access to and went into the National Archives and switched fraudulent docs for real ones. One being a memo by JFK that presents the false appearance that he ordered the murder of Diem.


      • By the way, “the Mexican thing” refers to the fact that one team of assassins were Mexican sharpshooters from a Christian Mission, led by another phony missionary from the same group that brainwashed Hinkley.

        Two of the JFK assassins are named in THE NOMENCLATURE OF AN ASSASSINATION CABAL.


        • Nixon was such a complex character you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Kissingerbels and Sponge Bob could bend him into beetle bailey.

          When he asked the Kiss of death to pray with him I imagined ol’ Hank wanted to kick him in the teeth. The memos are on the NSarchives at the GWU site. They are great reading.

  8. Fine chops, PD!

    the main cotorie vibe is that the puppet show aint real. wavelengths diverge into varying perceptions of what may BE “real,” but coto knows that things aint always what they appear to be.

    most caught a glimpse of the stage-set from the side and noticed it was flat. does that mean the world is flat? nah. most of us have met ourselves coming the other way. once you have learned to spot the camouflage through the trees… it becomes maddeningly obvious.

    in krakkkerland they are still “debating” whether Punch or Judy should rule the flat-world.

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