Posted by: mary sunshine | May 28, 2011

A Is For Atom

A one hour video with really interesting archival footage from the fifties of the beginnings of nuclear power generation.



  1. Fred Macmurray- “It’s going to have a tremendous effect on our town down there, son.”

    The video skillfully shows the surrealism of the time in the US, England, and Russia as they rushed into service systems they knew had no chance of operating safely.

    • Fred McMurray did his “three sons” no favors did he?

      • Nope, but he was one of the greatest generation so he probably died in a dream state of lollipops sucked on by atomic man. Wish he coulda seen GE’s nuke waste spewed outta the A10 Avenger and the birth defects, wish he coulda learned what it takes to raise a child with congenital defects due to the US nuclear energy program. But Daiichi will be Indian Point at this rate so his sons and grandsons will get to look down on their little towns being evacuated from one of “I Melts” barbecued fuel pools.

  2. By himiny…I lived through these surreal days of the 50s. The charming ‘duck and cover’ drills.
    The sci fi beeps on the radio precieding, “This is a test of the Emergncy Broadcasting System. This is ONLY A TEST.”…
    {had it been a REAL emergency you would have been advised to bend over and kiss your ass good-bye…Lol}..yes a certain morbid “nuclear sense of humor” was honed in some of us who had the brains to tell that this was delusional bullshit.

    All I can say is, the world could only have gotten HERE from THERE…but it COULD have gone elsewhere if the proles weren’t so fukkin stupid.

  3. Really good film, Mar. I knew nothing about the technocrats with their gray suits and cars ! I never learned of Smedley Butler and the wealthy industrialists that tried to install a fascist regime either.. (hey they finally accomplished it!) because they didn’t bother to put that in history books we studied in school… at least not in my schools. Hmm… no wonder

    What this film also showed was that scientists don’t have all the answers and even when they do have the answer they can be easily silenced by those that control the money flow and have the power to do so. It always amazes me when people put scientists up on a pedestal as if they are all good and infallible. They are capable of being wrong, blackmailed and bought off just like anyone else. They are human after all.

    Like anything else, follow the money.

    • JG

      I thought we had discussed WAR IS A RACKET and Smedley Butler, and the “industrialist coup” right here on COTO before?

      A fascinating era in Am history…the army still rode horses back then…and I hear a good cigar could be got fer a nickle.


      • Yea, we did discuss ole Smedley, Will. I was referring to not learning about the failed coup in high school history. I found out about it on my own just a few years ago. I shared my new knowledge with friends who had also never heard of it until I told them.

        What I just learned today after watching the video was about the Technocrats that wore gray suits and drove gray cars and wanted the country to be run by scientists and engineers. Which, as we now know, has happened. We are truly living in a scientific dictatorship. Being controlled by modern science and better living through chemistry.. ha!

        • Ha…the Men in Black, are actually the Men in Gray flannel.

          Oh yes, how I remember the gray flannel suits…

          I can’t watch such a long video–as I have mention many times before.

          “When I look back on all the CRAP I learned in high school..” ‘Kadachrome’, Simon and Garfunkle

          • I think I have all S&Gs albums..I am a huge fan…
            a few favorites:;

            • I got ‘America’, the other two said to go to…



    • Yeah Deb, this film really showed just that about “science” which really wasn’t science but technocracy. That is how France got its nuke plants too, not by democratic choice. If JFK had not assembled Gofman, Sternglass and the others to testify against atmospheric testing after hundreds of those shots in Nevada, Teller woulda had his Operation Plowshare.

  4. Atom-Adam


    asset atom boom


    • I was reading about the thirties’ atomic development beginning in ’32 with discovery of the neutron. The lizard Tzeilard copped a patent on a bomb soon as he could figure out it could be done. Oppenheimer also wanted to bomb as soon as he knew fission could be done.
      In the video you can see they had no clue whatsoever of what they were getting into. Kind of like Marie Curie and her warped hand. The thing is, for us COTO conspiracy buffs, it was Einstein who went around for the Rothschilds shilling for a jewish state in Palestine, who pushed the bomb on FDR. And Hitler, well, we know who financed him and the scientists who got fission in ’38. The crazy thing is they played all sides, supporting England, the US, Germany, France, and the Soviet Union, and spread the death culture as widely as possible. Now we got Jeffrey “I Melt” advising red team Obammy. So the NRC and all the so called bought and paid for nuke experts don’t lift a finger to stop the radiation releases in Japan. And that lizard Chu running the radiation program telling people radiation is harmless below certain levels.
      Gofman finally wrote a book called “Population Control by Nuclear Radiation”. The video shows how the scientists who objected were put out of the way or silenced. Right now it looks like Congress is not gonna bite the poisoned apple and give em the money for new nukes. We’ll see, you can follow CEDA at and do quick email comments to Congress easily like the few thousand of us who follow it.

      • A propos of the nations colluding on weaons of mass destruction, check out the latest Leuren Moret interview with Alfred Webre about HAARP, Fukushima, ICESCAT, Tromlo and the Nobel award, global partners in crime, the resonant frequency of earthquakes, noctalucent clouds, MIT’s report of ionosphereic heating, magnetometer readings in Japan, observed auroras before the quake, BP and the Gulf, Stephen Chu, and the Israelis passing through a NASA facility at night reported by her correspondent.
        Worth a separate post in its richness-

  5. This takes me back Mary. I remember Cold War, New Energy and even Water Conservation films from school and Cub Scouts. The Early Programmind Days.

    My how the time has flown.!

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