Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 23, 2011

HAARP is without warning


Tornado devastates Reading, Kansas; one dead, hundreds of homes damaged in first May twister – NY DAILY NEWS

Missouri town ravaged by worst tornado in 50 years– aided by La Haarpo Nina means NO WARNING. These cyclonic creations only require the supercell center to get hit by the endothermic microwave focused beam off our ionoshere.

[Each of the Woodpecker scalar grid interference cells on the grid placed over America by the Russian can act as a virtual transmitter, so it is as if thousands of EM transmitters have been built over USA. In ‘endothermic mode’ thousands of these grid interference cells can act as ‘cold generators’ all over USA extracting electromagnetic energy. This induces local cooling and shrinking of the air, and the formation of low pressure. Alternatively in ‘exothermic mode’ set at ‘continuous’ a grid cell where beams intersect creates local heating and expansion of the air and so formation of high pressure occurs. These two modes have enabled the Russians to manipulate the U.S. weather at will. Hot and cold spots can be moved along a desired path at a desired speed. Using these methods the entire jet stream across the USA can be deviated at will. Moisture can be drawn from the Pacific and collided over the southern U.S. with extremes of cold air brought down from Canada to produce ice storms. Violent thunderstorms can be induced and directed with added ‘spin’ thrown in to form extensive tornadoes. Drought, excessive rain and flooding can be induced at whim. Crops can be destroyed by severe and unseasonal weather. Substantial ocean effects can upset the world’s weather using scalar EM carriers. Localizing a spot of heating at the top of a thunderstorm anvil and another spot of cooling at its side can make a localized downburst of rain. Weather satellites have detected this combination over America though it can also occur naturally. Bearden claims all this kind of weather engineering has been deliberately created over the U.S. by Russia since the 1960’s with Japan engineering America’s weather since 1989. Anomalous weather has occurred that would not occur by chance since Russian scalar EM transmitters were made. Scalar beams can be transmitted through the earth and ocean to intersect at a distant region so it dosen’t have to be obvious and this way volcanoes can be activated as well. ]

Easy Read

Scalar Weapons — All You Need to Know.
By C Verismo




    Pakistan (Security threat level – 5): At least 20 militants armed with grenades and rifles attacked a naval base in Karachi during the late night hours on 22 May 2011. The siege began at approximately 2230 local time (1730 UTC). At least three blasts and exchanges of gunfire between militants and government troops were reported during the attack. After approximately 15 hours, a military spokesperson reported that the conflict appeared to be over, with military troops in full control of the base. Preliminary reports indicate that 13 military personnel were killed and at least 16 other people suffered injuries; two military aircraft at the base were destroyed. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that it was in retaliation for the recent killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


    Philippines (Security threat level – 4): On 23 May 2011 Tropical Storm Songda is moving in a west-northwesterly direction toward the Philippines. According to forecasts by meteorologists at Wilkens Weather Technologies, the storm’s path will shift to the north; the storm will not make landfall in the Philippines, passing northeast of Luzon island on 27 May. However, Luzon remains in the possible range of the storm’s path and even if direct landfall is avoided, the storm may still significantly impact the eastern coastal areas of the country, starting on 25 May. Songda is expected to strengthen in the coming days and will likely reach typhoon status within the next 24 hours. As of 0900 UTC Songda was located 290 mi/465 km north-northwest of Palau and had maximum sustained winds of 69 mph/60 kt, with gusts of up to 86 mph/75 kt.

    Europe: An ash cloud from Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano, which erupted on 21 May 2011, is expected to reach northwestern Scotland by midnight on 23 May and the remainder of the United Kingdom within 24-48 hours.


    Meteorologists forecast that the cloud could reach French and Spanish airspace by 26 May if ash emissions from Grimsvotn remain constant. European aviation authorities are on alert and some flight disruptions are anticipated; however, the ash is not expected to impact travel to the same extent as the April 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption, which all but halted air travel over Europe for six days. According to experts, wind conditions are more favorable during this eruption and the ash is heavier, reducing the cloud’s tendency to spread. Furthermore, there are now higher tolerance levels for operating aircraft in ashy conditions. Ash clouds are now categorized on a three-level low to high scale and airlines are allowed to operate if they have a demonstrated capacity to handle medium or high densities of ash. Aviation officials estimate that the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull aviation disruption would have been 75 percent smaller with the new guidelines in place.


    Morocco (Security threat level – 3): Several dozen people were injured in a number of cities in Morocco on 22 May 2011 after police officers stepped in to disperse pro-democracy protests. Protest organizers stated that approximately 60 demonstrators were injured in the cities of Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir and Tangier after clashes with police. Demonstrations were also reported in several smaller cities and towns in the country. Protesters have not challenged the monarchy’s rule but continue to call for increased rights and democratic reforms in the country.

    Several demonstrations have occurred in Morocco in recent months, fueled by growing pro-democracy sentiment in the country and the region. Moroccan officials have thus far generally tolerated peaceful demonstrations in the country. Recently, officials warned that the sporadic demonstrations are beginning to disrupt traffic and commercial activity. Organizers allege that the communique and the recent violence are part of a growing government crackdown on the pro-democracy movement.

    • “Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that it was in retaliation for the recent killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.”

      Bullshit, this is obviously CIA units in drag…Taliban and al Quacky are just cutout orgs as we all know–Part of the Brookings Inst–‘Path to Persia’ schema.

      *************I am amid another thunder electomag storm now….and getting damd sick of it…Spring? You call this spring??? WTF?

      • What’s hard to predict? Not a damn thing anymore. It’s like inception, and managing my own dream which is a nightmare for most of the world.

        Im ready to wake up Coto, how about you?

    • I,m not educated enough to understand much of the tech talk but I get the idea.
      Thanks Puddy

      • Peter,

        I don’t think any of us are quite savvy enough to grasp all the info Puddy puts up.
        Some of it is very advanced, I certainly can’t follow some of the mathmatical considerations.

        • Yea Hybrid, he is sort of a show off!
          Nah, if you got it, use it.

    • Isn’t it something how when other people in the world feel oppressed they demonstrate or rebel.One thing that they don’t do is sit on their asses texting, playing video games or just plain ignore the world around them.
      We deserve everything we get.

  2. it was in retaliation for the [recent] killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden – as oppsed to many of the earlier offings. Gee whiz guys, can you make it any more elementary?

    • Even the managers are goobers now, that’s why everything is so “elementary”

      “Uh…let’s see…uh A…uh…B…uh….hmm, let me look at the manual again…oh yea, C.”


    • You think ‘They’ my just drop dead of stupid before they get this all together?

      I think we got a chance of seeing it work out that way.

  3. If I hear one more blonde bimbo weather girl tell me the sudden explosion of no warning tornadoes are the result of el nino my head is going to EXPLODE !

    Now it’s poor Oklahoma & Kansas’ turn to feel the wrath 😦

    So the Russians are manipulating the weather, PD?

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