Posted by: jerseyg | May 18, 2011

Speaking of Suicide

Suicide may be painless but war isn’t.

From Korea to Nam from the Persian Gulf War to Iraq to Afghanistan… from droning Pakistan to Libya to ….. NEXT !!……………..

Most of us here have lived during all if not most of these wars.  Never ending war is all we know.  How very sad for all of us.  PD’s header reminded me of this song from MASH (the movie, not tv show)  It”s pretty scary to be nostalgic for the good ole days when the horrors of war were flashed across our tv screens courtesy of “unembedded” reporters.  That was a real reality show.   Unlike today’s “shock and awe” where bombings are portrayed as exciting fireworks displays where viewers ohhh and ahhhh as if they were at a 4th of July picnic.  No, back then, they showed the bloodied bodies and flag draped coffins and America said… enough.   This Amerika just doesn’t give a damn. ~jg

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  1. Y’know what else isn’t painless? Gettin older.
    Aside from the physical aspects, what hurts is the knowlege which we’ve accumulated and having to witness the death of our America and the inception of the NWO’s replacement, brought to us by the fukin money maniacs, the bushes and then there’s the pain of watching the young grow older, just as we did but they have no issues. I believe this is the result of the media’s having a strangle hold on the truth,, there’s not many avenues for real, pertinent news except for the internet and sometimes that’s a little dicey. Plus, they don’t have the time what with all the texting and facebook.
    You’re right, AmeriKa really doesn’t give a shit,,, yet.

    take care

  2. Hi Peter… it’s good to see you here.:) I couldn’t agree with you more. What hurts the most is being able to look back on our early years and KNOW things werent’ perfect but they were a helluva lot better when we were growing up. I have two kids and four grandchildren whose future I worry about every single day. What do they have to look forward to? Everything is poisoned and shit. They are living in a police state which encroaches on their civil liberties more and more every single day. I see no real future for them at this time. Hopefully things will somehow turn around but right now, i don’t sense change for the better in the pipeline.

    I don’t give a damn about my life anymore though I do worry for my dog and two cats too!

    As for texting… I refuse to do it or tweet. What ever happened with actually talking to someone instead of hitting them up with endless texts? I do have a facebook page with nothing on it strictly so that I can view the posts my friends tell me to check out there. I don’t even know how to work the damn site….

  3. “Yes there will be….perils as we…..ah…move…what is that…oh…ah forward”


    • why bring up obama? what the hell has he got to with Jersey’s post or my reply?

      see Jersey. that’s why I stopped posting. too many 8th graders left.

      • Hey Peter, sit on it and spin.

        I brought up Oboomba because his regime is just a continuation of the Bush regime.

        If you are so suicidal and without a lack of humor, take the dive.

        Your misplaced anger and striking out here is more jejune than most of what I have seen on COTO. I have seen very little of it since the ‘resignation’ of those who get hot and need to be taken down a few notches.


        • show me where there’s any indication being committed by obama.

          I don’t care much for obama but I see nothing “illegal” there.
          I remember well the clowns who left during that tirade, I was in the middle of it and I’m still here. Me, angry? No way. You can’t write emotionally and hold your anger, can you? Apparently there are still a few “hangers on” here
          if you’re going to respond I suggest you use the “member’s page”.
          You seem a bit hot yourself.

          • Sorry about that first line.what I meant was “show me any indication of criminal activity in obama’s white house.
            sorry for the error.

            • Article I

              Section 8 – Powers of Congress

              (11) To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;


              • Way to go Ko,

                that is about as specific as it gets.


  4. Hey jersey,
    I know what you mean. I don’t care much about life anymore, not that I’d like to die but I’ve been fighting the establishment for over 40 years and I can’t just roll over, especially since the bush regime.
    It kills me that I know very few people who share my views then sspout off on obama as tho HE fucked amerika. What happened to the people who did fuck it all up? Bush, Cheney, Rice and the rest of them who LIED to us, Traitors, Liars, Conspirators, Mass Murderers,,,,,goddammit, this country has executed people for a lot less than this,, when are they goin to swing? I can’t die until I see a Real Trial charging all of them as one and fry their asses in public.
    Ever since the Kennedy’s I knew the govt was corrupt and i’ve not heard or read to convince or prove me wrong. If a friggin republican, bush for eg, were to be assassinated I’ll give 20 to 1 if they don’t capture, try and execute him. He should just get a medal and we should all start a fund for him.
    One of the reasons I don’t log in much is that I don’t have much to say. I believe that until there’s Justice done in re. to 9-11 and the fuckin Dictator who started a war illegally, conspired to change the Constitution and aided and abetted in a terror attack on is own country, murdering 3000 people. I could wax on but i’m sick of it.
    I don’t believe the country we knew will ever be back but without seeing justice all the way through we’re doomed to 3rd world status very soon. Without THAT trial we’re no better than slaves.

    • You know Peter, you have this “personalities” analysis of the situation here when in fact it is systemic.

      I am sympathetic for your obvious angst, but coming on here and “acting the dude” is only going to get you into conflict.

      If you can’t relate to those zombies around you, you might take a deep breath and try to relate to those of us here at COTO who are in the same situation as you are–frustrated with stupid Amerikans who have given the store away to a despotic criminal syndicate calling itself “government”.

      If you think that Obama is any better than Bush you are delusional.


      • a couple of FINAL words.
        Keep personalities out of it.
        remember “09”? this is how it started.
        read it over before you hit the post button.

        • Peter, I was referring to “political personalities” not ours here.

          A systemic analysis does not entirely discount the personalities in power, however it looks into the system that provides such personalities their positions within said system.

          I meant in now way to comment on YOUR personality. Aye?

  5. how can you say that obama’s the same as bush. I don’t like him but i refuse to follow the masses who jumped ship on bush and blame everything on obama.
    where’s your head at?

    • Peter,

      Obama has gone back on every pledge for “Hope and Change”.

      If you haven’t kept up with current events that prove this in themselves, there is no chance of my laying it all out for you in the comments section here.

      If you wish to come on here and insinuate that I have the intelligence of an 8th grader, and expect a pleasant response you are only fooling yourself.

      Remember that for every action there is a reaction. Think beforehand, and you won’t experience the blowback you just recieved.

      Further, I am not “blaming everything on Obama”, I only blame Obama for what he has done to further this bogus “war on terrorism” since he was put in office.

      If you are unfamiliar with the Hegelian dialectic, and the phony Left/Right paradigm is has achieved in it’s application to Amerikan sociopolitics, I would suggest a little more study than simply accepting the lollipop bullshit presented in the mainstream press.

      A deeper analysis of Obama proves him to be nothing but a “legend”, in the Intel PSYOPS meaning of the term. If you think this is some sort of Rightwing Republican point of view, you are sorely mistaken–it is a deep forensic point of view.

      My head is firmly on my shoulders and into deep analysis of this Public Relations regime posing as legitimate government.

      I suggest you just slow down here. Pause and consider that a wider frame might be available if you are willing to listen and learn here–that is after all the ground purpose of COTO, to go beneath the surface and see what has been buried and chucked down the Memory Hole.

      Enough of this spat–it is unproductive.


  6. you make it all too deep Constantine.
    simple fact which I was trying to make; obama is NO BUSH. he as demonstrated NO criminal activity, broken no laws and murdered NO one.
    Is he a liar? yes.
    Why do some of those with good vocabulary feel the need to use grandiose terms when they’re cornered with no real response?

    • “Why do some of those with good vocabulary feel the need to use grandiose terms when they’re cornered with no real response?”

      If you can’t grasp my response Peter, you might just keep your ingnorance to yourself rather than continue to prod me.

      Obama has been killing people in the Mid East for as long as he has been “Commander in Chief”. He openly claimes to have just murdered Osama bin Laden, just a week or so ago. Totally illegal by domestic and international law.

      So as far as being “cornered with no real response”…aye?

      Pay heed;

      “Having a strong opinion is no mistake.
      It is having nothing else that is the mistake.”

    • “A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken to act for and on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence.”

      TITLE 28
      PART VI
      CHAPTER 176
      SUBCHAPTER A § 3002

      (15) “United States” means—
      (A) a Federal corporation;
      (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
      (C) an instrumentality of the United States.—-000-.html

      U.C.C. ARTICLE 9
      § 9-307. LOCATION OF DEBTOR.

      (h) [Location of United States.]

      The United States is located in the District of Columbia.

      • Hey Aras Turtle….an datz da trooth. {grin}

        [329 posts yoiks]

  7. Peter, Bush was an idiot and a puppet. Obama is not an idiot but he’s also a puppet. That’s the point rogue was making. All presidents after JFK have been bought and paid for by the banksters.

    As far as promises broken. He said he’d have us out of Iraq in 6 months. Did he?

    No instead he started drone attacks against Pakistan and then sent tens of thousands of more troops to Afghanistan.

    Obama said he’d close Gitmo.. Did he? Nope

    Bush bailed out his buddies, the wall street banksters.. So did Obama.

    The Bush admin implemented the police state. Obama is continuing it at a rapid pace. Our civil liberties are being stripped more and more everyday. Obama kept every one of Bush’s dictatorial policies and added a few of his own.

    Bush fiddled while New Orleans drowned. Obama fiddled while the Gulf (poor NOLA)was drowned in BPs oil and corexit. Was anyone arrested for this crime? No. Obama let BP take charge of the entire destructive situation.

    I could go on Peter but I think that’s enough to prove a point. Remember Obama could have held the Bush Crime Family responsible for the atrocities they committed against we the people but he didn’t. He preferred to look forward not back.

    THAT on it’s own merit should tell you all you need to know about Obama.

    • Thank’s Jersey,,but I know all of this, I just have a ho for bush and I’m too tired to talk about someone who won’t be in office next term.I just want bush. I guess I let it go on too long but I don’t care for some people here and here comes one as soon as I log in.

      • Peter I hate them all !! We’ve been screwed by these people for much too long and it’s only gonna get worse. I think they should all be tried and hanged for treason against the constitution and the american people. THEN when we throw ALL the bums out we can start over. (nice dream)

  8. Charming and beautiful, always a pleasure.

    • Ahhh Peter, what a sweet thing to say. Thank you.

  9. One Ring to rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all
    and in the darkness bind them.

    J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring, 1954, chapter 2

    From 4 Arguments Against Watching Television:

    “Without the human bias toward belief, the media could not exist. What’s more, because the bias is so automatic and unnoticed, the media, all media, are in a position to exploit the belief, to encourage you to believe in their questionable sensory information. This bias has commercial value for the media since it allows them to keep your attention.”

    [And I would point out this bias has a strong social engineering value for creating a state of TVZombies controlled by a Public Relations Regime`ww]

    Our thinking processes cannot save us. To the degree that we are thinking as we watch television, a minute degree at most, the images pass right through anyway. They enter our brains. They remain permanently. We cannot tell for sure which images are ours and which came from distant places. Imagination and reality have merged. We have lost control of our images. We have lost control of our minds.

    “Technical Events Test:” Put on your television set and simply count the number of seconds between each cut, zoom, superimposition, voice-over, dissolve—a technical event of some kind. Very rarely will you be able to count more than about eight seconds without some video-magic alteration of reality.

    Thus, television has become an extremely odd phenomenon. On the one hand, it offers non-unique, totally repetitive experience. No matter what is on television, the viewer is sitting in a darkened room with almost all systems shut down, looking at a flickering light. But within this deprived, repetitive, inherently boring environment, television producers create a fiction that something unusual is going on, thereby fixing attention.

    Leaving the television to go outdoors, or to have an ordinary conversation, becomes unsatisfying. One wants action! Life becomes boring, and television interesting, all as a result of a system of technical hypes. This begins to explain Attention Deficit Disorder and the drastically declining skills in written and verbal articulation that are becoming so rampant now in society.

    A constant diet of the television con-game turns its watchers into con artists. A fusion of crass commercialism and witless sentimentality, television has created a nation of credulous wheedlers, impressed by one dimensional surface displays, like stretch limos and cell phones, designed to prove that the owners of these objects are “somebody,” and to hopefully impress someone even more vulgar than themselves.~4 arg v TV


  10. Peter evidently has a burr in his saddle blanket, but I don’t blame him for that. We’ve all got em scratching our soft parts.

    I’m wondering why, if he wants Bush so bad, he doesn’t hold Obama and Congress, accountable for not prosecuting the former All-Star Team? Also, why expect a change in the puppet “show” with Obama? Obama is continuing the Bush/Cheney “Act” war-mongering, ignoring election run promises, blah, blah, blah. We still have the Patriot Act on his watch. We got HLS groping with glee, we’ve got all the friggin Banksters and Wall Street and their manipulated markets robbing us, we’ve got a fiat dollar and bankrupt nation. We also still get chemtrailed like bugs, have Obama skating on the entire BP FF, and HAARP has gone international and national in a big way. Obama pulled in a bunch of leftovers from the Bush Administration, so the patina of this administration looks like the last. He “does” have a Nobel Peace Prize though. Whoopi!

    • Well said b.
      I agree with you completely but I have a hard on for the bush regime
      and as much as Id like to lobby the capitol I can’t. no more said about that. I feel that most people must understand that to get bush you need to go to obama (who I don’t like, by the way). I write to reach the emotional level of peoples hate for bush. Just maybe I reach someone in position to instigate a campaign which gains enough attention. The only angst I have is knowing that those cretens are out there, living the high life and I believe this is the best I can do considering my circumstances. angst.
      You answered my comment perfectly. Thanks. You’re a good reader, insight is a gift.

      • Does it not make sense that if bush goes down obama loses a lot of neccessary support?
        This is my only point.
        I feel this is the way to end chemtrails, eliminate haarp, fix our society once and for all.
        Petitioning the govt on these points individually is useless, everything is incidental based on the bush regime. to make an impact on the one main issue, jailing,or executing the men and women who actually broke prosecutable laws would practically bring down obama. He broke laws when he pardoned an obvious criminal. You want to get inside and fix all of the problems you go to the open door, someone who actually committed obvious crimes. Bush regime is the open door.
        Get the bush regime, it’s the only way we’ll ever see our lives and the future look bright.

        • Your point makes all the sense in the world Peter. Our point is that it would take the federal juiciary to take down Bush and collect and prosecute the whole criminal regime.
          This is impossible as the Obama regime is on the same page of the playbook as the former regime. It is not their playbook, it is written from a higher power “behind the throne”.

          The US is so far under in a world of fantasy “legalism” that only a full on revolution with divine backing could ever put things straight at this point.

          Keep your chin up–you are not alone in this struggle.

          • Thanks Hydro,

            I realize that i’m not a educated as many here in coto but my ideas are somewhat valid.
            I depend on you guys to ‘fine tune’ my thoughts. I believe that most get my point even though my comments maybe vague they are definately in the vein of what coto stands for.
            Thanks for the comment!
            Look for my nxt post and please, be cool.

      • Thanks for piping up Peter.

  11. Nobel Peace Prize…

    Funny intit? Especially as Nobel himself was an explosives and weapons chemist in the first place.

    Yes, Obama is some “prize” in himself. Another scewdriver techno-puppet.

    He just pledged billions of dollars to remake the Middle East in a 21st century “marshall plan”, while the infrastructure of Amerika crumbles and the economy continues to spiral into the lap of the North American Union agenda.

    And the Empire is obviously on the “Road to Persia” with the sudden demonization of Pakistan, and the Congress offering “Permanent War Powers” to the president.

    Anyone vaguely awake should be able to see that the Constitution is dead and with it the republic it established.

    So, here we go loop’de’loop. ‘Round’N’Round the Public Relations gyrowhiz.

  12. Obama’s Nobel PEACE prize…. that is THE most Orwellian move I’ve seen yet.

    Hey, nobody commented on the MASH song. It makes me cry and remember friends that never returned from Nam and some that did who were very messed up. I know the movie and show were about the Korean war but war is war and all of them are sad and senseless.

  13. Suicide is Painless – Johnny Mandel

    “Suicide Is Painless” (aka The Theme From MASH) was composed with music by Johnny Mandel and astonishing lyrics by a 14 year-old boy, Mike Altman, the son of the director of this landmark 1970 film, Robert Altman. Robert Altman noted in an interview years later that his son made more money off royalties from this song than he did directing the film. An instrumental version of this song was ultimately used in the television version of MASH as well.

    Thanks for two great posts Deb.

  14. I don’t know if suicide is easy, Never tried it- but thought about it in the past- and may think about it/ do it in the future. If you know how to kill, the physical part aint that difficult.

    But if it brings about a mess o changes, well… methinks that’s crap. Changes for YOU? Well, maybe. Nobody knows. Changes for everybody else? Well… yeah…. in the immediate circle, no doubt. When it happens. Then they pick .up and go on… as they MUST.

    To sleep… perchance to dream… and all that crap. If you really believe that, in my opinion, you should put down the duckie (or the pistol) and “keep on keepin on.” For those of us who KNOW how to kill, but have NO IDEA what “happens next,” suicide ain’t easy AT ALL.

    One should only choose oblivion when the alternatives are Totally fcked. Ending life is easy.

    “suicide” is not easy AT ALL.

  15. I snuck into the movie with my girlfriend at age 14. We sat in the back row. She wanted to make out but I was too busy getting into this top ten movie on my list today.

    I became a number one fan of Donald Sutherland then and finally met him at a car dealership I worked at breifly in flight in remote Vermont. Turned out Donald had a winter XMAS home there he loved to spend time at.

    I remember he walked in and I was the only salesman there that day. He walked over to my desk and stared out the window. He wihspered “I just love that car” referring to his Volvo there for servicing.

    I got up and walked over next to him and stared out through the large window and watched the serviceman get into the car and drive it into the bay. Sutherland repeated the same thing “I just love that car.”

    His deep voice was teriffic as you know. I said he should do Volvo commercials. He said “I am going to” The following year, 1998 he did it.

    Puddy Dunne – Career advisor – STAR MAKER!!

    • A 14 year old wrote a song about suicide? I had no idea! Thanks for the trivia tidbit PD.

    • LOL Patrick… I LOVE that story! I loved that movie too and Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould. So much so that I didn’t want to watch the tv show at first thinking it would be just a bad copy of the film. But it turned out to be one of my favorite tv shows. It wasn’t as dark as the movie but it had it’s moments.

      I think it’s so cute that he said “I love that car”… Good job on steering him to do that commercial.. What a salesman ! 🙂 AND I agree he’s got a great voice.

      • I think he thought I didn’t hear him the first time sitting at my desk. I recognized him immediately. I was actually working on my screenplay then. Don’t think I wasn’t tempted but I managed some class without mentioning it. I never knew he was 6 foot 4 inches tall until that day. I’ was just about 6 ft then.

        He was kind and every year he brought liquor and beer/snacks for the staff there at Xmas because they would store his boats when he was gone. Very nice and accessible they all told me. I only lasted a year there and the winter was brutal. I fled back to Florida the next year like a canadian to my home in sunnyland.

        I posted that video MOUSELAND that Keifer did remember? That was a great story.

        • Yes I remember Mouseland ! What’s Keifer been up to these days I wonder? Loved him in “lost boys”.

          The way you describe his dad is the way I picture him to be. A real gentle man. Oh and tall and adorable too 🙂

  16. People say those that commit suicide are cowards. I don’t believe that. It’s a final act of desperation and no it ain’t easy. Not for the person doing it or the ones left behiind to wonder why.

    • My uncle committed suicide just a couple years ago. Shotgun with the barrel in his mouth. No, it is not easy for the one doing it–and those left to discover such a horrific way to go are truamatized beyond anyones imagination.

      One of my cousins discovered him the next day. You can imagine the sight…burned into ones consciousness forever after.

      Personally I have never given the idea any serious thought. I know quite a few who have–some who attempted it, and even a few who succeeded.

      I don’t think I have been through any less emotional pain than anyone else, but it does take some imagination to see beyond the moment–to realize that whatever the situation it will eventually change.

      And if there is anyone reading here who is contemplating such–I want to emphatically remind them of that fact. Tomorrow is another day, no matter the pain one thinks they cannot endure.

      Also consider this…oblivion is not assured. There is no evidence to rely on for the living that there is NOT something after this life. What of the possiblility of experiencing more spiritual pain on another plane–which may exist regardless of what you believe as a human being?


      • That’s horrible Will.. May he R.I.P.

        An acquaintance of my ex and I committed suicide. We knew he and his wife through our daugter’s softball team. His wife and I were alternate score keepers and his daughter was the pitcher. He was an attorney and wonderful father of two daughters and loving husband. A real family man who everyone liked. He showed up for every game.

        One day, he pulled off the expressway, drove his car down the small embankment and did the same thing your uncle did. Everyone was in utter shock. He was the last person you could imagine doing that. To this day I don’t know his story. So sad.

        No one knows what really is going on in another’s mind.

        You’re right. Suicide is not the answer. I read a book long ago called Oversoul 7. A woman in the story had committed suicide. She was a woman who loved her home. Decorating it with beautiul things and keeping it pristine. Because she chose to end her own life she was doomed to an afterlife of living in a dark, shabby, cold house. That was her punishment.
        That story always made sense to me.

        • Sometimes we go about
          in pity for ourselfves,
          and all the while a great wind
          is bearing us across the sky. – Ojibwa

          • And that scratches right where the itch is.


      • My old in laws had a son suicide. I had a guy in Detox staying in my big FL home and he did the dame thing. Both hung themselves. I have imagined unspeakable desperation and think it’s easier then we think.

        Most are not spiritual and depression comes from the committee folks via many discount outlets. It’s always on impulse in my experiences. One day OK the next day over.

        Sorry for your recent experience Willie.

  17. Hah…an tamalli..the world is gonna end just as I wuz about ta hit zee beeg tyemz…
    iss dar noon joosteez??

    So goza camping wif jeebuss inder hebbonoids an doan needa flappinoidal to flyz?
    Waytle I telz alda birz n beez….ooooh dey gonna beez jailoyz.


  18. Speaking under conditions of anonymity intelligence sources said US strong man Barak Obama today said according to unnamed sources that, unnamed rangers from a secret unit killed an Arab leader of an unnamed country using secret techniques and leaving no visual events in their behinds. However sources on the ground said there had been wide spread casualties that could have been avoided if there had been unmanned speakers droning on and on as specified in the agreement.

    The festival “provides artists from around the world with an exceptional forum to present their works and defend freedom of expression and creation,” the statement said. The board “profoundly regrets that this forum has been used by Lars von Trier to express comments that are unacceptable, intolerable, and contrary to the ideals of humanity and generosity that preside over the very existence of the festival.”

    Yes to defend freedom of expression and to express comments that are unacceptable, intolerable expressions that he was not, is not, and should not be free to make in a festival providing this exceptional forum of freedom of expression.

    …er..somthing like that. But of course no one means what they said two seconds after they say it, because they aren’t sure if they said it, or anything, but might be standing mute and merely witnessing a rupture in the seams of time and space in some unseamly language provided for on long ribbons of unbiased clippings from a hobnail boot.

    But of course madness is in the eye of the needle, or the hurricane or the beholder who is beholden to the creditor at the vending machine.
    Jewish groups condemned von Trier’s remarks and applauded the festival’s measures, as they are always ready to deride any vestige of freedom of speech and expression—being themselves the vending machine.


  19. Using Revelations as playbook; design masquerading as diagnosis:

    “Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, enter in and dispossess
    nations greater and stronger than yourselves…”
    Deuteronomy 9:1.

    “They had as their king, the angel of the bottomless pit.” Revelation 9:11

    “The first woe has passed, but there are two more to come”–Revelation
    9:12 i.e. Gulf Oil Attack; Fukushima HAARP attack.


    • “But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.
      Moreover it shall come to pass, that I shall do unto you, as I thought to do unto them.” > Numbers 33:55-56

      _ ( I personally prefer door #2 )

      “Then a Voice said: “Behold this day, for it is yours to make. Now you shall stand upon the center of the earth to see, for there they are taking you.” I was still on my bay horse, and once more I felt the riders of the west, the north, the east, the south, behind me in formation, as before, and we were going east. I looked ahead and saw the mountains there with rocks and forests on them, and from the mountains flashed all colors upward to the heavens. Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.” – Black Elk’s Vision

      • “You are the leader, you have been waiting for” – Hopi

        Yea and as true…I prefer door #2.

        But also this connect:

        “Come out from amongst them…”~JC

        • “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” – Rev 18

          then dig’n round the garden I found dis;

          “Blue – electricity – our reality as an electromagnetic energy grid program.”

          • Complex and long article…
            I’ve read other work by this author.
            He has a great one on Wetiko or Witko {plains version}
            which is a Native American word for ‘psycho’.

            This article will take some time to digest. Thanks Ko.

  20. And so, this whole miff between Nutballyahoo and Oboomba is simply political theater.
    It is a distraction from the real front—the push for war with Syria and Iran, which entails more than anything, provocation and subversion to lead to “regime change” within those nations.

    The two actors are playing it to the hilt—with Oboomba sitting there giving his best “evil eye” to Nutball while Bennie marked his turf right in front of ‘the POTUS’. Punch and Judy.

    Expect this script of phony tension between the Obummer regime and the Nuball to continue as the ‘Process Strategy’ of the “Mid East Peace Process” continues to go exactly where it is designed to go–NOWHERE.

    The squabble will eventually wabble and fall to the sidelines as events overtake the issue.

    Treadmill walking in the garden of delights…

    • Bammo and Nutball. Nice! The P&J show for all who think this shit is “real.” It’s E! network hulu for people who think they read.

      Food inflation is real… along with everything else. Millions of tiny brains being squeezed between Scylla and the grocery store… and the hucksters spread the meme to trade the last paper grinkles for something hard and shiny.

      That would be the no-shit barrel of a shotgun with no weak-ass pill “cry for help.” Taking arms against a sea of troubles so the folks at home can clean up the mess… but not the one imprinted on the brain for life.

      Take heart in a hummingbird:

      • That’s Gold WP!

      • so sweet… thanks waldo 🙂

  21. That was so cool Waldo…My parrot was sitting here watching with me and was totally into it as well. She just moved up close to the screne and stared completely entranced.

  22. Yessum — very cool. Man actually working with, respecting, and caring for another of natures unique creatures. Refreshing!

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