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Conciliating the World to Order – StateWatch



US – The Committee

EU- The Consilium





The Council of the European Union is the principal decision making institution in the European Union (EU). It is often informally called the Council of Ministers or just the Council, the name used in the treaties; it is also called Consilium as a Latin-language compromise. Within the competencies of the Community pillar, it is the more powerful of the two legislative chambers, the other being the European Parliament. This Council should be distinguished from the European Council, which is an assembly of EU heads of state or government, and the Council of Europe, which is a non-EU organisation of 47 states.


1. EU: Welcome to the new world of the interception of telecommunications:– under the new forms of interception Member States simply authorise themselves
– Italian government survey response: “it is probably possible that the telecommunications are in a way “deviated” to the requesting state without listening in Italy.”
– “the legal framework with respect to transnational searches of such devices is not well-developed.” (EU-G6 Interior Ministers)
2.  EU: Council of the European Union: Latest draft Conclusions: Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: EU: European Commission: Operational Guidance on taking account of Fundamental Rights in Commission Impact Assessments (SEC 567):
4. EU: European Investigation Order (EIO): Council of the European Union: Proposals of Presidency – grounds for refusal to execute (EU doc no: 9500-11)

Proposals of Presidency – costs and remedies (EU doc no: 9499):

And see Statewatch Observatory on the EIO:

5.  EU: Statewatch Analysis: Commission Communication on migration: Adapting the Schengen Border Code by Chris Jones:

On 4th May 2011, the European Commission published a new Communication on Migration. In light of the on-going political turmoil in North Africa and the subsequent impact on southern EU member states – notably Italy and Malta – the Communication outlines current and future proposals with regard to migration issues. However, it is not limited to policy areas affected by the situation in North Africa, and is in fact a vehicle for demanding a range of political and institutional changes at both EU and Member State level.

6. EU: ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS: Council of the European Union: Public access to documents – Confirmatory application No 09/c/01/11:

A perverse decision by the Council to refuse access to the Opinion of the Council Legal Services concerning the Council’s use of powers under the Comitology Regulation (implementation). Four Member States – Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden voted against the refusal of access to the document as it “does not contain particularly sensitive information” and they did not agree with “the interpretation of the Turco case-law”.

7.  EU: Statewatch Analysis: The effects of security policies on rights and liberties in the European Union, and their export beyond the EU’s borders by Yasha Maccanico:

Far-reaching analysis: 1) The introduction of the so-called “security package” in Italy, which institutionalises discrimination as a general rule; 2) Exceptional practices to counter terrorism in UK and exception turned into routine in the functioning of Italian courts; 3) The criminalisation of behaviour that is not criminal per se; 4) The state of emergency declared in France when there were disturbances in the banlieues [suburbs]; 5) Identification of problem groups and introduction of norms against them; 6) Events in the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta in northern Morocco; 7) Subcontracting border controls, detention and returns

8.  EU: FRONTEX: FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS: Latest Council position on amending the Frontex Regulation: Proposal for a Regulation amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2007/2004 establishing a European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX) (EU doc no: 9342-11):

Fundamental rights: The Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) of the European Parliament proposed that an Advisory Board on Fundamental Rights should be created “positioned above the Agency” (emphasis added). At the meeting of the Council’s Working Party on Frontiers (comprising representatives of Member State delegations): “no delegation could accept the proposal”. Instead the Council is proposing: 1) that Frontex should “further develop” its Fundamental Rights Strategy” (drawn up and agreed by Frontex); 2) a Consultative Forum should be set up whose composition would be decided by Frontex; and 3) A Fundamental Rights Officer, through open competition, appointed by Frontex.

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch Director, comments: “The Council’s proposals on ensuring fundamental rights are respected in all Frontex activities are utterly toothless and provide a fig-leaf of accountability. Frontex, like now, would remain a law unto itself.”

9.  EU-PNR: Council of the European Union: Latest draft of the Council’s position: now includes “intra-EU flights” (between Member States) as well as flights in and out of the EU: Proposal for a Directive of the Council and the European Parliament on the use of Passenger Name Record data for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and serious crime:

10.  EU-USA: US Congressional Research Service: US-EU Cooperation Against Terrorism:

11. EU: Historical documents: Council of the European Union: Member State national answers to: Questionnaire on the possible creation of a system of electronic recording of entries and exits of third country nationals in the Schengen area (EU doc no: 8552/09, April 2009:

plus: Responses from France, Cyprus and Finland (8552/09 ADD 1):

Responses from Bulgaria, France, Italy, Portugal, Iceland and Norway (8552/09 ADD 2):

and Response from Greece (8552/09 ADD 3):

12. GREECE: NGO “AITIMA”: Asylum seekers are put in jail!

“The police authorities, punishing with imprisonment everyone who is trying to practice his/her right to apply for asylum, are basically demolishing such entitlement. This practice is a cruel violation of human rights of the refugees. The rights of the refugees are ratified in the international conventions and therefore compel our country.”

13. Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly: Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights: An overview of work of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights on issues relating to human rights and terrorism:

14. EU: MANDATORY DATA RETENTION OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Council of the European Union: Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament Evaluation report on the Data Retention Directive (Directive 2006/24/EC) – Discussion paper:

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch Director, comments: “The Council’s Discussion Paper raises fundamental issues about the legality of Member States continuing to to gather and retain details of all communications under the Directive.”

15.  EU: Historical documents: EU-USA: TFTP/SWIFT Agreement:

Summary of the First Annual Report on the processing of EU originating personal data held by the US Treasury Department for Counter Terrorism purposes: Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme, December 2008, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere:

Second Report on the processing of EU-originating personal data by the US Treasury Department for counter-terrorism purposes: Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme, January 2010 by Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere:

Negotiating directives for negotiations between the European Union and the United States of America for an international agreement to make available to the United States Treasury Department financial payment messaging data to prevent and combat terrorism and terrorist financing (23.7.09):

16. ECJ: European Court of Justice judgment: Italy told it cannot send a person to prison because they are unable to remove them from the country: The Directive on the return of illegal immigrants precludes national rules imposing a prison term on an illegally staying third-country national who does not comply with an order to leave the national territory (Press release):

and Full-text of judgment:

17.  EU: FRONTEX: Multicolumn document on the Trilogue discussions between the Council and the European Parliament: Proposal for a Regulation of amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2007/2004 establishing a European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX) (EU doc no: 9431/11, 20.4.11, 131 pages):

18.  EU: LIST OF TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Multicolumn document on the Trilogue discussions between the Council and the European Parliament: Draft Decision on the list of travel documents entitling the holder to cross the external borders and which may be endorsed with a visa and on setting up a mechanism for establishing this list:

19. EU: RIGHT TO INFORMATION IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDING: Multicolumn document on the Trilogue discussions between the Council and the European Parliament: Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the right to information in criminal proceedings Trilogue 18 April 2011 Comparative table:

See also: European Parliament: Proposal to the Shadow Rapporteurs for the EP’s position in view of the 2nd Trilogue:

Technical Note for EP:

and State of Play after the 1st Trilogue:

20. EU: European Investigation Order (EIO): Proposed Directive regarding the European Investigation Order in criminal matters – Follow-up document of the meetings of the Working Party on 7-8 February 2011, 8 March 2011 and 1 April 2011 (with Member State positions):

21.  EU: SCHENGEN: France and Italy propose reform of EU border rules: Full-text of letter to the Council and Commission (French):

22. EU: Mandatory data retention: Press release by the German Working Group on Data Retention (AK Vorrat), Impossible to Ensure Legality of EU Communications Data Retention Directive Says German Parliament:

23. EU: Council of the European Union:

– Final report and recommendations of Project Group “Measure 6” (EU doc no: 7942 rev 1): “29 measures for reinforcing the protection of external borders and combating illegal immigration (6975/10), the Project Group on Measure 6 has produced its final report.”:

– Information Management Strategy for EU internal security: Draft interim report on the Implementation of the 1st Action List:

– Draft Council Conclusion on enhancing the links between internal and external aspects of counter-terrorism:



  1. Love your NEW WORLD ORDER magazine graphics Puddy.

    Say….just how FAST do you read anyway???????


    • Average. But I take pictures quickly. Smile Willie 🙂 [click]

  2. Still no scantily clad babes or hot-rods. Methinks Paddy needs a vacation.

    • Vacation: Death is my vacation. St Peter does the Airport Pat-down. 🙂

  3. check out Stennis geomag @ 12:40


    Massive spike in domestic spy operations, over 12,000 “special ops” personnel deployed daily, 100s of thousands of secret surveillance requests rubber stamped by crooked judges, secret illegal spy operations conducted in over 75 countries and over $11 billion spent annually to cover it all up. And this is only the tip of the iceberg that the feds were willing to declassify through various Freedom of Information Requests. Much more still remains classified in the interest of National Security.

    A series of previously classified documents obtained by The Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy reveals that spy operation against U.S citizens here in the homeland have spiked massively over the last year and so has the government’s cost to cover up their plethora of illegal activities.

    The Hamdi Decision: A Defeat and Deadly Precedent

    Rather than insisting that Hamdi, a U.S. citizen, receive all of the protections of the accused which are his due under the Bill of Rights, the Court breathed new life and legitimacy into this destructive doctrine that had lain around unused and nearly forgotten, like a dusty, but still dangerous “loaded weapon,” since the World War II Ex Parte Quirin decision (1942). The Hamdi Court, citing Quirin, stated unequivocally that “[t]here is no bar to this Nation’s holding one of its own citizens as an enemy combatant.” According to the majority on the Court, the mere labeling of a person as an “enemy combatant” removes the shield of the Bill of Rights and replaces it with a new judge-created system of minimal administrative process to “challenge” that designation.

    Under this system, the accused will have none of the procedural protections of our Bill of Rights: No Grand Jury indictment; no trial by jury with its requirement of a unanimous verdict of twelve of one’s peers; no possibility of an unreviewable acquittal and immunity from further prosecution; and no protection against compelled self incrimination. The presumption of innocence is gone, as is the requirement of a showing of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, the government will enjoy a presumption that its allegations are accurate. The accused will have the burden of proving his innocence, but will have no right to compulsory process of witnesses and no right to confront the secret evidence and witnesses against him.

    The information reveals that the US Government has been approved for hundreds of thousands of surveillance requests by categorically labeling hundreds of thousands of US Citizens as suspected “terrorists”, i.e. enemy combatants.

    The method really is ingenious. In essence the United States has declared war against its very own citizens and all civil and constitutional rights are immediately abolished.

    >{I suppose it could be deemed “ingenious”, however that is in that it is so insidious that people can’t believe it when put in such blunt and straightforward terms.~ww}

    U.S. Special Operations Forces continue to experience rapid post-9/11 growth, with swelling ranks, rising budgets and a new set of missions. Special operations forces were reportedly involved along with CIA personnel in the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 1.

    >{‘Special Operations Forces’, a long euphemism for ‘Storm Troopers’, like the elite SS of Nazi Germany, or the Imperial Storm Troopers in Star Wars. In fact the ‘Storm Trooper’ has always been a ‘bad guy’…thus the use of euphemism, or Newspeak, as Orwell called it. There is a lot of Newspeak in the marketplace of ideas in the 21st century: It has totally become 2+2=5 now.~ww}

    “Special operations” are defined (pdf) as military operations that are “conducted in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments to achieve military, diplomatic, informational, and/or economic objectives employing military capabilities for which there is no broad conventional force requirement. These operations often require covert, clandestine, or low visibility capabilities…. Special operations differ from conventional operations in degree of physical and political risk, operational techniques, mode of employment, independence from friendly support, and dependence on detailed operational intelligence and indigenous assets.”

    {Posse Comitatus denies US military operations in domestic USA as per: “operations that are “conducted in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments..” And this is one of the reasons that it is argued effectively that the Posse Comitatus Act has been abolished, along with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Tyranny. A gangster “government” right in your face.~ww}

    Time again to read:

    ‘First They Came’

    by Martin Niemöller, which was written about the Nazis.


    • >{I suppose it could be deemed “ingenious”, however that is in that it is so insidious that people can’t believe it when put in such blunt and straightforward terms.~ww}

      Ingenious may be the plan itself.

      The method, though is not. More like any sub-mutated cells, they have lost the ability to self destruct. Powerful agents have created vast resistance to the defenses.

      Like any cancer, the body or in this case, the people do not recognize them as a foreign invader, so growth goes unchecked. But like the mutations in any cancer, bacteria or virus they think and act like other cells or organisms and see the body as the cancer.

      Almost clinical in it’s method. Yet Phlebotomical in transmutation and chilling in it’s efficiency, the division, both in it’s own growth and the the targeting in the healthy body systems has accelerated to even advanced pace for a laboratory trial.

      The sounds you hear and the synaptic merging of all these mutations coming together through the massive volume of blood as sonar would through the sea.

      I thought it was tinnitus I was experiencing when in fact it merely the ‘sucking
      sound’ created during mass venisectioning under world order eugenics.

  5. The HomeGrown Music & Art Festival is an annual celebration of just that – HomeGrown music, HomeGrown art and, most importantly, HomeGrown fun.

    Homegrown may refer marijuana grown for personal use. It may also refer to:

  6. Yes PD, reading is fundamental. However, time isn’t on my side. Working full time doesn’t allow me enough hours in the day to keep up with all that you do and take care of all the stuff I have to on weeknights and weekends. I know you work long hours. How the hell do you do it? Insomnia? Supernatural energy potion?. I can barely keep up with the wonderfully extensive and informative things you post for us here.

    As for preparing…. for what? There are so many dangers out there that it seems useless. Plant a radioactive garden or one that may be swept away by floods, earthquakes, and or tornadoes? Stock up on storeable food and water..sure. But do I really want to have to fight off those that didn’t when things really go crazY? I don’t think I want to survive in the world after…..but after what is the real question isn’t it?

  7. I understand JG. One can never underestimate the value of Chaos in the operation.
    We have all willingly entered this realm in the first world. While third world people has avoided all the EM clatter and estate planning they suffer the resources of the first world for survival.

    I think the question comes down to Acceptance or Resistance to the cancer or virus.
    Life or Death is not the issue. William Whitten could better explain the False Dilemma, Choice DiChotomy and the mutually exclusive technique that puts you into one of two groups.

    The choice is LIFE, DEATH or OTHERS. What others there are are part of the exercise. It may be the Farraday cage, It may be meditation or Tai Chi. It may be the “getting off the grid’ changing your goals or reinvestigating your spirituality or religion.

    My theory of the HELLER-22 is the confirmation of the peril of the falsum in omnibus or false choice. The Committee’s goal is to ever narrow the masses to simple social engineered bivalence.

    In terms of true/false or other the psychopaths don’t want to focus on the soul. Mind-Body rules the construct for them. They shudder at the power of the super-conscience and fear the soul.

    Getting prepared is not really about the, storable food, farady cage, vaccine, iodine, guns, ammo and gold. It’s about the ‘super soul’ and the power to raise the towers that we all have and they have managed to squelch with effective results for first worlders.

    The third world body has not been attacked in this way. Yet they also do not have the information either. Some may have gathered this information through meditiation, prayer or natural gates. Fasting or starving, I believe , can bring access to these gates as well. We won’t know unless we travel that particular path.

    Getting the garage cleaned out and the house in order is all about releasing the chains of chaos that bind the body and mind and allow the super soul to emerge from the deep slumber.

    All the garbage I post is incidental to this. It’s just exposures to the program and my purpose is to convince the wanderers coming to this gate to believe that Life and Death are the false choice for how you operate in the “now” and that like all energy and nuclear science agrees, energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another.

    TRANSFORMATION, ala Al-Coto is the third option that I prescribe.

  8. “Getting prepared is not really about the, storable food, farady cage, vaccine, iodine, guns, ammo and gold. It’s about the ‘super soul’ and the power to raise the towers that we all have and they have managed to squelch with effective results for first worlders.”~Puddy

    Exacto Blades of obsidian true and cutting to the core/Source.

    I can ‘hear’ the strange buzzing, a ‘fizz’ like pink noise coming into my system. Especially when in Alpha with my head on the pillow–but I can block it by simple choice. I know because I have none of the psychotrauma’s so often described.

    This most probably is due to the ‘Experience’ {seeing the Light} I have at times referred to here. This IS available to ALL…it is just a matter of non-matter and alignment with the Source.

    Remember: Like is not.


  9. WORLD POLICE STATE – They have not brought out the EMP weapons to the masses in view yet but they are coming in Phase Two.

    Chile (Security threat level – 2): Protests against the recently approved HidroAysen hydroelectric project in Patagonia continued on 10 May 2011. At least 30 people were arrested during demonstrations in Coyhaique, Valdivia, Temuco, Valparaiso, Santiago and La Serena. Although there were minor clashes with security forces in each location, only in Valdivia did police officers use tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters; five demonstrators suffered injuries. Ecological groups indicated that protests are expected to continue on a daily basis and called for a large-scale, nationwide demonstration on 21 May to protest against the controversial project.


    Belgium (Security threat level – 2): A police shooting involving a taxi prompted drivers to block the road to the airport in Brussels on the night of 10 May 2011. The incident occurred at approximately 1900 local time (1700 UTC) during a routine check for unlicensed taxis — which are common at the airport — when a driver, rather than stopping as instructed, accelerated and the officer jumped on the vehicle’s hood in an attempt to stop him. The driver was forced to stop after approximately 1.2 mi/2 km, when the officer fired a bullet into the dashboard; a second shot was then fired during a brawl between the two men. In response to the incident and reports that the man had been killed, approximately 200 taxi drivers blocked the A201 motorway leading to Brussels Airport (EBBR/BRU) until 0500 local time (0300 UTC) on 11 May. Police officers attempted to clear the road at approximately 0230 local time (0030 UTC), but were unsuccessful. The drivers eventually ended the blockade of their own accord after it became apparent that the man had only been slightly injured.


    Greece (Security threat level – 2): Security forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters in central Athens on 11 May 2011 amid a nationwide general strike over planned government austerity measures. The clashes occurred when youth protesters began throwing stones at riot police officers. There were no reports of injuries or arrests during the incident. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in the capital as part of planned demonstrations, and hundreds of thousands of public workers have heeded the call for a 24-hour nationwide strike to protest further government cutbacks. The work stoppage has affected train and ferry services, as well as several flight and aviation services. Flights were reportedly grounded in Athens from 1200-1600 local time (0900-1300 UTC); information about flight disruptions in other cities is not available. Disruptions have been reported with public transport as well as radio and television news services.


    Uganda (Security threat level – 4): Riots erupted in Uganda on 11 May 2011 after opposition leader Kizza Besigye was allegedly temporarily barred from boarding a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Kampala. Reports indicate that anti-riot police officers fired tear gas at the protesters; there were no reports of injuries or arrests. According to Besigye, Kenyan Airways officials told him that he could not board the aircraft because Ugandan authorities would not allow a flight carrying him to land in Uganda. However, officials in Kampala denied having issued such a warning. Besigye was originally due back in Kampala at 0900 local time; he is now scheduled to be on a flight that will depart Nairobi at 1800 local time. Besigye has been in Kenya receiving medical treatment after security officers violently forced him from his vehicle during a “walk to work” protest over rising food and fuel prices on 28 April.


  10. Following video located at :

    BREAKING ALERT!!!!! Massive False Flag Pretext About to Happen: Alert!!!

    Video Here:

  11. Sounds familiar huh?

  12. The internet winds are blowing the New Madrid FF around pretty hard lately. So…if it comes off, the “all-knowing” alphabet soup agencies can’t say they were ignorant. As we have seen, certain “decisions” have been made at top levels to blow the dikes, and whatever else to spread the mass of water over the land.

    Since policy makers are batting about 100% for making the wrong decisions, the likelihood seems pretty strong. A lot of time, energy, and money has been spent with bogus “diversions” lately that have that “ring” to them like a terrorist’s panties exploding.

    We get highjinx and low humor to spit at, while the blitzkrieg is forming like tsunami. I’d say lately, the water got sucked Out into the ocean, and it is only a matter of time until the wave(s) strikes inland.

    Naturally, HLS military exercises are scheduled in the same vicinity as the FF is possibly targeted, and during the same window of “opportunity”. Coincidence? Doubtful. The roll-out of new freedom-busting “humanitarianism” efforts should be a wingdinger.

  13. I heard this on the radio about Obama’s ratings going up by 60% following the Osama Slamma Blamma Ding Dong charade.

    I truly hope this is a big JOKE! This administration twists numbers like a rock crusher. Please, tell me Americans aren’t this stupid?!

  14. Government and Media are an abstraction. Empire is the reality. Any reference to a Democracy of human rights is a pipe dream or a con-job worthy of Cloward-Pevin.

    1776-1976 The strategy crystalized that all would fall at some point. They knew it and planned for it. The whole enchilada was built on a flimsy tortilla.

    The answer to history is start over. We are at the 180th degree and it’s high noon.

  15. What a WAKE-UP for the sheeple when the JackBoots humanitarian forces arrive to “help”!

    Puddy, like you have a lot of time, heh, heh.

    I stumbled across this guys information a few minutes ago. It is about the “falsity” of the courts, laws, etc. in the USA and how they have been and are being used against Americans. I suggest folks copy this. Read the author’s ALL CAPS comments as you scan down through it, and you can pick up the gist while reading some of the law talk. I thought it was very good! Plus, I’m from Washington State, so I know where little towns like Walla Walla and Orting are situated. Local knowledge ya know!


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