Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 8, 2011

Sunday Digest ~ BON APPETIT

Sen. Schumer proposes no-ride list to keep terrorists off Amtrak after potential Al Qaeda threat

IED Found Near Train Tracks – Chester PA.

Feds Issue Train Warning Based On Info Uncovered At bin Laden Compound

FBI talking to  Iowa man over alleged bin Laden threat

Terror Expert Scheuer – Jihad Revenge is Certain

Bin Laden raid intel yields leads on al Qaeda No. 2 al Zawahiri

Terror Scare – 5 Held After Filming Near UK Nuclear Plant

Evidence at bin Laden’s home raises nuclear concerns

FBI — Malicious Software Features Osama bin Laden Links to Ensnare Unsuspecting Computer Users

CIA agents lived next door to Osama bin Laden



  1. Ugh! The FEAR cards being played are so predictable and lunatic. Gee, Americans should have “hall monitors” like in boarding school. How can we protect ourselves? Behind every blade of grass is a potential terrorist!

    Maybe Americans really DO NEED those mega-sized internment camps? The world outside the concertina topped fences is so scary and unpredictable, that Americans will probably fight to get into the camps for 3 square meals a day, and armed guards watching “out” for them… Think of this level of insanity?!

    Planes, Trains, Automobiles, bicyclists, joggers, walmart employees — EGAD!

    I want to jam a metal bar through the spokes of the FEAR BIKERS, just to make their squealing stop. It is beyond irritating.

    Cripes! Should maybe Americans “figure” that the brown desert folks might be pissed that we have destroyed entire countries and cultures, while we came to “help them”? I can see the ratcheting up of the Police State roaring on into our towns blaring like the demons they are.

    I refuse to fear. I rather get angry at the psychopaths driving this bus.

  2. Aye Boom. Schumer and his fellow admin. goons from the hill ought to be on the ‘no breath list’

    Biden couldn’t wait to get on the phone to tell cronies and idiots that Obie El had been ressurected and crucified for the last time. Smoothie Soetoro was on his game tonight on 60min and the masses will sleep tight for a few more months until the WIND CHANGE happens that Barry promised.

    I just feel safer every minute, don’t you?

  3. Fairbanks 22:00

    Iran 22:17:34

    • Thanks for visiting the jingobury allbury toss off at C2
      Ain’t he a hoot? {grin}


      • jingobury’s easy prey
        cheap entertainment

        • Ha ha ha….that sums up the jingobury for sure….good one.

        • This comment to the 9/11 shill is priceless, as if she is talking to a
          three year old;

          to say that something is,
          when it is not,
          or to say that something is not,
          when it is, is false.
          And likewise, to say that something is,
          when it is,
          or to say that something is not,
          when it is not, is true.

          ~Ko 5/8/11

          • Aristotle


            • Thanks Ko, a fascinating article.

              So many different takes on Truth, no wonder the 21st century is so confused about something that should be intuited from within.


  4. Oh deeper and deeper we fall into Wonderland…now the CIA is going to derail trains after the TSA feels everyone up before boarding.

    “I like it here in Amerika
    Life is a gass in Amerika
    Everyone shows their ass in Amerika
    No sign of class in Amerika
    Let’s hear a chear for Amerika”

    ~Jaybird and the Amerikans

    “What Amerika needs is a good 5cent lollipop”~Titty Roosefeltemup

    “The only good raghead is a dead raghead”~Oboombarangatango

    “I keeek heez azzz”~Jojo Biten

    “Uhhuh huhuh…[drool drool]”~Jujubee Lie-Berman

    yup…now ama skerd

  5. Didn’t watch 60 min., Puddy. It’s just frustrating to watch shill theater, and I can’t stand listening to the Prezto Pip (or any previous puppets) read his teleprompters.

    I’m allergic I suppose.

    Ain’t goin B skerd, Rogue1. Just attuned to the strings ringing.

    By the way; read where they just blew the 3rd levee in MO. This portends bad things for many. Perhaps catastrophic if they HAARP the New Madrid fault. Food ought to get real expensive soon. By now before the prices skyrocket. I suppose corn options would be in the money too, but I don’t play in manipulated markets. Ain’t got the coin.

    • yup no real skerd here, just chuckling and keeping time to one hand clapping.

      Yea they are going for the juggular at the Madrid.
      Maybe a REALLY big surprise soon.

      The hubris of these jokers is bound to come back and bite them in the ass.

      K.A.R.M.A. is instant and swift, don’t get caught in the shift.


    IU said that Greece and Morocco would see terror:

    Greece will see IMF Attack version: HAARP. Earthquake/Seismic/Building Collapse.
    This will be to show that any idea of leaving the Eurozone will have serious consequences. Greece is in the can financiallly. They are doomed if the do and worse off if they don’t.

    Morocco will be the base of Ops through Af-Pak. French Twist! Collapse has happened in Greece and France will fall before UK or Germany.

    Gold and Silver tumble over dollar spikes. Like a girl in trouble which is a temporary thing.

    • “Gold and Silver tumble over dollar spikes. Like a girl in trouble which is a temporary thing”

      Especially, when it is just another manipulation of the ‘Plunge Protection Team” flooding the metals market at the opportune moment.

      Time to buy.


  7. Look at this sadistic marketing campaign against American “children”; freaking raffle/contests for kids to win IPOD’s and such if they — get vaccinated!

    Every day brings new moral “Lows” in America.

  8. I-pod for I-die. What a bargain. “Such a deal”

  9. Puddy, I think it’s time to give this shill the ax–Rady said she tried to ban another guy at some point and didn’t know how to do it. Could you perhaps offer her some tech assistance for this?

    Albury | May 9, 2011 at 12:22 pm |
    Why waste your pins on groundless “shill” allegations and personal insults, roggie? Since your hero was recently offed by the US, here’s more research you could do with all of that legal knowledge you possess:
    The claim’s been made that President Obama is the first Black man in US history who’s ever been asked to prove that he killed someone. T or F?

    My Reply:

    hybridrogue1 | May 9, 2011 at 1:01 pm |
    I think a racist remark such as that, even though not original with you but merely repeated–like everything your parroting ass says–is worthy of telling you point blank to FUCK OFF.

    So you finally ran out of gas and produced a solid turd.
    Good for you asshole, just keep digging yourself in deeper, that is why we let you keep posting here, even though you have proven yourself a complete idiot.

  10. She can email me if she want’s help Rogue.

    • I told her I thought it was high time he went…but I haven’t heard from her for a couple days, although she did clear a post of mine for having a bunch of URLs, it got stuck in moderation—but she didn’t say anything about that either. I just found it had been published.

      If she wants to it is up to her.
      I am left with making scalding remarks…and leaving it at that.

      The guy sure is a dumbfuck…as we all know.

      • Rady just had another article published by Global Research…

        *********CONGRATULATIONS RADY*********

        How Safe is Your Food? GMO, Foodborne Illnesses and Biotechnology
        A Review of GRAIN’s report on Food Safety


  11. gosh willie, i see dingle-bury has you extremely annoyed.

    if you really want to gaze into the gaped-anus of brutally-stupid, try THIS place:

    of course it’s an astro-turf front group: the mouth-breathers don’t care.

    we have all been “banned” from gate-keeper sites for even suggesting that the false-flag psy-op was less than the real deal. the fat owners don’t even TRY to hide the strings any more… and it’s getting near the time when they will strike the puppet show altogether.

    fake “money,” fake “food,” fake “country,” we are surrounded by fake “citizens” who will stuff us up a chimney for a wish sandwich and a glass of pizz. now the paper-moons and cardboard-sees gotta go stompin around in our gardens because nobody wants to pay to see the puppet show.

    the puppets would rather press the bar for their fake food pellet than grow a potato.

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