Posted by: jerseyg | May 6, 2011

My Friday Night Two Minute(well, not technically) Hate….

directed at Dr Drew Pinksy…  He did his best to discredit Cindy Sheehan and her causes.  He tried to insinuate that she worked as tirelessly as she does in exposing government lies because she is a depressed, wacked out woman with a failed marriage behind her.  A careless mom who left the rest of her kids behind pursuing what just cause killed her son Casey.  Cindy got her points across about war and the fake bin Laden “death” in spite of his constant interruptions and condescending attitude.   EPIC FAIL PINKSY!




  1. James Corbett is fantastic. What’s up with RT? It seems they are suddenly carrying water for the monsters….

  2. Dr Drew Pinksy, never heard of the asshole before. What is MOX news? FOX news for hairlips?

    Cindy is hit by these mainstream shills constantly, because she has a public persona and has the guts to speak truth to power.



    • Will, it’s Mox news as in “Mocks” news. Whoever it is they have a great youtube channel full of COTO vids like the one with Cindy exposing the msm shills. Youtube keeps shutting it down and reinstating it.

  3. YES, this is the way the world is run kiddies. Constant perception manipulation, scripted to fit a multilevel viewing audience.

    Once the techniques of Social Engineering are comprehended, all of this becomes obvious–it is merely Carnival.

  4. Mrs. Sheehan has my vote
    in my mind She is President
    of the United States of America

    Dr. Strangelove the expert shrink
    is rewarded for maintaining the big lie
    good dog, good dog, that’a boy
    well by midsummer their carrage
    transforms into a pumkin and the drivers
    change into mice for the clock strikes

    The staged Goldstein death was a move
    of desperation by players with few options
    any true adept of the craft knows from age
    that which one cast into this world returns
    just like an ocean which refuses no river

    • “Mrs. Sheehan has my vote
      in my mind She is President
      of the United States of America ”

      Mine too. I admire the hell outta that woman. The word brave seems small when used in describing her.

    • Here here on all you just said Co, very beautifully put.

  5. Pin heads like Pinski survive because most are too polite to hit him upside the head, which his demeaning behavior greatly deserves. I might just kick him in the shins, but he wouldn’t get away unscathed!

    • “I would just kick him in the shins”

      Laudy, and I would gladly help you. My reaction while watching him was that I wanted to strangle him. Didn’t you love his snide remark that bureaucracies aren’t people? He’s such a planted shill.

  6. Cindy dutifully and rather patiently I might add, highlighted the glaring inconsistencies brought forth by the bumbling liars. I don’t think “shouting” out the Truth is even necessary, after watching Cindy manifest common sense, and thoughtful responses that cut through the B.S. The Truth really does cut like a knife. It only takes someone who knows how to wield it, to see how it flays the carcass of lies open for all who choose to see. And that’s the point here, I believe. Everyone has to make a choice — do you want to be lied to? Or do you want to know the Truth? It is shockingly revolutionary in that the mass of sheeple Do Not want the hear or know the Truth?

    I find this attitude and mental framework difficult to understand. It seems so “sick”. But IT is the Truth! We’re surrounded by folks who want to live in a virtual world — another’s nightmare shared.

  7. Dog Poet has some good words;

    On another subject, take a look at the government’s fleet of UFO’s in Hawaii >

    • Funny how the ufos blinked off and on like twinkle lights. Was that horn their call to come back to base? They stopped playing and starting taking off as soon as it sounded…….

      I do believe we aren’t alone here and we are and have in the past been visited by beings from other planets/dimensions but I think this display was blue beam judging just by the way the orbs behaved.

  8. I especially think you Rogue1 will be interested in the following, and Puddy: HAARP RELATED

  9. I’m glad you posted this one with Cindy, JG. She once again proves she is one of us, coming right out and saying what we on COTO all recognize is obvious…those believing the latest government fairy tale about OBL are really stupid!
    And doesn’t it just fit the bill to have a tribal sort of guy asking her if she is some kind of anarchist because she questions what the government says? I guess he wants to establish that normal democracies and republics never question government, which is a talking point of his special media handlers.
    I went to Wikipedia about Pinsky:
    “Pinsky is a nonobservant Jew; he admits to abandoning most Jewish practices but claims to retain a continued desire to learn about the religion. He explains that religious as well as philosophical studies affect his medical practice and his speeches, and that his background places “an indirect coloring on every answer.””
    So maybe he wants to portray Cindy not as a sensible person like us COTO seeing through the latest bullshit from the Z team, but as a distraught mom acting irrationally.
    Pinsky’s whole career has been built on celebrities, media, framing disorders on people, and broadcasting memes when called on by the tribe. If he is such a good doctor and analyst why has he never done a show on Barry Soetoro, Stanley Ann Dunham, Frank Marshall Davis, and what kind of addiction pimps out a teenage daughter to known mafia figures, the ‘agency’ addiction to lies that is behind this latest prank and was also behind underpants bomber psyop, Barry’s “we put em on the plane” fiasco.
    Of course in fairytale world, Drew’s little world, underpants bomber brought in the radiation machines to the airports so it was really a huge success, go figure.

    • Excellent comment Mar and I was thinking the same thoughts about Pinsky. He does frame disorders on people and tries to put them all in convenient little boxes if they don’t fit his “norm”. He’s a little weasel that hides behind the title of dr to promote the nwo agenda.

  10. Let’s begin to take some credit along with all the others who have shot holes in this scam.

    It is absolutely obvious that the MSM-Committee have been pounding the fraud-laden bin OSSMAN story to death. Each hour the goons are coming out with more and more tripe for the masses.

    Buried at sea (like the Titanic, Lusitania and Jimmy Hoffa) Yes we remember Barry is a good liar but has problems with birth and death. Everything in the middle he pretty good at.

    Al-qaeda confirms the death. Of course, Leon Panetta and the rest of the CIA are confirming it. Why not Pakistan, the ISI and the blind man?

    Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist henchmen Friday bitterly acknowledged his slaying while vowing to violently avenge their “holy warrior sheik.” WHo the fluck is henchman?

    Do they have a yellow cake phone to the whitehouse? Does his voice sound like Dick Cheney? Baby Bush stays home for the big Rah-Rah? Even Idiot boy would rather choke on a pretzel than go play this prank on America.

    Mission Accomplished? Hardly. Ground Zero is where the Committee stands trembling at their major blunder. This was the biggest mistake they have made to date.

    The question is “Are they that stupid?” Or does this set the stage for a massive home brewed ha-ha for the coming Martial Law transformation? And how large will it be?

    I still have to follow my system and expect the triple double in HAARP, Foreign and Homegrown triad. While Barry was forced to play niceguy with the victim families and first responders, they slowly die from the nano-toxins sucked down during this WMD takedown and fight for the benefits as hard as the veterans that these scumbags claim to support. I await with anticipation the judgement to befall these dregs should they have the audacity to follow up their last extermination with something more grandiose.

  11. Yea PD, they wasted no time in ramping up the terror did they? The new leader Al-Zawahiri is making serious threats against the U.S. vowing to avenge the death of Osama. As if we didn’t see that coming before they changed their story for the umpteeth time.

    Next they’ll roll out the highway checkpoints and cancer machines and body gropings at malls and supermarkets to keep us safe. I’ve already heard the amerikan idiots say on the teevee… better safe than sorry.

    What does it take COTO?

  12. See the header for response. I have taken the gloves off. I will no longer edit my thoughts and images.

    Arrest – Convict – Sentence = DRONE EM ALL!!

  13. Fanbloodytastic header PD!! It sums it all up in one pretty picture and a few words.

    Oh btw, for those that haven’t seen it yet…here’s the latest from the “Ministry of Truth” Bin Laden at his “posh” (hahahha) digs watching himself on teevee. Video confiscated and released for public consumption by the U.S. govt…(wonder what jessica lynch has to say about all this?)

  14. Oh and I have a question… who the HELL was taping osama watching tv??? I’m wondering what soundstage the MIC used for this little bit of reality show?


    The actual truth of what happened on April 1, 2011, is that the US attacked Pakistan. Calling it an attack on bin Laden is just so much Newspeak and Bernaysian PR.

    And right now all the usual “Tearist Experts” are doing the rounds blaming Pakistan for “hiding bin Laden”.

    The phony ballony show is meant to divide further, it is wiggly on purpose. Anyone with a brain can see this is a pure ‘Wag the Dog’ cartoon. They could even have put mannequins in cement shoes just for the sailors on the ship.

    Theater la Fantastique. It’s so stupid only drunks and pillheads can buy it, which describes most Amerikans these days.


  16. I laughed aloud at the header, P.D.!

    We gotta ask, “why the deflection?”, what’s the next event/incident to come quick on the heels of these latest operations? The really big question is to quit swimming in a barrel dodging random bullets, and identify and expose the real shooters lurking in these parts…?

    • My instinct is to something of NATURAL scale. Is Gaddafi the next trophy head?
      I’ll bet they’d show his bullet ridden mugshots. What we know in this enormous financial swindle and boyscout planned Mind Controlops is that something big is a comin.

      Something to take all our minds off them and directed to survivng 24/7. It is in the WINDS!!!!

  17. Today, around the world, the “6th Extinction Session” accelerates at breathtaking speeds. In the USA, 250 species fade out of existence annually.
    About 30,000 species go extinct annually.
    Some biologists have begun to feel that this biodiversity crisis – this “Sixth Extinction” – is even more severe, and more imminent, than Wilson had supposed.”
    {Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson}
    “Everywhere, shortly after modern humans arrived, many (especially, though by no means exclusively, the larger) native species typically became extinct. Humans were like bulls in a China shop.


    Technique As The Born Again Beast

    Man may slowly shrivel up as the planet turns to desert, or the may go out in a flash than none will be sure of what it was because no one is left to wonder. To my thinking we are on a runaway train now, it is beyond human control at this point, the ones who believe in the Rule of the Beast; efficiency at the expense of any other goal are at the controls, and this is the black tool of power.
    As alarmed as some few passengers seem to be, most are consumed in the trivial pursuits of convenience and entertainment. They are enchanted by the toys the Beast has loaned out to keep them under the spell.

    There has not been any slowdown, in fact the speed we are going is increasing exponentially. We are playing out Terrence MacKinna’s fractal timewave. Not merely in theory but as presented visually on the TWZ charts. At this time, the beginning of May, we are on a deep and rocky plunge into novelty.
    Combining Ellul and MacKenna, we can postulate not only the timing, but the cause of our dilemma. The Born Again Beast of trusted technique. So enchanting as to become invisible as if a natural extension of the human body, and not an artifact of mans manifest imagination. The striving to increase the efficiency of the machines is taken as a given that can only lead to betterment.
    Technological betterment, to “serve” human needs. There is something in the human mind that lends to delusional thinking. And there have been those who have eyes to see beyond the delusions of their day and point out the consequences of the current era. They speak throughout all of history, and mythologically even further back in time. The warnings are inevitably against folly driven by hubris.

    Still today, that is the ground issue, folly driven by hubris. Still there are delusional minds propagated to an explosive number by modern…technology. As Ellul warned, beyond the most benign intent of the technician is the power and enchantment of technology that leads him. Technicians after all are those who are fascinated by technology as part of their personality and skill sets. This fascination itself can by hypnotic as one intently learns all of the rituals for controlling the technological devices.

    This is no less true in the arts, although the artist has distinct advantages as I have noted before. And not all artists of course, art needing a more precise definition than space permits here.

    Who ever it is who thinks for himself regardless of what others say, are the ones who end up seeing most clearly what is going on. That persisting in thinking for oneself can lead to a lot of organized opposition is not news to anyone who does so. There are countless old saws to refer to on this.
    And what is ‘organization’? A technique. So those who resist going along to get along, are already resisting one technique. All the techniques of persuasion are presented to the resister; As a lesson if the dissident is smart.

    Eventually thinking out of the box becomes comfortable, for its powers of perception are formidable, and if appreciated lend a sense of personal power. And if this sense of power is recognized as something emanating from within—and focused upon, the sense of power merges with a sense of oneness with and harmony with creation. This identification with all of creation, leads to a sense of self that is not a merely a material being, but as part of the energy of the source of this creation.

    At some point the Beast will say, ‘aha I’ve got you’. And when you answer ‘No, I’ve got you”, because you know you are one with the source—the Beast loses its power over you. This is attended by the loss of immortal fear, which attends to a losing of mortal fears.

    So…what of the speeding train?

    Like Bill Hicks said, “it’s just a scary ride.”

    • That’s a nice summary of self realization in the age of kali yuga, WW. Terrance Mckenna spent his last years hanging out on the slopes of Mauna Loa about a quarter mile from here, planting his Banisteriopsis vines and whatnot. One flaw in his thought was his near total ignorance of historical conspiracies, which he dimissed in his time acceleration/novelty proliferation theory.

      • I read and listened to McKenna all the way up to his death. It may sound funny, but even though he invented TWZ, he didn’t seem to quite understand it.
        He said a lot of things about it that seemed to indicate this.

        I have had the program for many years, and have studied many of the charts.
        It is accurate as far as I am concerned. It is especially obvious in the current time frame.
        We are now on a plunge into novelty that hits like a metiorite at the cusp of September/October….watch out.

    • I love TRIAD examples K. This is the Hope Diamond of gems. Thanks for scrounging this one up. It’s a massive amount of history put into a ten minute time capsule.

      ^^^ = vvv

    • Brilliant presentation, wonderful footage. Bravo K.

  18. “1984” the blueprint for the NWO. Although, I wonder if Orwell could even imagine the technology Big Brother has at it’s disposal.

    Thanks for posting Ko .

    • “I wonder if Orwell could even imagine the technology Big Brother has at it’s disposal.”~JG

      He might have been able to imagine some part of what could grow out of TV, but it was his clear insight of human beings and their being embalmed in systems that was his genius.


  19. It is hard to imagine this theater of the absurd to get any more loony… and some of us can imagine a lot. It has surpassed comedy and tragedy and gone beyond the bounds of plain fooking stoopid. No idiot could tell such a tale.

    The oligarchs have stuffed their pants full of toilet-paper boodle and have gotten out while the gittin was good. The rest of us are stuck aboard this insane-asylum bus careening down the mountainside with a headless mannequin in the driver’s seat.

    The hydrogenated-corn-oil-stuffed rolly-pollys here in krakkerland are lapping up all that Timmy Osman crap like skinny dogs on a fresh barf-puddle. It’s almost enough to make you believe in “useless eaters.” Almost. Transition is hard…

    …but the future WILL be green.

    • Not soon enough for me WP. Everyday the committee kills thousands of innocent souls who never experienced a fructose highball.

      60 minutes of spam, the ‘ham’ and Big PhRMA in a can just massaged the left side of the useless eaters brains and andy looney gave us his Hitler memories in a perfect comparison of two false flags.

      IDIOT DNA confirmed!!

    • “the future will be green”

      The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) contributes to the
      implementation of pro poor land policies to achieve
      secure land rights for all.

      Securing Property, Securing Livelihoods
      With global poverty reduction at the forefront of global discussions, a better understanding of common property regimes and more action to secure access and tenure to common property are needed.

      Washington D.C., 19 April 2011 — The Land Portal, an online platform to find, share, and collaborate on land information, was launched today at the annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.

  20. “…but the future WILL be green.”~Waldo

    Yes radiating glowing green like the ghosts in GHOSTBUSTERS.

    I have just spent too much time mangling Albury Smith on COTO2…
    I don’t know if you recall this shill from OEN, but he is a constant gardener of 9/11 debunking.
    120 + posts on this thread…but I did it, not to argue with Jingobury, but mainly to make the points that need to be made to the general public…er, the Cotoesque within that general public.

    • I don’t have the time to. But more to the point the patience to speak to the Legal/Judicial circle jerk, MSMspeak or cointelpro ramblings. It is contrary to the point of the exercise (9) Do nothing that is of no use.

      Albury S. Smith (ass), Major Tom, Rob Kall, etc. make their living in the cesspool. For them it has use. Groceries. For us to cater to their minmum wage statures and verbal droning is pointless.

      No offense to you Rogue. It may help to sharpen your superior intellect and there are some clues to be gleaned (8) Pay attention to trivial things. The are not trivial but clues – but these guys are as trivial as it gets.

      • I do it not to make the argument to the shill, but to make the obvious shine to others coming to the thread–and I enjoy the fugness out of duking jerks out…
        I have all the time in the world, and it gives me a chance to compose and wax lyrical…Lol


    • wah-hoo, williewoo… wotta thread! I would throw all-bury into the same douche-nozzle bucket as anybody who would actually purport to believe the official 9/11 story or the even more whack-ass Timmy Osman murder show.

      Of course all the “birther” tweedle is a stalking-horse to camouflage the OBVIOUS 9/11 false-flag as “conspiracy theory.” It’s like arguing if Punch is paper-mache or wood while ignoring the fact that it’s a puppet.

      But you and I, we’ve been through that…

      • and this is not our fate
        so let us not talk falsely now
        the hour’s getting late

        • Yea its midnight here and my virus check is taking over my macheeeen

          Eeek eek the potatoes are talking to me


      • Absolute Waldo!

        Birther issue, a deflection of enormous transparency. That man was born here. My question is who is he?

        What does it matter anyway. If the US Grazers in the Grass think a Guantanamo is better suited for a foreign spy than a traitor they need their heads examined.

        Who cares where the rock was they crawled from under?

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