Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 14, 2011

Giant ocean whirlpools puzzle scientists but not COTO

Please pinpoint China – Chili quake
Please pinpoint NZ Christcurch – Morocco/Libya
Please pinpoint Papau New Guinea/Australia and the location
of the whirlpool like the ones in Japan
The  DOD NASA crew may be taking orders from the committee. Is it our turn or does this reflect an attack on Venezuela as we are giving Iran and Libya all they want as well. The final three regime changes?


  1. geo magnetic reversal, volcanoes the lot

    • This could be part of it.

      No doubt men are fiddling with it however…


  2. …and away go troubles, down the drain. Coto-Rooter.

    Global warming is creating shifting currents. After the global warm up, will be the cool down. Another ice age will ensue and most–if not all–of us peeps will be eradicated. I’m sure we’ll get the award for being the briefest species to hold residency on this planet.

    Mr Obtuse’s science tip of the day: Do COTOians know that water will rotate down a drain in opposite directions depending on which side of the equator you’re located? Yep, it’s true. It’s called the coriolis effect.

    • The coriolis effect only seems to be expressed reliably at scales of several miles or more. I’ve forgotten what percentage of tornados rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere, but it wasn’t 100%. At the scale of the reported whirlpools, though, I would expect them to obey the coriolis effect. They are as big as hurricanes. So that is kinda odd, and worth noting. Thank you for bringing it up!

    • “It’s called the coriolis effect.”

      Yes 9th grade physical science class.

      Do we see a double torque in the visual here?

      If that is an accurate interpretation–this is TRULY bizarre.


  3. There is nothing “natural” about this. Whether this is “their” latest manipulation or whether mother earth is just pissed off and showing it at “their” tampering, this is HAARP and Hadron collider (and only God knows what else)induced.

    Remember that fake butter commercial? “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature”…………

    <a href="“>

    • Cha cha JG…said well.

      “Certainty” of any kind should be avoided. Dance with the vibes as they arrive.
      These are times of great complexity, and it will get more complex as we move forward. Keep your mind open…be here NOW.

      Too much second guessing leaves one guessing–while guessing one is distracted from the moment.


  4. Copied this from :

    It might shed further light on the goings-on…

    It’s HAARP as Hell (Part 1)

    It’s HAARP as Hell (Part 2)

    • good grab boom…but whoooooaa sister…slow it down a bit will ya? lol

  5. Yes. I saw these “whirlpools” on the web yesterday. I thought the Spring Queen must be doing her laundry {grin}

    As far as OUR regime change, that happened back in 1913 {at the very latest}.
    Amerika is firmly in the belly of the Born Again Beast.

    Venezuela, to my mind is merely a controlled opposition. It is the nations outside of control of the Central Banks that are the ones that need to be brought to heel.
    This ” ‘war’ with China and Russia” is simply part of the Theater. That doesn’t mean it won’t go HOT.

    HOT seems to be their final ticket–the Armageddon Play: the whole phony biblical jazzband hoopala.

    The Universe has other plans. “Fear is the only darkness”~Master Po


  6. Indonesia (Security threat level – 4): On 15 April 2011 a suspected suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Cirebon, located approximately 185 mi/300 km east of Jakarta, killing himself and injuring another 28 people. The mosque is located inside a police compound, and the bomber entered the mosque to target officers taking part in afternoon prayers. Members of a special anti-terrorism unit are investigating the incident; no suspects have yet been identified.

    I like Kookoo. He’s the pinnacle of Committee 2012 crap.

    It’s all committee Eugenics, beginning the series of catastophic scalar assaults antithesis which is anti-polar to the personal hands on murder Luciferian blood letting.

    When the climax comes, the power grid will go silent except for the MILSTAR, global military systems and this STARWARS system will take out the ones we use to communicate.

    Once we are all mushrooms sitting in the shit of committee bluebeam they will begin to work on the psychotronic-PHOTO’TROPIC event. The physical aspects are as deadly as the psychosis.

    CHAOTROPIC and protein changing will be lethal as well. DNA-RNA altering scrambling and interference.

    Chemtrails are already including lithium which is a disrupter. In water supplies it is devastating. Lithium, Cadmium Barium fluroines and other substances explain the massive worldwide effects. Depression, Tinnitus, tremor, confusion, anxiety, insomnia, agitation, and, in severe cases, psychosis.

    The masses are primed by PhRMA, Additives, Unfiltered water, Bisphenol and vaccines laden with mercury or other toxic adjuvants. When we are in the midst of “Survival of the fittest”, the early casualties will be mass suicide, death by homocidal encounters, followed by physical hotpoints such as respiritory, Asthma, pneumonia and cardivascular event. Then by cancer and FEMA.

    • Well, sounds like one HELL of a party Patrick.

      I’d like to cancel my subscription and send back my reservations to the ballroom.

      Any ideas on how to duck out from the Prom?



    • gawblesmarka {grin}


      • That just about sums up American decisionmaking and backpeddling.
        Jefferson continues rolling in his grave.

        I refuse to buy the flag or SOL stamps. They should bring back S&H green stamps to commemorate “Going Postal”

    • I saw that stamp article today ko and I thought freakin’ apropo.. las vegas the tacky gambling city and it’s fake statue of liberty. It’s quite logical that the phoney lady liberty should grace the new stamp. It fits the character of the new Amerika quite well.. Isn’t it ironic……..dontcha think?

      • Let’s get a Sinatra impersonator to sing …That’s why the lady is a stamp……

        Maybe we ought to pat her down and see if she is a lady or Janet Napolitano with a frank and beans. Anybody want to touch her junk???

        • “Let’s get a Sinatra impersonator to sing …That’s why the lady is a stamp……”

          Very clever Meester Dune, love it.

          Hey I’ll “pat her down” with a jackhammer.

        • “Let’s get a Sinatra impersonator to sing …That’s why the lady is a stamp……” it Patrick!

          “Hey I’ll “pat her down” with a jackhammer.” LOL Will… I LOVE you guys !! 🙂 ❤

  8. THE CASE FOR HAARP? – Why have the northern lights fizzled out? Geo magnetic disruption due to HAARP, SIHF and NORWAY EISCAT.
    So goes the birds and Bee kills.

    See the Tornado watches today? This day 59 sighted


    • The weather here is crackin’ and boomin again too…electromagnetic jabberdemons in the sky.

      The woowoo man is walkin the dirty mile……


  9. Great header PD 😉 I hate those two words.. the authorities.. even when it’s used as in…. channel 6 is your weather authority…..yea??? says who??

    Scary tornadoes for sure 😦

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 – help me!

  10. Patrick, hey we don’t have tornadoes in SJ.. well except for the occasional mini tornado…You’re always welcome to escape to NJ..,the toxic waste dump errrrrr garden state, anytime! I even have a spare room 🙂

    • I’ll bring the Kennel, ahhhhh! Dog heaven or hell? Here in the MTS, we seldom see but winds. I can confidently say Mr. M and the flatlanders from LA to IL will see the havoc of EMP created cyclones this year, unlike any other since the cold war woodpecker days.

      IMHO, you can visualize yourself as a pawn on the grand chessboard. Your life or sacrificial demise is just a part of the strategy for G6 NWO checkmate.
      Ala Japan, we too will see the event.

      The golden ratio is at play
      [1.618 phi – where AB is to A as a is to B (sq 180^3] GPS from Mecca to Madrid
      North Pole to South.
      So why are they working so hard to alter the GM pole Dipole – Dodec?????????????????????????????????????????????
      Because they are the axis of evil!

      • Dogs always more than welcome:) The canine variety of course!

  11. Tristan da Cunha
    Top 10 Most Remote Places in the World

    Delving Into Mysterious Irregularity Of Earth’s Magnetic Field: Observatory Being Built In Middle Of Atlantic Ocean

    Quite Convenient

    • mysterious? south atlantic anomaly? puhleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzze

      • They are “puzzled”…Lol

        Academiacs, bean counters, conformists = dooduh cotton candy brains.

        They end up with leeetle tiny heads like Beetlejuice.


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