Posted by: arcadia11 | March 24, 2011

Scientist Leuren Moret – Japan Earthquake & Nuclear “Accident” are Tectonic Nuclear Warfare


  1. i knew that our storms right after the tsunami were not natural. the particles from the reactors stick to water molecules. they were going for ‘hard’ soft kill.

    it was predicted that a west coast earthquake would occur by 26 march.
    it might be possible to forestall such an earthquake/nuclear disaster on the west coast here, and hopefully anywhere else, by making this video go viral.

    i think the citizenry is more in a mood to believe the evils of government than they were a few short months ago. we have to stop this from ever happening on this planet again.

    there are already 25,425 views – please post as widely as possible. i am hoping that millions will see it and take action.


  2. Tectonic Nuclear Warfare; I couldn’t agree more, another point of evidence is the fact of Israeli security guarding the nuclear sites of Japan, and the previously known fact that the Japanese faciities had ALREADY been infected with Israel’s Stuxnet computer virus.

    More to the point for the US is that most US nuclear facilities have Isreali security as well.

    The Third World War has begun with “Silent Weapons”…it is underway.

    Homo Vishnu Amerikanus is now an Endangered Species.

    Naivete is not innocence, it is grave and suicidal ignorance.

    Say bye bye to Miss Amerikan Jingoberry Pie.


  3. patterns and weather patterns.
    people are afraid of seeing something they cannot deal with.

    not to change the subject, but has anyone seen benjamin fulford’s latest video re the japanese secret societies who are going to take out the bad guys? now there, appearing in the eye of the turbulence that has become our world, is, to me, an almost compelling random act. i have the oddest feelings about him. where does he fit in here….?

    • Well Arcadia,

      I have had an intuition about Fulford from the very first introduction to him.

      I think he is an opportunist and shill showman.

      Sorry to be so blunt, but it is my true assessment.


      • well, ww, that was my take as well. i even wrote a scathing comment after one of his crazy videos. then i watched a couple more. which was not easy at first because i found him to be uncouth and annoying and felt he suffered from hallucinatory cause.

        but he seems to have come out of nowhere. and he is without a doubt a very unlikely figure period, much less a powerful or heroic figure. an anti-figure figure. for some reason i could not dismiss him. if he is completely out of his mind he stands to gain notoriety. but what else has he to gain?

        i guess for me he falls into the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction category.

        i figured that is what you would say but i thought i would ask anyway.

  4. One question comes to mind regarding Fulford’s warriors and other “programs” supposed to end this psychopathic nightmare… “What are they waiting for?”

    • “What are they waiting for?”

      Actual existance.


      • C of London should arrive within the next ten to fifteen minutes..


    • ha! that question did cross my mind.

  5. Damn it Rogue1! There you go leaving us all out in the cold, unfriendly world. With no bail-outs, no back-up to cover our asses, and no ninja militia to sushi the Bad Guys? I ‘spose its up to people everywhere to get up off their sofa-encrusted butts and go kick some Bad Asses down the street and into the gutter where They Belong.

    If somethings gotta get done right…you gotta do it yourself.

    Everybody — reach back into your tool box, grab a wrench, and Jam It Into the Machine!

    • that is how it will be done, boom.

      i would like to start with jamming haarp, though. i am uncomfortable knowing at any minute….

    • I see my prediction of the arrival of C of London was fulfilled while I was off writing.
      You made note of it on the Strategy of Tension thread boom…they have been here for 32 minutes as I write this.

      And just HOW was I able to predict this, you and more importantly they are wondering.

      Because the algorithms of the divine mind are infinitly more powerful than their puny finite manmade technologies. I spoke to them before of an intuitive jackhammer.

      Now let me mention to them that their time left here is very short. And there is nothing they can do to me, anyone here, or any others that will save them.
      The die is cast.

    • “Damn it Rogue1! There you go leaving us all out in the cold…”

      Ha ha ha…Boom. I already told you we have already won.

      “Fear is the only darkness”~Master Po


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