Posted by: jerseyg | March 21, 2011

The Grand Chessboard

A lecture by Michael Ruppert on Zibigniew Brzezinski, Obama’s key adviser,  and the NWO’s imperialistic plans for the Middle East as laid out in his 1997 book.   (


  1. “Imperial Geo-strategy”…if that isn’t blatant enough…well then let’s have a lollipop.

    Thanks GJ, great stuff…too Zbig fer hiz panz…ja?

    Nimrod could’t have made it any plainer. [plainer? a long rasp..with a long gasp]

    Don’t forget kiddies “War is Peace” and nukes are yeast.

  2. Ya Vill, and his daughter Mika is cohost on “the morning joe” show on msnbc where she plays “liberal” foil to Joe Scarborough’s “conservative.” zay are all connected…………

    • Ja…a little Hegal tickle here, a little Hegel giggle there…quite zee parteze mien hoffman.

      Iz dis iss ien schrootle coup? Ja dis iss ein schrootle coup…O ja O ja


  3. Yes that was a good one from the WILDERNESS 09. I have always put Ruppert on my Captain favorites “FROM THE WILDERNESS”

    But I have a suspicion he is in the AGW camp with Peak oil and that has disturbed me.

    He was good on the corruption in CA CIA and drug running and mind contol slave trade and was a good collaborator with Ted Gunderson.

  4. The ravings of a megalomaniac. His countryman, Andrzej Lobaczewski (gotta love their use of sibilant consonants!) described dealing with psychopaths as leaving most people with the urge to gargle with something strong, perhaps vodka. He says the secret network of scientists studying the phenomenon in the Soviet Union also came to the conclusion that “essential psychopathy,” the complete lack of a conscience, was a defect on the X chromosome, therefore the daughters of such men, but not their sons, pick up the trait, and it can remain hidden in women because the other x chromosome, if normal, partially ameliorates it. That’s why people speculate about Barbara Bush, and why Cheney’s daughter is as objectionable as her dad.

  5. here’s where you can find Ruppert today

    • Thanks Radycal lady.


      • thilly goy

        I directed traffic for Ft Lauderdale’s vernal equinox drumming circle last nite… 500 people came. I even partook of herb, which I haven’t had in awhile

        and today I can’t breathe… too much car exhaust, smoke from the bonfire and marijuana

        • How fun ya ol’hippy gal…wunnerful ah wunnerful
          bubbles full a smoke…


        • Get healthy, you have Spring Break coming, you young chicky.

  6. This is an interesting ‘retro’ view that zooms up to recent events, providing evidence of pre-planning by the neocon warhawks.

    • Yes, “The Roman Goddess of War “MINERVA” has her birthday on March 19th … quite a revelation.”
      Interesting that the ‘womb’ she was spawned from was the king of the god’s Zeus’s head, a strange caesarian section involving an axe…Lol.
      She once took out the god Mars with one punch. Not bad for a chick aye?

      Yea…nothing is hidden any longer for those with eyes to see, it is the apocalypse.

      Going back further in history–not on the Roman aspect–but the Wesley Clark part; we find that the good colonal Gawdawfuli was recruited by Edwin P. Wilson of the CIA way back in the 60s, and has been such an “asset” for all of these years.

      Wilson was finally sprung from a deep hole high security prison in 2003, where he had languished for most of his life since being prosecuted as a “rogue privateer”.
      This ‘story’ is told as “non-fiction” by Joseph C. Goulden in his best Seller, The DEATH MERCHANT c.1984

      I was lucky enough to have bought a second hand hard bound copy of this book a few years after publication, with handwritten pencil notes by the previous owner–who seemed to know a lot more than the average bear about the inside working of things and identifies some of the characters that Goulden uses aliases for… {to protect sources and techneques etc…}
      Many of the personalities around Wilson turn out to be players in the JFK hit as well.


  7. This is what’s already been confirmed. This is how insane this entire folly has become.

    The majority of the so-called “rebels” that Obama has thrown our military might behind are confirmed terrorists organizations, and the area being defended from Gadhafi is known as al-Qaeda Heaven.

    So at this very moment, we’re both fighting for and against the same people.

    Now, if this isn’t insane – please, someone, tell me what is?

    So here’s the question, can they get away with it? I know they have to date, but will it happen this time too?

    I would guess that the answer would be in how quickly this is understood and how quickly enough people act to make a difference.

    COTO knows that the NWO big-push in on. We’ve known this for a long time. But this is where the rubber-meets-the-road. And the question is what turn will this take?

    While we still have some measure of freedom of speech and movement this is when we have to pour everything we have into stopping this insanity. Even if we lose, we fight. Even if we’ve stocked our bunker and hunkered-down, we come out now and fight. There may come a time later, if and when things turn bad, that we do what’s tactically prudent and retreat. But now is not the time for retreat but advancement.

    I don’t know if the PTB have overstepped this time? And I’m reluctant to say that they have because there have been so many times in the past I had thought they had and been wrong. But, there is so much resistance to this so quickly. All of a sudden we’re in another war while at the same time people are getting kicked out on the streets. Now I know the PTB have a plan for this too, but still, the volatility of this moment is enormous.

  8. “the volatility of this moment is enormous.”

    Ah yes Mr. M the master of the understatement.

    Bravo, a succinct round-up of todays perilous sitchee-aytion.


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