Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 16, 2011

Japan, NWO and under the RADAR

Revisiting the post: 

HAITI, NWO and under the RADAR –January 13, 2010

which oddly has been in the top five postings here at our little corner of the blogosphere since the date it was posted, has been fairly accurate.

“As reported in predictions an earthquake of major proportions has occurred. Haiti was hit by a 7.3 shallow HAARP SIHF attack.   Haiti represents a large population of useless eaters as does the Mediterranean countries of  Albania , Bosnia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco.”

I chose to include the primary area of concern last year and if you have read the data regarding these areas,  they are under major transitions and operations.

Well, Libya is easy immediately recollected to mind. But Algeria is a huge prize and Morocco a liability as Libya is and Egypt to a lesser extent. But the issue is priority for Western and European committee administrators for the larger IMF and world order hegemony and transition. 

The Balkans are included in this and Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina are also high priority as the Clinton crime syndicate really screwed this program up years ago and the divides and human rights have suffered since.

“Iran and China prepare to take the North Africa wall and position the front to defend the targeted surge by the IMF-IMC program to economically collapse the Mediterranean Muslim strongholds that remain.”

Over a year later I think I have made the case for the prime target of Africa and the continued covert actions to destroy muslim holdouts.

Meanwhile Haiti, one year later (very good pics-get your kleenex) has been neglected and progress eerily similar to New Orleans. Again I will offer the theory of New Orleans and the Gulf spill and Haiti and the Scalar quake.

Louisiana had been selected for the first of many so called Sustainability Projects. You will hear that they are going to make it the superhighway for corporate freight, oil, refining and things NWO. This is true. Through Texas, Mexico and LA, it will become the hub for the (first 0f 10) World Governing Districts or better known as the NAU.

For many who have read my ego driven, conspiracy beyond conspiracy postings all these years, I understand that it must seem ridiculous even to those who accept 911 Truth and  the Federal Reserve Monopoly.

The TRIAD, even for a deflection or diversion works. They waste no opportunity and there are always multiple benefits. That is sales and finance 101.  I could easily identify Japan this year based upon thirty years of watching the same series over and over with different players and venues.

Chicken or Egg…It all tastes like shit to me – March 1, 2010

Why I decided to post the Uranium and Nuclear testing history last year was a subconscious itch that needed scratching and was not really in the set of issues in the forefront for that time. Now I raise the point of an unsubstantiated radiation TRIAD and what effects and benefit this will play out this and next year.  Back to climate change, CO2, earth changes, 2012 and agenda 21 depopulation for Genesis 6?

Japan making moves to China. Game changer? Asking for a trade to a team that can win the Superbowl?  I conclude the Superbowl is Africa and the focus is there.  

Haiti a year later and Japan a year from now. Not on the news and not in our minds. We will be too busy focusing on the next deflection while the mass graves accrue like the DU and the game is on for the ME and African Risk Board. 

  Jake knows

Floods Force Evacuations in Bosnia, Albania – Dec 2010


  1. Jeesh Paddy, We know You are the guruiest mega-dude on the inter-tubes. “much learning hath made thee mad ” cut us mere mortals some slack oh fearless leada.

  2. Its either this or start drinking again. Maybe some herb to make me sleep.

    About the beer prices. I actuall expect spirits and brew to remain stable as in all other inflationary and depression, the public would become unruly if the hops jumps.

    stay thirsty my friend 🙂

  3. Check this out. I have had it up for about an hour. It auto-updates about once every thirty seconds.
    I’m keeping this up-widowed for the next while

    Real Time Radiation Levels for US


    “This alert warns you that major world-changing events are now underway and that your personal preparations for an uncertain future should either be completed or take on a new sense of urgency. On the basis of the information contained here and in the past two days of posts.”~Chris Martenson

    I am going to the store tomorrow and getting supplies for at least 3 months…including stored bottled water.
    Not because of radiation or earthquakes, but the possible economic meltdown addressed in this article. We are as much on an unstable fault line in this aspect as the geological one.

    This is not a test, this is not a drill…


    • Wed Mar 16, 7:17 pm ET
      SAN FRANCISCO – More radiation monitors are being deployed in the western United States and Pacific territories, as officials seek to mollify public concern over exposure from damaged nuclear plants in Japan, federal environmental regulators said.

    • I may have to join the group. I have a gigy-C

  4. Patrick, I just don’t know how you do it. How do you keep all these voluminous facts straight in your head? Your brain boggles my ever dimming mind. It’s obvious I’ve ingested way more fluoride than you because I just can’t keep pace.

    I am in awe and amazement that you can keep up with all the machinations of the monsters while working a more than full time job. I just don’t have the energy or brainpower to do what you do. Kudos to you my favorite Irishman and thank you !

    • I gave you the clue Jersey. JAKE KNOWS, my talking dog. 🙂

      I have a lot of help. Oz, the rest of coto, the miami surfer boys, my lone star ex-spook and deepthroat Jake. A big database helps keep the data. I can’t remember what I ate last night.

      This incandescent is changing to a fluorescent idiot fast. 😦

      • ta Puddy, thats the beauty of us COTO -alone we see but thats not enough, as a group with focus and varied areas we become a source to help others see also.
        some aussies are just just…wakingup to the fact maybe they need some prep for emergencies…after all thats gone down here, they just twig?
        too late! she cried.!

    • What ia the URL to that video JG??


    • I wanted the URL so I could pss it on, not because the vid didn’t play for me..LOl

      • by the way I realized I could get it with my mouse…you know there are so many operations that I have never done before using computers.
        It’s amazing…I never learned proper like in a class er nuthin.
        I found spearmentin with these dainty friggin machines can cause weeks of heartache if you really insult one–so I’m care not to say the wrong thing, or touch the wrong spot on mine.

        Hmmm…kinda like a woman {grin}

  5. Anyone got any feedback regarding a large force of Chinese Troops North and South of the border?

    Chinese Troops Seen in Mexico

    Posted By: Steve [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 17-Mar-2011 14:35:30

    Thank you Carolyn…

    Rumors have begun to circulate around the internet this week regarding various sources having seen Chinese Troops and military bases set up just north and south of the US border. The simple logic of such a situation defies the sane mind. “If this were true, the United States Government would have to be either directly involved, or completely failed in terms of intelligence. Either of which could actually be a possibility in this day and age. The real concern surrounding this issue is how such a story could be perceived by the National Security and Affairs Department.

    The internet has been a great evolution in the enlightenment of the world’s population for the sharing and opening of previously esoteric information.

    Some of the websites actually tell of eye witness accounts, all of which have yet to be proven or at least validated. No coordinates have been provided as of yet. The story continues to develop. Coup Media has not received any validating information from its sources to support that any of these accounts of chines troops and armored vehicles in Mexico or Canada might be valid.

    One account states:

    A very worried trucker, spent time in relating to me his account of delivering a tractor trailer load of food to a Chinese military camp 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. When I questioned him this is what he stated.

    The camp is 2 miles wide by 3 miles long. There are 10,000 armored vehicles. It blew my mind! I asked him how he calculated the number of armored vehicles and he said he had time to physically count the rows of armored vehicles as the Chinese soldiers unloaded his trailer.


    • Boom,

      This thing about Chinese troops has been popping in and out for a great while now…since the 90s actually.
      As it is David Rockfuckah’s wont, as per “The China Model”, it certainly isn’t beyond the pale white duke. They were verified in Haiti in blue berets after the EQ there…I saw photos at the time.

      There are “Corporate” areas in the US itself–very hush hush, where the Chinese have their own landing strips and “soveriengty” at these locations. As far as verification URLs and such…I keep terrible accounting of my records…all mishmashed together by a timeline, rather than topic–sorry y’all.

      I have PDFs of all this, but it would take a real “seretary head” to sort it out by topic. I am no Suzi Homemaker, nor a organization man.

      • Thanks Rogue1. I was just wondering if this was a recent build-up. Not that permanent staging is fine by any stretch.

        • As I understand the situation of these “Sovereign Zones” for Chinese corps; THAT is a real deep and lasting worry right there. It sounds absolutely crazy, but the reports I read were very detailed and listed the US governors and state reps who pushed through special legislations for these areas.
          Amazing but far as I can tell true.
          That would make the military bases in Mexico that more likely, just keeping you supposer buzzin’.


          • what’s the collateral ?


            • “The Fed no longer has a formal target.”~article

              COLLATERAL/DAMAGE; goes together like a horse and carriage.

              TRILLIONS…Lol It’s fookin jabberwaky…voodoo chants…monkey hoots. They are speaking in tongues. Noisy breath, nothing else.

              it would be funny if it wasn’t so funny

            • You know Pod…when “the full faith of the US Gov.” is the collateral, what that means is the population itself is the “collateral” as debt slaves. We and all of “our property” and our abilty to “work off” the “DEBT” {a magic spell–a phantom–a curse, and NOTHING MORE}

              THAT is what “Collateral” is.

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