Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 11, 2011

Predictions 2011 – Puddy’s Winds


Do not listen to the lunar, solar mumbo jumbo. This is EISCAT/HAARP Scalar assault by the World Order NASA Military Complex.

There will be a Japanese volcano eruption in the southern region. I am predicting Unzen or if the lords are merciful Iwo Jima.

Earthquakes in the Marianas Islands creating a MSM/Pseudo sci-campaign of crack in the earth. Tsunami scare for cities in the Pacific Rim.


Japan (Security threat level – 2): An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of northeastern Japan at approximately 1145 local time (0245 UTC) on 9 March 2011. The quake was centered approximately 105 mi/170 km east of Sendai, Honshu, at a depth of 6.2 mi/10 km and was followed by two strong aftershocks. The quake was felt in Tokyo and caused a small tsunami, but the overall impact was minimal, with no injuries or damage being reported in any city. Waves up to 1.9 ft/0.6 m high were recorded at Ofunato port in Iwate Prefecture. Although there was no damage, the quake caused minor disruption as some Shinkansen bullet trains were halted temporarily.

The first of a series ~


Japan / Pacific Ocean (Security threat level – 2): An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 struck off the northeastern coast of Japan at 1446 local time (0546 UTC) on 11 March 2011. The quake was centered approximately 110 mi/180 km east of Sendai, Honshu Island, at a depth of approximately 6 mi/10 km.

Update: 3/11/11 – 2nd hit –  8.3  Shallow Scalar attack JAPAN

The quake and subsequent aftershocks caused severe damage and triggered a 30 ft/10 m tsunami. Sendai Airport (RJSS/SDJ), located near the epicenter, was reportedly engulfed in water. The quake sparked fires along the coast, including at an oil refinery, and the Fukushima nuclear plant was damaged, forcing an evacuation of nearby residents. Authorities stated, however, that there has been no radiation leak. Millions of homes were left without power in the Tokyo metropolitan area. All public transportation in the city was halted, and Narita International Airport (RJAA/NRT) was closed; reports indicate that some departing flights have resumed at the airport, but all arriving flights are being diverted to other airports. At Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (RJTT/HND), reports indicate that some flights are departing and arriving, but that many have been canceled. Several other airports in Japan also remain closed. Authorities are periodically revising the number of fatalities, which currently stands at more than 300 but is likely to rise amid continuing reports of bodies being discovered.

Pacific-wide tsunami warnings were issued following the quake, and powerful aftershocks continued to occur in the region. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center’s tsunami warning encompasses at least 50 countries and territories, including coastal areas of Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Central America and South America. The warning also extended from the U.S. state of Hawaii to the entire western coast of the United States. Reports indicate that the tsunami began hitting Hawaii just after 0300 local time (1300 UTC), but no damage has been reported so far. All airports in the state had been closed; it is not known if they have since reopened. Many other Pacific Coast countries in North and South America have ordered coastal evacuations or other precautionary measures.


Tsunami Warnings


Morocco will be the site of a terrorist event. Oujda or Rabat will be the venue for a ship or plane event. Greece will see one as well in the form of a HAARP attack and building tragedy. As common as these events are under the committee trauma campaign [WOT], the bigger event for media will be another major bridge failing and collapse. Where is unknown at this time but south of the equator is likely.

More Scalar activity for Mediterranean

Turkey, Greece and Aegean activity


Please read my predictions again or for real if you haven’t. We have a window no more than 12 months now. Dec 22 2012 is not the timeline. It’s time to make some serious preparations.

Please remember the Winds are coming here in the US. Hurricane and Tornadoes in unprecedented scale.



  1. Roll up, and tune up for the Mystery Tour…

    I am digging Puddy…I have been actually reading your stuff. Quoting some around a bit as well.

    I offer only one caveat: The Committe doesn’t run the universe–even the solar system…and shit’s a’shakin in this whole system. Like “Gobal Warming” isn’t man made, neither is all that is happening here now.

    Gates, Buffet, the WHOLE Racketfeller family {200 of em} and who knows else in in New Delhi now…why?
    The huge underground survival city that was begun in 2003…but why NOW?

    I have watched as TWZ has panned out on the money for close to 20 years now…

    As far as I’m concerned the [FFWD>>] button has been pushed, and the rolly coaster has topped the peak…but the ride don’t end ’till Dec. 21, 2012.
    And it’s “all the best laid plans of mice and men” in the long run.
    The Committee are zombies in waiting.

  2. At some point all will be revealed as to man-made chaos. None the solar.lunar, Co2, Wrath of Khan, or any other alien mystery. It’s mathematical in timing, invisible in instrumentation and colatteral in effect.

    The science may be cosmic, but that is all. See next post.

    • It’s music…harmonic fifths…so elegant fibanachi fractos


  3. Ain’t no doubt in my mind that PD is absolutely correct. It’s another HAARP attack. I’ve never seen such devastation. Largest earthquake in 100 yrs of record keeping in Japan. Sixth largest in history. Japan didn’t play ball with the monsters. I believed from day one they were trying to crush their toyota car line by hyping up the recalls because I don’t remember so much todo about ford or chevy recalls since the pintos gas tanks were blowing up.

    I found this Ben Fulford video where he reports from Tokyo back in 07 or 08 ? He discusses how Japan was threatened by the oligarchs with an earthquake if they didn’t bow down to their demands. Watch the video:

    • Ah, that’s right! It was you who posted the video, Jersey Girl! Thank you! And thank you for your concern!

      • phew! glad to see you here and I hope safe? patricia.
        nasty business over there.

    • I miss you JG. I fixed your link to Benny boy. Good job on this. He is coming around as Ventura. Fifty years later. It’s about time.

      Remember that the the EMP howitzer works best if there is a receiver. When we find that the deep water rigs and submarines can deposit nukes, Cobalt and tuning fork to the floor at the forks or well sites it has the same effect as an egg in a microwave or toaster in the bathtub.

      This is focal-targeting and frequency driven events.

      It’s the explanations for several oceanic freezing and explosions when testing the vacuum in weather manipulation and storm creation. Endothermic [Cooling] and Exothermic [Heating] Chemtrail assist in this while dumping waste worldwide.

      Pathogens, fungus are being added for the last few years and eventually DU will be dispersed. The MSM is saying it is leaking into the water supplies, but that is just a cover for the aerial dumping they will initiate.

  4. Patrick, do you know where Patricia lives? I hope to hell she’s on higher ground.

  5. Thank you all for for your concerns! And Patrick, the first thing that crossed my mind the minute I realized it was the Earth trying to smack me and not vice versa, was that you had just put your butt on the line predictinig this! I take this to mean Japan cannot pony up a new wad of protection money, having effectively bankrupted themselves, so the ‘garchs made good on their promise. When I write up a short (I hope) note about our experience, I’ll tell everyone I had just seen a remarkably accurate prediction of this from someone researching scalar weapons, and I’ll send them the link to the video you posted.
    We are 2300 feet up on Mt. Fuji’s solid bedrock, which means we are less affected, but it was impressive.
    Where we are living the direct damage is minimal, but below us in the city of Fuji, about 300 miles from the epicenter, there’s havoc. Our power was out for 11 hours. It amazes me how swiftly Japan goes to work in these emergencies. But frankly, it was the most peaceful night I’ve had in ages. When the power came back on at about 2:00 a.m., within 30 minutes I had a pounding headache. The only other times I get away from electricity I’m up in the mountains, so there is fresh air, good exercize, clean water, no stress, lovely scenery. This felt just like that, but without the hypoxia–which is similar to EMF effects, and clouds the issue further.
    We were very lucky. We had a radio, so we were listening to the news coming in bit by bit. Dangerously high tsunamis hit our port, and the warnings are still up. The refinery below us suffered damage. A few of the trains are starting to run again in our area. The expressways are still closed. Lots of people we know were stranded at work. The scale of this was simply phenomenal. When you consider the amount of damage we did Japan in World War II, this is comparable. One push of a button in some joker’s hand! I don’t even want to think about the situation in Tohoku. I’ll offer some prayers for the victims later. Two faces appeared to me as I fell asleep, but I hope that only indicates my degree of concern. One of them is Masatoshi Yoshino, one of Japan’s leading climate scientists.

    • Ahh…you are OK, glad your safe.
      That few hours of natural might just be the prologue to a near future…for us all.

  6. Good to hear you are safe Patricia. An outpouring of genuine sympathy has been sent Japan’s way. Got a step-son in southeastern Japan. He’s O.K. too. The devastation is megalithic.

    • It says here I’ve just logged in from Kosai, Kagawa, which is waaaay southwest. That’s where they’re routing everything I guess. I’m glad to hear your step-son’s okay. Southeastern Japan? Is that the Izu islands or Ogasawaras?

      • Kagoshima.

  7. It doesn’t have to be one or the other…there have been earthquakes and volcanoes as long as there has been a planet.

    I do NOT DOUBT the HAARP info one bit. I am just saying that the solar system and the geological realities have not been suspended while the Committee plays their hand.

    Are you going to say that the massive sunflare was due to a HAARP attack?
    I think that is taking it one step beyond, and offering to believe these idiots are gods.
    No dice.
    Sure, they are playing the mystic numbers–but remember those numbers were not authored by them. They are but children playing with matches.

    • I would love to read more about the massive sun flare. Did that also occur yesterday? No news here not directly related to the earthquake. There were predictions of sun flares this year as part of a natural cycle. I know those will put out a grid, but would they also trigger earthquakes? I realize the directed scalar energy is said to have that power. I would expect the flare to be more generalized, but would love to know more.

      • No…I didn’t mean to imply that the sunflare had anything to do with the earthquake.
        I was just making note that it also happend.

      • wattsupwiththat has a new solar page. the cme wasnt that bad and the Xclass flare was only 1.5.

    • We are protected from Solar flares. Thats a fear campaign on their part yet I believe they time all this through NASA clock as I mentioned in the question portion.

      Solar-Lunar BS imo, and it will further the Global Warming worms who will be crawling out of their rocks after the Tsunami wet soaked ground from where they live has freed them to hype the event.

      Willie, sometimes you can miss the obvious mind contol because you don’t tune into the toobs to see CNN just hype this shit 24/7. You are better off but you lose the perspective of what the idiot-servants are swallowing hook, line and sinker.

  8. Historically and ducumented the Shallow-focus and deep-focus earthquakes are not only identifiable by characteristic siesmic phenom.

    Shallow-focus 50 miles [70km] are less than 6. 9 points at 24km as this are not of nature. Whatever the con-artists say. Prior to 29 somewhat difficut to prove circum-Pacific data prior but the area dictates a deeper or at least mid-focus range 100km-300km.

    This is not jive with the Wadati-Benioff and volcanic activity prior. It would indicate seismic less than 9 and a deep dip or slip shift versus the shallow strike- the highest on record.

    Anyway the triad is complete for Japan and Committee Brettons and Corp BP’s will be ready to suck some blood there. Barry really looked shook up over the whole thing.

    SLAM DUNK in coo;, low key style, Soetoro style……take note Dubya. You could never be that cool.

    Patricia, I am glad you answered and are in the hills. I warn everyone the hills are where you have to go to surviv the blood seas coming, They call Alabama the Crimson Tide and we are going to get our Madrid Holiday soon enough.

    You know the scoop Patricia. I can’t add anything to your remarks. The headache may be a doozeee and linger knowing your EM sensitivity. I have been under the buzz for weeks and headaches are consistent.

    Stay high, stay dry and keep us posted on the Media and Japanese authorities statistics. I pray for all there. I am a tru lover of the Japanese and have already reached out to Yamagi-son, my last pal from the Texas days back in Tokyo.

  9. It’s funny there seems to have been little mention of the China quake the day before Japan. It was nothing as devistating–but only in comparison.

    BEIJING — An earthquake toppled houses and damaged a hotel and supermarket in China’s extreme southwest near the border with Myanmar on Thursday, killing at least 22 people and injuring more than 200, officials and state media said.

    The website of the Chinese government earthquake monitoring station said the magnitude-5.8 quake was centered on Yunnan province’s Yingjiang county and struck just before 1 p.m. at a depth of six miles. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake at a magnitude of 5.4 and at a deeper 21 miles.

    _________________Well, this looks like WW3 is being waged with “magic weapons”…


    • I express again the MSM. They ignore what they don’t do.

      Any terror or murder that does not serve their purpose goes unreported by the major outlets, while the agenda gets 24/7 hype, traumarama, alpha repetitive brainwashing and major slant into the triad. It’s almost my number one tool along with the google algorithms and coding.

      They are working a level below the 120 mark. Transparent to coto everytime.

      • Ahh…I see what you are doing…shit, no wonder you get headaches, keeping up with the TV shit.
        Well…I will leave that to you brave soul. I cannot stand TV. I’ve been away from it so long that just seeing one on in a room can really piss me off. I have to leave after ten minutes or so if one is on where I at.

        But I will keep up with more MSM on the web.

        Well, we’ll see if the nuke disaster thing builds up on the TV…if so…a real wanky is afoot.

        • agreed re tv I really dont like being round them, cant walk into a store with the huge displays without getting antsy and wanting to go…Now!
          the latest flatscreen hurts my eyes, why the hell does anyone want to see stuff so shrp its un natural and larger than life?
          like doing a closeup of a turd, pointless and doent look any better up close:-)

  10. And here’s your volcano Puddy:

    2011-03-11 Volcano Sakurajima, Japan Erupts

    Mar 11, 2011 · Quake spawns eruption of Mt. Sakurajima volcano- video; Honshu earthquake tore gash in the Earth 150 miles long, 50 miles wide.

    • link william?

      • found it myself:-)

      • Sorry Oz…I avoid the tubes as they just jerk on my system here, so I go to text pages mainly…

        I think we got a problem Huston…I think we got another cascade of events poppin in Japan…I think they are trying to keep the lid on an ensuing meldown at a nuke plant.
        I know you don’t want to hear this Oz–being situated where you are, but…

        You and Patricia, stay safe….maybe get outta Dodge.


    all live cams are off…and no one is reporting the volcano, so is it real? or are they using the 2010 clips?

    • As far as I can tell there is no verification of a new eruption…those are definitly old vid clips…and there isn’t ZIP anywhere on a new eruption that looks trustworthy at this point.

      Still searching………\\ll//

  12. Patricia, I’m thrilled to hear from you. I thought you lived in the mountains but wasn’t sure. Thanks for being our on location reporter. I too like the Japanese people and am sick over what’s happened and continues to happen to them. Boom glad to hear your family member is ok as well.

    The nuclear plant thing is very troubling to say the least. I have always been anti nuke and have become more so, especially now. May the force of good be with the people of Japan.

  13. Japan is handing out Iodine tabs…saying…Oh no no ho ho ho, there is no problem don’t worry.

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