Posted by: jerseyg | February 8, 2011

Strange Sounds in the Night Sky

Last night while lounging on the sofa and reading articles on my laptop, in a  house as quiet as a tomb,  I was distracted by a strange sound outside.   It was a loud rumble like thunder, or a very low flying  jet or a large tractor trailer carrying a heavy load going down the highway.  I wasn’t sure what it was because it really didn’t sound like any of those things.  What I heard was a low, loud rumble as if a jet were flying over and then instead of the sound trailing off as usual, it just stopped dead.  It sounded as if the plane were hovering directly overhead.  I thought it was odd but went back to reading.

A few minutes later, I heard it again…  same loud rumble and the same weird abrupt end to the noise.  Ok, so now I’m thinking, that IS really odd.  I ran to the backdoor and opened it and just listened.  All was quiet so I listened to the traffic sounds.  I heard the normal whoosh of the distant highway, nothing unusual there.  By now I knew I hadn’t heard a truck or thunder.   Then the rumble started again. This time I was ready for it.   I scanned the sky… and saw….. nothing, no lights…. nothing…  just heard that creepy sound.

Today I asked if anyone had heard anything strange last night and two of my co-workers, that live within 5 miles of me,  heard what I did.  They only heard it once but they were as baffled as me.  They described the sound just as I had heard it.  They thought it strange too.

I went online today to see if anyone else witnessed these unusual sounds coming from the sky in this area and came up empty.  I did however find the video below on youtube.  It’s the sound I heard except on the video it’s constant, for a long period of time.  If you read the comments, there are many people all over the country and world who have heard similar sounds in the night sky.   Some even describe exactly what we experienced around here last night.

Maybe I’m just being silly.  I’m sure there is a simple explanation, right?   BUT  it was just a few weeks ago that I awoke at 3am to a weird humming sound outside on  a very still night.  Anyone else experiencing strange night noise?   It’s good to know I’m not alone…or is it?……



  1. Weird…???

    I could only make up guesses.

    I have heard weird noise at night too…but there is so much train traffic around I am never sure it isn’t something to do with that.

    There is a hum, that modulates every so often…and it will go on for hours some nights. No one around here knows what it is. Few have even noticed…which is typical, aye?
    So , my guess is you’re just crazy JG {grin}

    • lol Will…the crazy is a given 😉

      • It is 6/1/13 11:00 am in Moore, Ok. Day after a week of severe storms. Its clear and breezy in the 70s outside. I’m in my house and I can hear the low rumble somewhere above my house. It comes and goes. Its like a vibration at times then a rumble churning. Doesn’t sound like its moving across the sky. It sounds like its in one place. Sometimes not directly over but over other peoples houses. I’d like to call the city but not sure who would listen there.
        Also I’ve noticed these sounds for a couple years now night or day. And when you go outside they are not as obvious. These sounds arn’t very loud but they are annoying. The Vibration is better detected in a house than outside. Do you know anything further on this subject?

        • I’m in moore as we’ll,,been hearing this for 2 years now ,,just heard it yesterday,,oct 15,same thing to me sounds like a plane that isn’t moving,,then like a snap of a finger it stops !weird thing to me is that my neighbors seems to be completely unaware of it,,I assume they are righting it off as a plane,,I no I’m not crazy,,I had a friend over when it happened yesterday and I said do u hear that and he said u mean the plane,,and I was like yes,,don’t u notice the sounds not moving and not going away,,and a few seconds later it just stopped and he was like …weird !!,,

        • These sounds are a very simple high in the troposphere there are high speed winds the circle the earth called jet streams. These winds traveling at high speeds and at a high altitude can produce a high or low pitched humming sound. That is what you are most likely hearing.

    • HAARP…..its at it again in the mid west

  2. How’s your plumbing?

    • My plumbing is excellent. Mr O. How’s yours?

      • Ha ha ha ha ha…good one. yer funny JG


      • My plumbing tends to rumble and bang throughout the night. I often have to get up and make sure everything is still working.


        • Mr. O — are you saying your plumbing sounds like the odd noises on the video clip JG supplied here? Do you have “eerie” plumbing?

          I don’t know how you can equate plumbing noises with what is heard on the clip. I’ve lived in a cabin in the woods for 7 years before. I could “feel” the low vibration sound waves of approaching vehicles on the gravel road way before I could actually “hear” them audibly. I became attuned to natural sounds versus man-made sounds.

          The source of the eerie sounds being described on the video clip and around JG requires identification. I don’t believe plumbing is going to provide the answer.

          Think mechanical, electrical, man-made, animal, aeronautical, pressurized air, electro-magnetism, and then what frequencies are we talking about here, and sound patterns. Also, what are the normal sources of sounds such as this…? If it’s not explained by obvious normal sources, then out of the ordinary sources must be considered. Also — nefarious, or just a by-product of something.

          • Thank you kindly Boomer.

        • My plumbing tends to rumble after chili, tacos, and other “hot cha cha” meals, but I ain’t never heard nothing like that. No siree O man.


      • hi jerseyg, dave here im from aberdeenshire (scotland) last nite my sister who stays in small town mostly surounded with tree’s and fields with 1busy road goin threw the town, anyway long story short she heard outside her house a really loud noise that was almost like thunder but more like a jet flying low. so i typed it in google and your post came up and when she read it she agreed with every word. my town is only 7miles from her’s and if theres ever thunder both towns get it at same time but nothing was head by mines. the humming noise, well not that i belive in aliens but thats a common noise explained in alien storys/reports, also any sightings of owls is common with that stuff 2. soz this is turning into a storybook lol but weird stuff is hapning jus now tho, weird!

        • Hey Dave, welcome ! Glad you found your way to us. Yes, I’ve read others in the UK talk about the sound as well. Seems to be a widespread phenomena. i haven’t heard it since but I did remember another Incident that happened a few months ago. There was a very loud BOOM I had heard while walking my dog one morning. It sounded like a jet breaking the sound barrier. I looked in the local paper for any explosions but there was no mention of it.

          I’m open minded to the alien thing. I do believe we’ve been visited by beings from somewhere. I also know the govt plans a whole alien show for us via holograms. . There are a few articles posted here by Puddy Dunne and myself on project blue beam which explains what they are up to.

          So, keep an open mind and try to keep a sane one in an insane world ! Please feel free to join in any and all of our discussions here. We don’t have any members from Scotland 🙂

  3. i have heard pretty much the same thing several times here. during the day and at night. like a very loud jet but it seems to be moving slowly because of the duration of the sound and it also sounds as if it just stops – the sound is louder at that time. it takes a really long time for the sound to go away.

    i might have mentioned this before but i have also heard several times the sound of a jet but it is somehow ‘off’. i think i described it before like the voice overs in a japanese movie not matching the mouth movements. however, there is no plane in sight. once it happened while i was standing on a hill and had a clear view of a very wide area and not much chemtrail cover. no place for a plane to hide. but no plane. it was very unsettling. i assumed they were fooling around with sound projection. to go along with the holograms they are planning to share with the world.

  4. ‘i assumed they were fooling around with sound projection. to go along with the holograms they are planning to share with the world.”

    Arcadia…. I was thinking along those very same lines. I agree. The sound and feeling you get from it is very unsettling. If you watch the video at youtube and read the comments, you’ll find many others feel the same way. It’s a very strange phenomena.

    • yup–the Bluebeam “sound projection” came to my mind as well…


  5. okay, I had a similar experience. When in Columbus, OH, I lived about 1,000 yards from a State Trooper post which served as the landing pad when dignitaries come to town.

    From my 2nd floor porch, I had a str8 line of sight the grounds with no buildings blocking view or sound.

    Hillary Clinton came to town and after the protest I was on my back porch enjoying the quiet produced by the complete street shutdown.

    Then I heard a helicopter take off — I could not see it tho — and then all of a sudden, it went completely silent, then a few minutes later I heard it again off in the distance.

    I’m sure they zapped something that blocked the sound somehow.

    • “I’m sure they zapped something that blocked the sound somehow.”

      Yes the is a sound masking technique based on inverted wave forms that cancel out the original waveform of the sound…stealth techno


      • yes, the sound was masked.

        okay, something else weird and high tech that night.

        when i came home from the protest and the streets were blocked, I lost access to my parking lot. So, i’m waiting at the light thinking about where to park and I notice this cop standing on the corner holding this big black box pointed at me.

        I’d say it was about 14x14x2″ (h, w, d)

        I figure it was some kind of recording device but nothing I’d ever seen.

        There were no lights on it and the black did not reflect light – it was matte, dull.

        It might’ve been x-raying me for all i know… looking for weapons

        • These goons don’t seem to be too concerned about citizens pointing something back at them — rather arrogant and stupid if you ask me.

  6. btw, someone suggested that they use these sound machines to deafen us

    • That’s interesting Rady. I have no clue what that black box was. Reminds me of when they point their radar gun at you to gauge your speed but it sure doesn’t sound like one of those. Could very well be one of their portable tsa type scanners. How long ago was this?

      As for the sound of the invisible helicopter, here’s another weird story that just came to mind. This happened about a year or so ago. My friend was home, in the middle of the day, working on a craft project. All of a sudden she heard a very loud rumble like a plane flying very low over her house. Then it abruptly stopped. In fact, it stopped so short, she thought it was hovering over the roof of her house. She ran to look outside and there it was further in the distance but flying very low with no sound coming from it whatsoever. She described it as a huge dark green plane.

      Of course it sounds like a military plane behaving very strangely and totally out of place.

      • My experience happened July 2005.

        I guess all these incidents might indicate use of sound masking technology.

  7. microwave auditory effect

    • Well Kitty, the meteorite part of that article where they describe sounds like thunder is closest to what I heard because others heard it too. However, I doubt that’s what it was because I don’t think any meteor showers were seen or reported the other night. Plus, during the times the leonides were falling, when you expected to hear some kind of sound, we heard nothing, only saw the lights of the “shooting stars.”

      The humming sound I heard a few weeks ago, which Will has also heard, I have attributed to microwaves.

  8. It could be military jets at high altitude turning on and off their AB’s.

  9. AB’s? Anti lock brakes?

    • Afterburner,loud when on then quieter when cut.
      Maybe this is related to the magnetic shift ?

  10. re: afterburner..I know what that sounds like Korny, this was different. I’d never heard this sound before. Pole shift? Could be. I have an entirely open mind for any and all suggestions.

  11. This is on the “fringe” of the subject here. Check it out — it is a rather interesting effect. I tried and focused on my hand as directed. Kind of a “shroomin mushroom” effect if ya wanna know. Then, I did it again and looked at a candle I have sitting here. Aside from morphing, little particles were zooming off of it in all directions. Interesting…

    P.S. Don’t operated heavy machinery.

    • Haha…thanks boom very weird…like the scenes of the guy turning into a caveman in that Chadyevsky film…I noticed while staring at the hypno line thing at on point the whole thing appears as squares growing larger out to the sides…that must be when the eyes are “trained”…and if I blinked it would cause a circle in the field that would also work out to the edges.

      PS I never operate heavy machinery.

    • Boomer that was fun! Got anymore? lol

      • Sorry. That’s the only party favor I gots. You’ll have to source some psychedelics in your locale. It was “trippy” though, aye? I haven’t focused on it in the dark, intently…it was a.m. Might be Freaky after dark and a drink or ______…zzzzzzzappa

  12. enough to put the wind up ya for sure:-)
    silent running mil has been round for a longish time, subsonics? high and unseen?
    where you guys are anythings possible, doesnt make for relaxing sleep though:-(

  13. Same thing here. Humming, ringing while there is no animal or birds sounds.

    I imagine the day the earth shakes and the WAR OF THE WORLDS begins. At this point I could believe about anything.

    I have to sleep with TV/Music station on to drown out the high pitch humming here.

    Fun for all.

    • That sucks P.D. Up in your neck of the woods, you should only have owl hoots and distant train toots. {smarmy grin}

  14. I’m with you Patrick. I mentioned above, at this point, my mind is open to anything. As you and I have spoken about before, the dogs with their sixth sense definitely know something just ain’t right outside.

    The humming late at night is freaky. The thunder sound is unsettling. It’s all keeping us on edge which is what I think is it’s purpose.

  15. Yea Boomer, it’s a damn shame. But considering PD is in the mountains,he’s closer to the creepy things in the sky 😉

  16. I recommend running outside and firing off a couple 12ga. rounds into the air. Things usually quiet down for awhile after that.

    Believe me…whoohhaa, I know.

    Another Patriotic take on fixing the situation is to have on hand some loud and lively FireWorks! Rockets Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air. Lights up the night and rocks the world if you’ve got some good ones.

    Eerie humming and humbugging seem to “shut the hell up” for awhile ’cause “they” don’t know what you might send up next…gunshots, artillery, Tesla rays. You get my drift.

    And — you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are a true Patriot + you scared the shit out of anything trying to scare You!

    • Oh you crazy humans….Lol


  17. Hello, i live in Australia and i have been hear wierd noises aswell. the best i could describe it is a low continuous subwoofer sound with a helicopter sounds combined. its wierd i’ve never heard anything like it

  18. I just heard the same thing. i was on my roof, alone. i got so creeped out. i ran inside and am literally in a corner shaking. It sounded like a low subwoofer, hovering sound omg and it kept going.

  19. Lauren, I wrote this article back in February and it’s still one of my most popular posts. As you can see in the comments, you aren’t alone in the sound you heard.

    Don’t be afraid. I haven’t heard that sound since. I don’t know what it is but apparently people all over the world have been hearing it at different times and no one has figured out what it is.

  20. Hi there guys…i have been hearing these strange sounds in the night sky for the past several months in Columbus Ohio. Everytime i look out in the sky to see what it is, NOTHING is there…

    my girlfriend who lives a few miles away says she hears it all the time as well but never anything VISIBLE in the sky…

    i am VERY curious as to what is causing this!

  21. We’ve been hearing that sound off and on for the last hour and a half. (In Kansas City) Which is why I’m on here looking it up. It woke up my kids, which woke up me and now we can’t get back to sleep. It is a very annoying sound. I thought it was a plane, but then a real plane past and it doesn’t sound the same.

    It is like a helicopter hovering over the house and making the basement vibrate. Does nothing result in these sound other than being annoying? That’s what I’m getting from the comments. I just have to wait it out, or continue to try and sleep through it,

    • I believe the both of you are hearing the sound frequencies made during a [HAARP] type ELF-VLF produced scalar or vector field. There are several ranges that would interact with radar, ionization of renonance from a host of materials. The interaction of particle and frequency will produce not only the sound but may be accompanied by the light wave spectrum which also produces some strange auroral and atmospheric visible color phenomenon.

      You can relate it to the Piezo Electric effect. That’s where some with amalgam controversy tooth fillings (silver-mercury) pick up AM radio or like an old time crystal radio set.

      Others may be the same effect of EM waves and gases in the atmosphere exciting electrons. Either way, the vast majority are of man-made and military-surveilance agendas. While a similar series would be the same as lightening-thunder processes in a lesser range.

      • Thanks PD. That would explain that flash of white light that manifested immediately before the rumbling sound stopped in that Florida video.

      • yep; I think it’s HAARP related, too — I also wonder if they’re testing nuclear bombs deep in the Earth

        • I hear these strange noises at night too. Sounds just like a jet flying low except there is no jet and it’s more like it’s hovering. I also hear the rumbling from the ground, usually in the daytime. I live 30 minutes from Redstone Arsenal military base in Alabama, and close to NASA as well and I wonder if they are building those underground bunkers at the Arsenal and doing some kind of experiments at the space center. I’m just not sure. I feel strongly it could be HAARP related as well.

  22. Thanks for your comment Jelzmar. I wish I had an answer for you. The truth is, these sounds are heard worldwide and no one has come up with a good explanation yet. There are theories from ufos to military craft to the earth rumbling and creaking.

    I haven’t heard anything physical materialize from these sounds that are harmful other than houses vibrating and a bit of rumbling. As if that’s not scary enough right?

    Just know you are not alone and nothing horrible has happened to people that hear these sounds that I know of.

    I suggest, if you hear it again, grab your camera, cell phone, digital recorder whatever to record it and post it both here and on youtube. OR this other article I posted here a few months ago with video to view

  23. Love hearing from all of you from all over the world. Please come back if you have anymore “weird” sound experiences. Feel free to post your videos here as well. Maybe all together we’ll figure out these strange anomalies.

  24. For the past 2-3 months, about every 2 days i hear the same deep but loud rumbling noise. I asked my brother did he hear it, and he described it the same way as me. I live in England in an industrial town, but there’s nothing i can compare with this noise. Traffic, drills, anything you name it, it doesn’t sound like it. ; I can hear the noises right now. Annoying. It’s probably just atmospheric rumbles. Big universe, anything can happen.

  25. Maybe we warped out of the present and into the just past the now like in the Stephen King movie “THe Langoliers” where the past has an edge and the forces of the universe munch it into smaller and smaller confetti and as it does it, it’s noisy something like how you describe.

  26. I recorded it one night, and it was microwave sound, the same recording as the sound of a fleet of black helicopters. A few weeks after the sound, there was actually fleet of black helicopters, and the sound was the same on both recordings. It was LOUD, and it went on for hours. Black helicopters can be hologram/microwave sound (mine are anyway, and I have them all the time). It’s on ella5024 on Youtube “Loud Sound in the Sky”.

  27. Hi there,

    I live in north Manchester, and as of last night i started hearing rumbling sounds in the sky, but i couldn’t see anything.
    It carried on until about 4 in the morning, albeit it getting quieter.
    Then, at around 1pm this afternoon i heard what sounded like 5 or 6 thunder claps, or ‘explosion’ sounds, which could very well have been two or three jets going into sonic boom mode.
    Im sat here replying and i can still here a low rumbling from the sky, again, can’t see a thing.
    Ive no idea what they are doing up there, but something odd has been going on.
    I just switched on the live feed of Big Brother, and saw some of the housemates in the garden, and even there, you can hear ‘helicopters’, or that type of sound.
    Strange sounds have been reported all across the globe for about 18 months now, but its becoming more wide spread and lasting longer.
    Ive got friends that heard it, and my sister heard what she described as a plane almost right above her head a few weeks ago.
    What i don’t like about this is what purpose does being sneaky and not admitting to it serve ? The RAF had to admit they had jets up midweek as they were heard by most of the people at a Morrison’s,
    Ive tried to rationalize what im hearing and come to the following conclusion’s ;

    1) New jets being test flown
    (the problem with this is that the sounds seem to vary in description)

    2) The worlds armies are under the impression there’s a global threat

    3) Seeing as there IS increased tectonic plate activity, could we be in the early stages of a pole shift ?

    4) Maybe the worlds governments are worried about the Russian Mar’s probe, due to crash land somewhere in the next two days. Its unlikely as the sounds have been being reported since before the probe was launched.

    5) They Jets are flying to cover up other noises ?

    I suppose there are many possibilities. It’s unsettling to say the least.

  28. Hey Andy… thanks for commenting. It seems the sky sounds have picked up the past two weeks again. I can tell because the two articles I’ve posted on this have received hundreds of hits a day. They seem to come in waves or cycles. Really odd because there are so many different version of what everyone is hearing. The one constant is that it’s not your normal run of the mill airplane flying over rattling windows,

  29. Seems Montreal is hearing the same Godzilla like sounds as those in Kiev..

    • i do hear it est end of Montreal , its second time , drives me insane , what is that?

  30. Jersey City, NJ in May 2011

  31. Could it be from the magnetic shift of the earth that all 2012/Mayan calander therories predict…it does sound like its from the sky…but would the Earth making noises sound like this???

  32. Yep William, it could very well be groans coming from the earth. In fact, check out the videos here on my second post on this weird phenomenon

    There is one in particular where the people actually feel the earth vibrate under their feet.

  33. I am hearing the low rumbling sound now in Norman, Oklahoma at 4:40 PM Wednesday January 19, 2012.

  34. Haarp….the sky is different and they are making lots of noise

  35. We have been hearing those same sounds in Glendale AZ but only we have been hearing them for the past year or so and recently realized we hadn’t heard them in awhile. We thought it was Luke Airforce base experimenting but we noticed a couple things that just seemed off, the sounds came during the day or night. Most times during the day it was real cloudy. When we looked up whether it was day or night, there was nothing there. When we heard them at night, it was usually clear. We noticed that as clear as it was, we couldn’t see anything that would have caused that noise. I got on the internet tonight because hubby and I were just sitting outside and we kept hearing this sound that sounded like really short moments of thunder. They came from all directions. They shook our house! We want to believe they were or are as they are still going on, thunder. But in my 40 some years, I have never heard thunder that short and yet powerful enough to shake our house which btw is made of cement blocks.

    • I’m in Glendale AZ also and I’ve been hearing the him for the last 3 months at night. It is seriously driving me up the wall ..

  36. i heard the same thing tonight….i live in central illinois… sounds like a fighter jet or something… is very loud like afterburners kinda?????….i hear it pretty often to it is kinda strange prolly just military stuff??

  37. I’ve heard a drone-type noise last year a few times…thought it may have been a loud bass from music a neighbor was playing…after some checking all was quiet in the building. It more apparent when I lay my head on the pillow vs sitting up and moving around. I feel a very slight vibration so much that I can’t sleep. It’s disturbing.

    Last night was worse. It’s the first time I heard this noise since last year. I have been up all night…tried to sleep but couldn’t because the low droneing noise was so annoying that it made me restless. I went to bed around 12:30 or 12:45, that is when I noticed it more…alllllll night long. Couldn’t sleep and it was foggy so couldn’t see anything…it was mysterious and well, creepy to say the least. This went on until about 5 or 6 a.m. when FINALLY it subsided. Gone. I heard it go away or stop…couldn’t tell if it just drifted away or stopped altogether, but then I thought I might be able to fall asleep. Nope. Too wound up from the droneing all night. This was like a hovering air craft noise…a steady, solid humming…low in tone and annoying as ever.

    There was also a slight vibration from the noise…it just sounded so apparent that I know it wasn’t my imagination. I am so tired now but still wound up…

    I have never been a believer in alien activity, but after the last year of seeing video (hard to refute) and audio of captured mysteries…I am now starting to wonder. Anyone else have an experience where they feel as if something is hhovering over their house along with a low drone or steady hum? This is very strange to me and just don’t want to experience this ever again.

  38. Hi Christie… many people are hearing that same sound. It’s similar to what I heard but it lasted minutes rather than hours. Yea, alien ship passed through my mind as well since the sound ended so abruptly instead of just fading out as a plane would.

    Where do you live?

  39. I registered just to say that I hear the sound too! It sounds like a vacuum. I have no idea what it is or where it is coming from. It does it about 2-3 times a week. Its weird because I dont live near any factories or airports.. I live in maryland!!! I wish I knew where and what this is coming from. The video is the EXACT same noise I hear outside, and it only happens at night.

  40. Hey cp…thanks for signing in. I live in an area surrounded by blueberry farms, not factories, as well . There are so many odd sounds and hums being heard round the world that it’s hard to pinpoint them to one specific cause. If you haven’t already, check out the videos in my follow up post to this one here.. The latest “booms” are being heard in Wisconsin…

    • They supposedly “debunked” the Wisconsin booms to be small earthquakes which I find to be totally false….

  41. Live in South Jersey, heard strange sounds in the sky last night May 12.2012. sounds like a loud pressue being release, this is not the first time, My husband and I head this sound about 4 different times. It is not a jet because while this was going on a jet pass by, We are close to Pa Airport, so we see and hear them, but this other sound is no Jet..

  42. I live in S Jersey too..Atlantic County. What time did you hear the sound?

  43. You think that’s crazy, just minutes ago, at 11:44 pm, July first, 2012, I was sitting in my room, and it’s been storming this evening. Ayways, I was sitting on my laptop, when I heard something that sounded like a vacuum above my house. I texted my aunt, and she said they heard it too. It really freaked me out. I started googling the weird noise, but nothing. I’m honestly freaked out. I just want to seriously know what just hit the town of Summerville SC!

  44. Hi Hadley… you’re not alone in hearing the vacuum sound. If you scroll up you’ll see a post from copolis in Md. who heard that same noise.

    Here’s a video that was posted on this blog the other day of all the strange occurrences for the first 3 months of 2012.

  45. Wow, I had to Google something when I heard ‘aircraft’ types noises hovering over my house – and this was the second time for me. I Googled “hovering sound in the air” and got this info.

    First overhead sound really made my hair stand on end. I was staying in a caravan in Northern France with my other half. In the middle of the night I was awoken by a loud sound of something hovering in the air above our caravan. I kept listening and thought it was a helicopter at first but knew, deep down, that it wasn’t the real sound of a helicopter. There was also a distinctive sound of something that sounded like a loud hailer being switched off and on again. Shortly after I listened to this, I heard footsteps walking around the caravan, yet there is no way that someone could just get to it without hearing someone climbing our gates. The ‘person’ walked around the caravan twice and I clearly heard the sound of the twigs and walnuts on the ground being crunched underfoot. I woke my partner up who said he heard the noise of the craft hovering above us but thought it was just a helicopter looking for someone. This would make sense but for the fact that the footstep simply stopped and the aircraft noise moved away eventually and the loud hailer type noise stopped as well. It freaked me out and I was tempted to look out the window of the caravan but chickened out in the end as I wasn’t sure what I’d see – the sounds of the aircraft were definitely not the sound of a helicopter but couldn’t determine what sort of aircraft it was as I haven’t heard anything like it before.

    This all happened in February this year and I gradually put the whole experience behind me and thought I must have imagined it, even though I knew this really wasn’t the case.

    Then last week, at my home in Surrey, as I was lying in bed, approx 2am, I again heard the noise of aircraft. It wasn’t exactly the same sort of noise as the other one in France but it hovered over the top of my house (or at least seemed to by the sound of it). I felt the same goose bump feeling but this time I wasn’t as frightened, although still not brave enough to look out of the window – I keep feeling I’ll see something I wish I didn’t.
    The aircraft again hovered for approx 5-6 minutes, not seeming to move off in any particular direction. I kept listening until the noise eventually lessened and the aircraft seemed to move off and away from above my house. Literally seconds after this happened, I heard the sound of at least two helicopters flying over head and towards the sound of the aircraft.

    Next time I will try to be really brave and look out to see what, if anything I can see, although I have heard that we have cracked the whole making people and things invisible which would explain why others haven’t managed to spot anything yet.

    Maybe I’m mad, that’s fair enough but I know what I heard and I’m by no means an easy person to convince of all things supernatural. Something strange definitely hovered above me on two separate occasions – why I don’t know and this is the first time I have really mentioned it, apart from discussing it with my partner who wasn’t sure either but has closed his mind to it all.

    I do ‘feel’ that ‘something this way cometh’ this year for some reason and may be getting us ready for something even more spectacular and incredible later on this year.

  46. I believe you’re right sff. Will it be real aliens or those UFO holograms promised us thru Project Bluebeam?

    Check out my other post with lots of videos of sounds heard round the world and comments as well. Something there might sound similar to what you experienced.

  47. heard precisely same sound surrounding the area 1 a.m 8/28/2012 in central MI. Found your site trying to figure it out…thanks for documenting!

  48. I know that this post is almost 2 years old, but I live in Glendale and have been hearing the same sounds for about a month. They are always random, but happen about 3 or 4 times and end abruptly. I always try to catch them on video, but haven’t been lucky enough. I also live off the freeway, so the cars over power the strange sounds on video. It is definitely a different sound from the vehicles and when I first heard the it, I assumed it was my neighbor dragging in his trash cans. It sounds similar, but much louder and comes out of the sky. I have been wondering if the noise is coming from aircraft flying to the local military base, but I never see lights or jet streams in the sky. If you still post, have you still been hearing these noises?


  50. I am the most skeptical person on earth!! But i’m baffled by hearing these roaring jet-like sounds. I’m in the UK. The sky is thick with dark cloud and these sounds are coming and going. Sounds like a whole army of big Nimrod airforce planes following one another. I’ve not hear the abrupt ending, i must admit. They tend to tail off, but quicker than you’d imagine if it was a bunch of big planes in convoy. Weird.

  51. It is 6/1/13 11:00 am in Moore, Ok. Day after a week of severe storms. Its clear and breezy in the 70s outside. I’m in my house and I can hear the low rumble somewhere above my house. It comes and goes. Its like a vibration at times then a rumble churning. Doesn’t sound like its moving across the sky. It sounds like its in one place. Sometimes not directly over but over other peoples houses. I’d like to call the city but not sure who would listen there.
    Also I’ve noticed these sounds for a couple years now night or day. And when you go outside they are not as obvious. These sounds arn’t very loud but they are annoying.

  52. Hi Chad.. with the horrific weather you guys have been dealing with in OK, I’d have to say your sound is definitely HAARP induced. If you don’t know what HAARP is then look to your right at all the COTO eye on topics and you’ll see COTO eye on HAARP with lots of website links.

  53. jerseyg, I’m hearing that noise at this very moment. It’s been going on for maybe about fifteen minutes, or so. You did an excellent job of describing what I am hearing, a much better job than I could do. It’s 1:35 a.m. on a Sunday night. I was awakened Friday night (actually around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning) with the same thing. It’s eerie and scary. I’d much rather believe it’s aliens than to think it’s the government(s), NWO kind of stuff, you know. I’ve allowed myself to wonder if they’re spying on the population, dropping chemicals from above without been seen……….my imagination is going wild with all of the things I’ve read. I know I’m sounding like a crazed, whacked out, nut job, but nothing would surprise me anymore.

  54. My wife and I used to hear these exact same sounds with the ubrupt ending almost every night. But its been a while. So weird, it’s one of those things you almost don’t want to acknowledge. We’re just outside of Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport in North Texas. I do have a couple theories but would love to heard other’s input as well!!

    1. Maybe military Aircraft on the ground taxiing by an obstical. That deflects all sound at an instant. Though, even growing up on Air Forces bases this still seems too abrupt and doesn’t really jive with fighter jet or large jet planes taxiing. Throttling up or down should be more noticeable and the rumbling is missing that higher pitched sound that accompanies jets like that.

    2. Drilling – there has been natural gas drilling in our area in recent years. It could be the vibrations of the rock below rather than something hovering above. Turning off or backing off a drill bit could explain the abruptness.

    Just ideas, weird for sure!! Interesting that its world wide.

  55. I want to no what it is,,I no for sure it’s not a plane or anything anyone is aware off,,

    • I know u post this awhile back , I believe what people are hearing is these cell towers that also put out micro waves and E L F for mind control some or most are not even cell towers they are always 5 to 7 miles apart ! google it ! I am just saying don’t really know ! Check your local hood out any ways !

  56. On December 7th or 8th (I’m sure it was on the 8th though), at around dawn, I woke up from a nightmare. So I stayed awake feeling paranoid. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t, so I stayed up and waited for the sky to get lighter. All the sudden, there was this sound. Like an airplane flying by or some kind of ship. I sound stupid but I told my family it sounded like a UFO later. I was sure it was right above or near us outside. It wasn’t normal and I got scared but at the same time fascinated but I shut my eyes and thought it’ll go away but it didn’t. It got louder and louder until I was so sure it was there right next to me. Then it stopped. I slept in the attic (It wasn’t one of those creepy ones but it was comfy and looked like a regular bedroom except the shape) and the snow covered the slanted window so I didn’t see anything. I was sitting up looking around me. It was so loud and I expected my family to hear it too but they didn’t. I wasn’t dreaming like they claimed nor am I exaggerating. I’m 15 by the way and no I don’t usually see or hear things.

  57. I’ve heard the strange noises coming from the sky too. I’ve actually heard them multiple times before except I never really paid much attention. The first time I thought maybe it’s the train a few streets down from my house BUT I was wrong the noises where coming from above & it was so loud & clear. This time I payed more attention due to the fact that I had just turned off my tv. I heard the hovering at exactly 3am and that was today like only a few mins ago. I even posted on FB asking if anyone else had heard the noises…..

  58. On march 28 i heard a loud thundering rumble that lasted over 5 minutes continuously. Its the first time I have ever heard that noise and it really scared me. We live outside of Ponca City Ok and I have asked friends and some heard it and some didnt so I know Im not the only one. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? Sounded like a jumbo jet hoovering over my house then slowly moving off but i could still hear the rumble for another 3 minutes until it faded away.

    • I’m in moore oklahoma,,and I’ve been hearing this off and on for a while,,,I put it on youtube but the audio never comes threw like it does hearing it live,,don’t no what it is,,but I say this,,it’s not a plane,train,,highway,,wind nor anything else people blow it off as being !!

  59. Broken arrow Oklahoma…been hearing this on and off for months. Tonight was really loud and still going. Can’t see anything abnormal in the sky.

    • We keep hearing this in South Broken Arrow. Last night was a lot. It was cloudy and we kept looking outside and did not see anything. Then we heard it again today and we saw nothing in the clear sky.

  60. Last night I heard the exact same thing. The first noise lasted about ten minutes . It then stopped for a minute or so then started again for about five minutes. My husband and I went outside and look around the sky and saw nothing. It was an eerie sound like I had never heard before. It sound like a huge craft was hovering right over our area. I live in Nassau County Florida in a small town called Yulee.

  61. I live in Columbus. Been hearing this off and on for the last few nights in my area. Open my front door, and it’s louder and intermittent. I can hear it everywhere in my house. It’s annoying and has different frequencies. I keep trying to explain it away to myself as just industry noise, but it just seems unaccountably loud even for that. At times, it sounds like a runaway train, other times, it sounds like whine of a bunch of fast moving industrial fans. Totally weird. Finally went checking online to see if I could figure out what it was and ended up here. The video you took has the same sound I’ve been hearing in it.

  62. They have the towers on in your area !

  63. Does anyone have a thought as to why some people hear it and others dont?

  64. It is February 20th, 2015 at 4:15am. I live in Owasso,OK just north of Tulsa,OK. I have been hearing these exact same noises. I personally do not believe I’m being visited by E.T. But it is the strangest, most unsettling experience. I googled to see if I could find anything on the net and I found this page. I’ve read through a lot of the posts. It seems no one has any answers! How troubling! After seeing references to HAARP, I did some research. It appears the majority of sites I find are conspiracy theory stuff. I’m not a conspiracy theorist either. Is there really NO way of finding out what this really is?

  65. My husband and I moved to the north side of Tulsa (Hwy 75 @ Hwy 11) in 2011. After staying up late (1:30am) still unpacking we heard a loud rumbling noise lasting for about 15 to 20 seconds then it just stopped. We heard this several times even one right after another. I thought maybe it was large cargo airplanes (fedex, ups) since we are only about five miles from the airport. It’s just weird that sometimes you don’t hear the rumble at all so there goes my airport theory. WTF WHAT IS IT?

  66. Glad to hear that someone wlse is hearing that noise at night too. I have been hearing it from 3/23/15 around 10:00 p.m. to 3/24/15 around 1:00 a.m. then i fell asleep. It is very scary. My parents think i am crazy but i took videos of the noise for proof. I don’t know what to do. It wont stop. Ths is the second night hearing it.

  67. I am hearing EXACTLY what you are describing.

  68. these can be warning from the most merciful for what people are doing in earth nations have been destroyed so come to true path plz oh my friends plz

  69. I’m hearing the same thing! Has there been any explanation?

  70. Hearing a loud low humming . mechanical sounding noise in the sky over Aberdeen just now – 02:45 21/08/2015 – difficult to pin point where it comes from – seems to fill the sky – but perhaps most likely emanating from a North West direction. Heard this about half a dozen times over the last few years, always late at night /early morning.

  71. Nuclear powered drilling machines as tall as a three story building drilling under our homes and near the fault lines preparing for the largest earthquake earth has ever experienced for the sake of Order out of chaos And whenever they are ready to enact it. This is an Illuminati/freemason event That they plan to use To cause population reduction Ushering in the new world order And as an excuse to take the last Traces Of freedom We have Left And take away our guns.

  72. Ok, this is actually happening…
    Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico
    7:07 am

  73. I live in Fort Worth, Texas and have been hearing these “invisible planes/jets” for a couple years and it is just so aggravating or frustrating to know what your hearing but not see anything anywhere out in sky. I have found the same things true, if ask someone if they hear the “jets” and people just shrug their shoulders and blow it off. If it is a “normal” noise/sound why hasn’t this sound been around and a common occurrence for the last 40+ years?
    We would all be used to it and not having this discussion on your website.

    I suspect we are perhaps to adapt to what most of our nations population has as their way of thinking….”If you IGNORE IT, IT doesn’t exist.”

    Thank you for starting this discussion, I know I am not the only one that still notices oddities or strange on goings that need to be acknowledged and researched. Unfortunately, I don’t think “we the people” are in that loop to know whats going on around us.

  74. Just heard this exact same thing now in joliet IL. Sounded exactly like a plane just hovering over my house but its so cloudy that nothing is visible.

    • I should also mention that there is no thunder storm or any kind of sever weather now. Seeing how this is frequent could this be an atmospheric reaction? If its been reported in TX and now in IL i doubt we all have a plane who deliberately flys over peoples houses to make this noise. Whatever it is, it sure defines the word loud more than anything

  75. I live out in the boonies, a dirt road in VT. Nothing around my house besides cow pastures, woods and a few other houses. We usually don’t here ANYTHING unless of course a plane flies overhead once and a while. Today as I was getting my children down for bed, I heard a strange noise exactly how its described in the article above! I thought it was weird but tried to ignore it, assuming it was fine. But it would keep coming and going. Its been 3 hours now and its still coming and going. Like said above, It just stops, then a bit later will go again. By now I know for sure its not a plane, or cars, or anything I can think of. I have no idea!!! I decided to finally look up this noise and see if its normal. Apparently not, but many people have heard this noise with no explanation! Freaks me out.
    I just watched the youtube video as well, THAT is the same noise I’m hearing outside my house!!! However mine comes and goes.
    FREAKY!! O.o

  76. Came across this as I was searching for something I experienced tonight.
    I live out in the country with no roads nearby. I stepped out to smoke a cigarette and heard a weird sound I’d never heard before. I took a pic of the sky (with my cell phone) in the direction of the noise, figuring I could lighten it up to see if I could see anything in the sky that would be making that noise.
    I did. I do not know what it was. But there is nothing but farmland over my fence.
    So I watched the video that you have here and it was the exact same noise that I heard. I’d post the pic but I don’t know how. Had to sign up here just to reply.
    FYI I don’t drink or do drugs and I’m not crazy!

  77. It could be wind,or aliens but I hear the same thing right now in the middle of the day.

  78. i usually leave my desktop pc on when i go to sleep and i go to sleep in the early hours of the morning, but today i turned it off and am hearing the low vibrating rumbling sound. i also have not been able to sleep hardly at all lately. it makes me wonder if it is related. ive heard this ‘hum’ time to time before but it has been awhile that ive noticed it. its really bad right now. im just hoping when the world begins and the traffic of the day starts it gets covered up and i can forget about it 😐

  79. I just heard this too, from Atlanta Georgia. I have never heard it before and googled the sound and got to this page. Freaky stuff!! I may have heard it again but it was fainter than the first time. It’s been raining the past few days and I’m wondering if it’s heat lightening/thunder. I don’t know though. It sounded pretty creepy and more like a plane engine. I can’t sleep now!!

  80. I’ve heard it multiple times here where I live; Loxley, AL., but tonight 07/22/2016 around 10PM it was the loudest and longest I’ve heard yet. Other times have been during the day (no jet in sight) and obviously it is dark so I don’t know, but it happened as described above.

  81. If the earth is flat and covered like a dome as compared to a snow globe the noises make much more sense. Water is flat and does not “curve” nor conform to a globe earth. If above us we have a dome of sorts that is actually solid it would explain the noises. I don’t believe wind can make this noise. But I do believe the Earth is going into the next stage and the changes around us are increasing. HAARP is not responsible for it either. It could also be a wake-up call to humans signaling a change is coming. Just a few guesses.

  82. Hey guys! Today from 00:30 to 1:35 or something, I heard the exact sound as in that video. I recorded a lot of it just in case something showed up on the video and in one of the videoes i filmed, a red round thing flew past with a great speed, and it suddenly turned green and the sound disapeared! I have never experienced anything like this before so i looked it up on google and I found lots of different people experiencing this! Im terrified, i can’t believe what I just saw!

  83. Just Heard one outside tonight! Any clue what it is?

  84. I believe it is weather control and or modification equiptment….it usually happens in this manner….completely clear sky for a few days then they lay down the clouds with the chemtrail planes that you see then the next day it will rain….and then that night or the next night they will send out this “plane” or Machine to clear up the clouds that they have laid down….I know this sounds crazy but I have been monitoring this activity for 8 years and it is a pattern and it never varies from this pattern…..clear sky, chemtrails, rain, then hovering to clear up the clouds to bring on clear sky again..then it begins again and again….there is NO real Weather…it is ALL MANMADE now……not sure what happened but apparently they don’t want to tell the general public about it ..they think we will freak out……so they keep it quiet and only some of us put things together……

  85. I have heard the same noise not as loud but 4 separate times tonight I live in Long Beach CA and as I type this the sound started again. No planes overhead. I hear cars but it’s 1am and no other noises. Just loud grumbling like an airplane should fly over any second then it stops and no plane to be seen. It started once again just right now and it seems like it’s starting to get louder and from all different directions. Now a plane is flying overhead but the grumbling is still happening beyond the planes sounds. So very strange. I also have captured strange UFO type pictures within the past few months. My dogs hear the sound and they are both frightened and barking now as a higher pitched sound has just started in conjunction with the low grumbling. It is really creeping me out. I am going back inside with my dogs now… 😳

  86. helo, i have also heard the same noise that all of you are talking about. and for me it was totally creepy. it happened just a while ago. the sound started at 2:45 am to be exact and lasted almost a minute. i freaked out and contacted all of my friends but they are in a deep slumber. then one of my friend whose 5 miles away from me, messaged me asking if i heard the noise from above and i said yes. its like it doesnt move at all. after 2 hours it came back, it lasted 45 secs but when the sound seems to fade i heard a sound like an engine has just started then after a few seconds it was gone. but earlier that day, 11: 45 am , i was riding a public vehicle and as i was looking outside the open window, i heard that sound, well it was the first time that day. and i ask the next person beside me if he heard it then he said no.and i thought he was just not paying attention to it, then because of my desperation i ask almost all of the passengers if they can still hear it coz i still can and they said no…..that moment i can feel the vibration thru the windows.
    my friend and i thought that it could be something from the other universe, i dont know what it is and im still searching for an answer.. so pls help me…..
    for this day, it happened 3 times and im totally fascinated of what it could be

  87. I’m experiencing a very similar night, (TIMMINS Ontario Canada)… It started off at roughly 12:30am this sound that I can only describe as very loud wind with rand and spontanious popping/breaking noises so with my window open I looked out from my upstairs bedroom window at the trees and not a single brance or leaf was moving.. No wind at all.. Weird.. But maybe a jet moving really slow or perhaps even nasas live satelight catching wind ..Well its 4:06am now and those theories in attempts to rationalise are long gone.. The noise is still here never stopped n car back but instead its, louder even now… Yet still no wind and the sky over the night has became a darkness like that of which enki and thoth spoke of in the books of their teachings … Could this be the start of the time of void?
    For any questions try looking up” the lost books of enki ” as well as “what the sumarrians knew about the annunaki and nibiru ” on youtube. 🙂
    Also the spirit science channel on YouTube is amazing to. Thx for reading 🙂 xo

  88. This just happened to me, I’m in Saginaw mi. It happened at about 1235 am, it was fing crazy

  89. This just happened last night at exactly 3am. The clouds were thick all over and my camers seemed to always go dark in the target area when video is on however i could see light in opposite direction. The sound was so loud and lasted for and hour. The chopper circled with intent. This was in Houston Texas on the southwest side around the West Airport and Beltway8 intersection. Glenshire neighborhood. No airport near here. The sound was weird like locust. Helicopter from hell!!!!

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