Posted by: kornisking | February 4, 2011

NWO Steamroller, or Soylent Green Scoop


Hanging out in the street will get ya steamrolled or frozen,depending on which colony you in.



  1. Thats how My old lady drives.

  2. “Baby you can drive my car
    Yes I’m gonna be a star
    Baby you can drive my car
    And baby I love you

    Beeb-beep beeb-beep yea…”


  3. Mubareks pussy running late?

    • You know what they say “if you cant take Mohammed to the mount-in”

  4. Holy crap! Korn that DOES remind me of the crowds being “scooped” in SG. Can our world get anymore more sci fi-ish ?? What movies or books have we left out?

    • Sometimes i sware it cant get any more insane but our overlords are full of nifty surprises. all it takes is complete lack of conscience, phsycopaths.

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