Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 9, 2011

Of Revelations, Reversals & Royal Scams



And they wandered in From the city of St. John Without a dime    


History of Civilization, King Charlamagne, Carolingian/Merovingian, Khazaria, _____________________ADVERTISEMENT________________________ Want to Be a Disney Star? Auditions & Open Calls Now Open, You Might be the Next Star, Act Now ___________________________________________________________


Wearing coats that shined  Both red and green  Colors from their sunny island House of Rothschild, Pilgrim, Freemasonry, Fabian, Rosicrucian   _____________________ADVERTISEMENT________________________ __________________________________________________________ From their boats of iron They looked upon the promised land Where surely life was sweet On the rising tide To New York City Did they ride into the street See the glory Of the royal scam

11, Fools number, Undecagon, hendecagon, 9-11, Mars, Iron,Stenay, Clovis, Dogabert II

_____________________ADVERTISEMENT________________________ Want to Be a Disney Star? Auditions & Open Calls Now Open, You Might be the Next Star, Act Now


They are hounded down
To the bottom of a bad town
Amid the ruins

Where they learn to fear An angry race of fallen kings Their dark companions

Philadelphia, Freedom, Rennes-le-Château, France, WWIII

While the memory of Their southern sky was clouded by A savage winter

Every patron saint Hung on the wall, shared the room With twenty sinners

Vatican City, Vatican Bank, City of London, Catholisism, Islam, Nazism


See the glory Of the royal scam


By the blackened wall He does it all He thinks he’s died and gone to heaven


Now the tale is told By the old man back home He reads the letter


How they are paid in gold Just to babble in the back room All night and

waste their time

And they wandered in From the city of St. John without a dime

See the glory Of the royal scam


from the Big Blue Omnibus series

‘Bergere pas de tentation que Poussin Tenniers gardent la clef pax DCLXXXI par le croix et ce cheval de dieu j’achieve ce daemon de gardien a midi pommes bleues’.

Blue Apples in Midday



  1. “The Royals are to be shrouded in a thicker cloak of secrecy because of a controversial change in the law which will protect them from public scrutiny.
    Letters, emails and documents relating to the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William can no longer be disclosed – even if they might be in the public interest.”~Daily Mail UK

    Just what the fuck are “Royals” doing in the 21st century anyway? Royalty? A family above all others—it is an idea from the Dark Ages, and absurd. There’s no business like bullshit, and this is total bullshit; fuck the Queen and all the other assholes in the “Family”. Especially that dickhead Charles and his slut whatshername.

    You are not going to understand your subject if you become emotionally involved with the subject.
    When studying sociopolitical science, one inherently understands that he himself is part of the subject matter, being a sociopolitical entity. Yet this must be submerged as far as keeping a rational view of the overall subject matter.

    I know that it is a personal issue for the family and friends of the Congresswoman and Judge that were just murdered, but I am looking at it through the lens of a political analyst, that is with a forensic eye to the case.

    This was the case with 9/11 as well. It is why I could tell immediately that it was a Psyop, an incredibly obvious one at that. But most of the population were taken in—because of emotional attachment, the “horror of it all”. Yes “Shock and Awe” is a horror, and horrifying the victim is what a psychological operation of this kind is all about, Horror; which translates into emotional trauma.
    When traumatized the mind is open to ‘suggestion’; in the technical psychological meaning of the word.

    This is why the main event was not the airplane crashing into the towers, not the towers disintegrating live on TV—it was the TV show itself, the scripted dialog given by “the usual suspects”, the political figures, the “military spokesmen”, the “terrorism experts” etc. This was the exposition of the “legend”, the creation of the transformative myth called, “The War On Terror”.

    It was also an introduction to the new state of the Homeland, no longer a “National Security State”, but a generic unbordered “land”, not “state”. This is an important detail because in the transforming paradigm leading to the New World Order there will not be nation states; only a global state.

    There is also a “nostalgic” reference to “der Fatherland” for feeling the sense of the police state at hand—the police work for the global agenda, in effect part of a global police force. The police are now being unanchored from their community concerns and redirected by the Homeland Security agenda.

    At the same time the states are going bankrupt along with the middle-class. This is linked to the second major Shock’N’Awe event on the scale of 9/11, and that is the financial crash in October 2008. An event as planned and manipulated as the false flag event of 9/11.


  2. TRAUMA$RAMA! The history Channel lineup. UFO’s, JESUS and 911.
    The epitome of the triad. The only places safer than the Vatican, City of London and DC are in our dreams.

    I don’t know exactly what will manifest in the FRENCH FRIED EVENT but we will taste it as well as if were sucking on the same copper icon that twists their little royal panties. (Charles’ of course)

    The Proof

    (Reuters) – The Statue of Liberty will be closed for security upgrades starting about a year from now, depriving tourists a chance to visit the crown, base and pedestal for up to 12 months.

    It just a thing you know. Midday Blue apples and Lady Liberty.

    • Yes…I read about that Statue of Liberty thing a bit ago. I too had strange visions of thermate placement and such. Just in passing mind you, didn’t swell on it.
      It would be a rather dramatic event to see it turn to a big glowing supertorch nova.
      They need to figure a way to get all the cameras set up beforehand, some ignition switch for the media…hmmm…?

  3. Lady Liberty closed for a year? Are they going to wire her with explosives?

    • Ha…I just noticed your comment after mine above there…I guess we are both “paranoid schizos” JG {grin}

      • great minds WW …great minds 😉

        • Yup

  4. purrr …

    The Carolingian dynasty
    replaced the Merovingian dynasty

    While the music played
    you worked by candlelight
    those San Francisco nights
    you were the best in town

    Just by chance you crossed
    the diamond with the pearl
    you turned it on the world
    that’s when you turned the world around

    Did you feel like Jesus
    did you realize
    that you were a champion
    in their eyes

    On the hill the stuff was laced with kerosene
    but yours was kitchen clean
    everyone stopped to stare
    at your technicolor motor home

    Every A-Frame had your number on the wall
    you must have had it all
    you’d go to L.A. on a dare
    and you’d go it alone

    Could you live forever
    could you see the day
    could you feel your whole world
    fall apart and fade away

    get along
    get along Kid Charlemagne
    get along Kid Charlemagne

    Now your patrons have
    all left you in the red
    your low rent friends are dead
    life can be very strange

    All those dayglow freaks
    who used to paint the face
    they’ve joined the human race
    some things will never change

    Son you were mistaken
    you are obsolete
    look at all the white men on the street

    get along
    get along Kid Charlemagne
    get along Kid Charlemagne

    Clean this mess up
    else we’ll all end up in jail
    those test tubes and the scale
    Just get them all out of here

    Is there gas in the car
    yes there’s gas in the car
    I think the people down the hall
    know who you are

    Careful what you carry
    cause the man is wise
    you are still an outlaw in their eyes

    get along
    get along Kid Charlemagne
    get along Kid Charlemagne

    • Hey Pod
      Is this a song about the Alchemists [blue apples] of the Cor/Min illuminatists or San Francisco-based LSD chemist Stanley Owsley?

      Haitian Divorce
      The Fez
      Sign in Stanger
      Caves of Altimira
      Green Earings

      MK-Ulktra? I think the whole album was about mind control.

      Alpha side “Kid Charlemagne” (B-side: “Green Earrings”)
      Alpha side “The Fez” (B-side: “Sign In Stranger”)


      This was during the CHURCH COMMITTEE HEARINGS in the Senate 1975 and the album came out months later.

      Zombies among us? We’d crap our BVD’s if we knew how many there are walking by us.

  5. Before the fall when they wrote it on the wall
    When there wasn’t even any Holyrood
    They heard the call
    And they wrote it on the wall
    For you and me we understood – COTO


    Please stop and stare at my technicolor motorhome. Everyones here. Owsley, H. Thompson, The Dead, CIA and Leary.

  7. Go on… spell it out oh technicolor wonder!

    • “Too much the Magic Bus” {the Who}

      Mary’s link to the article on Laural Canyon goes well with this.

      It is incredible how many of the late 60s rock stars were sons and daughters of Naval and Airforce Intel…I mean stunning. I knew about Jim Morrison’s dad being the head of the navy thrust into Nam…but the lis of others with the very same deep connections is awesomely awe inspiringly awesome: Awe dang it.


  8. purrrrr …

    ‘ Monarch of the Dailies ‘

    Patricia Campbell Hearst ?

    Stockholm syndrome

    fly to paris
    bank at Whitney
    stay at the Hilton ?

    in the night clubs
    with pulsating music
    and strobe lights
    throw in suggestive lyrics
    and pusher man
    dealing X, LSD, DMT, special K, etc.

    from the egg
    the larvae enters
    the pupae cacoon,
    a Skinner-Box,
    extreme mind machine,
    and upon egress
    emerges the butterfly.

    Bio-survival Circuit
    Opioid drugs

    Emotional-Territorial Circuit

    Dextro-Symbolic Circuit
    caffine, speed, cocain

    Ethical-Social Circuit

    Neurosomatic circuit
    marijuana, hatha yoga, tantra

    Metaprogramming circuit
    mescaline, psilocybin, coputer games

    Neuro-genetic Circuit
    LSD, raga yoga

    Non-local Circuit
    awakening of kundalini
    DMT ayahuasca, Ketamine,
    and high doses of LSD

  9. Shepherd’s key ?

    On the stone an ancient hand
    In a faded yellow-green
    Made alive a worldly wonder
    Often told but never seen

  10. Lord Shiva’s foaming scrotum spewing transgenic pleiotrope over-loaded with bloated myth coated trigrams deprived half the children of free range mind sets driving the crudeness of mechanistic reductionism on which the superstitions of the false solutions of social engineering are based…and they called him a rock star.

    And you know? I thought this was a bad idea the first time I heard the record…oh sometime back in the early 50s. I remember it was on one of those am rock’a’billy stations–inbetween BC and AD when the boys with rainbow colored hair showed up on galloping horses headed for the polls. Or was it the poles? I don’t know it wasn’t written, like I said it was on that record playing on a little box of a radio. And there always seemed to be some delirium or barium connected to it like a salad made of shredded glass.

    Now this could have been seen as ultra creative, or it could have been interpreted to be some sort of code handed down by an alien race some thousands, or even millions of years ago. But there were those long shadows burnt into the minds of the peoples of the times, and even though in black and white they began to see the pictures moving. Sort of like squirming chocolate flavored anomalies, but without the mint flavored cherries.

    All that is heard now is, “halt who goes there”. I think this should have been antiseptic, but of course, all the tanks were empty and painted with graffiti like box cars in Detroit.

    Have you ever noticed how Acharya S always says “Hi there” like a whore to a sailor, or God to Moses–depending on the tone of voice used?
    Yes…a sort of run-on question. Like most of life.

  11. All ages can testify enough
    how profitable that fable of Christ
    has ben to us and our company.

    • Ha ha ha…you cought it Pod.

  12. Procreation for Purpose. Point-counterpoint. All Intel. What an elaborate paradigm.
    Morrison and Crosby doo wop!

    Yeesssiiirreeeebub! The blue throated harpies and blue beam HAARPOS. Let’s sing the song of Sixpence

    • Ha ha ha…that was funny Puddy.


  13. The picture of the man by “Now the tale is told By the old man back home He reads the letter, photo is tagged Hiroshima victim. He is not; he had leprosy; NHK confirmed it.

    • HOAX Fukushima experiment. Yes sireeee!

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