Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 2, 2011

The Winds of 2011

Weather Winds

As I predicted for 2010 an active hurricane season and Typhoon Megi [cat5] did occur.

This years Winter will be one of winds and tornadoes. Midwest and Tornado alley will be hit severely this year with the aid to a fluctuating La Haarpo Nina and the GWEN network especially designed to effect the southeast.

Southwestern states will see fires and winds due to the same effect. Dry and warm. On the wet side flooding will occur in the pacific northwest and ohio valley. The west will see more wildfires.

There will be a Japanese volcano eruption in the southern region. I am predicting Unzen or if the lords are merciful Iwo Jima.

Earthquakes in the Marianas Islands creating a MSM/Pseudo sci-campaign of crack in the earth. Tsunami scare for cities in the Pacific Rim.

Winds of War

France will be spotlighted this year as some committee sponsored terror activity will involve homemade dirty bomb and materials moved from Pakistan to Europe and to Mexico. This will of course be a Mossad, CIA, MI6, Egyptian network project. Muslim tensions in the EU regions will peak during record heat wave. Iran will be implicated in this event.

A home-grown staged event will rival Columbine and Virginia Tech and will occur in a northern midwest state and it will elevate the small arms treaty and gun control campaigns to new levels of unconstitutional activity never seen before. Zionists nationwide will condemn the constitution and admittingly call for its transition to a world constitution being crafted in the UN complex since 1999.


Haemagglutinin protein research and biological research by world order eugenicist funded by Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others are unleashing this years H3N2 variant. Marked by the huge effort in studying protein folding and viral fusion proteins and the monumental effort to reduce our immune systems through sun blocking vitamin D and bio-chemtrailing, this years season will bring 10 fold figures to previous year numbers in mortality. The PhRMA and Biolabs from Detrick to MIT will craft this pandemic.

The Baltic states and Ukraine will see a large-scale toxic anomaly through food or water source and thousands will fall ill and die.

Huffing and Puffing from the Big Bad Wolf and Committee Jackals

Morocco will be the site of a terrorist event. Oujda or Rabat will be the venue for a ship or plane event. Greece will see one as well in the form of a HAARP attack and building tragedy. As common as these events are under the committee trauma campaign [WOT], the bigger event for media will be another major bridge failing and collapse. Where is unknown at this time but south of the equator is likely.

Zionist Zephyrs

Civil wars will increase from Sierra Leone to Kenya and unspeakable and unreported death will occur in blood sacrifices and ethnic genocide.

Fiat Flurries

Legal and traditional rule will take big hits from the citizenry worldwide. More financial unrest and anarchical shifting will occur in 2011. Food, Gas and commodity prices will increase substantially and Interest rates will move higher slightly.

The Chinook

In response to this staging, the first of the World Charismatics will surface. Obama will join this event as will other leaders including Pope Benedict and other religious and Monarchial figures will present to the world in a series of vassalage and mind controlled programs.  I believe it will be a media circus of unprecedented efforts and include OWN:Oprah Winfrey Network, TBN: Trinity Broadcast Network and RFE: Radio Liberty.

This event will be aided by the increase in Christian/Muslim religious bombings and tensions that will unite the world effort for continued acceptance of United Nations Genocide under Agenda 21 and Genesis projects for world authority and austerity. This figure will come to the forefront from parts unknown but will be of Latin or Indian ethnicity. Mystery will be the call word.

Whirlwind Warnings

There will be an astral event or atmospheric anomaly centered in south america involving bluebeam and EM scalar technology and a Christian awakening campaign that will involve Rome and the Vatican signalling the transition to G6. The call for giving up all property and wealth and looking to sacrificial living under the NWO. Pagans, UFOologists, Spiritual conmen and prophets will emerge like cockroaches from a condemned building.

Idol Flutters and tidings

Celebrity deaths will be numerous. A long time Vegas entertainer, a media mogul and an Arab statesman will hilight this group but a young popular female celebrity will die in a tragic accidental death. (names withheld)



  1. I’ll be on the edge of my seat watching this play out Patrick.

    Things are indeed on FFWD >>

    Sit motionless, let it flow around you–anchor your Chi.


  2. The Jewelers Tools
    Their carefully shaped idols
    The masterful polished stones
    Altars to bend the knee to
    To catch the flowing lifeblood
    Rubies red
    Rubrics read
    Upturned gilded flask
    The dead be led
    The rest in dread
    Laughing death-mask
    The polishing wheel of fate
    Usury’s crushing wielded weight
    Sapphires blue blood true
    The cowl is draped on you
    Dagger raised in fist
    Truth covered in mist
    The robe drops from you
    Entwined in covert twist
    Lies eternal list
    A golden ring
    Encircles all


  4. Kudos William. It paints the evolving landscape for me very well. I hope you spread these elsewhere for everyone to enjoy.

    I think the term for where I am is STAND TO. I cant escape it. I’m losing weight too fast now. I may be fluttering, who knows. So be it.

  5. What do you mean you may be “fluttering”?!? Are you ill?

    • Hi there JG,

      How were your holidays? THE AWAKENING

      No presents, no football, no cornsyrup in cookie tins, no Dick Clark, No XXMAS. What a fast feast for my mind.

      Ill? No I don’t think so, but thanks for your concern. I think the transformation is from catepillar to moth. I can’t describe it but it’s wierd. I can’t explain the weight loss but must assume that this new immuno elixir I have started has me losing pounds rapidly.

      I’ll spare you the descriptions and details of the dessication and detoxification but it is very powerful. I am going to detail all in diary if it proves to be a chemtrail antidote for the symptoms I’ve had during the heavy spraying.

      I may be the only person in the state to have lost weight over the holidays. 🙂

      • I thought I got a x-mas card but it was for the same address two roads over.
        I am off the pagan grid.

  6. Well thank god for that. However, maybe you could share your elixir recipe with me. I’ve eaten enough food for both of us over the past two weeks and need to fast.

    • I’ll keep all COTO posted on what I can determine. I’ll be my own lab rat but not theirs.

  7. “I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.” ~ Aleister Crowley

    I’ve read Crowley…Magick in Theory and Practice.
    It didn’t make any sense to me until years later, when I realized this:

    These rituals that draw you in with the illusion that they are working, are delusions obstructing what is truly at work–which is the manifestations of your working will through ‘belief’ ,when it is inner knowledge instead.

    All the bead murmuring, the special candles, the magic signs, it is all a clamber over something already there deeper in the superconscious. Grasping that the source of all is the source of what you believe you have willed, illustrates why you often end up with unexpected consequences by DOING your will.

    Your conscience draws your truest path, a Muse that will hold your hand through the darkest of mazes.

  8. “Your conscience draws your truest path, a Muse that will hold your hand through the darkest of mazes”. ~ \\ll//

    Aye…you’re gettin a’bit flowery here mate, if ya know what I mean?

    No worries, as the OZ people say.

    The true path cannot be drawn by our conscience. Those missing this most important human “component” are quite below the conscious level of reality.

    The reality is such…that we ignore our conscience regularly because it conflicts with our selfish desires to do what we want. There’s a muse to amuse…

    • “Aye…you’re gettin a’bit flowery here mate, if ya know what I mean?”~Boom

      Nope, more practical than a baseball bat behind the drivers seat.
      Hotter than bunny heat.
      Sharper than the sprinters cleat.
      As gentle as a yellow chick tweat.
      Carne carne mud as meat.

      Amuse…Ahistorical…the “A” is the subtractive modifier in these words.
      Amuse, means without the muse.

      Thus it’s there for you to choose, feel that jazz or get the blues.


  9. We hopefully will decide what is the truth, what we have to do to seek and find the truth and when found, make the decision to act or to bury it.

    The super-conscience will allow you to clean the basement garage and throw out the clutter. Best of all it allows you to reboot and gives you the op to reprgram.

    When you are confronted with the denial demon, you can accept it without guilt but accept it nonetheless. The perfection of Imperfection.

    DENIAL is not a river in Africa it’s a PARK IN BOTSWANA!

  10. It was totally clear blue blue skies all day on the 3rd here. What a surprise, not a single chemtrail or natural cloud. I wonder what the occasion was?
    A visiting “dignitary” representative to the Hyena King?


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