Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 20, 2010

What Creates the Projection Ahead of the Planes?

Note Projection Ahead of Plane

What Creates This Projected Beam?

Enhanced Photo of Jet Projecting Beam

Jet Projecting Beam Ahead Photo Enhanced

Some Planes are Small High Flyers

Much Larger Plane Leaves Huge Trail

Some Planes Leave Huge Trails

Going About Their "Job"

Blue Sky Totally Obliterated in Upstate SC

Entire Sky Eventually Turned White

On Friday, the 17th, in Upstate SC, the chemtrailers got very busy.  Look at the first two pictures above.  I have often seen the odd “beam” projected ahead of the planes, stretching ahead perhaps for 5-15 miles (could be less, could be more).  I would like to know if anyone has an explanation for what is cutting the clouds out ahead of the airplanes?

On this day, the sky was eventually totally covered in whiteness.  Saturday, the following day, the sky presented with low clouds and rain.  The planes had continued on after dark, and perhaps throughout the night.  Reason unknown.

Can anyone shed light regarding the “beam” that projects out far ahead of these planes?

During this “event” some planes approached the area leaving no trail behind at all, then began emitting a trail at a pre-determined point in the sky.  At one point, two parallel trails were started at about the exact same point, and the planes flew off out of sight continuing to emit the trails.  This is a notable point and distinction, in that the trails were evidently “turned on” per a coordinate.



  1. I can’t tell from these pix that the black line is ahead of the plane. so, i’m wondering if you’re not capturing carbon black dust.

    See US Dept. of Defense report entitled, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” (reproduced at Federation of American Scientists):
    2000 Introduce ionic mirrors, with a sharp increase from 2008;
    2000-2025 Use chemicals for atmospheric seeding by civilian (as well as military) aviation;
    2004 Create smart clouds thru nanotechnology, with exponential increase after 2010;
    2005 Introduce ‘carbon black dust’.
    ‘Carbon black dust’ may be the topic of this 2007 observation in the Gulf Coast of Florida. A vacationer noticed “black beams” in the sky and snapped several photos, describing the behavior of the beam. Here’s one photo:

    Carbon black dust? Gulf Coast, Florida (2007)

    This next image also shows what may be ‘carbon black dust’ but its date and location are not given (from Glenn Boyle’s Strange Days Strange Skies):

    According to “Owning the Weather,” carbon black dust is deployed via jet over large bodies of water “upwind from coastlines with onshore flow” to “enhance rainfall on the mesoscale, generate cirrus clouds, and enhance cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds.” The supporting study cited is from 1976.

    (if the pix don’t come thru in this comment, see my article Confronting the ‘futuristic’ branding of geoengineering

  2. A question has been put to me regarding the “beam” I stated was projected “ahead” of the aircraft. I am not mistaken. The “chemtrail” is behind the jet. The darkened “beam” you see (enlarge the picture), is projecting out directly ahead of the aircraft for untold miles. The jet is proceeding from left to right in the picture. Where the smoky trail ends, the aircraft is at that point. The darkened or shaded “line or beam” stretches out in front of the aircraft. Evidently it cuts through the clouds, or is revealed by them because of the contrast in shading. I have seen this many, many times and wondered about it. This is photo documentation of the phenomenon. Could it be radar of some sort defragging ahead of the aircraft? I have no idea. These beams can stretch for a significant distance ahead of the jets — I can only assume many miles or 10’s of miles.

    • maybe they laid the carbon black dust first,then followed in the same line

      • Incorrect, Rady. These “projections” shoot out far ahead of the aircraft. The jets are on their own flight paths. I have seen it numerous times. These projections form a “tunnel” far ahead of the jets. They have not been left behind by a previous jet. The carbon dust explanation does not fit this scenario at all. These are some type of projection that forms “ahead” of the jets. Look at the pictures. It is not a figment, or remnant of something gone before, but a “projected” beam shooting far ahead of the aircraft.

        • okay, I hear you, boomer … but when I look at the pix, these beams are fuzzy — the top is fuzzier than the bottom edge of the beam.

          that fuzziness, to me, implies particulate matter that is dispersing

          but now if you’ve seen the black beams shoot out ahead of the plane, then maybe they have a different method of dispersing the carbon black dust.

          it’d be better if you had larger pix.

          this guy in florida, that I talked about in my article, describes the beams, how they moved and dispersed.

          he posted very large pictures and his narrative is detailed but brief.

          Is this totally different from what you witnessed?

          • I viewed your linked pictures. I can only say that the “beam” I show in the pictures is “out ahead” of the plane. A shadow it cannot be. In other words, the jet has not entered the “future” or space ahead of it yet. A chemtrail is behind the jet, and this “beam” extends far out in front of it. This is the interesting thing I note, in that the plane hasn’t physically entered the atmosphere ahead of it. Yet somehow, the plane is affecting the airspace directly in front of it for miles.

  3. Very good question boomerang! Wish I had the answer but I’m just beginning compared to all you guys! What I do know is that we here in western NC experienced the exact same thing on Dec. 17th, in fact that was the day that I took the best photo and video of the chemtrails I’ve ever took. The exact same things were happening here, (Puddy can vouch for all this) it started out as a clear blue sky then they began there sky punishment and soon the sky was filled with white swelled up trails. As for planes flying into all this and then finally turning on their sprayers I have some pics and videos of planes flying halfway across the sky with only a very short contrail and then at a certain point they would start spraying. All this on Dec. 17th as well.

    It was also an all day thing here as well that day though it usually seems to be done in the mourning hours. Of course we don’t know for sure if it continues after dark or not. But I’m almost certain it’s happening!

  4. I could only guess that it is some sort of coordinate beam, perhaps radar, perhaps a maser, or millimeter wave projector…???

    Good visual evidence of “something” quite remarkable.


  5. Cody, I am aware that the “mess” started up North your way, as I was paying attention from early a.m. They completely messed up the blue sky horizon. I also could see them continuing to spray as it got dark, backlit against the sky’s twilight. You have seen the beam projections as well?

    The “start spraying at a particular coordinate” was really obvious on the 17th. As I was watching two planes approached the area minus any observable trail whatsoever, then started spraying and flew on leaving their despicable trails.

    Rogue1 — perhaps we’ll get someone to speak up who has more knowledge that us on this subject.

    • yes sir Boomer I have saw the projections. But I was thinking the trails started from down around Charlotte area? Or were coming from the south? But I didn’t get out as early as you, not until around 9am. Glad you got your eye in the sky, the earlier the better. Yeah come on somebody speak up this is aggravating me to death! I would just like to know.

  6. Boom, were the first two shots in the early morning with the sun on the horizon?
    Your left shoulder to the east?




  8. I have inserted the 2 photos in larger pics above, and enhanced the pics so you can see the beam projection more clearly. These pics were taken in the afternoon (3:30-4pm). Planes flying from West to the East, with the sun at my back.

    • thanks for the bigger pix… now we can more clearly see that that the black beam is unevenly diffuse.

      I’m more convinced now this is carbon black dust.

      btw, I do not suggest it is a shadow of the white chemtrails. Instead, I’m thinking it’s a separate injection of particulate matter into the atmosphere.

      • I don’t grasp your interpretation Rady…?

        The plane in the photo is then flying through a corridor of “pre laid” carbon black dust?
        It would then be blowing out the other chemicals as it flies through the carbon corridor ?

        Well frankly I don’t get any of this to be honest. The only other possiblilty is that a smaller drone went through premaneuvers and the present plane shooting the trail is following that course via global hawk–it’s an analogy to a ‘tractor beam’, but virtual.

        • Rogue1 — no previous planes flew ahead of this jet. These projected beams are out in front of each individual jet. Even on a clear day, I can see these “projections”. It is strange. The cloud cover only enhances your ability to visualize the “beam” or corridor that extends out in front of the planes. In other words, the airspace ahead of the planes can be “virgin” airspace, yet these shadowy beams extend out front of some of the planes. Not all of them.

          • Well Boom, if all of your observations are correct, and they seem to be, the only answer is some sort of beam projector on the nose of the planes.
            Hardly beyond the science we already understand to exist.
            Probably scalar wave tech–Tesla technology, which is already revealed to be in use by both Amerika and Russia–China too.

            So again; It’s All Science Fiction.

  9. boom, is this near a large body of water?

  10. Rady, NO, this is not near a large body of water. How can the carbon dust be ahead of the jets?

  11. Anybody else out there got any other ideas on this?

  12. ‘since this is the most current thread, I want to break in with this, which is a breakdown of the integration of homeland security on a state by state basis.
    There is a chart, just pick your state and a detailed summery of the “fusion” with the federal agencies is outlined.


  13. Boom,
    I believe you are seeing a shadow of the chemtrail given yur latitude, time of day, time of year, and perspective toward sky. Support for this would be that the shadow is visible also behind the jet. It seems not to cast well into clear sky but in cloudy. I see it on eastbounders not westbound assuming pix are same time of day. Just my guess, what do I know??
    cheers, Mary

    • “I believe you are seeing a shadow of the chemtrail given yur latitude, time of day, time of year, and perspective toward sky.”~Mary Sunshine Mary Sunshine

      I see that possibility as well Mary. Has an Occam sort of sense to it.


  14. purrr …

    I agree,
    it’s a Shadow beam.

    • Wow Pod…the shadow without…I mean ya know…a shadow of whut???????
      Very bizarre, strange and baffletoidal.

      D’you see thisn Boomboom?


      • Shadow beams can seem more or less parallel depending on the relative placement of light source and blocking object. Have witnessed many times peak shadows in the mountains at setting sun or sunrise. Not that much of a flaring pattern at that perspective. Good question Boom!

  15. purrr ..

    Anti-Crepuscular rays

    • I give my definitive answer to your suggestion of anti-crepuscular rays — Nope!

      And Nope to Mary’s suggestion as well. Sorry. We gotta keep searching.

      Here’s the thing… the forward beam seems to be created “BY” the aircraft itself. It projects out ahead on a straight line flight pattern (no bending). Like a worm hole or tunnel or tube. Any shadow you see “behind” the plane is because the plane has “passed through” this beam-like front-running “tunnel”. I guess you could say the action of the plane flying through this “thing” doesn’t necessarily destroy it. Maybe we can say there is residue or residual sustaining qualities to it that last for a bit.

      With regards to the anticrepuscular rays; the seem to all “widen out” the further they extend. The beam thing seems to maintain a very tight tunnel-like quality that extends out many miles (considering the speed the jets travel at). I suppose I would say they terminate at some distance, or there is an end point terminus to them somewhere in the distance out front, but I haven’t noticed any widening out or expansion over distance like the rays you’ve brought up.

      I wish I had a better camera that would provide a wider shot, but with clarity. It is difficult for you to get an idea of the “length” and distance these beams project out ahead of the jets by my photo. Perhaps, I’ll have opportunity to get better photos in the future. Perhaps one YOU readers here might post your own. Any pilots or aeronautical folks are welcome to chime in…

      • Boom, I understand the question about why if it is a shadow it does not flare but instead seems to taper. Light is bending around the chemtrail. The lunar eclipse saw red sunlight bending around earth to diminish the total shadow effect of eclipse, for example.

  16. *Sci-Tech Dictionary(¦an·tē·kri′pəs·kyə·lər ′rāz)
    (astronomy) Extensions of crepuscular rays, converging toward a point 180° from the sun.

    da \\ll//

    • Obviously NOT what are in Boom’s photos

      The sun is behind him.

      Mary was talking about the shadow of the chemtrail itself…which could still be what it is.

      If it is a scalar wave, then it is focused…but there is no radiance in the shape of the ‘Tunnle’…which to my mind rules out scalar singularly–but such shot through a laser…maybe.

  17. Check this video out:

    • That was cool how it went into the sun and out the other side, but IMO it confirms the shadow hypothesis given that no ‘beam’ was visible preceding the plane as it approached sun.

    • Great soundtrack too…good obsrvation Mary.


  18. JG shoots, SHE SCORES! Yep, that’s what it looks like. Except I don’t accept the “shadow” explanation. It doesn’t make any sense to me. But then, so what aye?

    I’ll have to pay attention to the sun’s position with my next “viewing”. I don’t see how it can be the shadow of the chemtrail directly behind, projected dead ahead of the jet. That doesn’t jive with any shadow casting I’ve seen on earth. To my recollection, the sun has been at various positions when this phenomenon occurs; but to say it is a shadow cast exactly 180 degrees “forward” seems non-sensical. I might accept the explanation if the shadow shot off at some perpendicular angle, but dead straight ahead? I don’t think so.

    • What JG’s video shows is that if you drew a line from sun to the plane as it passed out as a radial from sun, you would project a shadow plane into space with wrapping margins. But I see youse guys’ point and will leave it to youse to figga out. In my view it would not occur except where time of day, latititude, time of year, and position of the sun to the chemtrail/plane were not within range of the projection, which may be why the phenomenon is not that common.

      • It is pretty common in my area, Mary. By the way, thank you for your input. You offer intelligent perspectives (as many here do).

  19. I tend to agree with boom here. If it’s a shadow, then wouldn’t that black line always appear before the plane on a sunny day?

    • JG, the chemtrail would need to be between the sun and airplane in order for it to project ahead of the plane. Otherwise no projection. Particulates in the sky such as water vapor, smoke, dust or aerosols might have a secondary visual effect on how the beam casts in the sky.

  20. Btw, I watch this show called pitbulls and parolees which is based in California and I swear I saw two parallel black lines stretched across the sky like telephone lines in one of the scenes. I rewound and paused and damn if it wasn’t just that. No plane was visible.

  21. Mary has the right idea. Depending upon the chemical compo= and direction it is the sunlight relecting off the fresh trails and shadowing on the backdrop of previous trails.

    The ice crystalization that happens immediately after disharge is reflecting only for a short period of time. The aluminum oxide, carbide and other metals are refractory
    and in the atmosphere where there is little but some oxygen they can be come unstable.

    Refraction: Atmospheric refraction causes astronomical objects to appear higher in the sky than they are in reality. It affects not only lightrays but all electromagnetic radiation, although in varying degrees (see dispersion in optics). For example in visible light, blue is more affected than red. This may cause astronomical objects to be spread out into a spectrum in high-resolution images.

    Tha actual shadow created ia very small but depending on electromagnetic radiation on that given day it appears as what you would see on a dessert mirage.
    Atmospheric refraction is the deviation of light or other electromagnetic wave from a straight line as it passes through the atmosphere due to the variation in air density as a function of altitude.

    • Puddy, I am inclined to the shadow explanation as well.
      Your further ruminations add strength to that view.

      Otherwise, one thing is absolutely certain–they are NOT normal contrails spewing from that jet.

  22. Yeah Willie, my science background was pretty good. Simple Reflection of Cirros layer and the shadow cotangent is when sun is high and plane travels away from the suns long angle.

    The rainbow effects from Chemtrails are simple refraction and VL wave dispersion. If the oxides and metallics and in high moisture you can get the distorted types of prisms. Generally they will have atmospheric distortion.

    If the contagent isn’r right there will be no foreshadow because any offset is so diffused by the weak cirros layer that the shadow will not appear. That explains why they always show up at the exact line of flight and directly in front of the flight track.

    • Yes, nature reveals herslf to science. Just like the evil toonyloons. All in the same picture.

      Some folks just can’t get that toe jam outta their eyes so feard’a spine o’crackin’.

      I reckon when they wake up one morning with a second head on their shoulders arguing with every move they make they might have a long talk in their mirrors.


  23. Thank you for your scientific explanation here Puddy. It sounds plausible, and could be the answer. Do you not feel there is a radar or electronics explanation at all?

    • I hope not Boom, but certainly I have no clue to what they covet and have their bag of tricks.

      If there is radar or EM waves transmitted from the aircraft that would explain the fact that with all this Project Blue and chemtrail aircraft added to the the busy grid, they are able to send warnings to both NORAD and ATC as well as other commercial aircraft.

      It does explian that we never hear about a USAF or NAvy plane going down in mid air collision.

      There is something I would bet on. Their killer aircraft are better maintained than SHEEPLE AIRLINES. Risk Assessments clearly allow for law suits and structured settlements to cost far less than appropriate maintenance costs.
      That I believe for certain. It is fortunate that if they have this type of warning technology we are getting some of that benefit.

  24. Again, thanks for your input, P.D.

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