Posted by: cody ledford | December 20, 2010

Is NBC Breaking The Ice For The Reptillians???

NBC’s new “superhero” show called The Cape is scheduled to premier on Jan. 9th at 9pm [et]. One reptillian character called Scales features scaly reptillian skin and another character with reptillian eyes is called Chess and then there’s just the plain old murderer called Cain. These are the three “villians” against the so-called superhero portrayed in the new series. We coto heads can already see whats coming up in Jan. 2011 when one of the shows main previews features a song by Street Sweeper Social Club called “Clap For The Killers”. You bet your ass my kids won’t be viewing this mind control NBC trash!



  1. Is it just me or does anyone else also think that NBC’s just puttin this shit out there to get people use to seeing these demons/aliens so that when they really do see them they’ll say “ahhh that ain’t nothin we’ve saw these beings on national television already”?

  2. All the time I hear about the reptilians, the shape-shifters, how we were bred by the aliens, the Annunaki Niburian Planet X-oid Wormwood trans-dimensional blue-beam sucking cross-section of disgruntled quasi-humanity. It’s wonderful, it’s fascinatin’, it’s good TV, bring it all on – such fanciful speculations are certainly interesting – but at some point it is incumbent upon somebody to SHOW ME THE FRIGGIN TAIL.

    Perhaps my neo-agrarian brain is too much stuck in the empirically based stricture of old-world thought – and even though I know there are many things in this world I do not understand, and many more that exist far beyond my understanding, I still rely on direct experiential corporeal stimuli to form my thoughts and beliefs – and short of once receiving a Sears lawn-mower delivered to me fully assembled, I have yet to see or experience any supernatural occurrence in this misbegotten excuse for a life.

  3. I worked in Hollywood for many years as a special effects artist.
    I grew up on science fiction and fantasy novels and film.

    I can say with deep insight into this matter that the script writers and producers in this genre are not involved in anything deeper than taking old ideas that were hits before and remodelling them in attempts to get another hit.

    Lets face it, you HAVE seen all this shit, over and over again, form HG Wells to Jim Cameron.

    And here is an insiders tip, when people such as David Icke talk about “reptiles”, it is code for a certain human tribe originating in the steppes of Russia in an area called Khazaria who converted to a certain creed some 800 years ago.


    • great info hybrid, yeah I don’t think I buy the alien from space mumbo-jumbo but I like the Russia info hybrid thanks alot

      • You are welcome Cody.
        If you follow up on that “Russian” info, you will be in for quite a wild ride of disputes and counter disputes. The term “Ashkenasim” may be a good one to put in your browser.


        • I will research that term now hybrid, Patrick has sent me on lots of wild rides lately. Sorry it took me so long to get back-cleaning out the basement.

          • Its good to have a clean basement. Hell, it’s good to HAVE a basement.
            Want a good read on the subject, THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed–free PDF on the web.
            In my view the most important history book you will ever read.

            • Thanks man I appreciate all the info. I have been reading Behold A Pale Horse but I need to know about more good books to read, Ill check that out for sure.

              • I wrote that down to download tomorrow. These chemtrails are killing my memory and everyone elses around me too!

  4. I agree that they use tv shows to condition us. While I don’t think every hollywood producer is down with the Nwo, I do think many have indeed sold their souls to the devil.

    • I definetly agree Jersey, I think mind control is at the top of the agenda at this time. What a better way to do it than the hellivision!!

    • Yup, it’s true==TV is the tool of the devil.

      • I haven’t had one sense 1984

        • Whut???
          Does that make since to you???

          • I know your referring to the movie 1984 but my grandmother has NEVER had a t.v. She just a very smart woman. She always seemed so happy and lived to the ripe old age of 99, that outta tell us something huh?

            • Can someone tell me if the full lunar eclipse is tonight or tomorrow?

  5. That’s a good question about the is on the 21st…but AM or PM…if AM it is right about now…woops


  6. I’ve got solid cloud cover…if it is happening I wouldn’t know it.
    Oh well………ww

    • yeah me too solid cloud cover here and it’s blowing snow. Well I did some research and it is tonight (right now). It begins at 1:33am and the onset of totality is at 2:41am and nasa says best time to view is at 3:17am. All eastern time.

      • For anyone who is interested this is the first time the winter solstice and a full lunar eclipse has happened on the same day since year 1638 and both won’t be on the same day again until 2094. Too bad we aren’t allowed blue skies anymore-F’n bastards!

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