Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 15, 2010

Operation Chaos Alert

Nothing needs to be added to this CIA Trigger Event
Tag: Operation Chaos; Genesis 6 (1); Second Amendment; SB2433

Please note the V for Vendetta alpha addendum was quite nice. Always the committee gets the biggest bang for our tax bucks.

Hey clowns, your getting way too obvious here, even for the lemmings.



  1. WTF??????

    Can you imagine sitting there calmly talking to this guy with a gun in his hand??

    Yab yab…???

    The only one with any brains was the woman with the purse…the others just sit there like wooden dummies–AMAZING.

    “Please don’t” Ha ha ha ha…who the fuck wrote this script?


    “Alright, gimmie yer guns.”~DHS


  2. Please note the instruction, demeanor and conversation. Typical MKCHAOS subject explains the fact he was not there to kill anyone by the obvious ‘point blank’

    Suicide by Monarch is all Delta suicide programming. Whether by land, sea or air or better said by Sirhan, Hazelwood, Atta, it always comes with the same semblence and characteristics. “THE FOG”

  3. I think this event shows the screaming need for citizens to “be” armed and carry a weapon. It is not an advert for banning guns. Imagine how fast the situation would have been resolved if every one of the people sitting up there on the podium had pulled out their own gun before the swaggering “now dead” guy got around to making his point and pulling his pistol? Imagine if the purse swinger lady had one of those “stun guns” that she stuck in the guy’s neck when he had his back turned?

    MK? I dunno about this one. Could be, but it could also be many things. One thing it “isn’t” is a reason to ban guns. As you can see guys like this are going to happen. The remedy is obviously “personal defense and protection”. You can’t station a security guard everywhere, and you won’t be able to keep guns out of the hands of people like this. People must retain the right to defend themselves. It is one of the things worth fighting for!

    • I totally agree about the gun point Boomer! This guy wouldn’t have stood a chance if just one of the people in there would have had a gun but big brother has everyone afraid to carry guns these days!!

      • It was curious that I and Codylisa had just spent the previous day watching V for Vendetta. Jersey Girls favorite movie , I beleive.

        Anymore, I never spend a day that isn’t odd.

  4. You have to see the entire video. It is fifteen minutes or more of a man who has no clue, no answers, no decisiveness and just waiting to get tagged. No friggin way Jose.

    I’m going to die today-V

    Once he heard the authorities outside, then at the most calm and direct time of the pleads and discussion he began to shoot without intent so that the cops and security would come.

    Suicide? Sure. MK, most definitly.

    • I agree Puddly,

      His demeaner is def that of a Sirhan–a brain turned to cotton candy.
      Sirhan didn’t hit anybody either…all stray shots from less than three feet away.
      That’s boinky, my mom who has never held a gun could hit someone at that range.
      Watching the guys mannerisms, he is sleepwalking…

      When things make so little sence, only one sense can be drawn from it.

      • Actually, the guy had a whole of problems. He was a poster child for the lack of social services resulting from America’s push toward neo-feudalism. At least he was focused on bureaucrats–that’s a start. Gonna be a whole lot more where this came from.

        • Yea Mr. O,
          We may be presumptuous…always that chance.
          Being involved with social services is one way to get entangled in the Intel web too. Always keep that in mind.
          We may never know for sure on this one.
          And you are right–this is just the beginning.
          Lots of corn in the kettle left to pop.

      • I’m wondering how much deeper the board was involved with this. The lady with the bag was MK too. As far as I’m concerned they were under EMP assault that rendered them in IRAQI SYNDROME.

        They were assaulted first by high EM 10-12hz and once surrendered they were sedated, incapacitated under ELF less that 7hz. That explains the calm, almost languid improvisation of that staged dramatization.

        Blanks? I’ll bet on that. Witnesses? Yeah like 911. Bullet holes? No Black holes in memory………

        • A very real possibility Puddy–everyone in the scene were acting like they were floating in a dream.

          “BLanks” is a good call. Even TRYING to miss at that range would be harder than hitting them–he’d have to be quite the William Tell marksman.

          All in all the surreal quality of the entire event is stiking.

    • I’m guessing you-tube but where can I go see the whole video Puddy?

      • CNN and Fox didi it on air until the COMMITTEE said no. That’s because an expert could find holes immediately in it.

        The blanks produced enough force to shift the desk papers and the authorities wounded him and then finished him off. The other players wer still under EM and under the table.

        MURDER BY SUICIDE now that I have taped the whole scenario.

  5. Tickers on different news channels were running fast at the bottom of the television screen. It was the evening before the next batch of Wikileaks were due for publication. I made sure to buy The Guardian – one of five newspapers publishing the documents. With remote control in hand, I was browsing through Sky News, BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera and Press TV. To the best of my recollection, it was Sky News which caught my eye. The breaking news referred to a planned Israeli nuclear attack on two American cities, which were to be linked to Pakistan. America would have had a cause to respond in kind and take out Pakistani nuclear sites. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I rewound the news to double check what I had just read. Thinking details would be published in the Guardian newspaper the following day I did not record it. Later, I rang a friend and told him about the mind boggling news. The bizarre news kept me awake most of the night.
    By Dr Ghayur Ayub


  6. The above story reminds me of watching a talk show with Jimmy Carter on, long time ago…

    At one point Carter says, one day he was in the Oval Office and three high level Intel guys came in unannounced. One sat in a chair facing his desk and put his feet up on it.
    The other two flanked it. The sitting agent said, “remember what happened to John Kennedy…”

    As Carter was midsentence the TV went blank–about 15 seconds later, a cowboy movie came on right in the middle of a scene–as if that was what had been on the whole time…nothing was ever said…the movie just played to finnish, then the next program came on.
    Shortly thereafter the delay system for broadcast began–to cut out “dirty language”.


  7. Are you guys sure it wasn’t the Mountain Dew in his system?

    I’ve seen a lengthier version of the episode, P.D., but I don’t believe it is what you are referring to…

    I agree this individual is “out of it”. If this guy had a plan, he forgot and left it at home, or in the bar. He is dazed and confused, as he walks around on his power trip. There are so many opportunities presented for him to be disarmed by others in the room, that it is amazing he finally got to the “point-blank” range. And then it must be considered — 1) was he programmed to “miss”. Or did he never have an intention of shooting anyone? His aim rates a FUBAR in any country. Did he just want to create a confrontation and get suicided? Why so publicly, and on camera? His performance leaves a poor legacy.

    2) Once he let the other people in the room go; he had to know he had only seconds before they would alert a security guard and he would be confronted. Yet, in the videos I saw he certainly does not look hurried. Through-out, the guy appears out-of-sorts, as you have noted.

    Is this MK Ultra? I haven’t seen anything regarding this man shooting himself, but I would say that the coup de grace is often an ending that smacks of mind-control. The Virginia U. shooter exhibited marked traces of being a mind-controlled assassin. Same with the Fort Hood psychiatrist.

    None-the-less. If any one of the schoolboard folks had been packing something better than a pencil, they could have controlled the outcome themselves instead of sitting there like ducks at a shooting gallery. I would think they will wonder for the rest of their lives why they are still alive, as the guy had all of them dead to rights in the head lights, and he only killed himself. It could have been a lot worse. Still a macabre tragedy.

    • Boom, gotcher email, replied.
      Did you get reply?

  8. Yule

    Dec 21, 2010 / Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse

    – Winter Solstice northern hemisphere 23:38 UT

    • Gee…I hope that doesn’t mean Armaggedon a year early…


  9. Checks in the mail.

  10. I think many view MKMonarch as all there is. It is a series of techniques, stimuli and matter.

    His problems were the culmination of MK. The chicken/egg. When it all comes together it may be

    His childhood (monarch was started in the 40’s, his military Service, his medical history, drugs, vaccines, gangstalkings, hypnosis, drugging, EMP assault, club memberships, associates and his own mental and willpower.

    There are too many opportunities to be found and MK has been refined over the last seventy years. You could black out from a good drunk and find yourself a d-trigger.

    Here’s an interesting note. Kurt Lewin, a German psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932 and was heavily involved in the search for the breaking point of human beings. Along with this was the rebuilding which was used by Nazi-Illuminati or the Bush Box family tree for Aryan Super Race. These individuals would be gods and without fear and capable of withstanding unlimited varieties of torture.

    There were over a hundred matter specific programs under this umbrella which include BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKDELTA, OFTEN, BELFRY, CAMELOT, DANCER, HAARP, HIGH TONE, MKDRACO, PANDROA, REACH, WATCHTOWER, XENO, MONARCH and SPELLBINDER.

    Project OFTEN [Theta] was a program that used occult and power to kill without weapons. “Men who stare at Goats”

    HAARP/BLUEBEAM is the most current endeavor for mass staging. This is in the hands of amateurs as well. Take the D’Souza family in Sacremento

    Just one of many fringe ops that can take someone from here to Them.

    The shooter was likely OMEGA. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.” The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and too much memory is being recovered.


      Yup Patterak…many scary tales in der hinterland, der fatherland un der homeland.
      From chatterboxes to scarecrows to Golem goon squads…the wraiths be circling like buzzards.

      The Crimson King is on his throne.


  11. purrrrrrrr …..

    So Clay paints a Red circle,
    then a V. ?

    Remember how they collapsed the world trade center,
    the twin towers,
    then 7 years latter collapse world trade

    The committee communicates with symbols
    and practice ritualistic sorcery.

    If you don’t believe me
    then just look at the money
    that you believe you need
    en-order to survive.

    The first mistake
    is to believe that you, me,
    we are not brainwashed.

    So let’s take a closer look, shall we.

    A lunar eclipse at the winter solstice.
    The last time this occurred was 1638.
    The next time it will occur
    will be 84 years into future.

    Do you think the committee
    would pass up such a marker of time ?

    Then around January 8-9, 2011 (01-09-11)
    Venus and mercury will rise as morning stars, together !
    betwix earth and the galactic center
    Venus as the morning star is called Lucifer

    this will repeat itself every 20 moons
    the next helical rise of Venus with mercury will be

    Aug 15, 2012 ~ Mars and Saturn conjunction

    @ Venus western elongation

    Aug 16, 2012

    * Mercury western elongation

    They plan in longer periods of time,
    as above so below,
    using astrotheological markers.

    Then the next helical rise of Venus with Mercury
    will take place during spring equinox

    Mar 14, 2014

    * Mercury western elongation

    Mar 16, 2014 / Full Moon


    Mar 20, 2014 – Vernal Equinox northern hemisphere 16:57 UT

    Mar 22, 2014

    @ Venus western elongation

    Notice how the distance of days
    between the helical rise of Mercury and Venus
    fall further away from each other as time progresses.
    Thus forming another longer cycle.

    So I guess the question is;
    Do you think the committee
    would pass up this juicy time marker ?

    The herd is kept on a hamster wheel
    of the 7 day work week
    living month to month
    chasing the cheese in the maze
    programmed every Sunday in Kirk.
    like good little sheep.

    “But unto you that fear my name
    shall the Sun of righteousness arise
    with healing in his wings;
    and ye shall go forth,
    and grow up as calves of the stall.”

    purrrrr ……

    • “The committee communicates with symbols
      and practice ritualistic sorcery.”~Pod

      Yes indeed, this much is so.

      Dec 21, 2010 / Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse…a trick opportunity for the Israeli strike on Iran. Possible.

      Have you followed Clif High’s work at Half Past Human?

      He is looking at 8 Jan 2011 for a completely different reason, having to do with a software charting program that he and his comrades have invented. Weird corralation with the astrological points here…

      Oracles speak in such language it is hard for human beings to accurately forcast on their heads. But one thing is certain…the center will not hold.

  12. Interesting Pod.

  13. Excellent POd!!!

    The first mistake
    is to believe that you, me,
    we are not brainwashed.

    Excellent. That’s where it starts for us. Assume YES to all.
    Buyers remorse~self mutilation.
    They’re connected. The Alpha Omega spectrum introduces markers.
    Facebook reveals it to the committee.

    They find candidates there whereas one hundred years ago it was in Masonry, Demolay and other orgs and military, prisons, mental facilities etc.
    A few thousand years ago it was in the temples of Egyptian science.

    The World Wide Web is just as advertised. Say it “WORLD WIDE WEBBBBBB!”
    IN PLAIN VIEW folks.

    As Pod so efficently and succinctly expresses, they have to work in time-numerology. It’s not by whim or wish, but mandated in all things universal.
    Predetermined by the highest power

    This is the Aquarian phase and Pods markers are notes on their symphony of illunination The most frequently encountered chords in theory and music are triads, so called because they consist of three distinct notes: further notes may be added to give seventh chords, extended chords, or added tone chords. The most common chords are the major and minor triads and then the augmented and diminished triads. The descriptions “major”, “minor”, “augmented” and “diminished” are sometimes referred to collectively as chordal “quality”.

    The numerology and mechanisms of Illuminati Triad are no different.

    /-2nd amendment-disarm America-Fear
    _-School board mind programmers and pedophiles are heroes
    \- “V” vendetta conspiracy folks are deranged killers
    X – Redistribution of wealth, new gun control SB4332, Scanners at school to kill our children and citizens with DNA altering EM radiation

    XX + X = /_\

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