Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 17, 2010

The Internet and the LART’s

The Internet and the LART’s

As part of the massive  mind control, beta programming sequences comes the stimuli. Without the addictive LART’s (learned automatic responses to triggers) we would be better equipped for the looming endgame.

I am not a defeatist but my theory on the internet is that of a Heller-22 scenario. When in 1975 MIT was said to have coined the term LART, they were referring to LART  (Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool)  which in essence was to be used against particularly annoying local intranet users or “Lusers.”

A well structured triad requires the need, warrant and opportunity (nwo) to function properly. As a member of COTO, I wholeheartedly accept this dialectic process to achieve the desired results. For us Lusers who have bought into the world wide web hook line and sinker, we can look at the components of committee plans to use this to our disadvantage.

Scientists have shown that if you touch a precise location on the brain with an electrode, the memory stored in this location, and all the feelings associated with this memory, will surface. 

With addiction it has been accepted that learned automatic responses to triggers are responsible for the actions we take in response to our addictive natures. Therefore tapping into these LART’s are the means to control our actions. As Lusers we are not aware of the computer-brain connections though we may know that they are one in the same in many of the operational systems and properties.

The subconscious, like the computer have hidden files, programs and functional responses we never see while working within its system. As in the function of the brain, the considerably larger portion of the system lies in the programming and coding laying under the sub-levels. These programmed LARTS have been implanted by committee programmers from our first years of life and even some may have been done prior to delivery or pre-packaged if you will.

Tapping into these trigger applications whether innocently or by designed does not alter the basic fact of mind control. We are 90-95% operating at sub-level subconsciousness and that represents the hidden files and processes that dominate our performance. As a computer operates similarly we must look to these sub-levels to understand how we along with computers will eventually evolve and in my opinion, dissolve.

Humans are believed to have three levels of consciousness. They are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind. The 90% subconscious is made up of a storage. This includes a list of things like greed, avarice, envy, violence, sexual latencies,  etc. as well as the programming experiences we dismiss, locked up and stored like so much junk in our garages.  But inside this hard disk are the superconscious conduits and circuits which we should be tapping into.

Superconsciousness is associated with higher potential, creativity, intuition, quantum reality and spiritual awareness. People who have developed mind powers such as being psychic are often attributed to being able to access universal consciousness or the quantum field. It is this sub-level that has been under attack by the committee since day one. It is the dormant atrophied segment that has been corrupted by years if GIGO, MK, PhRMA and Electromagnetic Frequency sabotage.

While the superconscious has been morphed to theoretical sci-fi, the subconscious has been hi-jacked, nourished and reared by the committee. As discovered in the MK-Ultra research and other Pavlovian experimentations, we are able to repress, reactivate and recall this subconscious sector through Alpha processes and be delivered to Beta and Theta stations with the use of multiple programming techniques. A contiguous series of mind altering and regenerating, repetitive syntaxes to design, exploit and render predictability and desired patterns.

MIT and the DARPA goons have effectively delivered such a vehicle in the World Wide Web. The internet has enabled global hypnotic entrances into Alpha hard wiring for our pleasures. Instant bell-ringing for connecting the conscious to the sub-levels. Isn’t the free porn enough to convince you? Would the global committee and under administrators not ban that first as a means to keep a healthier society?   The deadly unconscious aspects are being fed via violent video games, cyber bullying , con games, scams, tabloid character assassination, propaganda, pedophilia and browsing addiction are all available in this . This REALITY phenomenon goes unchecked and the internet offers all to a worldwide audience. Mostly free.  When money seems to be the largest motivator for most of the world, one must ask why the internet and it’s offerings have for the larger part been free.

I conclude the mission is of dependency, data mining, experimentation and destruction. It presents the same multiple opportunities for the global kings of human containment and enslavement.  When there is talk of the internet kill bills or rumors of the cyber attacks that could take down the networks, it would appear to me to be another programming meme to further the agenda of global control.

The carrot stick method is a particularly useful tool, especially when the carrot is less than what we deserve but the best of two choices. As in all Triads there are only two options. The concept is pretty simple.

An example for dope dealers to give away high-grade heroin, hooking the subject and then after dependence providing over cut crap at high prices.  Take it or leave it. Once the internet was free but not for long. What will it cost?  Well it’s like the bad heroin so how much will you pay? You need it for your work, research, shopping, banking and your entertainment.  Once the  hook is placed and the line is sufficiently allowed to run, it has nothing left to be done but reeled in. Another catch without release.

Heller’s-22 is a  perennial piece central to the global agenda in controlling ones compliance in that you require the need of the cellular phone, internet, GPS, digital transitions and other grid tools to bring you into the collective.  As you know this no win scenario leads to same end. Whether you opt out to find yourself  without your livelihood, your home, your income, your family or your connection to the grid or you opt to remain under the terms of committee compliance and manipulation you will eventually arrive at the same place. From birth and your contract certificate of serfdom to the state to your programmed education, race for the degree, the grey flannel wrapping paper and necktied silk leash, you have been programmed to fail.

Social engineering, service based economies and global economies were nice terms for what was in reality a critical designed program to reel the populations into the net. Independence, self-sufficiency, anonymity were the targets for this agenda and they have all but been completed.  At some date the future merging of elite based corporate supermergers and UN based global government will be the employers of everyone. This is not socialism, communism, free market or capitalism. It is reality and understood by all administrators and a small percentage of the worker bees.

Those in compliance are not about to quit their cushy government jobs with benefits regardless of how they feel about censorship, RFID chipping, taxes, chemtrailing, eugenics or any other tentacle of the OCTOPUS  and the corporate slaves won’t even see the correlation. When the first guidestone law is set into motion it will be administered without discrimination, impulse or prejudice. It will be done as coolly and calculated as you do when deleting files from your laptop.

I no longer have any problem with the kill switch. It will not be a part of any future plan other than to play you on the line as they reel you in for fileting. For all you Yossarian’s out there, I’d advise a major defrag and start looking at the grid, all the components of it and determine how you should adjust when down goes the internet, phones, DSL and satellites. I believe once they reboot,  the game is over.



  1. Today, I arrived at a new acronym: WET. If you were newly arriving at a refugee camp, beyond food, shelter, and medical supplies, what three things would be top priority? Water, Electricity, Telecom. WET.

    And who says that the internet is “free”? How much money do you send to telecom providers every month? Telecoms are big business. They rake in very healthy amounts of profit all the time.

    I believe that everybody is spending for connectivity all the time. Lots of internet content is free, but if you have paid for connectivity, then you have paid for your use of the on-ramp.

    • Not the internet John. The Web. Money is always the priority and moving up the pyramid is key. But the content, access, data mining, free trials, free porn, free gaming, coupon access, surveys etc. are all free.

      I have no doubt they would like to charge you nickels for all this diversion, but that doesn’t guarantee the main objective. Creating the massive dossier on the herd. Once that is sufficiently collected they will start charging you a quarter a visit.

      A dollar to read and download an article. Fifty cents an hour to surf the porn site.
      A facebook, Twitter or WordPress fee to be garnered from your real ID debit barcode.

      Right now, they get millions of dollars to sell your information.

      Entrepreneur, Software developer, Acitivst, Politician
      BIO: M, 44, AUG, 1966:
      RELIGION: Unknown, Buddhist [inc]
      PARTY: Independent [John Kusumi who ran as an independent candidate in the 1984 presidential elections]
      EDUCATION: Holy Cross HS – 1984 ASU – 1985 -1991

      1035 S. Main St., #230
      Cheshire, CT 06410

      717 S MILL AVE #339
      TEMPE,AZ 85281

      The China Support Network
      1035 S. Main St., #230. Cheshire, CT 06410
      USA 1 (203) 640-2715 mailto:

      SN: LinkedIn, Facebook, My Space, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter:
      CODE: 911 truth, Obama Deception, China activist,


      He is to receive junk from college sports depot, Travel, trips to Far East and ski resorts, IPad, IPod, NetFlix, ………..

      I wont include page two. But page two could indicate you are squeaky clean and the list of sites you visit don’t include any dirt. That makes you dangerous to the committee and their dirt dossier is weak. Your just too good a human being for the grid. They’ll have to keep an eye on you John.

      • I hope you didn’t pay millions of dollars for out-of-date information! 🙂

        But you’ve got me curious – can you email me page 2 that you speak of?

        • They have page two, not me. If you have a page three you should move to Theodore Kaczynski’s neighborhood and quietly. 😉

  2. Cool quote:

    Those who expect to reap
    the blessings of freedom must,
    like men,
    undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
    -Thomas Paine The Crisis Sep 12, 1777

  3. Blistering hot analysis Patrick. And the illios are beautious as well.

    I have been contingency planning as per the major sign “downtime” will be. That it is the nod to the horse to go. Whether the horse is blind or not is whether the horse and rider survive.
    The “horse” in this instant being the cognative reach so far attained.

    Cheyan Bodi Satra Powder blast to the new psychic paradigm…10, 9, 8, 7……

    See yea on the rooftop.


  4. Nice piece, Puddy. Having lived completely off the grid for 7 years, I learned much: the necessity fo pre-planning (watch the forest animals), what reality really “was”, survival, instincts, listening with your entire being and complement of senses to the environment you inhabit, repairing and fixing versus discarding and buying new, what really are necessities, all manner of things 99% of today’s Americans take for granted and never think upon.

    It was a course in “reality check”, “Personal responsibility”. I believe it is extremely valuable for individuals to question their reality, and ask “what if?” Then consider the ramifications, and play out the scenario…

    Examples I used to ask myself: What if the lights and heat (electricity) don’t come on anymore when I flip the switch?

    What if I cannot buy gasoline or oil products?

    What if “I” become the sole provider of any food we obtain? By growing it, hunting it, bartering or buying it?

    What if fiat paper money’s value went Pfffttt, and “everything” I had denominated in it was gone in a Flash!?

    What if your job, house, all underpinnings disappeared?

    What if the laws of society broke down? How would I protect myself and my family? Is praying going to be enough, or maybe God actually expected me to use the brain He gave me and plan, be proactive, and perform (the 3 P’s we might call them) the necessary actions required to survive and prosper as far as possible.

    I consider the internet a “tool”. I realize it is “virtual” and ethereal as such, and can disappear in a moment with no notice. A real tool like a hammer, a winch, a gun, or a rope is a tangible tool which I control and own. People fooling themselves with “virtual” necessities is the reality that the mind controlled accept in place of the real these days…

    >Fiat money instead of hard money.
    >TV & internet & sports, etc. entertainment in place of real life.
    >Politicians cavorting as Leaders to create a dangerous and malignant system of “extraction” that is sold as a system of prosperity, of safety, as an inhabitable environment worth spending your life within. WTF!
    >Foodstuffs that appear like food and are marketed as such, but which are in fact “food substitutes”, devoid of providing nourishment. Rather, the point of these poisons is to suck out life and money over time from the victims of the mind control.

    Etc., Etc.

    It really is a Matrix that has been constructed, Puddy. And until you step out of it, tune out, and turn on to what reality really is — you are a slave to the system of mind control.

    The trick of survival is to be able to survive inside the matrix, and outside equally well (the term “well” meaning reasonably, no opulently). And the most important question(s) anyone can ask are subjective and deep questions of themselves:

    > Why would I choose to live in “the matrix” anyways? What do I get out of it? How can I use it to my advantage if I choose to play in it? Will it absorb my “free” essence, deform me in some way, or can I cut off the cords and walk away anytime I choose?
    > If “this” isn’t reality, what is?
    > How can I learn to survive and flourish outside the matrix? Why wouldn’t I want to experience and utilize the tangible world around me? What’s with the mesmerizing bright, shiny and flashing lights designed to lure me into the casino of my filleting?
    > Isn’t there something ( a lot of things) better in life than this shit that is pawned off as “life”?

    There is much to reflect on in and around this subject matter, Puddy.

    Now, would be the time to get into it, and decide if we are real men and women or virtual men and women?

    Do we live BS virtual lives or inhabit a tangible real existence?

    I personally believe we get to decide the answer to these questions. Its all about choices isn’t it?

  5. Thanks Boom. That really sums the the equation.

    We are conscious of very little. We do quite well for 10%. But the 90% is under constant attack, polluted, thrown in chaos, directed into holes that make us all so vulnerable.

    It was all about getting into the system. Trained and Educated for failure once they pull these tools or at least place conditions on being ion the grid.

    You know that the sheeple will comply. Fear, Disconnection, Loss will be too much. Depression, Anxiety and Desperation will ensue and we can all expect some degree.

    If we start to develop the Superconscious, the telepathic, independent, fearless, farsighted view of the world, we can survive. Our survival is their failure.

    John Kusumi could provide the example of T-Square and the superconscious individuals on that front line. Tragic as it was it was such a powerful event and it had deeper impact on the committee. Fear was their response.

    While the rest of the largest regional sheep deposit are in the matrix grid, many may be T-squarers as well.

    That’s the part of global I like!

  6. Personally, I am of the age where I spent most of my life before the electronic frontier went any further than television sets. The lifestyle I had unlinked me from that almost entirely.

    I never got hooked on games of any sort. Although an atlete in school, I only joined the track team–I an independent in that way, never a real “team player”

    All of this to say…I live in the real world, have a lifes experience there–and find the web a fascinating new tool–almost exclusively used to express my socio-political opinions. And of course to fill my NSA dossier as full as I possibly can. I would hate to loose out on any prizes they are giving out at the end of the world.


    • I was a wrestler Willie. When the downside of free speech and truth become unbalanced to the data mining and programming, then it will initiate the response we were fearing (imho, of course)

      I’m proud to have a page three. I’ll skip the movie and exit willingly during the previews. That is unless it is a Matt Damon movie. I like those.

  7. You crack me up Rogue!

    Hey, the Sheeple are one creature that may or may not be deprogrammed, and come to their actual “senses”. A very small percentage will ever, and would ever choose to think and exist in the Real world.

    What do youse wise guys think about the programmed and mind controlled jack boot stormtroopers or management? Any hope for an epiphany for these people to realize they serve maniacal masters, and have turned each order-taker into monsters doing the bidding of the meat machine? “What” information or Shock might bring them back to humanity’s side?

    Or are they robots forever…hopelessly programmed for destruction? In other words, do they have a heart, and could it ever be reached? Rogue or Puddy, you might consider Albury Ballistic or Trumpeting Tom Murphy types. The foot troops, the grunts, I think they are lost. Used up like a tread on a balding tire, and thrown into a pile to rot.

    • “Or are they robots forever…hopelessly programmed for destruction? In other words, do they have a heart, and could it ever be reached?”~Boom

      My opinion is that the greater part of this mass of prolies are robots forever.

      Werph Aucht from the time/space continuum aspect.

      But don’t let that spoil your ‘do’…a harp is a difficult instrument to master. Perhaps an infinite class on such strings is what every hot blooded meat pack needs.


  8. “The increasingly overt uses of force by the elites to maintain control should not end acts of resistance. Acts of resistance are moral acts. They begin because people of conscience understand the moral imperative to challenge systems of abuse and despotism. They should be carried out not because they are effective but because they are right. Those who begin these acts are always few in number and dismissed by those who hide their cowardice behind their cynicism. But resistance, however marginal, continues to affirm life in a world awash in death. It is the supreme act of faith, the highest form of spirituality and alone makes hope possible. Those who carried out great acts of resistance often sacrificed their security and comfort, often spent time in jail and in some cases were killed. They understood that to live in the fullest sense of the word, to exist as free and independent human beings, even under the darkest night of state repression, meant to defy injustice.”~Chris Hedges


  9. Patrick, I appreciate your mention of LARTs, and your thoughts in general about dialectics, social programming, etc. Political and social manipulation is real, and there seems to be a playbook of tyrants, learned from Nazi methods as exposed at Nuremberg and from the George Orwell 1984 novel.

    However, it is a bit too paranoid to indict the whole internet without qualification. As you know, it is not a scheme with a single driver. Because of the many people it now connects, the internet is similar to the streets in a town. There’s no “kill switch” that instantly removes all the streets in your town; and the internet itself is not going to suffer a simultaneous, universal shut down.

    Can they make road blocks, road construction, detours, and toll booths? Yes. But at the end of day, the roads are still there, and the internet is still there.

    Now I think I realize that your article wasn’t worrying that it’s going away; but we both know that Lieberman and the COICA authors have designs to impose upon all of us. Your article was more worried about (1) collection of dossiers; and (2) that they’ll start charging for content. Of these two, (1) is more likely, and (2) is less likely.

    You see, we should have less worry about central authorities pulling the rug from under the internet, because it has a very robust design and is largely driven by its endpoints. (The endpoints represent the specific people and outfits who are behind any given IP address.)

    However, the internet is like Main Street. I’m saying don’t worry about the whole thing overall, but somewhere on Main Street you might find an office of ICE, Homeland Security, or the TSA. So, are there things on Main Street / the internet that you should worry about? Yes, individual outfits.

    If you want to tell me “Worry about Google” or “Worry about Facebook,” then that makes more sense. There are databases under the hood at Google and at Facebook, and they seem eager to sell the data to any old advertiser (and, government agencies can pose as advertisers, or just be government agencies, and they’ll probably get cooperation from Google and Facebook).

    In general, though, it’s a level playing field where the rest of us can get in the game and do the same things. For example, over at OEN, Rob Kall has a database under the hood of OEN. Here at COTO, an archive of our material would fill a database – and at intervals, it makes sense to store a backup of it. Our roster would form a smaller database, but that too should be backed up.

    I just think that it is too paranoid to ascribe malevolent intent to the mere existence of the internet. If we are suspicious of all – well, then, we must also allow the thought that Rob Kall and you and I are here with malevolent intent. Hopefully, we know better than to start down that road. Is the restaurant on Main Street there with malevolent intent? I just think there is a fine line that you have crossed into being too paranoid.

    • I am sure Puddy has an answer for you himself. I would just say, as far as ‘paranoia’ goes…if you don’t hear toilets flushing in a matter of months…sometime in 2011, then something has happened to fuck up their schedual.

      They Do have some hard-wiring problems though don’t they.

      This take down is being done by ‘regions’–it is already underway. The southern border is a warzone. Even the Internet has a problem focussing on this area.
      I had a site up that had pics of the beheadings that is nowbeing dissed in the mainstream news–that site is down hard.
      I saved some of those images, but I have to admit, they were so disgusting that it didn’t take long to get my ‘quota’ and I could look anymore.


  10. I agree John. Any kill switch will be for testing. The T1’s will never go down entirely unless nuclear
    EMP or Solar Photon radiation blast. They can do it whenever they choose to. INTERNET TWO IS READY [***NEW AND IMPROVED***]

    HAARP is capable of disrupting the smart grid and the likely scenario is they will try it or fry it all sometime over the next two years.
    For these reasons:

    1. Analog to digital campaign

    2. Updating all new TV, Cellular 3/4 G, Computers and hand helds PDA to new GPS GWEN and not the old method GPS compares the timing of radio signals from satellites in space or triangulation collects directional signals from cell phone towers.
    GWEN Wi-Fi local area networks track high-frequency radio signals from transmitters as well as other COMCON space systems.

    3. Connecting the systems will give DOD full operable abilities in time of false flag. They replaced the GWEN system, with Milstar and have been buisily popping the Military Strategic and Tactical Relay satellites in orbit since 1994 in preparation for agenda 21

    4. NASA Blue Beam project that goes along with the telepathic electronical two-ways communication where ELF, VLF and holograms will provide our entertainment and deaths.

    4. Money – They will beta test Genesis with a solar based global warming type hoax and the system will go down (black or brown) If you don’t have faraday protection, your stuff will likely be fried and you will upgrade. They always redistribute $$$ up the pyramid as always in any Zion-Mafioso hierachy historically.

    PREPARATIONS ARE NEEDED. (remember chicken little and Serge Monast)

  11. United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
    Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992
    AGENDA 21

    “Humanity stands at a defining moment in history.”

    Yes indeed it does…this is a note from the New World Order.

    What fries my ass is that the called “government” of the US involves “We the People” in this fairy romp without choice, using a game of pretend.
    Where is that silver bullet with Shylock’s name on it?


  12. I will say this about the psyop 9/11; It backfired. I was on the web researching steadily before that day.

    Since then I have seen an exponential explosion in web sites of awareness.
    This of course is why the hysterical panic in the marble halls of Zion.

    Remember, it is actions taken in a state of panic that causes error and accident.
    The first and most grievous error was 9/11 itself. They’re mouth wrote a check that their ass can’t cash.

    I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen, this will NOT turn out well for the Golem.


  13. I don’t see the Internet thing doing down by legislation anyway. It will be a psyop ‘cyber attack’, the PR is already rolled out:

    “Terrorist cyber attacks on government computer systems and businesses could be “the next Pearl Harbor”, the head of Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has warned.”
    Interesting choice of language here. Perhaps we should call it ritual mantra.


  14. Now were on the same page Willie. Legislation like Copenhagen, Obamacare and COICA are scripted directives from OZ. Committee planners setting the tones for Alpha events to get the flavor of public opinion and continue their purpose and core competence, which is divide and conquer via Chaos.

    /_\ – triad chaos [congress-media-shadow]

    None of these drastic and ridiculously unconstitutional bills will ever see the light of day. They serve as hollywood scripts, to be played out by fighting to direct those energies away from the real battle. GENESIS transformation.

    The top priority is mastering the manipulation of truth into a weapon through the three degrees. Everything else is a mere Set Design change and visceral trimmings presented to the grunion as the conduit for their focus, energy and attention.

    Try to play tennis with fifty balls bouncing on the court. Remember you are trying to win the big 1st place check so you can be rich, famous, get laid and your ego and energy is on competition and winning. It’s too bad you haven’t even noticed your opponent is an 800lb. Gorilla with an AR-15.

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