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...but if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao…

Am I advocating being a “moderate?” A “centrist?”  “Realpolitik?”  Feh.  A plague upon such weasels.

Here is what I AM saying: watch-the-hell-out for the PUPPETS,  Because, as the great Philosopher Joey Tissue said, “…when it comes down to it… you’re BOTH just a couple of dummies.”  True enough.  But the Puppets… like The Almighty… have their OWN purposes.

Well… not exactly. The puppets are pre-programmed by the memes that have consumed them… sorta like the “Manchurian Candidate,” except there is likely no “Grand-Master Programmer” that deliberately engineered the precise memeplex nor implanted it with any such precision.

The puppet memes are more random, more chaotic, more cascading, more fractal than we are capable of imagining just yet.  No doubt there are wannabe “master-programmers” (the Dummies) who THINK they are precisely controlling the puppets, and this is Hubris in the extreme.  There has never been such a group.

No, I am not poo-pooing the existence of a NWO, Zionism, UFOs, Secret Societies or conspiracies of any type.  Conspiracies DO exist– always have.  What I dispute here is that they are capable of producing a precise and desired outcome, even if they ARE capable of controlling (let’s say) the weather.

In our time, what is OBVIOUS (not “certain,” but extremely likely -or  “probable”) is that “911” was an “inside job.”  That ALONE is enough to turn “the world as we know it” completely on  its head.  It has happened before.  Unfortunately, by the time this is realized it renders the usual who-what-why causality moot.

Forget the Dummies.  It’s the puppets that change History.




  1. Ningyō jōruri


  2. It’s the new Feudalism, man. Keep the dummies distracted with religion and boogeymen.

    Same as it always was…

  3. Why Germany Has It So Good– And Why America is Going Down the Drain:

    Mock the Dummies… and propose the OBVIOUS “solution:” Social Democracy- some would call it (yeek!) “socialism.”

    True, Dummies… the “government” DOES get more of “your” munny… the difference is- you actually HAVE some.

    Speaking of Schadenfreude… I know a few people here in krakkkerland who have bitched about “taxes” for as long as I have known them.

    They lost their “jobs.” NOW they don’t have to “pay taxes.” Why aint they “happy?”

    • Fuck your Commie shit Skullface.

      I’m not going ’round’n’round on this carousel one more time with you.

      This Marxist bullshit tightens my jaw.


  4. Unlike “sovereign States’ rights,” (woah- isn’t that “statism?”) Marxism HAS evolved since 1861.

    Yea, I know it’s “evolution”, I’ve read Atzioni, and his Communitarianism.

    “States rights” had to do with avoiding a centralized NATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

    Our wealth as a people has been ripped off in a USURY scam. It has nothing to do with needing government hand-outs. The “government” has been party to the rip off.

    Germany also has “thought crime laws”, speak of the Jujubees there and not only do you loose your job {ala Rick Sanchez} you go to jail.

    We have already had the New World Order police state shoved down our throats…

    All of this “Please sir, more” oinking is useless yada yada.

    You’re already diced and iced skullface, this isn’t Kansas anymore.


    • “…government handouts?” Your code-words give you away. That’s a memetic “hot button.” Is Social Security (which you have been paying for all your working life) a “government handout?”

      What next– “big-screen teevees?”

      What’s your problem with Etzioni? Is it his position on “secure ID?” I don’t agree with that either… nor do I agree with the German “thought crime,” (NOMB- I’m not a German citizen) any more than I agree with our “hate speech” laws.

      Agree on the “usury system” that was flawed at its heart… because the limits have not been/ are not enforced. Even krakkkerland has a usury law… also not enforced.

      And WHAT entity is there to enforce such laws? The “market?” Good luck with that. That’s why I say the “feral gummint” does not exist. As you have pointed out elsewhere… “enforcement” is quite selective. It tends to favor the FATs and not the “community.”

      “…diced and iced?” What- by dummies? Get your OWN dicing and icing here: “gummint ALWAYS baaaad… market ALWAYS goooood” is for dummies. (and so is the reverse) Coercion is one of the few things able to trump Capital… as Community eventually trumps Coercion.

      Welcome a bit of Pleasantville into your black-and-white world. Red aint such a bad color… even when you got da blues. (state metaphor noted)

      • You’re always arguing at the teabaggers and other nuts and thinking you are talking to me Woowoo.

        You forget that ALL of this shit that has come down the last 200 years is ILLEGAL.

        We got ripped off by crooks. The system was re-engineered for their scam. There is NO economic system, it is a casino.

        What’s my issue with Etzioni? He’s a fucking Commie in drag. Communitarianism isn’t anything but communism with seven extra letters to fool the DUMMIES.
        This bullshit about “ballancing community rights to individual rights” is simply absurd jabberwacky.
        It is the combined individual rights that ARE the communty rights–it is a false dicotomy to split the two rhetorically and DIAMETRICALLY as he has. It is precisely this that you fail to grok.

        • “It is the combined individual rights that ARE the community rights–…”

          What- so now you’re channeling Maggie Thatcher? Note the word, “combined.” And what, exactly, do you CALL this “combination” in the abstract? The “combination” itself does not exist? Good luck with that one. I think you been readin too many Ronnie Ray-gun comix.

          So what IS the “more perfect union,” you know- the one that’s SUPPOSED to be the base for our “Constitutional Republic?” I agree that there is no “financial system” in the same sense that there is no “federal government.” But there IS a Santa Claus?

          Wait… maybe they’re formed of the same stuff… you know- spirit, dreams… all like that… which is one problem I have with Marxian theory- Historical Materialism and such. It’s the difference between Santa in a child’s smile and those leering facsimiles in big-box stuff-marts.

          Been called a “commie” before- and sure am used to all kinds of folk dissin memetics. Just sayin- wilrod… mebbe you aint a teeper… but sometimes you sure make noises like one.

  5. Waldo…the government which does not exist is the entity to which our taxes are paid..correct?

    So are you happy having the majority of your tax dollars going to endless war and bankster bailouts cause that’s where they are going. the fat cats are pocketing all our hard earned dollars while our older citizens are denied cost of living raises for the past two years on their social security.

    They sure aren’t being spent on health care or social security or creating new jobs now are they?

    WHy in the HELL are you not pissed off at more taxes then?!?!!! WHere do YOU think they are going?

    • “…the majority of your tax dollars going to endless war…”

      That is EXACTLY what I am pissed off about, JG… “…They sure aren’t being spent on health care or social security or creating new jobs…” exactly.

      Unfortunately, most of the dummies (here in krakkkerland, anyway) think the majority of their “tax dollars” are going to buy messicans free health care and “big-screen teevees” for the naggers who “…don’t want to work.” Yeah- right… “government handouts.”

      They can’t see the biggest “government handouts” are going to General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and corpse-feeders like Xe. Maybe that’s because many of them “work” for the “defense industry” and they’re still paying for their cheep Chinese big-screen teevee they bought at War-Mart and now the remote is busted… I dunno.

      They don’t mind being tagged, bagged and surveyed because they think that’s keeping them “safe” from “terrists.” Congressperp wannabe Butthead is one of the dummies… and he’s attracting lots of puppets. And while I don’t give a squat about “voting” (but I do anyway– for entertainment purposes ONLY), I see plenty o puppets scooping ammo off the shelves.

      “Gummint spending” isn’t the problem. As you say- it’s what they spend it ON. Germany is far from perfect… but they DO have a “Social Democracy,” and the difference it makes in every-day life has to be experienced to see the difference. Real food. Real buildings. A lot fewer dummies.

      Oh yeah… and they aren’t terrified of the kops.

      • Federal “gummint” spending IS the problem. They have no LEGAL authority to collect the money the spend. That is how this “National Budget” thing got pumped up to the fricking zeppelin it is–the deal between the Banks and their puppets.

        You have a gap in your thinking the size of Grand Canyon comrade.

        Your position is nothing but futher sedition to the republic system that was subverted by these criminal maniacs in the first place.
        You should spend as much time on US history and constitutional law as you do with your hero Marx.

        We do NOT need socialism–we need the wealth of the nation restored to its rightful owners–along with our rights and liberties.
        All this meme mimi birdsong tweetle dee is dialectical bullshit. Your noodle has been twisted into a knot in your skull by all this commie propaganda.

        But this is all moot skullman–its all over but the screaming, the New World Order is here and you live there. Get used to it. Your rap promotes it anyway–you just don’t see how you are just a note in the big dialectical chorus.

  6. Wow. Imagine our globalist leaders here in the US telling us that multiculturalism had failed.

    Seems Merkel has the conjones to say it…

    No feudalism for europe. I guess they’ll have to cut their own lawns. Bummer.


    And for your particular edification, I bring you this, which only touches on one element in the way information is hijacked on wiki in particular and all sources in general. As per your defenses some time ago of information gleaned there:

    The same sort of thing was revealed about CAMERA a Jewish Hasbara unit that was working a similar scam on Jewish Israeli issues–especially molding the history, not only of Palestine, but of the phony group calling themselves Jews.

    “Jew” is an 18th century word–never used before that time, and only defined by a political force coming into power with the House of Rothschild.

    This is why I call the crap taught in schools Lollipop History…all the noodles you took for granted are bleached worms.


    • CAMERA’s shit has been on front-street for quite some time. Moot.

      Now- is this about Jooz or about “global warming?” Or are you trying to make “global warming” a Joo-thing? Nice try.

      Global warming: “certainty” is a rare thing these days in real “science.” Dissenting opinions? Sure there are. But the overwhelming consensus is that it IS real and that a major contributing factor is man-made. I’m not sure what “global warming propagandist” means, but it sounds like bullshit to me.

      Jooz: first, bias disclaimer: many of my childhood friends were Jewish. I was sort of their “token Goy-boy.” I tended bar at many of their little sister/brother’s bas/bar Mitzvahs. I hold a deep regard/ esteem/ affection for many of them to this day. They ALL went to Israel, and most of them went through (as one described it) their “Zionist phase.”

      I DO NOT like the feeling that they are being tarred with the same brush as the Israeli war-criminals. They were subject to their own home-spun myths (memes- actually) and they thought their way through it just like most of us did.

      I believe the Israeli war-criminals were in deep collusion (Dov Zackheim) with the Amerikkkan war-criminals to bring us the “911” event that has greased the skids for transfer of (even more) “wealth” (ie- fake-ass paper “currency”) to the FATs.

      That’s as far as I go with “deep conspiracy” because that’s enough for me right now. I dunno about HAARP or Fluoride, but the GMO-Monsanto collusion certainly keeps the door open, OTOH- “Protocols” smells like deep bullshit to me. There you have it.

      Oh- and one more personal bias: I tend to dismiss anybody who calls me a “commie” as a simple shit… either a dummy (somebody who is lock-step with some kind of dogma- an “authoritarian”) or a puppet (somebody who is wildly out-of-control… basically a stupid “social dominator”).

      THE REASON WE ARE HERE is because some lame-ass “authoritarian” (ie- dummy) could not handle a broad(er) spectrum of ideas/opinions. Among these ideas is that the “official story” of the “911” event is deep bullshit. This is “Bullshit 101” to most of the COTO.

      So willywoo… I’m not so sure about your Weltjude “theory.”

      • Global warming: “certainty” is a rare thing these days in real “science.” Dissenting opinions? Sure there are. But the overwhelming consensus is that it IS real and that a major contributing factor is man-made. I’m not sure what “global warming propagandist” means, but it sounds like bullshit to me.

        awww Waldo..cmon. there is NO overwhelming concensus except in the paid to say so camp.
        theres well over a thousand scientists now signing up to be quoted its not agreed or even a proven fact!
        panicking foks over 6f sea rises? when its averaged 6mm or LESS per century so far? yet they state as a fact a 3ft rise in 100 years?
        al gore Hansen and pachauri 3 stooges with money in it.
        add maurice strong…

        • Oz,
          I don’t think Waldo is speaking to us anymore.
          I haven’t seen him around for months.

          Maybe he was using the “global warming’ moniker to speak to the obvious human footprint left on the environment. It seems oft to be the case that those who prefer fields of wildflowers to asphalt parking lots will use the PR term and not really be talking about that at all.

          Just a guess on my part–I can’t really speak for the old skull faced boy.

          • 🙂 I hate carparks too, wildflowers win with me too, but I am not sucked into the warmist crapola.
            reading the verbals tween you two, I guess waldos gone to cool his bones off. wasnt looking at dates when I posted:-)

            • Oz,

              As much as I like Waldo–and I do–I have this automatic jackhammer that will not cater to any Trotskyesque turdtalk.
              We seem to get into the tango everytime…

              I’m convinced it is due to his academic programming…he just can’t seem to hop over that fence.

  8. **Your Comment at 9:09 Waldoo

    Note the word, “combined.” And what, exactly, do you CALL this “combination” in the abstract?


    Look Waldom, on the issue of Liberty, if you had the slightest concept of what it really is; it is understood that with rights come the equal Responsibilities in each aspect.

    This aspect of “communities” isn’t some modern concept devised by your social engineers. The ‘Commons’ and the interaction of individual rights amongst the holders there of is not some vague, abstract. It is the social contract from common law reaching back beyond the Magna Carta.
    What the American Revolution brought was the destruction of “the Divine Right of Kings”–thus repudiating Blackstone, on that and on issues of bearing arms and self defence–issues of war powers, and issues of transparency in government [executive privilege and such].

    This is what I mean when I say there is no ISSUE of balancing individual and “community” rights–they are two sides of the same coin: Rights/Responsibilities>>a philosophy extant and quite complete.


  9. Seriously Waldo, Are you comprehending my reasoning here, or are you just forming rhetorical strategies to ‘win’ some argument?

    Do you really have such disdain for Liberty? They are your own rights…
    I don’t grasp how you can come from such a position lacking your very own self interests.


    • “…disdain for Liberty? ”

      Wow. How could anybody have a “disdain for Liberty?” That’s like a disdain for motherhood and apple pie. Truth is, I don’t know what you MEAN by “Liberty.”

      To me, “Liberty” is an “institutional” (ie- “collective”) form of “freedom.” Don’t lecture my ass about “freedom.” I know what “freedom” is, I am a biker and a pilot and a shooter and an outdoors-person. I know what it’s like to do whatever-the-fook you want… and there’s little or no possibility that it’s going to affect anybody else.

      “Liberty” is different. It is what you can do while staying in the “collective” that does the least amount of harm to the “group.” To me, there is no “freedom” unless you’re alone and out-of-reach. Otherwise, you gotta deal with the “collective,” and your ability to move is “Liberty.” As group-primates, it’s pretty hard to have “freedom” without “Liberty.” Are we agreed on that?

      “Are you comprehending my reasoning here, or are you just forming rhetorical strategies to ‘win’ some argument?”

      Well wilbert… I could give less-than-a-rat’s-ass about “winning” some kind of “argument.” I am not quite sure that YOU understand when you sling around such memes (sorry- well not really) as “Liberty” or “commie” or “Jooz” that YOU understand what you’re really saying.

      You seem to be a smart-enough well-read person. I’m not sure if you know what you mean when you sling around memes (sorry again- aw fookit) like “commie” or even “individual responsibility.”

      Who could argue with “individual responsibility?” That’s why it aint appropriate to practice with a .308 in my back yard. This meme (“individual responsibility”) has been hijacked by plenty of dummies and puppets when they REALLY mean “naggers with big-screen teevees purchased with their “government handout” welfare checks.

      THAT, my friend, is the LEAST of our worries.

      Yeah, “individual responsibility.” What does that REALLY mean?

  10. “Now- is this about Jooz or about “global warming?” Or are you trying to make “global warming” a Joo-thing? Nice try. “~Walbo

    Not at all, it was another illio of the wiki problem.
    But I did describe some of the deficits the powers did wreek.

    My problem is with anyone who buys into and accepts an exceptionalist ideology, such as “The Chosen People”–“The Saved”–“American Exceptionalism”–“The Master Race”. This critique does not apply only to Jews. They do however get an specially hard look; as to ther exceptionally unballanced power in, financial, media, entertainment, and government power.

    This is not all “Jews”…this is “Organized Jewry”, the elite clique, not a people. The tribe as a whole is even more manipulated than the “goy”.

    As far as you NOT being a Commie…WTF is Marx all about if not that? What is this falling for Communitarianism? You want a softer word for it?

    When you rearrange the letters:


  11. Now, as far as your speculative considerations on the past proofs or debunkings of the Protocols: Such speculations are utterly moot in the very fact that history has gone on to prove them predictive. Only a strict and willful self-enforced ignorance can bar what is in your very face. This is a simple matter of connecting the dots, elementary cognition.

    You speak of only “getting so far” into “conspiracy theory”. What is this supposed to mean? You are only willing to consider ideas as far as they don’t “seem absurd” from some prejudiced view as to what is and is not possible in human intrigue and corruption?
    The truth is found only insofar as it is followed to its reasonable conclusion. Regardless of how “likely” it may seem before the trek.

    Is it “racist” to appreciate the Protocols are and mean? The Protocols themselves are the most profound racism ever expressed.

    But is not just the Protocols, it is the creed of Talmudic exceptionalism and xenophobia that predates them for centuries—making them nothing but an extension of a long and vicious history.

    Understanding this racism is not racism—it is the comprehension of it.

    Is there ‘reactionary racism’ generated by it…indeed, that is one of the major fuels for the Judaic dialectic, the cover of ‘victimhood’.

    This is NOT theory, this is bloody fucking history.


    • It’s a “false document.” Get over it. Yes, we are all agreed that “exceptionalism” sucks. There are millions of Jewish people world-wide who have popped to this 40-watt idea. So what?

      Why are you so freaked-out that the average Israeli dummy buys into “exceptionalism” as much as the average Amerikkkan dummy?


      • It’s a “false document.”~Waldo

        Your assertion has no merit. It is pure wind.

        I am concerned about both–but if you miss the FACT that Amerika is Zionist occupied territory, as you miss the connection with the Protocols, then you cannot comprehend the tension driving a great deal of the Amerikan exceptionalism.
        This Talmudic creed is not held by Jews alone–it is British Illumanism…much older historically than modern Zionism. The bond of despots is natural.

        Such a bond is in place in Christian Zionism having roots in ‘Fire and Brimstone” fundamentalists since the Puritan days.

        The US is bound up in this credo…that is the enemy itself, and the Bank Cartel is the tip of the pyramid.

  12. One more thing Waldo, sure to rattle your chops.

    As far as I am concerned, your Jewish friends, no matter what sweethearts they are to you, have no moral right to move into Palestine.

    The whole crux of this evil little entity of “Israel” is based on the “Chosen People” exceptionalist myth. It is utter bullshit.

    Israel was born of terror, is maintained by terror, and will end by terror. That is the law of cause and effect. Karma, if you like.


    • Sure- I agree. And (surprise!) so do THEY.

      Most “exceptionalism” memes (get over it) are a trap. So do you want to run that “individual responsibility” shit by me again?

  13. This meme (“individual responsibility”) has been hijacked by plenty of dummies and puppets when they REALLY mean “naggers with big-screen teevees purchased with their “government handout” welfare checks.”~Waldo

    And so what does this fact that there are such dummies to do with our discussion? I have as scathing critique of these lunatics as you.
    Individual responsibility is not a meaningless “meme”, because it is thus abused by half wits. It does have a correlation with the rights that it mirrors.

    license is of course curtailed by social circumstance—yes you are only totally free when you are out in the wild on your own…
    What bearing does this have on the conversation. It is self evident.

    I’m glad to hear your Jewish friends returned from their unfortunate dip into Zion. I would hope that many more would.


    • “Individual responsibility is not a meaningless “meme”, because it is thus abused by half wits.”

      Of course it is not meaningless. It has just been rendered someshat useless because the dummies have hijacked it as a code-word for “naggers and their welfare big screen teevees.”

      Too bad. Because you can’t tell (especially combined with a lot of other common memes) if the writer is really talking about “independence” or scape-goating. It generally means, “I am still trying to pay for my Chinese big-screen teevee while the “gummint” gives “welfare checks” to the naggers who get them for nothing.”

      It’s a bitch. Once the dummies hijack a meme, you gotta qualify the shit outta yerself or invent another one. Being a lazy-ass, I like to appropriate antique memes that suffer little use… like “The Internationale.” That makes some dummies call you a “commie,” but I don’t give a rip. Of course it is not ad-odds with “individual responsibility.” In fact– the very opposite.

      But I lack the patience to explain this to dummies.

  14. “..the dummies have hijacked it as a code-word”-Comrad Waldoo

    I don’t use code. I understand when it is being used as newspeak. Never-the-less, I use English as English.

    You have explained enough to me Waldo. I know where you are coming from.


  15. Alright Waldo,

    First of all, like I have always said, I like you.

    But argument with you is frustrating because you seem to bob and weave…such as your barfing chunks on the concept of liberty, and then saying you like your freedom—but then you say but its impossible in community…and you go into mimi meme fits over language and terms and what we call things.

    Which all seems quite insincere. It seems to me that an underlying dialectical pattern is involved, illustrated by the situation wherein you confess your great admiration and support of Marx, but cringe at being called a “Commie”.
    And this is where the ‘meme’ argument starts to play;
    “That is a ‘worn out’ and ‘useless’ meme”, so your dialog goes.
    Is this the whole purpose of this concept of memes? A rhetorical dodge system?

    So then, you are a Marxist, but NOT a Communist?
    “No, not even a Marxist”? {another useless meme?} No labels will do—naming things for what they are won’t do?
    Only liquid meanings to language will do?
    Can’t you see how this comes off as slippery used car salesmanship? WTF?

    Now you seemingly settle on “the Internationale” as a ‘handle’…but only of sorts? What is it?
    Are you playing this “I got a spot that makes me hot but you ain’t been there yet” dance?

    At any rate, what I keep trying to figure out here is not only what you are talking about—but also whether you are certain yourself that you know what you are talking about.

    So, is it a shiv in your ass to say you are a Marxist? Or are you just Waldo the verbal tap dancer?



    “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

    Stop drinking the Left/Right Koolaid and the new committee drink “TEA” as it is filled with Alchemy and vices as to make one myopic as well

  17. I don’t know Waldo…you come in here and bake a hot potato, you grab it and it burns your hand, you drop it to the floor—splat.

    Now there’s mashed potatoes, cold on the floor…and Waldo has left the premises. WTF?

    Ya know? I agreed with your bunraku story that you wrote and posted. It wasn’t until–and right off the bat you sling the “socialsist” papsmear on the table..

    Damn man.


  18. “It was not accidental [the 1929 stock-market “crash”]. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. … The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all.”~Louis McFadden

    “Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it.”
    ~Ben Bernanke; said in his “status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve.”


    • heres a laugh, on aussie ABC some reserve bank? clown stated.
      that home prices had never fallen…using data After 1930s crash… and ignoring it ever occurred?
      stating banks were doing fine…and using post 1980 figures, as if banking started after that..
      they want more asscovering by govt here too, rising interest above reserve recommended percentages,
      I dont mind paying tax, working one day for the govt is acceptable to cover dues for services, working 2+ days for the same…uh uh.
      to have our govt hand billions to 3rd worl cons re climate and green issues?
      getting into more debt for that? while not repaying owed monies first?
      no no and no!

  19. No “hot potato” here. Ya already said you know where I’m coming from (and I specks you do) so I didn’t think I needed to say any more.

    Here’s some more lame krapp from krakkerland… except he people whot this tripe REALLY MNE what they were doing.

    • “Ya already said you know where I’m coming from (and I specks you do) so I didn’t think I needed to say any more.”~Waldo

      Yes, you are a Marxist, but you are not a communist, which of course is an oxymoron.

      It is determined who the moron is riding that ox.

      It is unkind to say, I know. But I have always held a personal policy of being absolutely candid.

      I wanted a chance to talk you down from that cracked and quivering limb you are sitting on. Alas, I must simply move far back out of the way before it tumbles…I have no tarpaulin, sorry.


      • not a Marxist… I sometimes use the Marxian analysis (a wanky academic term) in terms of “class struggle.” Classes DO exist in the USA. As long as there is (what passes for) a “central government,” the debate is about what it’s role should be. This is moot as long as the “election” system can be rigged. Until that’s fixed, there IS NO “government,” central or otherwise.

        No need to talk me down from the creaky limb. As per the preamble: Union= 1. justice 2..domestic tranquility, 3. defense 4. welfare 5. liberty. “Common Defense” seems to have edged out all the others. I would like to see more of a balance between these elements.

        If that makes me a “Marxist,” well… slap my ass and call me Sally.

        • Okay Waldo,

          You aren’t Sally the Commie Bitch. I’ll accept that.

          Why don’t we forget all the codeword shit, and just speak honestly, what we mean to each other. The “meme mimi jellybeany” crap just gets in the way.

          No government–right. We are on our own.

          I want to kick the Federal Reserve system out. I want a level playing field. I want justice–the law applying equally to all. I want an end to the perpetual wars…and an end to this system driving everyone stupid.

          Tall order?
          Yea, it’s probably too late.

  20. Still a regular reader… not much to say right now. What the “Global Elite” is doing to make sure “they” STAY the global elite no longer interests me. I do not discuss “global warming” because I am not a climatologist.

    I avoid discussing “Marxist theory” because sometimes it attracts “libertarians” who bore me to distraction. I would rather learn German and try teaching it to my dog. I shouldn’t say “my dog.” He is quite his own dog these days.

    “Academic programming?” wtf is THAT? To me, it’s just the best J.O.B. I could get as opposed to being a greeter at war-mart or handing out trans-fats in paper hats. I am working on “Slipcraft” (or something like that) and will post it as soon as it is ready.

    As for the “…automatic jackhammer that will not cater to any Trotskyesque turdtalk,” fiddle-dee-dee. It’s a memetic mish-mash that usually beguiles “libertarians.” Not always. But quite often. Fact is, our prime “individual responsibility” is toward “the least of these.”

    Courtney Rose Lytle is my Saint for now, and for now… I must be her nun!

    • Hey Waldo,

      glad to hear from you stranger skullboy.

      Yup and howdy.

      “Libertarian”?? Hmm I dunno bout that, but whatever.
      Drop by more often dude we miss ya.

  21. Waldo,

    Paul Doctron wrote: “Karl Marx wrote that it was impossible to have a revolution without urbanization.”

    Is this true? I thought I would ask you as you seem to have a better handle on Marx than most here.

    It seems questionable to me, because Russia was hardly an “Urbanized” nation when the first “official” Marxist revolution occured there–nor was China. Urbanization was part of the enforcement, of course. But the revolutions were begun BEFORE the urbanization.

    Can you clarify what Doctron was saying?

    Thanks, \\ll//

    • beets me, borschtnoy… although I suspect a “spurious quote.” I am not familiar with that Marxian “position” at all.

      “According to Marxist theory, during ANY historical era, there is a dominant class and an oppressed class and a struggle between the two.”

      Totally unfamiliar with whoever “Doctron” is, but out of context– I’m guessing that “urbanization” is being put forth as some kind of NWO “commie plot” instead of a direct result of “industrial” agriculture… which in Marx’ time was unknown.

  22. Thanks for your reply Waldo.

    Yes, Doctron is one of those “ILLUMINATI/SATANIST” researchers…but he gives me the heebies–it’s mostly second hand yada with a christianoid bent.
    Most of all–his website chills me–it is all flashing lights adverts for selling precious metals–I think the guy is just out to sell, using the articles he writes as an advertizing gimic.

    Anyway, the quote just looked suspicious to me. I mean…just the word “Urbanization”…drew a flag.

    Thanz again daddio, ww

    • AHA! Are we talking about Paul A. Drockton “MA” (sheesh)… and is this the “article?”
      that says:

      “Karl Marx was a Satanic Psychopath that correctly determined that, without urbanization, any efforts to build a New World Order would fail.”

      Suspicions (WHUMP) CONFIRMED: Full of more shit than a Xmas turkey.

      Kinda interesting map tho… and suppose all this nasty shit (or even some of it… which is quite likely) happens… what… people are going to accept your “silver coins, bars and ‘buillon?'” At least you can start a fire or wipe yer bum with paper “money.”

      Wow… a whole gaggle of Drockton Dummies to mock. Too bad all me mockery crockery is just about empty!

  23. Yea, that’s the kraker…
    I did save that map. It is pretty revealing.
    Cities around water and sea shores is pretty understandible.
    However the boink from private farming is certainly true.
    Industrialization and that are absolutely conected.

    Some analysis goes way beyond the logic of the data though, and Doctron has that loopy angle that scratches like fingernails on a blackboard.


  24. Here in krakkkerland, i gotta deal with krakkkers like this every day:

    I think the dummies will loooove the NWO… (back to the Middle Ages)… long as Boss Massah gibs dem sum HUNNY!

    Here come the PUPPETS!

    • “I think the dummies will loooove the NWO… (back to the Middle Ages)… long as Boss Massah gibs dem sum HUNNY!”~Waldo

      Ha ha ha…yea, I’ve seen this goombah snoodle before..

      But as per your quote above–it’s exactly as Huxley said–they will be programmed to love their servitude in the scientific dictatorship.
      It’s here now, the Brave New World.

      But ya know…I have a feeling it won’t last very long–the seed to this horror show was made at monsanto–a {c} Terminator Seed, that will not bear viable fruit–one barren plant, this crop.

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