Posted by: jerseyg | October 14, 2010

Yes, Viriginia, there were UFOs in the Sky on 10/13/10

In Manhattan !  Sorry, to burst anyone’s “balloon” but mylar objects containing helium just don’t move like that.  Oh, and there were reports by people in San Fran that they saw similar objects as well.

All of a sudden there is major hype going on in the media about UFOs.  Even to the point that in the UK schools they are doing UFO crash drills . Why?

So Project Blue Beam begins right on schedule according to that former Norad guy (well the Norad guy says they are legit, not PBB)  So, perhaps we are really about to be rescued by ET or devoured by aliens that want “To Serve Man.” Like I said before.. keep your critical eye on the sky. Keyword being “critical.”~jg



  1. I guess cos we all expected it,
    Its right to the scripts COTO already read, its just so , so , predictable!
    the UN cretins appoint an oficial?? Alien greeter,
    what the F!
    they think some pretty bimbo, with what? possible prior resume for this?? 🙂 ROFLMAO..
    is going to front up to a Fake alien for us, to say Gidday and show em to our leader?
    hey I appoint Rompouy or the spaniard as IT!
    The uniform, I will happily supply… has a nice red circle or three on it BTW 🙂
    teach kids to either duck and cover again…
    or get fporensic on it.
    aw sheesh, and the Sheep…are falling hook line and STinker.

    • Oz she’d say gidday in ozspeak and yo! in philly/jersey speak 😉 The visitors from outer space must learn the various dialects of we earthlings!

      • “Put yer sweet lips a little coto to the phone…”


  2. and thats FORENSIC, but my fingers got lysdexic again 🙂

    • Hey…who’s fore end is sick???
      Who you been talkin’ to?

  3. Not exactly an THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL event now is it?

    Virginia…UFOs are in the sky EVERY SINGLE DAY, US Space Command.


  4. there was quite a prelude last year here in marin county. six or seven huge green glowing orbs performing a simple high speed, side-to-side, up and down, changing places dance number in the sky over an open space area.

    it was interesting for a while, but also amateurish and adolescent. i watched for about thirty minutes then walked away laughing.

    i love what they’re doing with holograms these days.

    • Yea…but just wait until this gets tossed out by the Mainstream TV…
      Remember, nothing is real to a TVZombie until they are told by the boobtoob.


    • Say Archadia,

      You are new here aren’t ya? At least this is the first post I’ve seen.

      Howdy do and all that. Welcome aboard and hiyo silva.


      • thank you and hello to you all, too. yes, i am new here. i have been following for a bit but this was my first post. i used to be pnicholson on oped news but was banned a few months ago. i have been shopping around for a new place to hang out and found myself here.

        so this is where you all went! i had to laugh when i discovered how many exes are here. how nice to see you.

        hi jerseyg. i wish i had taken photos, but all i had at the time was my cell phone. i saw the same performance in exactly the same place but in a different color two years ago. must have gotten good reviews.

        i came across this video recently on a hologram search. perhaps you have all seen it, but if not, it is fascinating.

        thank you again for the nice welcome. i did not mean to post and run last time but i am dealing with a sick pet. ultra priority.

        kind regards

      • Ha ha ha…sheeeeze, Arcadia, another Oweenie exile. So Kallibration finally measured you and found you too free minded.

        Such Stalinista Fascista ding dongs dangle in that lollipop mind of Editorious Inchiefiuous Rex. Gotta ad your homies up and punch the time card…
        Bzzzzzzzzzz’t, “You’re out”.

        I once knew a keyboard player named Pat Reagan who came from Arcadia Cal.
        What Arcadia do you fly in from…or is the moniker sourced from otherwhen?

        I hope all went well with the pet thing for you. My best friends are my parrots, more family than family–part of my own heart and soul, they.

        Welcome again, Willy


        • hey willy –

          go ahead and laugh, but i claim honorable discharge.

          i live about 330 miles north of arcadia, near mill valley and the gg bridge. arcadia, as i use it, is a place depicted in several paintings etc.

          the pet thing is on-going. i do have an enchanting parrot, too, but it is my dog who is sick. i treat my pets myself with natural healing. he had cancer not long ago but that is now gone. now a second ailment that i believe was also vaccination-caused. so we are tired, but relatively undaunted.

          i totally appreciate how you feel about your parrots. animals are amazing, aren’t they? tell yours hey for me.


    • Hey arcardia. Got any pictures of those holograms?

  5. Exactly Will. MSM is already doing a lot of talking about ufos these days. They aren’t poo poohing them like they used to. Which of course is quite suspicious.

    I do believe the “big blue show” is definitely on their agenda. They are preparing the public for it with these sightings in major cities all over the world. Wait and see. It will be like the day the earth stood still when they have everyone’s rapt attention 😉

    • Yup JG,

      Just as Werner Von Braun warned years ago: Commies were the bogeyman, next would be Terrorists, and the final act would be Aliens from outer space…all PR BS.

      Great track record…we are in the crumbling phase of the “War on Terror” garbage now. Gotta get some new fear and loathing popping. Hell even them Islamofuckist will jump on the anti-monsters from Mars bandwagon…er zoomatron forcefield sidewalk…whatever.



  6. Yea Will. Wouldn’t it be really cool though if the REAL aliens showed up during the NWO’ show and blasted them away and exposed their bogus bs plan?.

    It sure would be nice if a real life superman showed up to save our sorry asses from the monstrous illuminati creatures ~sigh.

    Hmmmm Spielberg …Cameron…M Night Shamalamadingdong..are ya listenin’?

  7. Doncha worry JG, I’ll be there…just as soon as I can find a gawldern phone booth…

    Hey, where’d you earthings hide all the phone booths???



  8. BTW…who the hell is Virginia?


  9. Will, you never heard the story of “yes viriginia, there is a santa claus”?

    Check it out:

    • Wow JG, thanks. That is so cool. Something to file away and cherish–read from time to time…yea, at Christmas time.

      Francis Pharcellus Church…now that was a time of real journalism, and real journalists…and real human beings.


    • Hi Jersey, make the next one
      “Dear worried Brown Eyes” 🙂

      book title I love.

      and arcadia, what? type of Parrot?
      we have plenty here:-)
      hope your hounds doing ok.
      Have you access to edible clays?
      one of my favorite detpoxes for man or beast.

      • hey oz.

        lovey is a superb new zealand. maybe a little smaller than a dove.
        (and she is the kind with wings : )

        thank you. he’s a strong little guy.

        we do have edible clay. i put a little in everyone’s food here – even the mouse’s. i have been meaning to start doing the clay baths again since we might be dealing with heavy metals in the pancreas – thanks for the reminder. the magnetic clay is an amazing substance.

  10. Will, it sounds like something you yourself could have written:) I’ve always loved that beautiful letter.

    It’s so sad when you lose your innocence…..

  11. “It’s so sad when you lose your innocence…..”

    Hmmm…really? I neeber did loose ming {grin}

    ..”it sounds like something you yourself could have written:)”

    You are much too kind my dear. But that is sweet.


  12. .sorry to hear about your dog:( Yes pets are amazing. I love my dog and my two cats. I’d love my parrot too but I don’t have one. I love all animals and can’t stand to see any of them suffer. I’m sure if you helped your best friend recover from cancer, he’ll beat the toxic effects of the vaccination as well.

    Vaccinations are horrible toxic things. I avoid them at all cost, for myself and my pets. What vaccine was it? Rabies? Unfortunately, that one is mandated by law.

  13. thank you jersey. animal lovers warm my heart.

    all of my pets are rescues so i did not have them when they were babies. if i had they would not have been vaccinated for anything. neither were my children. (anti-vaccinationists warm my heart too.)

    so i don’t know which one or which ones it was. heavy metals, aberrant proteins, viruses – they can all cause pancreatitis, type 1 diabetes, cancer etc. and of course going to a mainstream vet to treat these diseases keeps the dwindling spiral in motion.

    i do not have the links handy, but there are several websites that tell you what to do in the case of non-voluntary vaccination. very useful.

    cancer was relatively easy to deal with compared to type 1 diabetes. it is made to appear much more complex and adamantly incurable! and that is not possible.

    i love einstein’s “you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them”. i believe that all diseases, natural or invented, can be cured and i happily keep my consciousness away from the toxic substances and their pushers (as well as i can) that created them. simple, yes?

    what an unexpected and welcome delight to encounter, on my first post about ufos no less, two animals lovers.

    best to your dog and cats. and you are very welcome to love my parrot.

    happy to be here,

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