Posted by: hybridrogue1 | September 22, 2010


Gravy Jeopardy Analfication Paddlewheel

The economists willing to speak up are telling us the US is “nearly” bankrupt, but the fact of the matter is the US has been formally and declared bankrupt since 1933. These bean counters know their numbers but not their history, they in essence report on mythology.
But having proved these assertions time and again, let us rather speak to the actual situation, which is to deconstruct, ‘Alice and Wonderland’ and, ‘The Wizard of OZ’, while sitting in the Twilight Zone Cafe having a cuppa java with Jesus. So yea, we’re discussing such topics as ‘TVZombies’, heat ray weapons, and the nomenclature of the real Moriarty and the Hounds of Vaudeville.
And it sounds like some strange alien language to the waitress hovering by. I say she hovers she flits she nods and smiles and has the mannerisms of a down home robot, accented to match.
So I light a cigarette, because this is MY coffee shop and my sharpie marks on the napkin. No smoke goons in my world. It’s around 1950 here in ambiance. And the Birchers can only look through the windows mystified, while the Commies watch them from across the street parked in a 40 Ford sedan battleship gray.

Jesus says something about a pit of vipers and in my plate in front of me snakes squirm like a moving hologram. I drop an ash in the plate and the image disappears.

“how ’bout those Yankees?” I mutter.

“Shut out it seems” He replies, “as Far as I see”

Which sounds like he said something about Pharisees. I nod knowingly.


Ya learn enough about these fucks it drives ya crazy, unless you have your coffee with Jesus.



  1. I can only take so much of looking at the lying fucks on top of the heap that I won’t buy a new TV to replace the one that died.

  2. “When you watch TV you are having someone else’s dream.” –Terrance McKenna


  3. I stopped watching TV about 5 yrs ago – if I miss the idiot box I just take a hot poker and shove it up my backside till the tears start flowing. It’s almost the same sensation, but not anywhere near as painful, and my psyche gets spared the anal raping.

    On Tuesday there’s popcorn.

    • I took my TV to the curb in 1984…just after my wife held me back from blowing its brains out with my 38sp {grin}

      I have NEVER missed the damn thing.

      • Edit: …the ‘God damned thing’

  4. It is my alarm clock, IQ reality checker, nightlight to go to the bathroom and it is there, itself where I relieve myself.

    I have a smelly telly. 🙂

  5. O’ Sanity…Sanity, where for art thou Sanity?

    Standing alone in the dead of night on a balcony overlooking the vast plaza stands a lady oft times called Truth, at times Liberty, others call her Justice.
    She calls out for her lover, over and yet again.

    But there is no reply.


    • I heard there is no Sanity clause?

      groan….I’m sorry

      • No, your right Zaza, it’s official, a presidential finding by god. No sanity clause.
        But lots of Reigndeer.


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