Posted by: michaelcavlan | September 13, 2010

Cavlan For Congress Endorsed By Ralph Nader

September 13, 2010 612/414-9528



Minneapolis — The Michael Cavlan for Congress Campaign is extremely happy to announce that consumer advocate and four-time Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader has endorsed Independent Congressional Candidate Michael Cavlan for House of Representatives in Minnesota 5th District.

Mr. Nader contacted the campaign writing:

“Michael Cavlan — so knowledgeable, so perceptive, so committed to a deliberative democracy is the Congressional candidate to support in the 5th district if you want “people” and “justice” to have a chance. Demand that Michael Cavlan participate in the debates with the other candidates. You’ll see for yourself that he is truly of, by, and for the people.”

Cavlan said, “We are deeply honored to have Ralph Nader give us such a powerful endorsement”. Cavlan has a history of being a hard-hitting, no holds barred champion of working men and women. He also said, “We are committed to living up to Ralph Nader’s endorsement, his words will be a source of inspiration to all of us working to improve conditions, not only in the 5th district but also in the entire nation.”

Ralph Nader has stated, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans”. The people of Minnesota recognize that. During the Minnesota State Fair this year I spent time behind the counter in a booth. People who stopped by said they don’t want the choices they have before them in the November elections.70% of those people said they would vote for an independent candidate. All of those people recognize that the present two-party system of governance in this nation has failed the people of the United States and many of them have the courage to challenge it.

We now offer a challenge to all the candidates presently running for office, to debate the issues relevant to the people of the 5th District.

Please call the Campaign Manager Dori Ullman at 612/414-9528 to arrange dates and times.




  1. COTO is going to Congress

    Grin. Watch my back folks. There are a bunch of sharks in there.

  2. Hello, Mr- Calvan, in view of the stunned silence that greets your great news, I imagine that discreet congratulations are in order.

    As you have not been here for some time, you will find the topography here somewhat altered.

    There is some excessively noisy furniture that you will bump into, so don’t be too surprised.

  3. Hey, CONGRATULATIONS Michael.

    I hope your district sends you to that seat.

    Don’t forget to drop in and say hi, if you happen to get to the marble hall.

    I wish you the very best of luck.


  4. IRISH!!

    I just woke up and found the release email. As you know, I voted for Nader in the last election and am so proud that the man has endorsed my favorite man in the trenches. I was just copying and pasting it to add as a post and saw that you already had.

    Kudos and coto will always have your back. You’re gonna need it in that pit of vipers! Take care and keep in touch, ya bad bastard 😉

  5. Michael, get in there and rattle the gilded cages until their doors fall off. Then the People can remove the dead “parrots” and clean cage of all of their foul excrement. A shitty job, but the People are gonna have to do it!

    Great Endorsement!

  6. Congratulations, Michael!! 😀

  7. Michael you got the endorsement from the best prospect for President we have had in thirty years.

    This is the kind of campaign that needs to go viral natiowide and bring OPERATON CLEANSWEEP to all states.

    As I send my marketing Flyers out to Minnesota doctors I am going to include Cavlan for Congress
    on the footer. If you are OK with that. Got your website yet?

    Let us know what help we can provide behind the covers.

  8. Ditto what PD said. PLEASE let me know of any way I can help.

  9. Hey Michael, Shake things up. How ’bout this for a campaign slogan:

    “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary”…DO IT.

    [No I’m not kidding] \\ll//

  10. The simplest program:

    – End the Fed
    – End the WTO
    – End the 9/11 cover up

    • And,

      – End the wars (of course, I thought it went without saying)

      BTW, my man in Wisconsin just lost the primary for Lt. Governor. Dang!

  11. congrats from Aus:-) well done!

  12. I once had a crow. I named her Jim. Jim Crow.
    The allusion never struck me…I was vaguely thinking of the whiskey, Old Crow…and never thought about it…until my pal came over with his black girlfriend.

    She asked why I named the crow that. It was only then that it struck me….the “Jim Crow Laws”…..oh yea ya dummy…ha ha ha.

    Of course it was easy enough to explain how I had come up with the name with little thought and it stuck…until she became Jamima when she laid her first egg.

    Isn’t life full of surprise\\ll//

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