Posted by: jerseyg | September 11, 2010

Missing Links-The Definitive Truth About 9/11



  1. “Those who control the past control the future. Those who control the present control the past”

    I was very young when I first read Orwell, and found this quote profoundly significant.

    As is also the observation that, “the Winners write history”.

    It is their very profundity that makes such observations, cliche’.

    Add to this, that the winners find anonymity their best defense {the Ring of Power=invisibility}; and all ‘Taught’ history MUST BE considered suspect.



    This is a good illustration to what I posted above.
    This story is “legend”, ie; BULLSHIT.

    Newspeak entered into ‘the record’, because the Telegraph is one of those “papers of record”…that are then ‘sourced’ for “history”, when in fact it is just one furnace of the Memory Hole.


  3. Clarke is another of the slimeballs playing the public, what a joke. Or as Will astutely says, bullshit.
    I saw this video a few days ago somewhere.

    • The video was mixed inbetween a bunch of music videos on Korns Torah Torah Borah Bali High slam jam page on the 10th or so. I watched it from there…prechance you did as well.

  4. I agree with you guys on Richard Clark. He’s part of the plot.

  5. This menu has crassberry jam on cracked actors.
    DC, once a swamp always a swamp. The truth of things, places and beings remains obvious.

    “I shall tell you of William Wallace.  Historians from England will say I am a liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes.”


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