Posted by: kornisking | September 4, 2010

On True And False

This just came in to Korn-tech information management from PPJ gazette




  1. Bloody good read ol’ chap.

    I have been reading Spingola over at ILLUMINATI Conspiracy Archive for several years now–she has written almost a whole history book in collected articles detailing the scum of the earth banking cartel.

    cha cha \\ll//

  2. Great article Korny. Thanks for posting. She certainly sums up what coto has been going on about in one piece very well doesn’t she?

  3. Bullseye

    News with Views is a mainstay in the Dunne residence. Two wings of the same dirty bird is a motto of Lou Dobbs.

    Though Lou was in the MSM cannibal club CNN, he defected and gained my admiration.

    I see Marti and Barb are pounding away. Good for them as well.;jsessionid=6AAE7EAF11AAAA2554E61198AD421137

  4. Oh look… the “Hard Hats” are back…;jsessionid=E8230F3445CF1ADB36A4B7BEDAB33901?action=viewBlog&blogID=872841657166207727

  5. “The Imam Feisal Rauff leader of the Cordoba Initiative days after the attacks on 60 minutes called the United States an accessory to the crime and for all intents and purposes Osama Bin Laden was made in the U.S.A. This is the man responsible for the project to build this Mosque of tolerance and peace. He has refused to condemn Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organizations and will not reveal the massive funding he needs to complete the project these facts cast a dark shadow over the Imam’s true intentions.”–Lou Dobbs

    And of course Imam Feisal Rauff is correct about bin Laden, and the US Intel being responsible for 9/11

    Yea…Dobbs has learned how to keep his job; go along to get along.


    • Dobbs resigned awhile back.

      • Well then Korn, if this is his true position he is squatting turds into the pie.
        Because I know damned well where this mosque crap originates…it is another psyop to stir up the wasp nest and distract from the major bullshit they don’t want us thinking about.

        It has already been traced back to CFR.


        • Sheeeze YOU know it too, your the one who posted this info.

          So we ALL know that this splidge from Dobbs is doodoo…


  6. a Rothschild agent/mole infiltration from the very beginnings of the nation:

    Hamilton, who was an aristocrat by birth and breeding, and who was connected
    by marriage with the wealthiest family of the landed aristocracy of New York,
    was a strong representative of the trading, banking and commercial element of
    New York City and New England, which constituted the Tory clement of the
    Revolution. Hamilton was also one of the Federalists who argued fervently for
    a central government. It was he who first articulated the dubious contention
    that there were “implied” powers given by a constitution that strictly
    enumerated the powers of the federal government. The “implication” being, of
    course, that what ever ‘practical politics’ might deem permissible would then
    be ‘constitutional’–a contention that makes a written constitution moot,
    delivering the government into the hands of men, rather than under written


  7. “Across the world and even in our own neighborhoods Muslims celebrated in the streets as the nation grieved like never before”

    Someone needs to inform Lou that it was Israelis that were caught dancing in the streets of our country on 9/11 not muslims and those Israelis admitted it on Israeli tv.

    ALSO..someone should inform Lou, who is bright enough to figure it out for himself, that 9/11 was an inside job!

    As I agree with Pat Buchanan some of the time, I also find myself agreeing with Lou a lot of the time but he still either doesn’t get it about 9/11 or he is paid enough not to.

    • I feel the same way about Buchanan. He’s up and down in my book.
      He did warn years ago that fascism was coming to the country “drip by drip”, back when he was writing speaches for Nixon.

      Dobbs is up on the NAU thing…but he’s ditsed out on many others.

      Look out…they are trying to kill our computers…I got whacked again, last night.



    Grate You tube interview on 9/11

    w/ Kevin Barrett


  9. Frosty Wooldridge is another tool and xenophobe that misses that he is playing a big part in the Hegelian game to bring on Albert Pikes ‘Third World War’ of Christian Zionist v Muslims;

    “Muslims cannot help bombing and terrorizing their way into the 21st century. Islam’s basic meaning remains: submission of all other religions to the tenants of their prophet Mohammed.
    Editor Jon Meacham wrote his final piece, “Let reformation begin at Ground Zero” in the September 6, 2010 issue of Newsweek. In it, he exacted a plea for Muslims, if they possess any feeling whatsoever for how their religion bombed America on 9/11-to build it somewhere else.
    He might as well have told a dog not to bark, a tick not to bite, a goose not to squawk, a chicken not to cluck and a pig not to oink.” Frosty Wooldridge


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