Posted by: waldopaper | August 28, 2010

Faster Than The Wind…

It’s the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life”
– Alice

It would seem to defy the laws of Physics… like going directly downwind faster than the wind.  Ponder (or is it “pander?”) the Beck-Palin “rally to restore America” taking place 8/28/10.  If you thought the Tsunami of Stupid had run its course, and that natural forces… like the overwhelming evidence that its a scam… would act as a brake for the usual pandering to “the troops” and “flag,” and that abject militarism was losing its charm… well- you’d be wrong.

Natural forces are present in the very food we eat, and the story, according to Food Inc., for example, is not a happy one so far.  Perhaps this particular message was overwhelmed in 2008 by the deflation of imaginary “capital.”  The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink all seem remote to the Palinoids.  Instead, it’s “returning” to “traditional values” that they don’t seem to understand.  If you get the impression they like to thump on “texts” like the “constitution” or the “Bible” that they’ve never read… you’re not alone.

“Uniformity, conformity and cheapness” may seem natural, but if there were ever a case for “return” to “traditional values,” it’s the biodiversity of the small family farm.  If we are ever going to sell this idea to the Beck-biters, we’d better emphasize the word “family” and avoid the word “diversity” like Chicken McNuggets, because as you suspected, they don’t “process text” very well.  It’s visceral… from -the-gut, and it’s just as artificial and engineered as the insides of a factory-farm chicken.

While Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms has not escaped criticism, his message is “green,” and his voice may resonate with the more thoughtful people who identify with the “religious right.”  Yes, they do exist, and Salatin who describes himself as a “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist farmer” may serve as an example.  Reason must somehow find a voice among those who are calling out for a “religious rebirth” among those who are so easily led by blatent opportunists.

The alternative is simply too dark to imagine.



  1. I have met the enemy and…it certainly isn;t me.
    So Pogo can lump it.

    There is a bright line dividing “us and them”.

    Attempting to negotiate with mulched brains is futile. It’s like trying to argue with the zombies from Night of the Living Dead.

    I know this personally, I have family in this wacked out Dispensationalistbolism cult…might as well try to convince an apple to become an orange.

    True believers are the scariest monsters in the whole world, and the US is packed to the rim with these bozos.


  2. Hey…where’s Flakbackjabberwhakadeeliac?
    Is he dressed in black dealing the katana to the banana?

  3. Just a counter balance for the crime spree induced liberals trying to make up ground from the Dubya years.

    Divide and conquer party with some cheap perfume to make it stink nice.

    The scariest ones are those who believe they are god in my opinion Rogue. Barry is one of those and I have a long list of others as well.

    These at Washington are cubscouts IMO.

    • Oh yes Puddy,

      Obammy is one of the scariest of all…er the power that runs the puppet. And yes, I’m pretty sure that just like Boosh he thinks he is King For A Day. Such delusions of grandure fly stratoswere.

      I see a grand conflageration being engineered, a Christianoid v Mooselamb civil dodah oinkfest on the horizon.


  4. Stupid indeed. The movement was highjacked after WE ARE CHANGE New York founded it in 2005 and it grew too large for the owners agenda. Score one more for the Waldo NSA subterfuggers,

  5. The quiet companies. Yes King the silent majority still lives here. Not wearing the colours of the committee.

    COTO is a direct descendent of We Are Change – the masters of the dialectic and two party scheming. We grow in silent numbers. Faster than Facebook or google can process.

    Until such time as the inglorious basterds are naked we will sow our seeds.

    • “Silent Majority?”

      Not exactly sure o’ what ye mean by that, Paddy-lad. But I remember that meme form the “Nixon years,” and I kin tell ye, the memory ain’t good.

      So– do ye want to take up where the “hard-hats” (Sturmabteilung) left off? Are ye THAT threatened by a buncha kumbyeyah- diddle-heads who THINK they have changed anything by “electing” Bamm-bamm?

      Right NOW: I will go on record predicting “President Palin” in 2012, Yes, the Proles REALLY ARE that stoopid. She’s probably already gotten the “Mr. Beale speech” and is perfectly fine with it.

      How about YOU?

      • Those not of the 1%. Are you in that silent majority Waldo?

        • …well, we sure as hell aint silent.
          “Ignored,” yes… “silent,” no. Soros and Koch fire up that pipe-organ… an ya kin barely see our lips move.

  6. oh up-yer-nose widda rubber hose, korn-pone.

    Korn… and all its starchy-inbred GMO proliferation is at the heart of the problem. And sayin’ anybody who says different is part of the NSA “world-government conspiracy” is baby-talk.

    This has nothing to do whatsoever with Obammy or smeck-yer-mammy or any other “celebrity-cult for-dumb-people ‘politik’.” It has to do with the very air-we-breathe and the food-we-eat and the water-we-drink.

    I have no idea what “WE ARE CHANGE” even IS and could care less than a fiddler’s fart. Anybody who ties “change” to “current ‘political system'” is entirely too dum to even argue with. Apparently, yer still stuck in the “socialists wanna take ‘my munny’ and give it to the slackers” groove.

    Still laboring under the delusion that “munny” is real… and that it is even “yours?” Good luck with that, Sparky. It ain’t my fault that you traded your “labor” for useless “fiat currency.” But accusing me of being “NSA” means yer fulla more shit than a Christmas Turkey.

    Without the “proper clothing” and approved mannerisms, I would totally blow the “interview…”

    If I ever HAD one.

    • As part of the NSA, Waldo will deploy his unique talents to help:

      – Dominate global cryptology;
      – Secure national security systems;
      – Connect people, sensors, systems, and information on a global scale; and
      – Leverage our unique relationships with government, industry, academia and foreign partners.

      (Gee, I wonder if any real NSA types will show up hear now?)

      • Help! Where’s the edit function?

        hear = here

    • Da, Waldowoo:

      “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the state; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of Government, ie. law, amounting to mere ‘user’ and use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the state.”
      –US Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session [1934]

      But: “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and
      void.–Maybury v. Madison, 5 U.S. [2 cranch] 137 {1803}

      We have had a covert Communist dick tater spudbutt econoline bing bang for generational biz saw if you don’t give me the deed to yer ranch I’m gonna cutchy’all in half…and then along came John…yes slow walkin’ John, slow talkin’ John who’ll patch up the crack in the Liberty Bell and take out mammajamma Gramsian into-lecterals by the lingumberry pudmount. No GMO in this pudding.



        Ladies and gentlemen, America is in the throes of socialist and Marxist political upheaval. The curtain could fall at any time. The American people need to wake up to this truism: a “conservative” movement–even a conservative Tea Party movement–will not save us. The only thing that will save us is an old-fashioned State revolt.–Chuck Baldwin

        Good article–good anal ysis….\\ll//

        • “Chuck Baldwin????”

          NOW yer just baiting the waldo, willeewoo.

          Yeah- I hope the Chuckster gets his “revolution” BUT GOOD.

          No doubt Chukkless stuffs his face wit McNuggets whilst he polishes his popgun to the noody-pics in his comic-book bible. He’s a home-grown dominionist krakkkerland boy, fulla the same kindo hydrogenated starch all the dominionist krekkkers around here are.

          A weeny Copperhead wannabe who aint fit ter lick the mouldrin’ shoes o the Iron Brigade boys below ground at Antietam and Gettysburg.

          • Patrick Henry was a man of the cloth as well Woowoo, and far more to my liken than yer stale gramscian crackers fifth column poopshoots.


            • A lawyer, and not a “man of the cloth,” Henry was vehemently against the “constitution” the teepers love to smack… well, until he decided he was FOR it, that is, like “states’ rights, well… that is until Virginia ” …had quitted the sphere in which she had been placed by the Constitution…”

              Henry is among many myths that theocratic tweedles like the Chuckster like to parrot.


  7. I happened to watch a few minutes of the Beck rally.

    I was overcome by several sensations, giddiness, nausea, repulsion and a sense of awe looking at the flag-waving morons falling for this obviously staged and contrived hockey performance.

    After which near all hope drained from my conscience mind and I was left with the always justifiable question; where did I put the gun?

  8. Hi M,

    It’s tragic he could muster that mass. The only thing missing was George Soros on the organ 🙂

    Well it was the million man march and Sharptons turn to get the cold shoulder. Divide and conquer in the throes of Freemasonville USA.

    The politico was likely flying to the Caymans with more of our treasure today. When these staged committee farces are in operation there is always massive redistribution of wealth occurring simultaneously.

    Hope you are well Mother.

  9. The “We Are Change” ref. kinda threw me as well.

    “WAC” is a group with chapters in several cities, most notably LA, of young video guerillas that confront politicians(Biden, Rove leap to mind) with the truth about nine eleven and document on film the ensuing hilarity.

    They hand them scientific evidence for nano-thermite and other fun things, then grill them with exquisite questions until the empty suit flees, or begs for a big strong security type dude to protect his sorry ass from the truth.

    Dont know anything about the NY chapter but the LA one is Da Bomb!!

    Sometimes they heckle during a speech, which may not be the most polite thing, but murdering millions is also a tad rude.

    In 2006, 9/11 truth activists organized a Boston Tea Party for Truth, dumping copies of the Commission report(one huge one and bunches of reg size).

    This was, some suggest, so powerful in its simplistic clarity that the idea/name was hijacked by these loons and their corporate Dr. Frankensteins.

  10. the idea/name was hijacked by these loons and their corporate Dr. Frankensteins.”–Camus

    Co-opting any popular movement is a standard proceedure of social engineering.
    The Native American called it “stealing thunder”.
    Alex cals it a bullhorn, Jeramia was a bullfrog, and dear Prudence didn’t spend a dime.

    Can we have order in the court? Who’s got my wig?


  11. Waldoodo,

    Let me say that I am entirely familiar with Henry, who was more than anything ‘the original hippy’, he did attend seminary, he did become a lawyer.

    And yes he did indeed oppose the federalist coup, and for good reason.

    All real people are complex.

    The founders movement was indeed secular; speaking of Providence, rather than the Biblical jejune vision of a “man in the sky”.

    There was nothing on your Snopes offering that is news to me.

    Baldwin, is more of a constitutionalist than a religionist when it comes to his politics. Rejecting any and all who believe in a higher power will marginalize yourself–not the larger movement for liberty and justice.

    Cha cha?


    • I noo it no surprise to yoo… but to the smackers who spam each other with such bullashitta… fax don’t mean jax… and the Chuckoid is a prime example.

      The point of this post… we are being poisoned- philosophically and literally- with “uniformity, conformity and cheapness.” Sure, Baldwin says some good things- so what? Stalin supported universal education. If his understanding of “the constitution” is as uniform, conformist and cheap as his understanding of “the Bible.” What kin ya say bout a guy torn between being a kop and a preacher? “Authoritarian?”

      I especially aint real fond of his “revisionist history,” either… nor the fact that he is ignorantly spurting much the same spooyah that got a lot of brave Southron boys and equally tough Yankee lads ta kill each other… when they SHOULDA been takin down the FAT planters and robber-barons. Sadly- the lads who survived came to realize this.

      With his “…socialist and Marxist political upheaval…” he is talkin out his azz… and the creepy irony is… not completely. There WILL BE (and is NOW) a “Class Struggle,” very much like Marx predicted… the 1%ers that Paddy is so rightfully on about…. the same people playin’ da stoopid-head Teepers (and Baldwin is one of em) like a cheap penny-whistle. The man is DANGEROUS.

      This sloppy, hustler knock-off “xian” who calls for blood is no more aware of his philosophy than he is of his “theology.” His “understanding” of the “constitution” is just as thin as his understanding of “the Bible.” Sorry… I think anybody who thinks that “illegal immigration” is a greater threat than the poisoning of our children, land and water is a fookin TWIT. Let’s get real… (or “obvious”)… it doesn’t get much more basic than FOOD.

      His booyah romanticized knock-off adopted “Southron Cause” was a pre-emptive counter-revolution to the Industrial Revolution… so poorly understood (at the time- cut ’em some slack) that if Baldwin had the brain of a May-fly, he would realize that Marx was on the same exact page. Now we can SEE and TASTE (with the brain of a May-fly) the logical conclusion to the “Industral Revolution:” uniform, conformed and cheap “food” that starves us to death.

      So much for the “individual rights” MORANS.


        Okay…and WITHOUT individual rights WHO is going to DO anything about it but sit stupefied?

        LOAN SHARKS AND THE PROTECTION RACKET; That is the enemy. Bulls eye on their foreheads…yea?

        Now what? Turn the tinkerbell teeperpies into fully lucid human beings by some marxian magic spell?


    • Ah yessssssss…the answer we were all looking for…\\ll//

  12. C’mon sing along, everybody knows this song…

    Paul Craig Roberts on Chuck Norris


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