Posted by: Dave Hunter | August 22, 2010

BP Oil Spill Disaster Map / Lambert Coordinates

ROV feed

Analyzing the many live feeds from BP ROV cameras, it is difficult to make out where exactly the recordings are taking place. They keep talking about “the well”, as if there’s only one location on the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico, where they are messing around. The following map shows exact locations by Lambert coordinates, which can be observed on some of the ROV feeds, in particular Skandi ROV 1 and Skandi ROV 2.

Placing the various oil leaks observed since May 2010, as well as other events documented by the cameras on the map, a whole new picture emanates. For example, even taking in account that I’ve mapped only a selection of the hundreds of videos available, there are a lot more different locations than we have been told about where oil came (most likely still comes) gushing out.

It would be highly interesting to put additional events on the map, which I could easily do after having the template at hand. If anyone knows a link that shows readable X,Y coordinates, of any significant event on the see floor that is not yet included in the map below, please let me know, so I can work on its completion.

Considering the comparably large area where BP is obvioulsy operating to drill and kill, some serious questions arise.

The first and generally most important – what exactly, and how much are they hiding from the public? Another one – in face of the many different points where they obviously keep on gushing out large volumes of dispersants, how much of toxic chemicals are they going to use, and for how long time? The > 2 million tons mentioned in the media surely can be considered just a small percentage, given the secrecy and dishonesty BP reps have demonstrated handling this disaster. Furthermore – where exactly were they drilling “the well”, how many different drilling locations go along with “one well”? And, how do their operations fit to the exploration plan they officially filed with the MMS?

Whatever they try to hide, it will surface – it is just a matter of time. (Please klick on the map to see a bigger version.)

Oil spill disaster map 1

Map – part 1

Oil disaster map 2

Map – part 2

Oil disaster map complete

MC252_A is a well that BP reportedly was drilling and abandoned in 2009, MC252_B is supposed to be the location where the DWH was actually working before it exploded.

A selection of various links to youtube videos, which have been utilized to create the oil spill disaster map:

May 8, Plume Monitoring

May 11, Plume Monitoring

May 25, Plume Monitoring

June 3, Dispersant Ops

June 4, close to well B (BC252-B)

June 4, South of Well B

June 9, Massive gusher

June 19, Dispersant Ops

July 22, Dispersant Hose Recovery

August 2, See Floor Eruption


  1. I rmemeber getting a live feed update showing the well burst on livecam….then it went dark, next thing you know its the “live cam” again as if nothing happened.

    The site I got it from showed how the new “livecam” feed was merely a loop of about three minutes over again.

    This was when the well pipe interior blew out, and BP has pretended there was something there to actually plug, besides the huge gaping hole without any structure left.

    And like you say…who knowswhich well they were showing at the time???

    WE could still be looking at a major eruption in the gulf if the whole lid blows off of Thunderstallion.


  2. I also copped that loop!
    and thats when I really realised that it was possibly not even the same place they showed at different times and cameras.
    A nice up close look at the rig Underwater without gear! for all the lying theiving colluding scum, is my desire.

  3. Whoa Dave. Does this start to resemble the faked moon landing scenario?

    I’m waiting for another Earthquake in Illinois or Mizzou and start piecing the HAARP attack to send the Mississippi to flood the breadbasket of America with Toxic kill. Then send the gulf skyward in an acid rain weather event to parts unknown

    BINGO. Damaged crops, mayhem and the the biggy event for takeover. One prong of the global clamity a comin, in my most nightmarish theory.

    There’s so much ugly future trailing this deal I get sick everytime I start thinking about it.

    • Puddy, I too have been pondering this in view of the larger geological scenario manifest today.

      WWIII is not being fought by nations, it is an attack by ‘silent weapons’ upon all of humanity–something beyond the template of the past concept of what war is, in both technology and structure.

      Everyone sits fascinated, on the edge of their seats to see it Israel is going to start WWIII with an attack on Iran. Meanwhile the real attacks are right in front of their noses. Most still believe that “only God” can direct the weather, make an earth quake, generate and direct a hurricane. Any counterthunkin to this idea is seen as fantastic science fiction.

      Even our great thinkers in revo/counter-revo are squawking from their rear sides and missing this larger panorama. This is not an era fro small thinking.

      Mars has attacked [the god of war] and the earthlings are stupefied.


  5. I suppose then we might say that the elementry school child who stood up in class on 9/11 and anounced that this was the start of WWIII, and that America would loose, was correct.

    A strange little story at the time, I don’t know if you recall it. Lots of strange little tid bits floated around the web the first few days…before disappearing down the memory hole.

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