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Declassified: Israel’s Manipulation of U.S. Media

With Israel & the U.S. pushing for an attack on Iran,  it is vitally important that this information be widely distributed.  Be sure to read the AZC report linked in the article below the video. ~jg

The Israel Lobby Swims The Atlantic – by Grant Smith @

Jeffrey Goldberg’s current cover story in The Atlantic, “The Point of No Return,” achieved massive distribution across a broad spectrum of old and new media in the United States. Some observers – including Glenn Greenwald in “How Propagandists Function” – noted how well the methodology and message of Goldberg’s piece serves the Israeli government’s efforts to push U.S. military action against Iran. Gareth Porter views it as part of an overarching strategy to keep the U.S. from restoring productive relations with Iran. A huge trove of newly declassified documents subpoenaed during a Senate investigation reveals how Israel’s lobby pitched, promoted, and paid to have content placed in America’s top news magazines with overseas funding. The Atlantic (and others) received hefty rewards for trumpeting Israel’s most vital – but damaging – PR initiatives across America.

Unlike today, back in the 1960s Israel and its lobby were battling mightily to draw American attention away from the entire subject of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. A secret executive report [.pdf] subpoenaed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigation into the American Zionist Council, or AZC (AIPAC’s parent organization), reveals the lobby’s careful tracking of and satisfaction with most mainstream U.S. media coverage about the Dimona nuclear weapons facility:

“The nuclear reactor story inspired comment from many sources: editorial writers, columnists, science writers and cartoonists. Most of the press seemed finally to accept the thesis that the reactor was being built for peaceful purposes and not for bombs. Some columnists felt that the U.S. should have awaited more information before ‘ventilating its suspicions’. Drew Pearson’s syndicated column justified Israel’s secrecy; William Laurence in the New York Times stressed Israel’s peaceful intent, in contrast to Arthur Krock who wanted the reactor placed under international safeguards. Arab protagonists in this country – including those in the State Department who raised all the fuss initially – used the occasion to try to cast doubt on Israel’s friendship toward the U.S.”

The observant now know that Israel’s massive, clandestine nuclear arsenal remains a thorn in the side of U.S. nonproliferation efforts. Building it required many unfriendly acts, such as materials theft and covert financing from U.S. donors. The Israeli nuclear arsenal story remains curiously under-reported in America, though not throughout the rest of the world. But have media outlets such as The Atlantic received assistance from Israel and its lobby for publishing helpful – but equally misleading – content?

The unqualified answer is yes.

In the early 1960s the AZC’s Magazine Committee [.pdf] met regularly with writers to prepare articles for top U.S. magazines such as Reader’s Digest, the Saturday Evening Post, and Life. In its program [.pdf] for “cultivation of editors” and “stimulation and placement of suitable articles in the major consumer magazines,” the committee pushed lighter subjects with prepared texts such as the thirteenth anniversary of Israel’s founding while killing investigative pieces at such publications as the Christian Science Monitor. The committee confronted two major news items challenging Israel: fallout from the “Lavon Affair” (a cover-up of failed false-flag Israeli terrorist attacks on U.S. government facilities in Egypt) and American peace proposals calling for the return of some expelled Palestinian refugees to their homes and property in Israel. The Israeli government and its U.S. lobby invested heavily in arguing against the return of Palestinian refugees through The Atlantic, according to yet another secret AZC report [.pdf]:

The Atlantic Monthly in its October issue carried the outstanding Martha Gellhorn piece on the Arab refugees, which made quite an impact around the country. We arranged for the distribution of 10,000 reprints to public opinion molders in all categories. Acting on information that anti-Israel groups were bombarding the Atlantic with critical letters, we stimulated a letter campaign designed to counteract their impact. …

“Interested friends are making arrangements with the Atlantic for another reprint of the Gellhorn article to be sent to all 53,000 persons whose names appear in Who’s Who in America

“The November issue of the Atlantic carried a special 64-page Supplement on Israel, with articles by some of Israel’s top names. …

“Our Committee is now planning articles for the women’s magazines for the trade and business publications.

The Jewish Agency, an Israeli quasi-governmental organization with pre-legislative review powers and access to Israeli government tax revenues, laundered overseas tax-exempt charitable relief funds into U.S. public relations and lobbying through its American section. The AZC was incapable of independently raising its own revenue and received $5 million ($36 million in 2010 dollars) from the Jewish Agency over two years for public relations and lobbying. The Jewish Agency received AZC bi-monthly media action reports. Up to $6,300 ($45,360 today) was budgeted for reprints of “The Arabs of Palestine,” which erroneously concluded that “Palestinian refugees will merge into the Arab nations, because the young will insist on real lives instead of endless waiting.” It is clear from contemporary news reports and the heavily redacted Senate record that the AZC and the  Jewish Agency seriously violated IRS regulations and the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Senate investigation ultimately failed in its efforts to regulate secret foreign media manipulation and lobbying. The AZC transformed into AIPAC, and today The Atlantic is virtually alone among remnants of the battered magazine industry in its return to profitability. Jeffrey Goldberg’s prolific work no doubt helps propel that bottom line. But readers should remember the origin of deceptive waves of content that washed ashore in American magazines.



  1. There aint no “USA” and there aint no “Israel” and there aint no Sanity Clause. The “Secret Team” has seen to that.

    And it aint the RockyFellows or the RothsChildren either… the scions of those old dynasties are busy talking baby-talk to their thoroughbred horsies and meeting with their architects and interior decorators… jetting and yachting between their private fiefdoms all over the world… clipping the coupons sent by their fourth-generation bourgeois flaks and minions.

    THEY have nothing to do with any of this shit because they don’t HAVE TO. They quit getting their hands dirty on the levers generations ago.

    The average schlump Israeli and USAn thinks this all has to do with some kind of bullshit “ideology”… and it does… for THEM. For the Secret Team (the committee)… the Spice must flow.

    In spite of all the fancy new high-tech war-toys… you STILL can’t run a modern techno war-machine without oil.

    “Petrol ist Blut!”

    • oh yeah… and take a gander at somma them fancy new toys:

    • A wink’s and good as a nod to a blind horse.

    • If you actually read Prouty you would realize you just shot a big hole in your own foot as far as how you followed up, with all that nonsense about the red shield fading away.

      Do you just skim digests? Do you never drink deep of these tomes of wisdom, or you just get drunk sipping varied wines all day?

      You say:
      “THEY have nothing to do with any of this shit because they don’t HAVE TO. They quit getting their hands dirty on the levers generations ago.”-Woowoopaper

      That’s like saying the Godfather hasn’t anything to do with it running the mob because the underlings are doing all the wet work.

      You have a great disconnect in your thinking–that doesn’t equate to a disconnect of these oligarchs from their power.


      • By “Prouty,” I assume you meant Fletcher and not Nada Nadim.

        Sorry, ol willie-bud. You lost me wayyyyy back with your toot-toot on “Protocols.”

        Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see anything in “Secret Team” about a Joo lurking under every bush making weeds grow around yer lollypop-tree.

        But then, a fart is as good as a fire bell to a blind horse’s ass.

        • Yes Fletcher, that’s who I refer to as Prouty.

          The Secret Team was focused more on the ‘action figures’, but if you go back and look at where he talks about Chrurchill, and his reference to “The High Cabal”– he is referring to our magic jujubees.

          Like Icke refering to them as ‘reptiles’–some authors have found a way to keep publishing in mainstream houses.

          I don’t know how you can dismiss the protoguangy when the plan therein is so obviously in the works right in front of your nose.
          But you can light your horse farts here all day long, fine wit me woowoopaper.

          • Well… no surprise you sifted THAT gnat-shit out of the pepper… since it fits into yer kiddie-garten “weltanschaung.”

            The “action figures” are the Real Deal, Niel. As Bismark said about “…blood and iron,” the “policy nerds” can diddle themselves about silly-ass “justification” all day long. The “action figures” KNOW that brute-force trumps Kapital… and the “Joo Bankers” KNOW that they know it.

            I believe the “protoguangy” is for simple-heads. I’m far more interested in the “ponerology” …the “scientific” study of “evil.”

            To say “evil” is “genetic” is fucking 17th-century stupid-head thinking. Sure, it CAN be… and I never said “Zionism” wasn’t “real” … it is… as a MEME… which ain’t “Human.” “Genetic” only to the extent that common communities tend to have common cells.

            You realize, willy-brownhole, that yer focus on “Zionist Joo International Banking Conspiracy” shit makes you come off as a tattooed Aryan-Nation skinhead fuck… and I believe you have given it much more thought than that.

            But I COULD be wrong.

            • “To say “evil” is “genetic” is fucking 17th-century stupid-head thinking”–Waldorf

              I never claimed “evil is genetic”…although your ponerism and psychopathic studies DO prove a ‘different’ brain schematic for known psychopaths. The distinction between a sociopath being it is caused by social trauma, where as the psychopath is born with a disfunctional brain having no capacity for empathy.

              Now the Zionist meme is drawn from a social template expounded in the Talmud–so we are NOT talking genetics here.

              See some further answers below.


            • “no surprise you sifted THAT gnat-shit out of the pepper… ”

              Actually Prouty goes into much more detail in his lectures than is stated in the Secret Team or JFK. I have hours of Prouty on cassete tape recorded from KPFK in the 80s.

              You know Woowoopaper, academia has twisted your epistemic noodle like a pretzle.

              \\ll//….no hard feelin’s kachooga.

  2. Carriers and drones and space oh my!

    Greenwald busting Goldberg and the snake eats its own tail.

    I’m with u on everything WP except it should be more like 14th generation.

    Horse whisperers indeed.

    • You two buttbuddies show that HASBARA comes in many flavors–but always has that tell-tale after taste.


      • …and we’s huggin out chairs behindedly-close… what with that rosebud-poking willie-wag in the room…

        …raising Kane’s last words.

        • That thing you put under the Court of the Crimson King is very good.

          You’re better when your delirious than when you’re reactive.


  3. I think those figures on Wiki are way too low. Wonder what the real numbers of fiat money are with all the Black expenses lumped in?…

    • Numbers from the Z network that doesn’t exisit. The number is almost 2 trillion.

  4. Anyways — fiat money is a fiction.

  5. LIFE Magazine (February 17,1962) carried a hostile editorial titled: ‘The Crisis in Zionism’. 

    “The AZC stimulated several hundred letters to the publication in disagreement with the editorial; a meeting with one of the editors has also been held and under consideration is a piece on Zionism to be prepared by us which they may print…”

    **************\\ll//>> This just describes a pre internet hasbara. That Zionist thing that operates just beyond your nose.

  6. Nice reporting Jersey Girl!

    But Waldo! C’mon lad, what about “see the USA in our Chevrolet?”

    Brother Nathaniel looks a bit odd, but tells it like it is

    A brief weather forecast for the tri-state area.

    Today we’ll see partial chemtrailing with a chance of HAARP

  7. As an impressionable young lad in 1960, I was totally smitten with “Exodus” by Leon Uris.

    (please note- btw- the last paragraph in the wiki article. If I were to make a case for “Zionists” monkeying with wiki… I would use this.)

    I think it was the first major “contemporary” novel I ever read. From the book… to the movie… and ESPECIALLY the musical theme… I was totally carried away.

    A few years back… like about 20… I began to wonder if all this packaging was a psy-op. I think it was. Whatever- it completely framed an entire generation’s picture of Israel. Since then, as a Holocaust student, I have come to believe that “Israel” was a convenient dumping-ground for (particularly Eastern European) “Jews” rendered homeless by WWII.

    None of the “victorious powers” wanted those potentially rabble-rousing “socialist” fucks in THEIR country. ESPECIALLY the USA… and the Soviet Union (because they were “critical” “socialist” fucks… who might have the brass to point out that the Party Boys in the Kremlin weren’t “socialists” at all).

    How could a homeless “Jewish” bloke– or blokette– resist the beautiful dream of “Zionism?” A place all “our” own… where nobody will fuck with us… wouldn’t YOU?

    I imagine if the Pigs “appropriated” Greenland… and said… “OK… all you moonbeam “Green””Mother Earth” turds can go THERE… and have your own “country” and do whatever you like. Of course, as an old fart… I would remember “Israel,” and how that turned out to be a fucking lie for the “Jews” who were forced to wear their yellow stars… no matter HOW “secular” they were.

    And we “Greens” have no “biological tracers.” Your momma or poppa or grandma or whatever WAS a “Green,” so YOU are a “Green.” And we don’t have centuries of “inter-breeding” so there’s no DNA tracer either (like there actually IS for “Jews”)… but this gets dangerously close to that fairy-ass “Protoculs” bullshit that makes my ass drip.

    As a “memeticist” (and Nazi Germany “scholar”) I had a terrible “moment-of-conscience” realizing that the Nazis tried to exterminate the “Jews” because they were “carriers of Bolshevism.” And from the “memetic” standpoint… they were CORRECT. Parents pass on their “beliefs” (memes) to their children. That’s one of the ways memes successfully replicate.

    However, mass-extermination is “problematic,” which is a toned-down way of saying it’s stark-raving batso fucking insane. (See Goldhagen’s “Worse Than War” ). Blackmore sez we are naught but “…survival machines for our genes and memes.”

    While I don’t necessarily agree with this position, it is certainly being reinforced here on COTO with all the natter-jabber about “Zionism” (a meme). WAY too simplistic friends… WAY too simplistic. That is NOT denying that “Zionism” is “real,” it is… it’s a meme… and as such, it is not “human”any more than DNA or prions are.

    Oh… and am I being “reactive?” Fuckall. That’s like counter-punching a cloud.

  8. Yes Woowoo,

    Leon Ursis was actually hired to write Exodus and Armageddon by the Zionasties…both were pure propaganda ala Bernaysia.

    Dude you NEED to read THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed. It is pdf availabel for free on the Internet.

    This book is journalism, not political philosophy–sourcing immaculate.

    And when you can get to it, Sutton’s, THE SECRET AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT:SKULL AND BONES.

    \\ll// Less vaporous than thou fucking fucking fucking tipsie doo doo{grin}

  9. The “action figures” KNOW that brute-force trumps Kapital… and the “Joo Bankers” KNOW that they know it. Woowoo ala Bismark.

    Now THAT is the lion sized doo doo–Bismark miscalculated badly…now didn’t he? Who’s “action figures” won the war?

    Look, this meme lexiconic voodoo is no more valid than those who saw the universe as a big machine during the industrail revolution.
    Now the world is interpreted as digitalis/genome lingual fruitcakes. You get stuck in your “Word Woo Woo” and find yourself in mazes built by others.


    • So… does being on the “losing side” prove Bismark wrong? NO. He was exactly right. “he great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions … but by iron and blood.” Well… and “stuff.”

      And the fresh-facced doughboys showed up with more “stuff” than all of Europe could hardly match. And what did that prove? That Bismark was exactly right. And where did the “stuff” come from? From a continent that had not yet been bled-white, freshly stolen from the “Indians” who ALSO thought that “ideology” could trump brute-force.

      It CAN… but only to the degree that it is absorbed into the “community” (collective)… which is the ONLY thing that can trump brute-force… so far… because whoever fields the most (determined) soldiers usually “wins.”

      • “And where did the “stuff” come from? From a continent that had not yet been bled-white…”–Woowoopaper


        You are so ignorant of how the US was brought into this war it makes me blush.
        If you don’t read THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION you will be stupid forever.

        You know NOTHING but Lollipop History because you are programmed by Zionist infiltrated academia–put in your lingo, you don’t know shit.


  10. “You realize, willy-brownhole, that yer focus on “Zionist Joo International Banking Conspiracy” shit makes you come off as a tattooed Aryan-Nation skinhead fuck… and I believe you have given it much more thought than that.”-Woowoo

    Yes Walso, I have given it a lot more thought than that. I began my political studies in earnest, reading the RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH.
    I am a staunch enemy of Nasism, just as I am a staunch enemy of Communism. I am simply a staunch enemy of all totalitarian bullshit super state tyranny.

    The kernal you miss is that ‘money makes the world go ’round’–even for the action figures–that is why I finally ended up with my focus on the Money Powers–the same power source the original founders of this nation fought the revolution for liberty against.

    I only come off as a “skinhead” to simpletons who don’t know jack shit about deep history.


  11. Khazars come rolling along. Joo-Boos, Neo-Cons, Communists, Media managers, fiat dry-cleaners, Robertsons, Hagees, Tycoons, Coto agent provacateurs, they all work under the AIPAC-SPLC, ADL in the Republic.

    Iran has been in their sites for fifty years. The US and Zionists are operating in direct opposition to the old cold war that never died.

    Maybe this might shed some light on it. Committee red/blue

    It offers the R&R’s of the committee to play the game

  12. You know Puddy, I’ve been reading Petras for quite awhile–but the bouncyboy format of this book on line is fer da shits. You figure out some way to read it in some sort of format that ain’t go woowoo on yer eyes?


    • I emailed it to you

      • Thanks Puddy, I recieved, and I thank ye muchly. \\ll//

  13. “He also added that “after 1945 the Jewish genocide became a byword for modern barbarism, the epitome of twentieth-century mass terror… more recently, a single-minded focus on the Jewish genocide in an attempt to characterize the Holocaust as a unique atrocity has also prevented the assessment of other episodes of comparable magnitude in the Communist world. After all, it seems scarcely plausible that the victors who had helped bring about the destruction of a genocidal apparatus might themselves have put the very same methods into practice. When faced with this paradox, people generally preferred to bury their heads in sand.”

    Black Book. Yea…again I sight Reed and his book CONTROVERSY–nothing could be better than this view from carolina in the mornin’…no Mimi birdshit here. \\ll//

    • Well the Communists cornered the market on twentieth century mass murder but it was so critical to committee plans that they created Hitler, Nazi, fascist regimes to do it on an outsourced type program. Attacking Religion from within with these committee figureheads and then attacking them from the outside.

      False Flag and WOT schemes really are the staple for creating the illusions. I’ll send you the BLACK BOOK as well.

  14. In the “Know mine enemy” mode, I get Worldnetdaily in my inbox…Joseph Farah’s zio-jingo tootifruity bullshit. He’s promoting this Old Testicles woo woo video series on the site about the “miracle of Israel”:

    Did you ever wonder how Israel regathered as a nation after nearly 2,000 years in dispersion?

    Did you ever wonder how this tiny nation defeated bigger and more powerful armies over and over again to survive?

    Did you know there are dozens of accounts of similar miracles in the history of modern Israel – with some of them paralleling actual Bible accounts of old?

    More magical mystery tour drool about our blessed ‘chosen’ nonbrethren.

    Let me hear ya say “Oink” one more time, “Oink”.

    Somebody get me a pork burger. \\ll//

    • As old as David and Goliath, this plan. The Protocols, Iron Mountain, Committee 300 are real documents.

      Truth does not have the same meaning for the philosopher-king or at the Absolutist court, or in an imperial despotism. It is different in the democratic, the totalitarian or the postmodern system, in the “Age of the Masses” and the Information Age.

      You have to pass on the political agendas of a few here. It does no service to truth to play the games of those who say the government political system does not exist while promoting their own politics. Remember the COTO tenets and report to them spend less time arguing with the eastern zephyrs blowing in.

      • Orpheus says, “perhaps it is better to let them die in their sleep”.

        Just a dream filled with mountains of ice cream…


  15. So, does this guy eat maggots every day for breakfast because it’s in his DNA or because it’s what his parents fed him?

    • If he’s got a computer, it’s DNA. If he carries a blow gun it’s mama naychur.

      I dunno ’bout no image…I can’t get one up here too….???


  16. Alright, where’s my image?

  17. Here’s the view from SCI FE TEMPLE wherein dwells Magus Maverik:

    The Crimson King gets the blame for all war deaths beginning with the US Civil war on.

    The blame for all the crushing of Indigenous Peoples by empire.

    The blame for all deaths by revolution since the French Revolvocaper.

    And the fools that follow this madhouse share in that blame.

    What does it mean to be well adjusted in a psychotic society?

    Yes, this is a test. \\ll//

  18. Hey! Where’s da management in dis place?

    Us visual peeps need to be able to post images with our comments! We can if you install a simple plug-in.

    Here’s the location where you can download it and install in WordPress…

    OK, so don’t be like a Zionist creep! Get her done!

  19. BTW, the Willey and Waldo battle of the bands was highly entertaining. Reminded me of the old Smirking Chimp days. Thanks to you both.

    • A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

      \\ll// yer welcome. {grin}

  20. There is an abundance of evidence for the past 15 years that:
    1. The oil companies did not promote a war policy.
    2. The wars have prejudiced their interests, operations and agreements
    with prominent Arab and Islamic regimes in the region.
    3. The interests of the oil companies have been sacrificed to the
    state interests of Israel.
    4. The power of the pro-Israel lobbies exceeds that of the oil companies in shaping US Middle East policy.

    Petras The Power of Israel

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