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Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears

August 17, 2010 by kornisking

Traders Village a flea-market chain that boasts the largest flea-market in the world in Houston has been building a new location in San Antone.

Scuttlebutt has it that Traders Village management is deep-sixing the project due to problems with the depression. Vendors were complaining at another flea-market that they had given deposits for spaces at Traders Village and were refused a refund. Other signs are obvious. My neighbor has been working less and less hours, now down to three and a half days a week. I would go to the grocery store six months ago and see almost everyone with a full cart.

Lately the majority of shoppers have four or five items only, like maybe spending under ten bucks each. I heard today the powers that be are planning to charge farmers when rain falls on their crops. Gasoline prices are on the rise, unusual as the prices customarily go up in June and fall in autumn. The 23 billion “jobs bill”for police and teachers was the biggest red flag, pumping up that dead horse just to beat it back down again. An un-policed city and teacher-less schools are a dead giveaway that a nation is belly up, we cant have that.

The roads here are getting so bad I had to put ball-joints and struts on the family car. News today talked of kids having to take toilet paper to school, a custom I learned of in Mexico. If any of yall have any similar horror stories of a good buck gone bad please relate down under the cyber-fold. Waiting for the next shoe to drop in Texas…….Korn out.



  1. I didn’t notice people spending under $10 at the supermarket but I can corroborate on the other things you mentioned.

    I couldn’t help but notice our bumpy roads loaded with potholes. I have to put air in my tires every two weeks.

    There are many road projects that were started but not finished over the past two years. So one lane of the two lane highway is smooth, the other rough.. not exactly great for your car to ride over every friggin day.

    There are signs on lawns all over the townships I travel through pleading for “no police layoffs”.

    A friend from work told us her grandson came home with a note saying the class is required to bring in extra pencils, plastic bags and other items for general use for the school. First time that’s happened around here.

    ANd here I sit, in NJ, a state with one of the highest property taxes in the country!!

    • Didi you do your Walter Burien Homework JG?

      • Yes I did PD. Thanks for the info btw. Walter B is one helluva a whistle blower. Exposing the double set of books in NJ, while not surprising, sure as hell nailed what many of us thought our state govt was up to not to mention the others.

        His CITA plan sounds pretty good too in comparison. ALthough, that seems insanely optimistic in light of what’s going on economically nationwide.


    The Lollipops in the land of milk and honey should be tuning into Big Brother about now, wishing they were getting the one getting the third degree.


    Buy Gold, poor? buy silver. Very poor? beg for copper pennies and save the seeds from your next watermelon.

  3. PS: How weird you posted this simultaneously with the article I just posted from The activist post regarding the u.s. becoming a third world country!

  4. I haven’t noticed anything particualarly scrabbled at my particualr spot–an old timy city square with a courthouse and a big bronze cicil War monument. Most of the folks here are large extended families of been nowhere elsers. They must be helpin’ each other out.
    Even the brick road around the square is still in good shape…???
    But there be potholes in some of the old neihborhoods.
    And the churches send out meals to lots of people here.
    Kentuck right next door seems to be failing fast tho’.

  5. The other day I noticed a large hispanic family (mom and about four kids) in the bakery section at my local Safeway gobbling down donuts right out of the case. Each musta had three or four during the time I was there picking up some bread. Figure they had to be pretty desperate to pull a stunt like that.

    In the course of twenty years, my pretty nice middle class neighborhood has become a community of low income third-worlders. We live south of seattle, and it’s expensive to live downtown, so all the low income folks have migrated to the suburbs. I think most midwesterners would be surprised at the number of non-english speaking people that live around west coast cities.

    Aside from those fresh of the boat, the mexicans seem to be doing better than the white folk. The white folk are losing their corporate jobs and everything they’ve worked for, while the mexicans still seem to be keeping busy doing whatever. Maybe its the drug trade…I dunno…but the local mexicans drive around in the nicest cars. While most of the white folk I see seem to be having a much harder time.

    Out with the old, in with the new, I guess. Good if your a lawn cutter. Bad if you’re a ‘knowledge worker.’

    • The other day I noticed a large hispanic family (mom and about four kids) in the bakery section at my local Safeway gobbling down donuts right out of the case.

      Thats one way to get back at those corporate scumbags and the cops,eat the donuts up.Cops love donuts.

      • lol thanks korny, you never fail to make me laugh with your funny little asides….leave not a crumb for the storm troopers!

  6. The thing to keep in mind is that this time it really is different. It’ll be unprecedented, dramatic even, like the donuts scene. You know it’s desperate if they load up on corn syrup like that.
    In the thirties Depression, the US still had all the resources it needed- topsoil, timber, water, petroleum, resilient workforce, intact family farms, physical strength, birds and bees, legal marijuana, etc etc whereas this depression can’t be fixed, has declining resources, and is engineered as a final dissolution to a free republic that could rival London or spank Tel Aviv. Sadly it will cull the poor, elderly, sick, unemployed youth, boomer retirees, middle class, executives, seed dealers, and most everyone not in federal reserve government employment.
    I see it happening in the closed businesses and bankrupt elites. Without Food Stamps there would be massive demonstrations and riots.

  7. Observing my vicinity, Naples +20 miles around, since I moved her a year ago, I can corroborate everything korn is talking about.

    Re police state – it is simply unbelievable, how much police (in uniform, civil, code enforcement, etc.) is “serving” the community, people get arrested for absolute bs!! Like this one, happened lately… a lady who parked her car on a lot for the disabled, put the permit on the mirror, went into the courthouse. Comes back, pulls out, a sheriff stops her, who has observed her from the beginning (obviously he had nothing better to do). Finds out it’s her mom who’s on the disabled permit, ARRESTS her!!!

    Not to talk about the FL law re “loitering and prowling” – ha, you better don’t sit down on the city green to rest for 5 minutes, will end up in jail!! Seems the cops compete who’s made the most arrests a day/week/month/year…:(((

    Here’s a “nice” link, where you can check out the “daily calendar” of arrests, incuding the respective “crime”:

    Shopping: exactly as korn has observed… plus, shops shutting down every day, complete plazas empty, one after the other, same goes for office buildings…

    Like every 3rd house in my close neighborhood is vacant, just empty, or in forclosure, and this is 3 miles from Naples Old Town, a decent living area…

    I could go on and on and on, it’s obvious that this place is going down the hill, high speed, whatever kind of bullshit B.S. is spitting out on his BP-promo tours!

    • Yea Dave…it’s amazing how few don’t notice the militarized cop sitch.

      Electrocution on the spot/TASERs….this is not THX1131?

      Whammy, the TVZombies standing in long files to be served up their rupture.

      This era is a grand slurry made of ancient sci fi scripts. The Orwellian/Huxley ghouldance.


      • Even Orwell and Huxley couldn’t have imagined such fascistic grandeur.

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