Posted by: Dave Hunter | August 15, 2010

Irrefutable Evidence – BP Intentionally Defrauding the Whole World

That's what a liar looks likeI know a liar when I see one…

From the onset, BP representatives and government agencies were confusing everybody by lies, diffuse commentary, cover up, and massive restrictions imposed on independent researchers and journalists, regarding the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. While many of the lies and misleading information spread by them are rather hard to prove as being intentional, here is some hard evidence, irrefutable, rock-solid, enough to qualify BP representatives as notorious criminals, and their “buddies” in government and the media as being complicit.

The following is a series of 20 images, partial copies of the official public document that proves the existence of TWO neighboring wells at the Deepwater Horizon “accident” site, wells “A” and “B”, and screen captures of videos that have been published by BP and others, which are accessible on YouTube and other sites in hundreds. The screen captures (videos) prove the fact that BP was publishing mostly ROV feeds that show the abandoned well “A”, while reporting on their “efforts” regarding well “B”, beginning from May 2010, actually throughout the entire time span of the events unfolding after April 20, 2010, until today. In the meantime, they have discovered this “mistake”, so their actual “live feeds” of the presumed well site don’t show location coordinates any more. Too late, fortunately – the evidence is already out there, well documented and published.

The first 11 images are excerpts of BP’s Exploration Regsitration with the MMS. The entire document can be downloaded at:

Important – note the geographic location coordinates for Well “A” and Well “B”!

Now, compare the coordinates of Wells “A” and “B” with the actual figures in the videos!

On May 26, this ROV feed shows coordinates somewhere out in the wilderness of the seabed near the wells, it is neither of the wells “A” or “B”.

The same goes for this ROV video feed – neither of the wells “A” or “B”.

As clear as the day – the feed shows the abandoned Well “A”, May 27, 2010.

Note the memo at the bottom of the feed: “Monitoring Top Kill After Solutions” – as the coordinates prove, it is the abandoned Well “A”, on May 27, 2010.

ROV feed published on June 13 – again, it is the abandoned Well “A”.

On July 15, The BIG story – Oil Well Capped! Only, the geographic coordinates prove it is Well “A” that is shown in the video feed(s).

Sure – just that unfortunately it’s not the well that exploded on April 22, 2010 – Well “B”, which is shown in the video feed; again, it is Well “A”.

Proof that this video originates from BP – all the time showing Well “A”, while reporting on the supposingly successful capping of Well “B” – on July 15, 2010.

Yeah, “BOP Monitoring”, the only question is which BOP – the geographic coordinates prove, it is Well “A” – on August 03, 2010.

This series of evidence could be expanded and extended, as there are a lot more video feeds published on the Internet, all of which prove one thing for sure – BP is committing large scale fraud, on the expense of all of us, with help and assistance by the US government, it’s various agencies, and the MS Media, all of which are complicit in at least covering up the largest environmental crime in U.S. history. It seems by the time to hold them accountable. Even if there would be nothing more than the evidence presented above, it should suffice to start arresting the BP officials first, then moving on to the Coast Guard, NOAA, and every single person in government, who has assisted knowingly, systematically and until this very day, to defraud not only the American people, but every single citizen of the whole wide world.



  1. I’m for arresting the “lot” of them!

    • Absolutely agreed! Only, the hard part may be to find that brave sheriff (who isn’t afraid of drowning in his own bathtub)…

  2. This is a very complex scenario. I like the approach you take here Dave. Good job.

    I’ll have to look back to my files from a few days back. I have some corraborating stuff from another angle that indicates this double fake out BP has tried to pull.

    Yes Boom, if there wa a justice system in the nation these turds would be hanged.


    Here are some graphics that tell essentially the same story.

    Ah this is a jaw tightener.

    • Thanks, Willy – I had come across BK Lim’s work, it seems he / she (?) has analyzed a lot of the coordinates presented in various video feeds, based on which the scenario presented looks absolutely plausible.

      The BP crooks and their partners within the gvmt agencies have presented such an overwhelming pile of contradicting information, that though it’s a bit complicated (time consuming) to dig through all of it, it should be rather easy to nail down the case against them – the only question remaining is, who will swing that big hammer, eventually…

      • ..”the only question remaining is, who will swing that big hammer, eventually…”

        Just my opine: Thor {meaning Nature}

        But we as a species are becoming more instinctual/intuitive and nature may act partially through us as well.

  4. Did you see the information that the Gulf Current has stopped… and that is probably what is responsible for the temperature changes? Whoa, I just read the article this morning, looked in my computer “history” to find it, and it is unavailable. I betcha the powers that be are making sure this news doesn’t get out. What I remember was that it was a top researcher in Italy that had done the investigations based on satellite data, and had determined the loop current had actually stopped.

    • Yes, I’ve seen it, from different authors; seems to me that it will take some more time for this to be corroborated by additional factual evidence, but it sounds logical so far. I’ve read nearly every scientific view on this disaster, and definitely lean to believe that at this point in time we even can’t imagine the scope of dire consequences it will have, locally, as well as on the global scale.

  5. Yes, your information is eyebrow raising, and the more “inconsistencies” that come to light the better {as with 9/11!}.

    I might point out my B.S. meter is highly tuned at this point, in the midst of the Propaganda SuperNova that we’ve seen exploding around the U.S. for some years now.

    It’s really easy to judge this Big Fudge by BP. I like that — the BIG FUDGE! Black & Oily sounding.

    Since the beginning, they (and NOAA, and the Coast Guard, and the Obama administration) have Lied, omitted, deflected, and committed a litany of Bull Shit to conceal the truth and any agendas running around the edges of this crime scene. So, if ANY of these criminals were “trying to help”, the line of B.S. would have improved and transparency would have surfaced from 5 miles deep in the doo. But, of course we have seen an ever bigger helping of Big Fudge piled upon itself.

    So, I can easily determine with 100% clarity = the LOT of Them are a lying bunch of criminals! Any evidence that comes to light then, is just corroboration of what I know to already be the case.

    For any bozo flouride swilling kool aid drinking zombie to give any credit to the PTB for “helping” anything — I pity their sorry existence, suggest they move to the Gulf Coast, purchase a fishing license, and drink Corexit martinis for lunch daily until they die. Hoist one for Obama and his photo-oping Florida swimming fam

  6. Detailed nicely Dave. Lot’s of work.

    This is such a perfect example of the two winged dirty bird and the techniques that will be used by the most powerful committee and their ability to control information.

    What do you think about the event as a planned financial false flag?

    We are pondering the long term issues.
    1. Climate-Gate and the weather implications.
    2. Economical results – Should oil become war ration and how will moritorium effect the double dip depression forcasted?

    3. Assuming the Corexit has sunk this enormous unreported volume to the floor of the gulf, what I know about Karenia brevis blooms, dinoflagellates K. brevis naturally produces a suite of potent neurotoxins collectively called brevetoxins, which are responsible for large die-offs of marine organisms and seabirds. This neurotoxin causes gastrointestincal and neurological problems to other organisms and can be fatal to humans.

    4. Where will this oil move to and how long will the effects of both toxins be felt during this migration?

    What do you think Dave?
    I am glad you are there to report both on a investigative but also as an observer. Did you get this article on COTO REPORT? [Rady]

    • Thanks, Puddy – it was not that much of an extra effort, as I’m putting together all the bits and pieces of this affair anyway, working on a somewhat more comprehensive “presentation” of the whole disaster. I thought it may be of some value to single out this one extremely obvious example of evidence, hoping it may serve to assist the folks who don’t have the time and possibility to dig themselves through all the Big Fudge, as boomerang put it very adequately.

      My thoughts on the background of this catastrophe… yes, it was an intentional act, definitely false flag. Several considerations lead to this conclusion; first, it is more than highly unlikely that a company like BP, having drilled thousands of wells, could “accidentally” allow such blatant mistakes to happen like the ones that reportedly lead to the explosion of the rig (well). No way.

      Second, after having (so far successfully) fooled the whole world on and about 9/11, this looks like another “field test” regarding several crucial factors, which are vital from the perspective of the Commitee on their way to establish the NWO;
      a) how far can they rely on the dumbed-down society to “swallow it”, to accept the boldest of lies, to follow restrictive laws and directives, to not question authorities, in the face of major catastrophic events;
      b) does the “management system” function? Can they rely on all positions and instances to fulfill their “duties” according to the expectations?

      Third, setting the stage for the coming economic meltdown; the consequences of this disaster will be a major factor to help them putting the blame on “nature”, unfortunate coincidents, etc., to distract the people’s attention from any idea that some unvisible forces are conducting and directing the events.

      Last but not least – fostering several general tasks they have on the agenda, like killing “unnecessary eaters”, maximizing profits, inducing more fear and confusion over all, etc..

      Most likely this event was staged as well to further their plans to attack Iran, because the expected development on the energy sector will demonstrate the need to secure additional oil resources for the US. Of course this is not and will never be subject of public argumentation, but they need to convince some rather reluctant partners to support their policy.

      Altogether, the ramifications of the GOM catastrophe are extremely hard to predict, because of the lack of a precedent. With regard to the environmental effects, there seems to be a consensus among independent scientists about the fact that we will see all kinds of developments far beyond our imagination. I tend to agree, thinking of the unpredictable, possible interactions and synergetic effects between the toxic chemicals added in large amounts, and the natural elements, forces and conditions in the Gulf. Definitely I agree with the opinion that it will take decades for the environment to absorb and balance the consequences of this disaster, if it happens at all.

      My main concern regarding the GOM is, that this “incident” will not remain the last one, so there will be no time for the environment to recover. Even if they wouldn’t stage the next one – imagine more than 50,000 wells perforating the seabed, and nobody knows how many of them presently leak, and how many abandoned ones may start leaking any moment. Drops fill the bucket, over time, and there is a moment for the final drop, which generates the overflow…

  7. Well stated Dave. I am seeing this in the same way you are. This is part of that ongoing agenda, one inwhich just as we are analyzing their last act, they are popping the next one on us.

    I agree, they are in full press court–going for the goal line. This is ‘space hockey’…and I think we’re gonna need space suites by the time this is all over.

  8. Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business,” said Obama.

    Obamy is a fucking lying lunatic. This is insane, there’s no business like bullshit.


    • Absolutely agreed! It is simply unbelievable, he acts like a clown, no one in his right mind would declare the Gulf waters safe, at this point in time! Obviously BP is in command of this “show”, and he’s obliged to dance according to their music… Disgusting!!

  9. Good post Dave. …..According to Dr.Riki Ott, those suffering from illness in May when the gusher first happened are suffering from the same symptoms now. Symptoms the medical community are calling heat stroke and food poisoning…Dr Ott says she’d evacuate if she lived in the area.

    Of course her statements were refuted by the state epidemiologist lackey Dr Paul Byers. He’s seen no illness from the spill and he’s been eating the shrimp.

    Another LIAR !!!!

    • Yup Jersey, these govee guys get together and walk on their noses like stilts.

  10. Hi Dave,
    I thought this page might interest you, as far as how the BP event may fit into this paricualar agenda:

    So the same corporations, who engineered the North American Free Trade Agreement, have conspired with the CFR to implement an even deeper economic integration of North America.

    The richest 4% are the beneficiaries, with the end result being a de facto government for and by the TNCs (Transnational Corporations). The following illustrates the stark reality of the situation and the real meaning behind the so-called “free trade” agreements in North America:

    Corporations intervene politically everywhere in the world wherever they have interests. It is part of doing business. In Canada, every industry has had its methods and key issues. But what if they could all intervene just once, in order to secure a law that could render them super-citizens, that would make interventions on hundreds of separate issues virtually unnecessary?

    That is essentially what the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) promised. It has been called a bill of rights for corporations, but even this description underestimates its eventual impact.

    >>In effect, the FTA allowed corporations to begin the final stage of opting out of the social contract altogether. It established the principle that corporations had no inherent obligations to nation-states in which they did business. They had all the legal rights of citizens but had the obligations waived. It was a kind of unilateral declaration of transnational corporate citizenship. (Dobbin, 46)


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