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Some basic facts to begin.

Analog and digital communications have almost entirely been a nation-state controlled enterprise. The process is the same for IT.

The Internet itself was created and enabled by the military and academic institutions for the sole purpose of collaboration.

The Internet is a massive network of networks, a networking infrastructure. It connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both connected to the Internet. Information that travels over the Internet does so via a variety of languages known as protocols.

J.C.R. Licklider was the director under ARPA/DARPA implemented his “Galactic Network” concept. He envisioned a globally interconnected set of nodes through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site. Licklider was the first head of the computer research program at DARPA, starting in October 1962. While at DARPA he convinced his successors at ARPA, Ivan Sutherland, Bob Taylor, and MIT researcher Lawrence G. Roberts, of the importance of this networking concept.  The program he outlined for achieving this symbiosis was supported by the Advanced Research Projects Agency. From his work came the basis for timesharing, virtual memory and resource sharing. DARPA’s Internet Protocol Suite, TCP/IP would be developed and used in the creation of the NSF’s network. The ability of TCP/IP to work over most pre-existing communication networks insured the rapid growth of the Internet and the widespread standard of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

Licklider obtained an MA in psychology, a PhD in psychoacoustics and in 1963, he was named Director of Behavioral Sciences Command & Control Research at ARPA.

The World Wide Web, or simply Web, is a way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet. It is an information-sharing model that is built on top of the Internet. The Web uses the HTTP protocol, only one of the languages spoken over the Internet, to transmit data. Web services, which use HTTP to allow applications to communicate in order to exchange business logic, use the Web to share information. The Web also utilizes browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, to access Web documents called Web pages that are linked to each other via hyperlinks. Web documents also contain graphics, sounds, text and video.

The Web is just one of the ways that information can be disseminated over the Internet. The Internet, not the Web, is also used for e-mail, which relies on SMTP, Usenet news groups, instant messaging and FTP. So the Web is just a portion of the Internet, albeit a large portion, but the two terms are not synonymous and should not be confused.

The World Wide Web, abbreviated as WWW and commonly known as the Web, is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. With a web browser, one can view web pages that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them by using hyperlinks. Using concepts from earlier hypertext systems, British engineer and computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, now the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, wrote a proposal in March 1989 for what would eventually become the World Wide Web.  He was later joined by Belgian computer scientist Robert Cailliau while both were working at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Grid

In 1998, Carl Kesselman, Steve Tuecke and Ian Foster attempted a definition in the book “The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure as ““coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in
dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations.”

“The sharing that we are concerned with is not primarily file exchange but rather direct access to computers, software, data, and other resources, as is required by a range of collaborative problem solving and resource-brokering strategies emerging in industry, science, and engineering. This sharing is, necessarily, highly controlled, with resource providers and consumers defining clearly and carefully just what is shared, who is allowed to share, and the conditions under which sharing occurs. A set of individuals and/or institutions defined by such sharing rules form what we call a virtual organization.”

This is the best and most clear vision for the global grid being frameworked into the following.

Computational Grid: These grids provide secure access to huge pool of shared processing power suitable for high throughput applications and computation intensive computing.

Data Grid: Data grids provide an infrastructure to support data storage, data discovery, data handling, data publication, and data manipulation of large volumes of data actually stored in various heterogeneous databases and file systems.

These don’t need much explanation. Data crunching, mathematical processing and information data libraries.

Others include:

Collaboration Grid: With the advent of Internet, there has been an increased demand for better collaboration. Such advanced collaboration is possible using the grid. For instance, persons from different companies in a virtual enterprise can work on different components of a CAD project without even disclosing their proprietary technologies. [Compute Grid]

Network Grid: A Network Grid provides fault-tolerant and high-performance communication services. Each grid node works as a data router between two communication points, providing data-caching and other facilities to speed up the communications between such points. [Information Sharing, Real Time collaboration]

Utility Grid: This is the ultimate form of the Grid, in which not only data and computation cycles are shared but software or just about any resource is shared. The main services provided through utility grids are software and special equipment. For instance, the applications can be run on one machine and all the users can send their data to be processed to that machine and receive the result back.

Others conceived are:

Scavenging Grid – A scavenging grid is most commonly used with large numbers of desktop machines. Machines are scavenged for available CPU cycles and other resources. Owners of the desktop machines are usually given control over when their resources are available to participate in the grid. [That’s our ocean for surfing]

Service Grids – These types of Grids combine the physical elements of grid interconnection (high speed, fabric-like network interconnect) with web services program to program architecture to deliver an environment that allows different applications, running on varied operating environments, to run and interoperate. [different strokes for different folks]

Campus Grids – As capacity needs and demands for greater economy increase, organizations can combine their Cluster Grids into Campus Grids. Campus Grids enable multiple projects or departments to share computing resources in a cooperative way. [private networking on higher levels]

I wish to focus on the Global Grid.


Global Grids – When application needs exceed the capacity of a Campus Grid, organizations can tap partner resources through a Global Grid. Designed to support and address the needs of multiple sites and organizations sharing resources, Global Grids provide the power of distributed resources to users anywhere in the world.

How can the world order succeed? It must be a CONTROLLED GRID. Though, in order to really be a grid it must be broad, collaborative and uncontrolled to certain degrees. The transmission protocols are already standardized but advances in speed and bandwidth are in terabyte per second ranges. The Global Grid will interconnect multiple grids. All of the above and with an advanced Utility Grid they will be able to access any platform, enterprise system or framework.


Enterprise system: a system that serves more than one Component. A collection of organizations that has a common set of goals and/or a single bottom line. In that sense, an enterprise can be a government agency, a whole corporation, a division of a corporation, a single department, or a chain of geographically distant organizations linked together by common ownership.
Community of Interest (COI): a collaborative group of users that must exchange information in pursuit of shared goals, interests, missions, or business processes. Must have shared vocabulary for the information it exchanges.



Carefully crafted language on published sites still openly discusses and confirms the target for civilian and defense data sharing. Under the SOA [DODAF. TOGAF, GIG

GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID – Architectural Vision [GIG]

click image to enlarge

By globally and robustly networking forces, sensors, users, platforms, applications,information, and decision makers, the target GIG enables net-centric warfighting, business and intelligence missions and operations that leverage the power of information, and support achieving information superiority, decision superiority, and, ultimately, full-spectrum dominance. This dramatically improves information-sharing and command and control capabilities by enabling faster, better decision-making, thereby improving the ability of joint forces to operate in environments that are more complex, uncertain, and dynamic. Some examples of the operational benefits this
information sharing environment provides include:

o Increased Shared Situational Awareness and Understanding on the battlefield, in business processes, and intelligence operations through near–real-time information sharing and collaboration. Users can relate the information to their particular situations and perspectives; draw common conclusions; make compatible decisions; and take appropriate action related to the overall situation.

o Increased Speed of Command through the real-time availability of quality information for decision-making and the ability to rapidly and effectively disseminate direction including the Commander’s intent.

o Greater Lethality results from the real-time availability of trusted, reliable information at widely dispersed locations with different classification levels, improved command and control, and enhanced collaboration.

o Greater control of Tempo of Operations by depending on networked environment(and global reach) to support dynamic planning and redirection.

o Increased Survivability through improved situational awareness.

o Streamlined Combat Support by providing users access to the latest, most accurate, most relevant information

o Effective Self-Organization of support organizations through shared situational awareness and collaboration, including understanding of the warfighter’s changing and present needs.

Over time, the dramatically improved information capabilities, provided by the target GIG, enable new concepts of operations, new tactics, and new processes/procedures in support of warfighting, business, and Defense intelligence missions and operations.

click image to enlarge

Section 5: Technical Vision of the Target GIG

o Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs) and sensor technologies that support the building of ubiquitous, assured, and agile tactical networks that are federated with the non-tactical domains of the target GIG. Mobile and sensor technologies enable

(1) users, appliances, intelligent agents, and other edge devices, wired or wireless;
(2) universal access; and (3) exchange of video, voice, and data information of any kind, from anywhere. These networks are self-healing and allow for reconfiguration around failed nodes.

o Human computer interaction (HCI) technologies that (1) address methodologies, processes, and techniques for designing, implementing, and evaluating human computer interfaces, and (2) provide descriptive and predictive models and theories of interaction. The long-term goal of HCI is to design systems that minimize the barrier between the human’s cognitive model of what they want to accomplish and the computer’s understanding of the human’s task.

o Ubiquitous RFID tagging for tracking of products, components, and humans throughout the target GIG. As with any GIG capability, the extent that tracking of humans is allowed is governed by law and DoD policy.

o Very large-scale data storage, delivery, and transmission technologies that support the need to index and retain streaming video and other information coming from the expanding array of theater airborne and other sensor networks. The target GIG supports capacities exceeding exabytes (1018 bytes) and possibly yottabytes (1024bytes) of data.

o High performance computing technologies that will enable the full implementation of Grid computing and services.

o Grid computing technologies that provide support and manage an assured
federation of heterogeneous computing, storage, and communications assets
available from the GIG infrastructure, and managed as Grid Services by NetOps. The physical characteristics of grid services are generally transparent to users and applications. Grid services provide the necessary qualities of service and protection to enhance NCO. Grid services enable the sharing of these assets across DoD administrative, organization, and geographic boundaries.

o Black core enabling technologies that support end-to-end protection of information exchanged among users and services located anywhere in the target GIG. The ‘core communications infrastructure’ of the GIG is the set of diverse networks and connections owned and managed by different DoD services and organizations. A black core is a set of core components where all data traffic moving among these components is encrypted end-to-end. A black core that extends out to the tactical environment to include user networks and devices will support mobility, security, and
survivability in the target GIG
. 27 Black core enabling technologies will address, for example, scalable routing, quality of service, and discovery capabilities that will be provided in the target GIG. Black core supports the evolution of the GIG from a system-high perimeter protection model to a transaction-based Enterprise IA protection model. Figure 10 provides a conceptual view of an end-to-end GIG with a black core.

click image to enlarge

Are beginning to get visual?  Keep in mind that the DoD was in the mix at all times in regards to the internet. Running free was the operational side of the world wide web.

Though there was substantial data mining processes being garnered from the web, it was pretty much running free.  That now changes. Along with the DoD the other partners from the committee corporations to the law enforcement agencies will begin to migrate to the global grid.

From the Department of Defense Architectural Framework site and the DoDAF V2.0 version

() System has changed from DoDAF V1.5. System is not just computer hardware and computer software. System is now defined in the general sense of an assemblage of components – machine, human – that perform activities (since they are subtypes of Performer) and are interacting or interdependent. This could be anything, i.e., anything from small pieces of equipment that have interacting or interdependent elements, to Family of Systems (FoS) and System of Systems (SoS). Note that Systems are made up of material (e.g., equipment, aircraft, and vessels) and Personnel Types. – connecting the global grid

Relationships to Other Architecture Frameworks/Reference Documents
The DoDAF approach to alignment is to incorporate relevant concepts into DoDAF from other frameworks and reference documents and understand, integrate and describe the differences.


Frameworks are documents that describe useful methods, practices, and procedures for developing Architectural Descriptions. Frameworks can be prescriptive (e.g., their use is required) or descriptive (i.e., their use is recommended). DoDAF has both prescriptive and descriptive elements that organizations within the Department require its use in developing Architectural Descriptions that respond to their mandates.

Federal Enterprise Architecture Program

The Zachman Framework

The Zachman Framework provides a formal and highly structured way of defining an enterprise. It is based on a two-dimensional classification model, displayed as a matrix, which utilizes six basic communication interrogatives (What, How, Where, Who, When, and Why) and intersecting six distinct model types which relate to stakeholder groups (Strategists, Executive Leaders, Architects, Engineers, Technicians, and Workers) to give a holistic view of the enterprise. Decomposition of the matrix allows for several diagrams of the same data sets to be developed for the same architecture, where each diagram shows an increasing level of detail. DoDAF V2.0 supports the needs of various stakeholders’ perspective by supporting various levels of abstraction and granularity.

The Open Group Architecture Framework

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a comprehensive architecture framework and methodology, which enables practitioners to design, evaluate, and build an appropriate architecture for the organization. The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) supports the TOGAF architecture development approach for architectures that meet business needs. TOGAF’s ADM prescribes methodology, not products, or modeling notation, and should be used with other architecture frameworks as appropriate. TOGAF evolved from the DoD Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM). DoDAF V2.0 and TOGAF both provide a practical, design agnostic method for creating enterprise architectures. The DoDAF V2.0 “Fit-for-Purpose” approach for developing views, presentations, or generated reports are based on TOGAF’s business, data, application, and technology views.

The Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework _EU

Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF) is based on the DoDAF V1.0 baseline, which it represents through the MODAF Meta Model (M3). MODAF retains compatibility with United States modeling initiatives, but is specifically designed to support architecture modeling for the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) business. MODAF uses aspects of the existing DoDAF with additional viewpoints (acquisition, capability) that are required to support MOD processes, procedures, and organizational structures. The additional viewpoints provide a rigorous method for understanding, analyzing, and specifying capabilities, systems, System of Systems (SoS), business processes, and organizational structures. DoDAF V2.0 incorporates the data elements from MODAF required to support an acquisition and capability views in DoDAF V2.0.

NATO Architecture Framework

The NAF provides the rules, guidance, and product descriptions for developing, presenting, and communicating architectures across NATO and other national boundaries. Earlier versions of NAF were tightly coupled to the DoDAF. NAF’s new features include a Capability, Service-oriented, and Program view. DoDAF V2.0 has adopted the capability and program views described in NAF as defined by NAF.

Reference Architectures

The Architectures described below have a particular impact on the development of Architectural Descriptions in the Department:

DoD Information Enterprise Architecture

DoD Business Enterprise Architecture

The DoD Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) Architectural Description provides a comprehensive description of the major business areas of the Department, and serves the departure point for integrating DoD business services across the Departmental programs and the JCAs.

DoD Global Information Grid Enterprise Architecture [GIG]

The GIG facilitates mission accomplishment by providing tactical services from the edge in support of the warfighter. The GIG Architectural Description maps operational outcomes in critical strategic and tactical areas to the DoD JCAs. Currently, the GIG contains an Operational Reference Model which provides a functional decomposition of activities associated with the five key areas defined as GIG 2.0 attributes.

click image to enlarge

Connecting to the corporate and mainstream data mines

The Open Group has received my vote for the administrators handling the integration of DoD and non-Military or enforcement domains. You can review the same technologies and mission. You should take at least a few minutes to review this agenda. Also take a look at their membership and partners here.

Quite a Rogues Gallery for me.

I have shown you the vision, some concepts, framework and missions of the global grid. This is the grid in development for over twenty years and preparing to interface internationally. The GENESIS international version will be completed by 2016, by estimating and conceptually indicated in documents.

What this grid will have is connectivity throughout all data mining centers and portal web sites.  Access to financial information, credit bureaus, social networking site (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster etc), purchasing, medical records (Obamacare), smart grid, utilities, 3G GPA surveillance, travel habits, employment/education history and a full criminal dossier including in-depth psych-profile.

With unlimited data-storage, terabyte speed uploads, massive video/audio surveillance and the implementation of SOA’s for organizing and utilizing distributed capabilities that may be under the control of different ownership domains that discover, interact with each other and are managed and accessible across the global control grid, you have the most complete net-Op system for running the new world order.

I have said several times here that the COMMITTEE loves to present the future in the form of Holyrood documentaries or feature films. If you saw the remakes of Bourne series, The Net, Eagle Eye, Live Free or Die Hard, etc. then you know that a split second is your entire life in terabyte speed. Providing you the wrong medication, igniting a gas leak in your home, changing a camera based street light from green to red without yellow or sending special law enforcement to your house as a fresh killer of your family is very easy.

We have all heard the term soft kill weapons.  I started my death with fluoridated water. The GLOBAL GRID will be a silent kill weapon. Finding your bank account missing online, a bank teller saying they know nothing about it and a police call regarding a bank robbery in progress with your description as an irate lunatic with plastique in his underwear may get you killed that day. I can imagine a hundred other scenarios including one in which you go for simple surgery and end up in a heart surgery operating room with a rib splitter in your chest.

Less than a specific targeting such as these still leaves a satellite 3G UAV assassination or framing a scenario online using your information that results in the death of someone else with you as the sole and likely perpetrator.  It also allows for government or organizational gangstalking and sabotage which I had experienced in less than a full press ten years ago. With the net-Ops ability squarely in control of the COMMITTEE and shadow operators, you have little recourse but to slowly go “postal” which by the way is a psy-Ops technique with MK-Ultra, pharma and gangstalking elements used.  This was the tactic used with Bruce Ivins who was innocent but needed to close the books on the Committee second phase deflection program to 911 false flag.

Feel honored if you get that type of attention but realize that you will be identified for a series of considerations should you exhibit problematic tendencies.



  1. I get your drift. Very in-depth analysis, break-down, and conclusion. Sure, of course everything can come apart in a nano-second. But I know you believe in a Higher Power that can short-circuit the plans of man.

    So be it. Trust.

    Went for a walk this evening… Look up at the stars — the Heavens, which man has not made, nor can he control or degrade. Men are arrogant. They are intelligent, because they were made intelligent. Their plug can be pulled when they cross the line and they can’t do anything about it {speaking of the elite insanes}.

    The Web has no soul. But we do. Guard it carefully, because it is our Best part or our Worst enemy.

    I appreciate the level of your understanding.

  2. Thanks for the lesson on the grid patrick. I learned something new today. I didn’t know the difference between the web and the internet.

    Your distopian scenario is mine as well. I envision those same things happening in a million different ways.

    Unfortunately Boom, I don’t have “faith” in divine intervention. Where has it been up to this point? Perhaps the mother ship is circling and ready to land…………

  3. Sorry to hear that JG. I don’t believe in any “mother ships”. I know that “I” am not God. And I know that their “IS” a Creator God.

  4. Boom, I was being facetious when i mentioned the mother ship. Though I’m very open minded when it comes to such things.

    If you are a student of the bible then you know the world will end by fire. What makes you think the creator intends to save us? After all, he is the same deity that allowed his son to be tortured and nailed to a cross for our sins? Sounds kinda sadistic to me.

  5. You are asking questions that cannot be answered in a “post”. There is a God of Love. Find a way to get to know him. The earth is under the power of Evil until the Prophecies are fulfilled. The Evil has power over all who “opt out” of the choice for Love and Good. We are seeing a grand drama play out. It has been prophesied to be most ugly, of which we are witnessing. That does not mean Evil wins in the End.

    People have chosen the sides they want to be on in large extent. Trickery, delusions, lying and such are allowed to be used by Evil since Man originally chose to buy the lie that “they shall be as Gods, knowing Good and Evil”. Well…we certainly are able to make that distinction pretty clearly now.

    Continued polarization will occur. There are only two choices. Believe in a Creator God of Love who does not “force” the will, or automatically you are captives of Evil.

    The saying goes, “there is only one name under the sun in whom you can be saved (eternally — your soul), and that is through the Man/God, Jesus Christ”. HE, whom you say was sacrificed. It is so. It was the Ultimate Sacrifice…made for men and women everywhere and through all time.

    I am left to decide that in which I will believe and trust. It is not in Star People, it is not in men and their deceitful lies, promises, and schemes. I certainly DO believe in the Evil, for I have seen and felt his working personally. I also have seen and felt the protection, love, and guiding of Spiritual Goodness. So I make the only rational choice that appeals to me. I manifest a Faith in Goodness, Love, and Hope for better for myself, family, and mankind.

    Are there any guarantees? The Word says so. Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecies reinforces my belief. The complexity of created “systems”, the life that lives in a million forms around us, the Heavens and their vastness beyond our comprehension, the beauty we can find at our feet should we bend over and take a closer look, shows me enough to get a clue. Take one system of the human body, for instance your eye. Why is it that you have rods and cones in your eye that allows you to see “color”. Many species do not have them at all. We are blessed to take in beauty that speaks of a Creator who cares, and inspires. Many species do not have them at all. How is it that your body heals itself, and the dynamics of how your organs work in tandem to allow your brain to accomplish things human designed computers can never hope to emulate? Mysteries with no reason for being? Happenstance? No, I don’t think so.

    So maybe I’m making a fool’s wager. Yet, all that mankind run amok creates is Hell on Earth. So I hope for something better. The teachings of Jesus and His Life speak of Love. So…I’ll take that. It is supposed to be a Free Gift, if I’ll just take it. Why not, I ask you? Do you see any alternatives worth putting your faith in?

    Jesus said he was the Creator God. HE would be the only personage that I know of that can give life. HE seems like the One in whom to believe in, should I choose life. I’ll let you know if another choice pops up that is His equal, but I don’t think that is going to happen ’round about this time.

    “IF” Creator God exists, and made the Heavens, the earth, and all that is in them…then HE is certainly Big Enough to handle any problems on this puny degraded planet. Cheers!

  6. I remember when RIVET JOINT was implemented when i was fixing stuff for the Air Force. You take the cake Paddy, You must have went to school.

    • What can I say? I’m an old Pratt & Whitney guy. Can’t help myself. Computers and programming ran through my veins for twenty five years.

  7. No disrespect, boom… but I think what we have in the Sacred Text(s) is an allegory for the Universe.

  8. Geez, how’d this turn into a religious discussion?? Just for the record, I was baptized and raised a Catholic and spent 12 years in catholic school being indoctrinated into that religion. I had my awakening in high school. I believe all organized religion is programming and used as a way to keep the peons in line

    Btw, I didn’t say I don’t believe in a creator of the universe. I just don’t believe the words of the bible (or the pope & his bogus catechism). The bible was written by men and translated by men. Where is the proof God had anything to do with it? How do you know who really wrote it and if the words they wrote were translated properly? Oh that’s right, we’re supposed to have faith that it’s the word of god. Personally, I have the same faith in the bible that I have in the government.

    See, I have this major problem with the god of the bible. Being all knowing, he knew how the entire scenario of man’s existence would play out. He so graciously sent his son to die for our sins? Sins he KNEW we’d commit before he even created us? If you believe this, you then have to believe he must take some kind of pleasure in the suffering of mortals, including his son. Otherwise, why did he go forward with his plans for mankind? Why bother to create such sinners in the first place? Why put his son through it? Makes no sense to me. Free will? Ok but he still knew the ending! And they say scientologists beliefs are wacky(they are)

    The god I choose to believe in is more like Jesus Christ the son. He is a man/god everyone should emulate. A kind loving spirit who also was man enough to throw the moneychangers out of the temple! That’s a god I can live with and believe in and pray to. But the rest of the story? Sorry, to me it’s crazy talk.

    Will Jesus or one of the many gods we as a multicultural society believe in reach his hands down and save us from ourselves? I sure hope so. We need all the help we can get. But the way things are going I don’t have much faith in that. There’s that word again…

  9. Nice JG.

    I can’t imagine what I would have done had I been forced into the that cult. It is amazing you can still express any spirituality.

    I have Catholic friends, Jewish and agnostics, the Caths are the most unhappy without a doubt. If I tell them to get a new schtick, they don’t take it very well.

    My Hebe friends have the guilt but the Caths have the persecution. 😦

    • ohhh and the catholics have the guilt too… remember patent leather shoes always reflect up… YES the nuns really told us that in grade school. And in high school they told us if we french kissed a boy that would drive him totally mad and if he raped us it would be all our fault.. Yep, guilt isn’t only for jews…….lol

  10. Waldo.. that was fanbloodytastic.. thanks for posting 😉

  11. Astronomers? NASA. Gaia. Sun Worhippers. Yikes! Isn’t that like Scientology of Christianity?

  12. Agreed JG, religion is a croc. And yes, the Bible can be disputed, and yes, yes to other points of contention. Man screws up Everything, like we’re a virus or cancer. Not everyone, but you know what I mean.

    You Catholic background did a tremendous disservice to you. The Guilt thing is terrible. I hate Guilt and authoritarianism. A Creator God of Love is the One to locate. Why believe in any other, right?

    Waldo, I gotta run, but I’ll listen to the vid later today. Bible as an allegory — it might be. We’re all left to figure things out for ourselves. I grew up in a protestant home. Then my step-father came into the picture when I was around 10. He was a non-practicing Jew. A pediatrician. He was intelligent. Obviously, his take on things made me rethink my entire thinking. I’m still thinking and weighing…

    There is certainly an important spiritual component to our lives and this world. It bears looking into, and reflecting upon it. Certainly, the dogma of most religions is bunk constructed for control and extraction of money. It is tough to wade through, but as we get older, we’re able to spot charlatans, clown outfits, and snakes much easier. I wish it wasn’t so.

    As COTO knows — Somewhere the Truth resides. We just gotta keep searching until we find it.

  13. I watched Waldopaper’s video. That’s funny! But I can’t deny God, because I know Him. If I thought Him to be like the God the Catholics paint by completely twisting the Scriptures and their meanings, I would be sickened and forced to deny Him. But understand, one of the greatest conspiracies ever, is Satan’s use of the the Catholic Church to confuse, bewilder, anger, and mind-control people; distorting and defacing who God is, how He acts, what He requires, etc. That is why JG, I said growing up in the Catholic faith was a disservice to you. The Catholic “system” is a fraud, wrapping itself in the cloak of Christianity, while destroying any rational and feeling person’s understanding of the Creator God being a God of Love. They make Him out to be a disgusting, vengeful, and cruel entity. Of course…that’s their game. And it is for control and money.

    Like the law of gravity. On this spinning ball, and on others it exists. We feel its effects, can’t see IT, but we can see what it does. Same thing for a Creator God of Love.

    • Well Boom, I’m way far over my Catholic upbringing. Have been my entire adult life. However, the catholics don’t have the cruel god market covered all by themselves. The protestant ministers do a damn good job of fire and brimstone as well.. ALL organized religion is programming, bar none.

      As for scriptures, did you read my comment about the bible and how sadistic I think they make God the Father sound? How do you explain that? Does it make sense to you to worship and pray to an entity that can be so heartless and cruel? If it does, I’d like to hear why.

      • Hmmmm….all this yes no over “God”…intersting.

        As one who happends to have personal realtions with it/him/whatever, there is no “belief”–only knowledge thereof.


  14. Cloud? What Cloud?

    Don’t forget the Sats in orbit, the ones taxpayers pay for, the ones never ever mentioned in MSM, the ones not typically seen as part of the big Cloud. Click! Web down. Click! New web up & running. In reality, it’s a matter of milliseconds. Fallback Redundancy to the max. It always was a weapon. But what do I know.

    Excellent article by the way. 10 points!

  15. JG. I will take this up with you further and present to you information that will “blow away” your past interpretations, and the Lies that were foisted upon you. Total Paradigm Changers are waiting for you to grasp and understand! I have been taught this knowledge since a boy, and have been watching to see if it should come to pass {in my mind — Will it hold water?!}. I am still encouraged that the Understanding is Truth and things shall play out as it has been prophesied. This means it has been “foretold” before it will occur. Only God knows the future; and the beginning.

    My father is an OB/GYN and renowned surgeon. He has always performed the “peculiar” manifestation of his belief of “prayer” before operating on any patient…through-out 35 years of surgery. He has told me of the many “miracles” he witnessed during surgeries, when he didn’t know what to do next…and he spoke to his God in whom he trusted. He tells me, his son, that there’s No Way that the incredible systems of the body just “came about” by randomness or evolution. It is not possible.

    He has told me that literal “miracles” of inspiration to perform the correct surgical procedures have been brought to him to save lives, and he can only give credit to God.

    This is only a snippet of scenarios. We all have to attempt to grasp the Cosmos, sit in our singularity, and Shout Out to God that we don’t Get It — but, we are Willing should He speak to us, to listen…

    Having experienced many things of which you are not privy…I say — when we ask God where He has been all this time, He will say…You Know?…I’ve been right here beside you all the time.

    Remember that time when you…? Yet, here you are today, asking me what’s up?

  16. Boom, you’re still not answering my question about the bible.

    I didn’t say I don’t believe in God. Go back and read my comments. As for your father and his praying over patients. You could say that’s the power of the mind and positive thinking as well.

    What about all those people that are prayed over and never recover?

  17. 10-4. I asked my Dad directly about the instances he encountered in the operating room and others. He said they were patently obvious interventions, “miracles” if you will. He’s a positive thinker, but that’s not what he was referring to in his experiences.

    Life’s a crapshoot. I believe in miracles, but I don’t believe everyone gets what they want, or even need. So prayers aren’t always answered. Lots of reasons I suppose. But when they are, the results can be miraculous and astounding.

    Have you ever encountered Satanic or Evil spiritual forces? As in, seen physical manifestations of them? Once witnessed, you understand there is something very, very bad running about unseen most of the time, or whenever they choose.

    The other side of the coin then, is have you ever encountered good or Godly spiritual forces? In this world, on this planet, if you’ve seen one, you gotta know the other exists as well.

    There is tons of information regarding the Bible. And like everything else in life, it seems every person interprets it differently. Depending on your interpretation, God the Father can be painted as cruel and authoritarian and other things. Except, Jesus manifested none of those characteristics, and He said, “If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father, for we are the same”. So, we’re presented with interesting choices on how to sort it all out.

    Anyways, this probably isn’t the place to be going on about these things. I have my personal beliefs, built upon my own experiences and knowledge, and I’m open to new information. I guess I can acknowledge that I find it difficult to go through life believing this is it, and there is no Creator God. My beliefs have come from much searching, and observing in my lifetime. Cheers, JG!

  18. Great graphics and article Patrick.


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