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Health During Crisis Times.

The Author of the link below- I  hope you will go to for a read, and some important info on coping with the health effects of the Gulf  Disaster, and for all normal  times too. Well..

Hes COTO, just not onboard here:-)

He asks a Very valid question , which is WHY? is there No Advice of any import at all about the Fumes and chem and peoples health?

I noticed that the Oil spill cleanup crews media interest even online, let alone MSM, was dropped really fast. why?

For the Online posts I suggest that maybe the people arent round to ask..I really dont know, but the abscence of follow up has me perturbed.

Theres a You Tube clip showing that a tiny sample of the spilt oil can make a geiger counter flicker, now it’s slight on a small sample, but the combined total? someone needs to take a beach  walk with a counter attached to their shoes I think.

Water can be treated for  bugs with Iodine as well as Chlorine for eg, and the bonus of Iodine is that it also protects the Thyroid, and if theres Radioactivity around you..then thats a much better option.

There are some who have Iodine allergies or are Hyperthyroid, for them I guess its the conventional methods, you”d need to ask.

Some forms of Iodine CAN be used , even by those who Are Allergic, Nascent Iodine, I believe, is the form.

There is good advice on cheap, available forms of health assistance on Marks Pages and I would also suggest for some readers, who haven’t really faced it, that a Bug Out Bag needs be made ready for every Family member and Don’t Forget the Pets!

There are good hints to be noted on some Survivalist Pages, browse and learn.

Not all of it needs to be expensive either! A small PV Solar unit than can recharge Batteries for you is the sort of thing its worth looking into, if the Net isn’t down, but the power round you is, this could be a massive help to keep the phone and PC going for news.

Buy LED  Torches, they use  minimal power for a good output Light wise. Pure Beeswax candles burn clean, last  many times longer, and wont harm your health, drops of the warm wax can be used for many impromptu uses too 🙂 I plugged a tooth  when a filling departed over a weekend.

Digressing somewhat, planning for times of Power interrupts in Normal times, is always smart, having basic Kitchen tools that are “old Fashioned” ie hand worked is not silly.You may not leave your home, in a crisis , but will still need to eat and prepare food.

Trying to whip cream without a whisk, at least, if not hand beaters, is pure torture! Yes I am assuming such luxuries may be available for a while, or the lucky with acces to rural producers.

If the stupormarkets are low, shut, or boarded up, then home cooking from scratch means Dinner is Not in the Bag, Box or Microwave.

It, is- if you have some supplies in- in a jar or can, or bulk 20 litre bucket!

Beans, Non GM Corn  kernels, peas, rice, Pearl Barley, Bulk sugar OR preferably honey, dry powdered mil( -ugh, but its better than none isn’t it?) DRY Goods are important, portable and energy dense.

No Matter how many cans you have stashed, they are hard to open without an Oldfashioned opener if the Electric gadgets arent working. Not all have that handy  rip lid, and I wonder how long cans of that style keep their integrity anyway. It may be a selling point, but to me, there is a weak spot and a point where contamination is more possible, than on a solid old style lid.

I have seen quite a few of the MRE ( military style)  Mentality  products and while they may have their place, you also need a fairly healthy Bank account for  purchasing them too.

I also noticed that the same nutrition can be acheived by preparing similar items at home, ie muesli bars, and I would suggest apart from cheaper they would be healthier! not containing HFCS and chem sweeteners, and none of the chem preservatives, OR Gamma radiation,  so beloved of Big Food.

With the Financial crisis still growing, Not slowing, learning to feed yourself, and cook adequately( not to Haute Cuisine but edible) is good, will keep you fitter and more able to cope with the  series of disasters that life sometimes seems to be a never-ending stream of.

It will save you a lot too, as a bonus.

Someone argued to me once, they could buy an Apple Pie for $4 and feed four to six.

Look into the weight and fillers ie Gums modified starches thickeners etc and realise that  half what you buy isn”t food but fluff and water.

A real apple Pie may use $4 of Apples alone and flour and shortening, but oddly enough:-) it will weigh double the bought one, be better for you, actually have some taste,  and feed 8 to 10 filling serves.

It being Summer in USA now, I do strongly suggest you take advantage of any Fruit  and Veg thats cheap, and dry it for future needs, on trays in the oven at 100F works as well as the  driers do.You do Not need to use the chem to stop fruit discolouring BTW, dip in lemon juice or vinegar and water as you slice dice whatever, drain , and dry.

Bought Jerky- costs a fortune, Home made is possible.

Harvests in Canada and elsewhere in the US this year aren’t looking wonderful, with the shortfall of Grain, the misuse of food growing land for Bio fuels, and the Idiocy of CAFO grain feeding, as stocks drop there will be a sell off at first, of cheaper beef etc, then as the supply of both feed and  stock drops, Prices will skyrocket.

Russias having drought in some places, Europes got floods, India had either Hot , snow, or floods, Chinas flooding, even the Koreas are having cold weather , upsetting their plantings too.A million animals died in the snows in Central Asia. Africas had some serious floods in their better food areas also.

That is happening now in parts of  Aus, with the big flooding removing soils and pasture and killing animals, and meaning theres no  food even to graze, for those that survived. A big sell off, followed by shortages and price rises. It Takes years to build stock up and so  it is’nt going to be over fast. America faces similar issues.

Corrupt Futures Trading in Food is going to create even more problems than what are naturally occuring too.

Vitamins and minerals,  and some individual ones of import should be bought with as  long a  shelf life as you can find. Vit C is essential.

While funds may be an issue, do try and  not buy the ultra cheap commercial brands, synthetic ingredients arent worth the cost, even if it seems cheaper. No use if they don’t work as well in the body and get wasted in the Municipal water Treatment.

Hope I haven’t bored anyone:-)

now read a Medicos Suggestions.



  1. Good ainfo Laurel.

    Lemons weather very well and are substantial medicine, aniseptic and C source. Everyone should have ample supply of Apple Cider Vinegar. Great aniseptic for water and insect.

    Easy garden items are zuchini and chard. Good vitamins, fast growing. Stock rice and dry beans for certain. Best meal in lean times.

    The iodine is very important. Also canned sardines and fish may be gold in times of Committee sanctioned famine and shortages.

    Air-water retrievers may be the best bet unless such toxic fumes prevent it. Your hot water heater is one source but extra needs to be stored.

    I’d avoid plastic and storage for sake of leeching but it may have to do.

    **** I suggest a main stay in your pantry be food grade hydrogen peroxide for skin and inhalation and blood poisoning where viral/bacterial culprits may be present.

    I witnessed hep C cured by this intake of Ox rich regiment.

    When the flood gates open on the final stages, all and every tool will be likely. The catastrophe and beast will have at least three heads. A committee Fort Detrick assault should never be excluded.

  2. Not at all boring Oz. I have been putting off getting a barrel of gasoline cuz the chemical preservative to make it last costs a lot. Gas wont last over 10 months and it turns to varnish. We have had the best luck with cow-peas. I often wonder what life without air-con would be. In this 90% humidity it would be hell on earth for sure.
    Dont forget plastic sheet for solar stills. The boy scout handbook has the design. A wood fired distiller is easily built. 55 gallon drums are good for building many things like wood stoves. 2 barrels and a sheet of plywood makes a quick table. Dont forget sandbags. If it comes down to the shit fire bases will have to be built. Logs and beams and boards for shoring up the house etc.
    Rope,cable,come-alongs,6 ft wrecking bars and dont forget plastic water barrels and 5 gal. buckets. Insect repellent will be better than gold. I want a beekeepers hat for doing outside work when mosquitos are present or for eradicating hornets or african bees that are deadly. A guy was bulldozing a few years back and he hit a wild hive,they found him dead with his mouth full of bees. I have a good set of plastic snake leggings.
    I have found Orthene the best for all types of ants. Aspartame with orange juice or Coke left in a jar lid by an ant hill will kill the whole hill,(dont drink it).Horde nuts, bolts, wire, nails, boards, fencing ,pipe etc
    Good luck campers.

  3. Korn, we make our own bee veils, calico, make a tube, use either fine metal flyscreen or a woven (knitteds too hard to see through)shadecloth insert , at about the middle section of a 2foot tube ie cut the tube add the insert, add folded hems with tape top and bottom to seal it, the top should be able to fit a stetson type brim if you cant find a mesh topkapi type hat.
    the tops tied firmly to the hat where it joins the brim, the bottom, place the ties, at the rear bring them around to the front ensuring your shirt or coveralls are firmly under the ties, cross over the front of your chest, then under the arms and back around to tie at the front 🙂

    we use a nylon Painters coverall the bees cant get a grip, the fabric breathes (be careful it will melt! if near the hot steam lines though:-(
    Chem gloves with extra cuffing, elasticised for the arms and elasticised leg bands to cover the boots is an option., bees down the back of your knees etc is… painful.
    I have an old one here I kept as a copy to make more I will send a piccy if you want?

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