Posted by: jerseyg | June 7, 2010

Weather Forecast: Chemtrails, Black Rain & Corexit 9500 Fallout

Something is burning the crops in Millington, Tenn…. watch here

Is it raining oil in Florida?



  1. The lighter solvents from petroleum could be mixed in with evaporate. If it can rain fish well,,,the white powder is what looks weird. The end of days wont be pretty however it comes.

  2. Well, this makes feel a whole lot better.

    Jesus, I’m almost wishing they would nuke us and just get it over with.

    • shh, M, they’re talking about doing just that

    • Yea…the Ruskie technique of nuke-glass shell for sealing oil wells…propaganda, they just want to see if Americans are really stupid enough to nuke themselves.

      The terrifying part is, THEY JUST MIGHT BE.

      It’s weird when I think how I just left that area a year ago. Sometimes I thunkit that God does whisper in my ear from time to time.

      Did y’all see the video of the boiling surf? Amazing. Frickin Frankinchrist.

  3. C’mon ye paranoid automatons! Do you actually expect there could be “Fall Out” outside a 10′ perimeter from unfortunate evil events? What’s up?

    When you witness events far afield like Financial Contagion in banking circles for instance — could it possibly be connected to a Root Cause?

    Symptomatic Distress!? Ridiculous Neuropathies in the Extremities?! {This terminology is purposefully placed for Le Puddy to exterminate and extrapolate}.

    Can WE not count on Containment by our our Feckless Leaderhosen?

    Fear NOT! The failure is not YOURS to witness or take note of — but fault and failure is incumbent upon your incumbents due to DNA restructuring along the lines of the reptilians. (They know not what they do, they’re clueless, but we know what they do, which is Not}.

    So… Buck UP! Should you wish a nuke upon anyone, light up the ASS of your nearest politician or banker. Should you miss — ye shall have not been far off the Mark! Brothers & Sisters. Amen!

  4. Regarding the acid rain in TN, I told Laurel this morning and had hoped she would send out my research to all those she sent that first email to.

    TN crops are likely being burned by acid rain caused by Lucite International’s poisonous gas vapor leak a couple weeks ago:

    Vapor leak at Lucite plant north of Frayser causes evacuation of about 200

    By Ryan Poe
    Originally published 09:30 a.m., May 25, 2010
    Updated 11:48 p.m., May 25, 2010

    About 200 people were evacuated Tuesday morning in the area north of Frayser after a glitch caused what was described as sulfuric fuming at the Lucite International chemical plant.

    Roads within a one-mile radius of the plant, located on Fite Road near U.S. 51, were closed just after the toxic fumes were reported at about 9 a.m., said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Shular.

    People were able to return to their houses and businesses after the air quality had been tested, shortly before 11 a.m., Shular said.

    The toxic fumes were created in the sulfuric acid regeneration facility in the northeast corner of the plant, said Lucite safety, health and environmental manager Tom Eubank. The facility is scheduled for maintenance every 30 days and was about to be checked.

    The unexpected glitch that caused the mixture of sulfur dioxide and trioxide is being investigated, Eubank said.

    He said the facility was shut down before fumes could reach “dangerous concentrations.”


    Chemical Fumes Lead to Evacuation
    Updated: Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 12:39 PM CDT
    Published : Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 10:22 AM CDT

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Potentially dangerous chemical fumes at the Lucite International plant near Millington led to the evacuation of businesses and residences along Highway 51 and Fite Road Tuesday morning.

    The Lucite plant, which is next to the Dupont plant, started fuming a vapor mix of sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide, which reacts with moisture in the air to create a dense sulfuric acid mist. Sulfur trioxide can be harmful if ingested or inhaled, and can also cause skin and severe eye irritation on contact.

    Plant spokesman Tom Eubanks said there was not a chemical leak, but referred to the situation as “a fuming condition” as the sulfuric acid regeneration plant was started up.

    The Shelby County Fire Department and HAZMAT teams were called in to assist.

    Several businesses along Highway 51 between Fite Road and the Loosahatchie River in about a one mile radius were evacuated until emergency crews safely cleared the scene.

    Steve Shular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, said 30-40 people in the immediate area were affected by the evacuation.
    Marney Gillmore, the manager of the Lucite International plant, said that the all-clear was sounded around 10:15am, about an hour after vapor was found escaping.

    Gillmore said about 200 plant employees were instructed to follow emergency procedures and went to safety sites within the plant, which was not evacuated.

    No injuries were reported.

    • No injuries were reported. Really, I mean REALLY??!! How the hell would they know? LIARS. All of them LIARS.

      Thanks for the excellent info Rady. Frayser is only about 12 miles from Millington according to mapquest. Wonder why the local news brainless talking heads couldn’t put two and two together then?

      Dumb question isn’t it. Ahhhh better living through chemistry…………

    • cheers Rady, I did send it to those I had posted the email to, apart from you:-) and I figured youd be posting it.

      Jerseys comment re half witted reporters sounds familiar..

      and yes I just read the Gulf open for fishing myself, how brain dead con they be and still be upright?

    • Our Dow, Dupont, Monsanto team at work.

  5. btw, the fucking genocidal maniacs at NOAA today reopened 430 square miles to fishing today

  6. The EPA said “stop the Corexit.” BP said “no.” When the history of this occasion is written, we’re likely to know that we’d have been better off with just containment and no dispersant. I expect the Corexit will magnify the harm, injury, and damage from this disaster. In fact, if this event turns out 5X worse, we’re going to look back upon the application of Corexit as the most criminal act in the whole sorry saga.

    Has Obama stopped the Corexit yet? Or is BP still wearing the pants up to this minute?

    I think that his fecklessness on this point will become yet one more reason why Obama should resign or be impeached and then prosecuted.

    Someone on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC show today was speculating that it will be raining oil all the way up to New Jersey. For some thin consolation, I’m in New England north of that, but even if I escape the acid rain, and even if my state is not evacuated to a FEMA camp, I still will not escape the hyperinflation in food prices.

    And by the way, the hyperinflation in food prices is going to starve the third world to death.

    As if that’s not enough death, the US and Israel are considering an attack on Iran. If Russia and China retaliate with World War III, I can’t say I blame them. Far from being “deserving” entities, the US and Israel (or more specifically, their off-the-rails governments) have become Halloween horrors — abominable perversions of “democracy.”

  7. Thanks Rady for the explanation of that crop damage. I was wondering about that. Thick, heavy mists of sulphur dioxide from a volcano killed the protea crop in Hawaii just like that.
    I still would like to know more about GS and BP. It seems they had some interlocking directorships. GS sold half its BP stake three weeks before the explosion. Reportedly they placed puts against the Gulf. I doubt Barry’s ‘investigation’ ever addresses those areas. It’s like appointing Kissinger to investigate 9/11. America went down in 1913 and this is the endgame, holy wow.

    • The more I hear about BP & GS and the puts…the more it looks like another FF. However this one is horribly catastrophic. Makes you wonder how they can top it …nuclear war with Iran. Endgame indeed Mary.

      • There’s no doubt its a FF.

        We’re now all lab-rats. This is one huge eugenics experiment.

        And the sad part is I don’t know how to fight this. How do you fight acid-rain, toxic water, dead vegetation, and an all around polluted atmosphere?

        What has shocked me somewhat is that most people I talk to seem to believe this was no accident. But so what? What are they doing about it? You’d think they’d be freaking the fuck out! But instead they go about their day as if nothings happened.

        I guess they’re just as in much a dilemma as I am as what to do.

  8. Addressing Mr. Kuzumi’s comment above (following reading your Tianamen/China piece above, which is very good, and stands upon solid humanitarian ground).

    You bring up the non-sensical use of a dispersant like Corexit, when better and more biodegradable options have been available. It must be being used because of “MONEY”. Follow that, and we’ll discover the motive.

    John, we continue to see irrational actions by politicians, bankers, economists, and their ilk that “defy common sense and logic”. Why do politicians and bankers (and their economist voyeurs like Greenspan, hop into bed together and screw everybody else? For the MONEY! They have freaking killed the economy here and abroad by throwing gasoline on the fire — accumulate more debt to pay off too much debt.

    We all understand this is a Fool’s Move, because we get it that we cannot keep paying off credit card balances with other credit cards. Eventually, no one wants to lend us any more money {credit}, and we’re broke, busted, done.

    All of these Idiots think they’re untouchable and unaccountable as they’ll just fade out of office and disappear, but I don’t think so.

    The use of Corexit is throwing gasoline on this oil conflagration, because “someone” has a big, fat contract somewhere that “justifies” using this poison. Obama and his coterie are responsible for the use of it. THEY have the means to find out WHY this shit is being used, and the POWER to stop it. The fact that we see such fecklessness around the entire Gulf issue, tells me someone has a plan to use this catastrophe for something else — Let’s look to Rahm Emanuel considering his statement about “always make good use of a crisis”, or something to that effect.

    Should it come to announced evacuation of large swaths of the population, it would seem prudent for the politicians to end up in the FEMA camps (with the barbed wire pointing “out”) for their own protection, rather than the populace.

    Our Representatives have proven they only screw up things on a larger and more massive scale with every new greed and poll-motivated move.

    When folks start realizing that our leaders are such Fuck Ups Beyond All Belief {FUBAR}, then we can start fixing things the intelligent and prudent way.

    • the guys running the corexit company are ex bp chappies.. and Goldman sachs owns a chunk of the company along with other heavies.
      nuff said?

  9. bugger…PS
    its now official..yeah right..that there are more leaks along the pipeline, probably due to the pipe shattering, and a jammed dud seal in it too, wjhich probably also stopped the mud and goo in the first op from working.
    all of which? they knew and supressed.
    anyone else finding the film clips are odd also? so much for LIVE cam.
    and BP refuses!! to allow monitoring devices to actually measure the volume..
    and OHBummer needs to ask? whos Butt to kick..cman.

  10. Why does anyone discount the Genesis project anymore.

    Can rational people excuse this as incompetence anymore? Greed? Hardly. It’s project 2000.

    Excellent correlation JG. Connecting the dots is getting much easier these days. What few we have remaining.

    • Puddy, you have any link to the better Genesis info for us, Please.
      I can then post some links around.
      anyone not able to see whats happening is a goner.

      • I wish I could Laurel, but Genesis 6 is my theory only. The COMMITTEE has not decided to publish it yet.

        GENESIS 6 – The Committee plans

        1Abolish Sovereign Governments

        2Abolish all private property

        3Abolish Inheritance

        4Abolish Patriotism

        5Abolish Family

        6Abolish Religion

        Can you pinpoint one not under construction at this time? Ushering in the program must include the elimination of free enterprise companies and war so we will get the maximum dose of both very soon. Every barrel has it’s rotten apple to spoil the deal. We continally see the destruction or merging of the Enron’s, Lehman, Morgan Stanley’s, Mobile’s into a monopoly of committee run points of light. Company destruction by their own CEO’s.

        How is the BP decisionmaking sitting with everyone? Good, that’s what they intended and wanted. BP, Royal Dutch, Exxon-Mobile, then poof one too big to fail and one more global governance group to control the whole show.

        Bilderberg 2010- to discuss the financial crisis? Ha! What a crock. That discussion went by in the minutes of the meeting. Moving right on schedule. The real meat was the strategic events that will lead to the final war.

        Players? Iran, Israel, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia. The war where everyone can join. Where’s all the money to fund it? No response needed there, right?

        The final cataclysmic era to usher in the new enlightenment and eliminate the six part problems that cause all this greif. Government, Capitalism, Wealth, Soveriegnty(independence) Family (trust) and any Religion outside of Satanic State worship. The final blow to eliminate any terror or virus from the utopia will be the mark of course of our beloved father UN and some figurehead soon to bedazzle us with his presence.

        For those still in the incompetenece arena and thinking O’Barry will get this fixed, remember Paxil, TV and Fluoride can do that to you.

  11. Headaches and sore throats abound in the south

    Just a little talley in the last year

  12. What these evil, evil cretins are doing to the Gulf of Mexico and our planet Earth, all in the name of greed. I hate them! Perhaps they are not even human?

    Bombshell expose’. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

  13. Oh yea, no doubt..FF all the way. As for the sore throats and other ailments..same here Patrick. Formerly unheard of in summer, btw.

    Killing us softly with their song of depopulation. Anyone who thinks incompetence has anything to do with what these jackals have been up to is just a dumbass of the highest order.

    And guess what? They are preparing the kids around here to be shipped off to the camps too. My friend told me her grandson’s school had a bomb scare/drill where the kids were kept outside for over 2 hours..>THEN they were herded onto school buses where they sat for another 30 mins before being told to disembark.

    Today she sent me this (I have opened her eyes)

    Dummy’ grenade prompts evacuation of S. Phila. school

    Inquirer Staff Report

    The police Bomb Squad was called this morning to remove a hand grenade from a South Philadelphia elementary school.

    The grenade was a dummy, police said.

    Students at the Taggart Elementary School at 4th and Porter Streets were temporarily evacuated to another school after the device was found on a desk in the building’s first floor police office about 8 a.m.

    They were allowed to return after the Bomb Squad squad removed the device about 8:45 a.m. and explosives sniffing bomb dogs swept the school as precaution.

    Philadelphia Police investigators are trying to determine how the dummy grenade ended up in the school.

    Police said the device was a hollowed out grenade and had been wrapped in paper.

    Odd thing is, when I went home for lunch today and turned on CNN to see what the shills were speaking about today there was “breaking news” about a possible grenade found in a federal bldg in Atlantic.

    We know they are acclimating these kids to just getting in line and getting on the bus to “camp” Coto knows just what camp that is don’t we boys and girls?

    • Almost too predictable anymore, these little mind games for the kids. Ship them off to FEMA day camp huh? A little Pedophilia and Lyme disease retreat? I am so depressed.

      CNN is showing the oil gushing thirty times a day. Repetition of Alpha 101 until we go BP postal. Meanwhile Barry’s BP is about 100 over 60 I’ll bet.

      • Bastards. And oil whore pigs like Mary Landrieu are speaking of further deep water drilling in the gulf…..WITH the proper security measures of course.. ha!

        When do we start handing out the torches and “V” masks?

  14. Jersey Girl, it is getting worse by the day.

    No chemtrails today, it is beautiful out. The weather appears natural.

    Sadly there is this news.

    God help all of these people and the sea life throughout the Gulf of Mexico

    CONFIRMED: Aerial Video Shows Second Leaking Rig Near The Deepwater Horizon

  15. Munich… I know. Two days in a row..clear blue skies, puffy white breeze.. beautiful. I makes me want to cry because I know it won’t last and we of coto have a good inkling of what could or will happen next. I honestly don’t know how I function normally every day carrying around this information.

  16. today, Biggest Polluter announced:

    BP to Donate Net Revenue From MC252 Well Leak to Protect and Rehabilitate Wildlife in Gulf States

    • not fucking enuf. BP needs to go down, right along with Dow Chemical. All its assets seized. out of business forever. those assets go to the gulf states – not to be sold to other oil polluters.

      no more offshore drilling.


      • “All its assets seized”

        As the owners are the Rothschilds, can we please ensure the seizure of every last cent of their assets and thus solve a problem here and there on this poor suffering planet?

        Thank you.

  17. Damn straight it’s not good enough ! Why is the CEO walking around unchained? Imagine if one of us had polluted a stream due to pure negligence. Where would we be right now?

  18. When enough beens are spilled, next comes the blood.

    When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…fucking DO IT.

    I don’t mean that in a mean way {grin}

  19. Early in the morning of 7 August, the escape of foreign diplomats from Russia took epidemic proportions. It is possible that the diplomats, through the intelligence services of their countries, know something that is not yet known to the general public.

    This is reality world wide. Something novel this way comes.

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