Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 5, 2010

CDC: Get your Votemout Vaccine, Stat!

Information about Gonorrhea Lectim 
The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called Gonorrhea  Lectim. It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect ’em,”  and it is a terrible obamanation.
The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior  involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contracted  it in 2008…but now most people, after having been infected for the  past 1-2 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.
It’s sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug just  coming on the market called Votemout. You take the first dose in 2010  and the second dose in 2012 and simply don’t engage in such behavior  again;  otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out  all life as we know it.
Several states are already on top of this, like Virginia and New Jersey , and apparently now Massachusetts , with many more seeing the writing on the wall.
Please pass this important message on to all those bright folk you really care about.

Virus Sample


  1. Incumbents are bent, and both parties are in collusion. Voting for new people won’t help if they are ready to join up with the current Corporate Party scam.

    We need new parties, and ways to hold reps accountable. Hell…ways to hold anybody accountable!

  2. lol brilliant !

    That virus sample is extremely frightening to look at. I’m sure glad I had built up a strong immunity to it before the obamademic hit in 08!

  3. Right now it is a positive just to slow down the agenda of these killers by removing as many of the administrators as we can.

    Mary Sunshine re-posted the voters for AIPAC and Israeli congressional puppets from the Gaza 09 terror campaign.

    Let’s just get more of those out and keep the damage ot a minimum until they drop their pants and show their Junk for all to see.

  4. Tee hee 🙂

  5. Nice one, Puddy! Perhaps the new passive, het overt “protest” hand signal of progressives will be — to sport Surgical Gloves on one or both hands?

    A hardy “Up Yours!” to the establishment elites!

  6. Ha ha, Puddy, that Votemout is some dope too, only, they got so many antidotes: electronic vote counting, candidate selection, the left/right paradigm, people like Palin, bribery, mind control etc etc.

  7. You guys just don’t get it! It ain’t the politicians, it’s the Zionist admnistrative appointees, and their pro Israel agenda, together with their absolute power, and control of Central Banks, finance, and corporate lobby.
    If these guys are not outed, and removed from “KEY” positions within your fucked-up government…you have ZERO chance of accomplishing anything, so quit pretending that you do, and take care of the REAL problem tomorrow.

  8. Charlie that’s EXACTLY what we’re talking about. Ousting all those people u just mentioned and putting in true representatives of the people. That’s all we can do on our end….find people willing to run for office who aren’t beholden to banksters and corporate warlords and despises them and their influence as much as we do.
    One of our own, Michael Cavlan, is working on just that. Did you miss that post? The only other choice is violent revolution.

    The people are stirring. So many jobless and broke, they are getting more than a little pissed off making the powers that be a wee bit nervous these days. Just ask the Bilderbergers in Spain. Perhaps their mass brainwashing is wearing off. Maybe the pension heist, oil spill and the flotilla attack by the zionist criminals was the final straw.

    It’s about freakin’ time.

    • JG there is another choice far more powerful than violence. We know that self realization–knowledge of our actual situation– is the most potent societal force for survival. All past societal collapses derived from ignorance and herd mentality. Many of the leaders of nonviolent personal transformation had to be snuffed while violence is actually encouraged.

  9. I like CharlieJohn, the agent provocateur. He’s a busy guy getting around the internet blogosphere and dropping these gems.

    Hey Chucky, we know, you know and they know. Spend more time here we need the feedback , even from lowly committee operatives such as yourself.

    COTO disclaimer for all black CIA, FBI, SPLC, ADL and ex-military XE GI Joe types:

    COTO is a thinking persons portal for shedding some light on the most obvious crime syndicate that is most top positions in executive, legislative and judicial branches of governments and corporate/banking 1000 companies. COTO opposes violence as it represents the tools of the forementioned slime that we detest as much as the operatives who periodically drop shit on this site. We ask that if you are going to drop shit on this site, please do not be so obvious as it provides so little imagination and we cannot hone our skills sufficiently with such elementary efforts on your part. But, please come back soon and take advantage of the opportunity you have to earn your minimum wage as a buttlicking stooge. We like to see someone employed in this sham government actually working.

    • Puddy, I disagree with your jumping on Charlie John for saying the truth. In fact what he said is true. Let’s support Michael in his candidacy but stay realistic about the power structure as CJ said. Just my two cents brother.

      • Let’s just say I have my doubts. Jews are not our problem. Also if he read any of the hundreds of comments from us, he’d know we know who and what we are facing. The committee.

        The committee is a good term because it includes the illuminati, rosicrucian, fabian, freemasonry, crypto-joo zionist all wrapped up in one little cabal.

        I posted this with the tag ‘humor’. It was a poor example for CJ to post a comment we all have said a thousand times. Plus this does nothing again but divide and conquer by religion, race and nationality and it leads to the same pushing for some holocaust or vendetta against a group.

        Israelis, Armenians, Turks, Kurds, Russians, Africans, Asians, Native Americans and Indians – Christian, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindu and Siks have been slaughtered.

        I made a serious comment in a real post earlier that the Turks better watch out for the Kurds. We know the Mossad/FSB/CIA/MI6 have all the strings to be pulled by the committee. No good comes from calling them Muslim, Jews, Turks or Israeli. It’s just a band of criminals that fake all identity and are without national, faith, patriotism or anything else they claim to be.

        What do you think CJ meant by ” and take care of the REAL problem tomorrow?”
        I think he’s a AP potstirrer looking for anti-semite and a cass sunstein protoge.
        Someone wants another holocaust and WWIII. He sounds like one to me.

  10. Violent Revolution…Hmmm

    What “is” the meaning of those two words?

    Binge — we have a real in our face understanding of this word.

    Purge — we’re just not quite sure “how” or what form this word should take to activate its cleansing powers.

    I agree that this “voting” exercise thingy is a limp-wristed attempt to effect change, simply because it is corrupted and can be marginalized, etc. But it is a “tool” to fix the “machine”. Ramming it into the gears to bust the ugly machine seems like a proper response, so we can start over, but I dunno if that’s the answer. Turning votes like a wrench on a nut, making things tighter and tighter until they’re squeaking brings a smile but probably no remedy.

    So what to do that actually “works”?

    Revolutionize, and purge by grabbing the scoundrels and frogmarching them through a People’s Court of Inquiry, investigating Everything and applying Accountability would be the most satisfying. Establishing their Guilt and Crimes and showing their unfitness for ruling or maybe even breathing could provide incontrovertible truths where zero wiggle room is left.

    Do not forget…locating and taking back ALL the stolen capital and assets for The People is necessary to truly move forward.

    This is only a sliver of a thought or solution. Hey, who has the topical solution to apply here?

    • I do.

      Cancel all the delusory debt to date. The proceeds are all just sitting there, all forty to sixty quadrillion of it in the Rothschilds’ tax-exempt ‘trusts’, taken as taxes of all kinds over the last two centuries or so, while they lent ink back to the countries each time.

      So just cancel it and start again. I would recommend a real society without finance of any kind, but if you’re not bright enough for that, at least print your own paper and use it without the usury they call ‘interest’.

  11. Violent revolution happens as a last resort, the final straw. When people are so backed up against the wall they have no other recourse but to lash out at their oppressors to try to win something back of what’s been taken from them or at least die trying.

    I am a non violent person. My most fervent wish is that it never comes to that.

  12. In Rumania, they just put the perpetrator and his wife, both arrogant to the last, against a wall and showed them what’s what.

    So it need not be an otherwise violent revolution.

  13. Yes. That would be stopping the Flak alright. And you’re right.

    I believe that is called accountability. Some cow towns call it justice. Vigilante’s might call it — “got what’s comin to ya”. Karma doesn’t have to call the chameleon anything — it just fades in…then fades out. Fitting.

  14. Again, these people are NOT elected, they are appointed, ( the result of “Muscling”) the elected representatives both by $’s, and compromise.
    They are: Summers, Orszag, Emanuel, Klain, Gensler, Axelrod, Bernstein, Feinstein, Lew, Lynn, Ross, Schapiro, Shapiro, Steinberg, Rudman, Sutphen, and Kagan.
    You have to eliminate the source.

    Please refer to the folowing:
    Read the article: Ism’s and Ishes: “Don’t Blame the Jews for What They Do!”???

    Thankyou Christopher…

  15. Ouch! Chucky gotta Wedgie by the Puddy!

    That’s an ugly school-boy ass-kickin. Will it take?

  16. Maybe I’m wrong. I am wrong all the time but this
    flotilla is a set up. Turks and Jews, Armenian genocide? Please.

    Let’s take a poll in America and see if we the people are ready to declare the native american genocide. Of course it was. Why cant they get the aid there through the land locks?

    Because every False Flag, Committee staged pile of obvious shit requires a boat. It’s mandatory for maritime mastermeanors by the committee. From the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, Maine, Lusitania, Liberty to the South Korean Cheonan, these shitbags love the fukking boats.

    Take the aid inland and quit playing the wet and wild wargame on the high seas. Flak is right. Hit the bankers and stop the fiat and then the black army and administrators don’t get paid. Bouncing them out of office won’t do it alone but it mucks up the mission some.

    FOCUS ON THE 1% and stop playing into the divide and conquer WOT. I’ve had it with the spiel of the Chistophers. Bjerknes and Bollyn and the rest of them. Sure there were Zionist agents in the 911 wargame. Israeli, American, and likely some from the Queens court as well.

  17. Puddy, I went to that site the guy put up and it was pretty weird how it overused the word jews rather than zionists or Israelis. Brother Nathan dropped that overuse and went to using zionism which is quite accurate IMO. Zionism is a political movement not a religion and is fair game for discussion, anytime. That is what Rob Kall hated, discussion of Zionism which he recently defended after the massacre on the Marmara.
    I love Bollyn and his work…
    That’s a good point about what the guy meant by taking care of the problem. That kind of hangs there unelaborated doesn’t it. Thanks for the tips Pud.

  18. If you wanted one trick from the pony I would say get rid of the Fed and like Flak said repudiate the debt to them, because, they were not Constitutionally stipulated as a private bank to create our money, therefore their deal was illegal, and illegal contracts are unenforceable. Issue a new currency of US bank notes not Fed notes. We would see the wars end fast and it would buy time to address the awful problems the current regime is leaving us with. If I had to handicap it I would say the Fed will not fall until the whole system collapses and then perhaps people will realize what has happened. But ominously perhaps the puppetmasters are accelerating collapse on purpose so all bets are off as we watch civilization flat spin.

  19. “repudiate the debt to them, because, they were not Constitutionally stipulated as a private bank to create our money”

    Morning, Sunshine.

    No, I say above all, repudiate the debt because all finance is only fiction anyway, used by its manipulators to take everything from everybody else. Alright, the Rothschilds’ game of taking it all via their additional fiction of lending just ink for you to repay as sweat and property, that is just another incentive that you are willing to recognise.

    But the basic premise is, It has never been other than a fiction, so why take any such fiction seriously? That is why I say abolish it and start again without any of it. In that way, we also abolish the vermins’ power over credulous minds.

    Use whatever excuse gives you joy, so long as you get rid of the present situation and tell the Rothschilds and theirs what they can do with their high-piled fictional swag with which they presently rock our world.

    Sod’em all.

  20. Yeah Mary, right on point. Flak knows that no matter what we feel about the geopolitical genocidal agenda the fiat of finance will keep us in line as long as we continue to inflate their control over the economy.

    Like you said every Goyim is an enemy. The real joos are as well. Ethnic cleansing the original tribes includes all true peaceloving Hebrew, Buddhist, Muslim and Christians and agnostics for we are all a threat to stop being their servants if we ever were at all.

    These others expose themselves whenever they isolate the nation of tribe as the problem. It’s 1% and we know who they are. The few bad apples bent on manipulating the destruction of a whole barrel.

  21. The Talmudic rebe brainwash and control the rest of the tribe just as they do the goy.

    Beware of xenophobic rants.


    Think for yourself. Battle not racism with racism, it’s like fucking for virginity.


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