Posted by: waldopaper | May 31, 2010

Twa Corbies

The War Fetish and the Weapons Industry

Memorial Day, 2010

Ye’ll sit on his white hause-bane,

And I’ll pike oot his bonny blue een;

Wi ae lock o his gowden hair

We’ll theek oor nest whan it grows bare.”


If humanity survives, although strange at this writing, the image of a young living woman prone on the grave of a dead young man will be with us for centuries.

Make of it what you will. Wiser eyes will see carrion-eaters; invisible, all too real and engorging themselves on the dead.  They see the living only as moving feasts.  There is horror in something so living pressed so closely to something so dead.  Between them the arrogant worms writhe in corruption and await the time when the sweet flesh will finally be still and feed them in the darkness.  The maggots muck and wiggle in the profits of war.  At their command, the tombstones raise graven with lies.

“Operation Iraqi Freedom” or “Operation Enduring Freedom:” what could be more cynical, viler and more evil than the black suits and high hats of the Ghouls?  The undertakers who lugubriously pout and preen to bring comfort to the bereaved are all the while preparing their midnight banquet. Call it the high-kitsch “Memorial Day Concert,” the grave-robbers fawn and mince, “…a time to remember, to heal, to bring our nation together…” they say, and what “nation” would that be?

Is it the “nation” of Boeing, or the Land of Lockheed-Martin?  Is it the Kingdom of Xe or the Republic of Religious Roobs?  This is not to gainsay the folk or families who had the idealism to try and believe in something bigger than themselves, nor is this to “politicize” their stories, so go on and look at them if you have the heart or stomach.  Go on.  Look at them.  Look at Katherine Cathey reaching into an open coffin. Read about Tyler and Renee… their wedding was a state holiday.  And don’t miss the show afterwords!

It’s a show full of actors and acrobats and old soldiers… all full of that Yankee Doodley Dum.  Go on ahead and make Kitsch of the dead.  They were the kids with the drum.  And the photographer said, “I felt I owed the Arlington National Cemetery a little time — and I think I still do. Maybe we all do.”  Goddam right we do.  If we spent more cognitive time and a lot less show-time, we would stop filling it up with victims.  Had we not been such smarmy Kitchifying cake-heads about WWI, WWII never would have happened.

But when the yellow-ribbon drum-and-trumpet showboat serve-the-cause Corbie comes home to roost on the cradle, when we have to face the boxed-up meat that used to be someone we loved so very much in real life… well THEN we have to make some kind of sense of it all.  We parrot the dogma of “duty” and “honor” and “sacrifice.”  Even worse, we say it was all for “freedom.”  The Germans had their “Fatherland,”  the Japanese their “Emperor,” and we have our damnable fuss-and-feathers “freedom.”

All of these seedy simulacra serve quite nicely for swelling the bellies of the Ghouls.  They see the swollen stomach of pregnant mothers pressed against the casket as well as the starving children’s bloated bellies in the “developing world.”  It enhances our zeal.  To them, it is veal.  “They are neither man nor woman… they are neither brute nor human… they are ghouls.”

We could not admit to ourselves that the “first world war” was a pointless fuckup generated by ghouls.  It really was not the “first” in any case, but one thing the ghouls do not want us to understand is History.  They do not know it either, it is second-nature to them.  They have been eating the fresh-dead of war fetishism for at least ten thousand years.  The horrific hubris they use to lure us into gathering them grub should make us hurl bile and hairs instead of “offering tears and prayers.”

Look at “Operation Just Cause.” Right.  “Just ‘cause” we felt like it.”  Not so funny to thousands of dead Panamanians who live in a “country” we stole from somebody else “just ‘cause” we needed the space for the merchants, who wait cooling-tables for the ghouls.  The merchants are impatient for their profit-tip, the ghouls may be the only ones who understand the value of “renewable resources,” and what could be more renewable than carrion?  Death occurs naturally, and if not, give it a boost with bullshit.

So even today, Memorial Day, 2010, the slobbering classes feed their dead children, wives and husbands into Mammon’s gaping maw.  Long after everyone with the brain of a moth knows that the “war on terror” is stinking bullshit, we smile (tearfully and respectfully), put on a show, and dance on their graves.  We watch T&A TV to help us hump and squirt and produce more veal for the villains.  Meanwhile, we vilify our ancestors who had all this shit figured out almost a century ago.

The half-billion goal of the neo-feudalists will be no problem.



  1. And as you write (so very well) and as we read, others are working tirelessly, with blood and sweat and selfless dedication, to ‘bring on’ the next episode – be it North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Libya, Somalia – hell, let ’em all come! – that DON’T have a Rothschild Central Bank and DO have, some of ’em, OIL, that rightfully belongs to the Rothschilds, dammit.


    Lest we forget.

    Rope. All of them.

  2. Heart wrenching piece Waldo. Well written as usual and the links to the stories hammer the message home in living color.

    I hate Memorial Day. I hate the flag waving and the honor the troops because they are fighting for our freedom bs. I honor the troops by insisting they stay home instead of getting caught in the corporate cogs of the war machine and it’s propaganda that draws them in.

    It’s time to tell the war mongering fools who are the parents of these kids to wake the hell up and instruct their young, that are hellbent on enlisting, what they are really fighting for. It has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with enriching the already filthy rich and the enslavement of their people to endless war for greed and empire.

  3. 🙂 I copped shit in Au ANZAC Day, for speaking about the insanity of our kids dying in wars we dont even have a rats ass excuse for being involved with!
    oh except our idiocy in following the US buddy trap.
    at least we had some vestigial excuse for following a brit call, though that also is non applicable in truth nowdays.

  4. Ted Turner like Bill Gates, qualify to sit at the head of the FATS FEAST dinner table.

    The Georgia Guidestones, Denver Murals and UN sculpture all bleed of the Chymical Wedding of illuminatist’s for a perfect world order.

    The Chimera is real and operating under Ted Turner’s billion dollar UN commitment and Gates, Soros, Strong, Kissinger,
    Sloan, and thirty other eugenists foundations coming together to create a tax haven inside these base blocks of the financial pyramid.

    Selected as certain points of light and representing fortunes that were obtained through committee engineeered favoritism, contracts, international law violations, bootlegging and extortion.

    In exchange, they were all mandated to provide some of the wealth to go into these foundation which are used by the committee and the committee only for U-GENESIS and other social engineering programs. Food, Retail, PhRMA, Defense Manufacturers, Communications, Publishing and Banking.

    Ted Turners $1 bil dollar gift is actually 10 installments of stock that will end up making him richer in this tax scheme. The UN is by law not to take private donations but through Government grants only. But they will get around that as well.

    The foundations (points of light) hold 300 billion dollars in trust and we know that all government and corporate/banking scams pay their dues too and much of that is in these trust for tax emept status and in vacuum havens. (across the Deleware)

    The Red Cross (CRC Rosenkrantz) the swiss money launderer and Nazi underground railroad had disputes with American Corporate Johnson and Johnson. The battle raged on on patent and logo’s until the committee punished J&J with the Tylenol Poison Scam. That hit the Johson fortune hard and they finally succumbed to the committee
    and joined the foundation structure. That’s how the real wars are fought.

    On memorial day we honor the dead soldiers of committee wars but never identify the largest genocidal operation in the world. The FOUNDATIONS.

    Conventional War is off the table for the purge. Too slow and too inefficient. The marriage of freemasonry and rosicrucians to the father the king, illuminati or light and opens the alchemists to the four windows, gates or paths (see Gates-Windows logo) paths to the enlightement.

    The largest damage in conventional war is the destruction of the mind and the flesh merely colaterral to the coming assaults.

  5. Read the comments and marvel… sadly… compare the comments here:

    …to the comments here:

    “Fuck the troops,” is it? well… ignoring all the obviously fun sexual wordplay there… one of the reasons I have lived to this ripe old age is my innate ability to avoid saying “fuck you” to people who were armed to the teeth when I was not.

    Oh, I totally agree with the inferences on… but pissing off armed people is somewhat problematic. Better, maybe, to point at the nauseating irony posted by one “R. Hilton” on sexualityinart, June 3, 2008:

    “God bless America !!and go to hell terorrists!!
    in my opinion this war is necessary because we love life and they love death!!”

    Waalll… gee Sparky. Seems to me… after reading pages of maudlin wallowing on graves… that… um… aw, fuckkit. Math to dogs. The bright side… Einstein Hilton may have developed a sense of irony in the past two years.

    Anybody here want to make a wager on that?

  6. The only reply I could offer Mr. Roger Sheeplington Hilton is “Yes they love death like we love life. That’s usually the way it goes when that’s all you’ve known.

    Some historian he is, huh?

  7. the concept of “life” here in “amerikkka” is pretty fukkin weak. yer exactly right… consumption is all these doodly-dums have ever known.

    “historian?” crikey… the land where the fundamentalist Texas school board sees nothing whatsoever wrong with shaping “history” to ideology (like good ol’ Soviet Union… or Nazi Germany) the results are fairly predictable.

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