Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 31, 2010

MAYDAY, MADAY! ~ MAY 31, 2010

False Flag? – Oil Spill? – Bio attack? – Firestorm? – Nuke? You figure it out?

This is very interesting.  I’d like to get confirmation.   

Private Airstrip owned by T&G AERO (no website  or info)


Check this info. They are providing no services. Storage, fuel, repair

and I cant find them on NOTAMS anywhere.


KNIP – Jacksonville Naval Air Station (Towers Field) (20 nm N)

Closest Military base airfield


Want to see yourself? Google Maps [Satellite]

Red Bay, Green Cove Springs, FL and go all  around this  unidentified AFB or Private Airstrip.


I may have to get the UM surfer boys on this case. Do you think the stepvans can hold large plastic coffins from Atlanta Georgia?

Thanks OZ for the tip!!!!!!!!



  1. wtf? What are all those white vans for? It says in another video that they were moved sometime in February. Where to and why? \

    Just another mystery like the plastic coffins, mass graves, and fema mass evacuation bus, huh?

    Here’s the follow up video. Photohelix leaves a comment .

  2. My bet is Atlanta or Alabama

  3. My bet is target areas around the Gulf Coast. I am opting for HAARP to move oil to specified segments of the coast to keep it out of the Gulf Stream and Eastern Seaboard until they can drive it safely to Cuba or Venezuela.

    Pensacola FL – Gulfport MS – NO LA – LaPorte TX etc.

  4. Glad you found this information, Puddy!

    When “resources” like this are stockpiled, something’s up, no? Or rather, somethings going to “go down”.

  5. I was listening to republic broasdcasting today and a caller brought this up. Stadsmiller said the story was 5 years old but he would check into it.It would be interesting to know the total number of UN troops in the world now,they might not even add up to 4000.

    • National Guard and standing Armies would join the UN when a time of global catastrophe. Regarding mercenary forces worldwide, I’ll bet we have 400,000 or more.

      Soldiers of Fortune? Yes and our misfortune for certain. Also don’t ever tangle with a Vatican soldier. TIP OF THE DAY!

  6. Yeah Boom, I thought at first, some storage for a company fleet. But UPS est has 94000 vehicles worldwide. I’d est. 15K here.

    Someone identified roughly 4000 there. Hmmm? Surely not for a new large Corporate Job creator here. Obama would shit his pants if that were to happen. Muck up the whole collapse operation.

    We do need to keep hitting the
    coffins – 2,000,000
    fema camps 800+
    White truck fleet 4000
    and every other massive numbers in any sector.

    Our tax dollars paid for it and we want to know wtf it’s all about.

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