Posted by: jerseyg | May 25, 2010

Odd Movie “Coincidence” Regarding Oil Spill in “Knowing”

Or is it?  The movie is filled with symbolism and hidden meanings.  Nicholas Cage has become known lately for his movies regarding freemasonry.  Rent the film and watch it in it’s entirety and you be the “decider.”  See how many clues you discover.   I wonder if Nick is a freemason himself?………(PS:  Note the running man in the eye (escape artists) as the film company’s logo.  Just another “coincidence” I suppose) Personally,  I think everything happens for a reason and there are very few real coincidences in life…..~jg

Here someone has put together some more weird “coincidences”……




  1. The number “11” missing…again. The date 4-20-10 adds up to a “7” with 4+2+1.

    Lots of chatter around, that this mishap was a “made-to-happen” event. Qui Bono? And who is sacrificed, while the environment pays the price?

  2. I have no doubt that this was a planned event.

    4/20/10 – Earth Day and Hitler’s birthday.

    But of course this isn’t the only reason. Reports I’m getting form insiders, the same-old responses we’re getting from the same perps.

    Its the same old play, different stage.

  3. I thought it was from day one M. Just one of those hunches we get. Then when I found out Halliburton was involved it was a no brainer…….

    How are things with the people there M? Are many deciding to pack up and go?

  4. I’m the lunatic here. Don’t you all start thinking like me. It will ruin your life.

    There are no coincidences. It’s all conspiracy and we know that there is enough oil in the Gulf deep well along with Alaska to drive our cars and economy into 2100.

    Why would the committee want to see this? Those sons of bitches in Oil are the villains and we need global gree governance and $10,000 annual energy bills and global taxes.

    Soros and the committee want US EU and the middle east smashed to smithereens.

  5. lol Patrick. We’re all crazy ! You made me think of a favorite jack nicholson line from one of my favorite films “as good as it gets”. He played an extreme obsessive compulsive and when a woman who lived next door to his apt knocked at his door giving him grief about something, he said to her….

    “lady, go peddle crazy some place else, we’re all stocked up here”

    Yep, we’re all stocked up on crazy here alright 😉 But we’re only crazy because we’re the ones that can see……..

  6. Good Movie. “Why can’t I have a normal boyfriend?”

    Because Helen, normal would be an anomaly in the reality distortion field that is your world. Capiche?

  7. “Why can’t I have a normal boyfriend?”

    “everybody wants that dear, it doesn’t exist”..hahahha… I’ll second that ! I love Nicholson, Hunt and Kinnear in that movie and the little dog too.

    • 🙂 I do like nicholson.
      never seen the movie or heard of it..and now I know the ending..
      saved me hours and I still enjoyed it.
      sorta like crib notes, Ha ha

  8. Ahhh, I’m sorry Oz! Rent the movie anyway. It’s really good and if you like Nicholson, you’re sure to love it. It’s absolutely one of the most charming movies I’ve ever seen 😉

    • dont have a tv Jersey 🙂
      and i,m not upset 🙂

  9. Smart girl oz.. I have thought of getting rid of mine as well but a part of me likes to keep track once in a while of what the talking heads are pushing as the truth.

    • I find I get more info from online papers and some radio, and I dont have to look at em! 5 mins of news 5 of weather, and 10 of sport..msm, loathe it.

    • I tossed my TV in 1984. I certainly don’t miss the GOD DAMNED thing.

      So lucky I happened to catch Dean Jone’s, AMERICA WHAT WENT WRONG.

      That is what pissed me off so much I picked up the television and threw it out on the curb.

      I had my 38 out ready to blow it’s brains out when my X interviened and told me to be sensable…What? Well okay, don’t want to scare the baby…I get it..but this golden calf goes. She said okay and it was outta there.
      Truly evil dangerous devices TV sets. It’s the real ‘evil eye’.

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