Posted by: Mr. M | May 22, 2010

Not So Bright Future



  1. bad news, when your fish dinner comes Pre Oiled..

  2. You’ve drawn my nightmare M. This is more than sickening, it’s terrifying.

  3. This is a terrific pictograph, M! How about a “split-screen” before on the left, future on the right?

    Maybe a “Handmade in America” signature, with a biting caption?

    Perhaps a chemtrail or two fouling up the sky too?

    Maybe a cloud formation with the famous painter’s gaunt haunted face looking down, with his hands on either side of the face and the big round mouth? Can’t remember the name, but appropriate.

    You’re really telling some stories here brother. What kind of circulation are you getting? Does your local press/newspaper put these up?

    Nice work!

    • Working on some revisions of this illustration as we speak, exactly along the lines you suggested. Great minds, huh?

      As to circulation, my paper only has so much room, and already we’re suffering from lost revenue. They might even cut-back on putting my wok out in color to save on costs. And being a “humor” rag the most powerful illustrations will fall back to the more light-hearted. Although, I have to stretch myself to find anything “funny” here.

      Than there’s the problem of poor management. My editor, who is suppose to monitor the web-site, simply doesn’t. If you went to our site it’s 3-months old. Given our popularity, one would think this would be a major priority, but apparently … ah, I best not get into this, its a sore subject.

      I just received confirmation from Charlie Smith, lobbyist for the states wildlife & fishing industry, that it’s pretty must over. His statement to me was, it’s time for pitchforks and torches. And to know Charlie, he’s not prone to these kinds of statements, he’s the ultimate pragmatist and diplomat.

      There’s going to be a rather rapid decline around here. I thought that perhaps because we did have such an abundance of life in this area that a good many people stand a chance of surviving what’s coming, even if this disaster hadn’t hit, but now even that is gone now.

      Well, kiddies, hopefully this will at least get people mad enough to actually cram the so-called “halls of governance”, and they do bring their pitchforks.

      After all, we have nothing to lose, our faith is sealed.

  4. The Old Divide and Rule

    All my life I’ve lived beside the waters that they call the Clyde.
    I build the ships and watch them glide down the Broomielaw, sir.
    Trudge to work in sleet and rain, labour for another’s gain,
    Know yer place and don’t complain, that’s the rich man’s law, sir.
    When I was young I read with pride how Scotland’s heroes fought and died,
    Tae keep the nation fortified against the English crown, sir.
    Scots wha hae wi’ Wallace bled by clerics fancy were mislead,
    Fought among themselves instead and by it were brought down, sir.

    When the Billy Boys are marchin’ in the sash their father’s wore,
    The day they slew the Fenien crew three hundred years before,
    The gentry give a smile and lift their glasses to John Bull,
    Who keeps us all in poverty with the old Divide and Rule.

    The pipes did play the drums did beat on heathered glen and cobbled street.
    The sullen tramp of marching feet returned the call to arms, sir.
    In the field where cattle grazed, brother’s hand at brother raised,
    Thus the name of God was praised in the smoke of burning farms, sir.

    Would that I might see the day when tyranny is swept away,
    And honest work for honest pay becomes the right of all, sir.
    As for Gentile so for Jew, Protestant and Catholic too,
    Every race and every hue secure within four walls, sir.

    And the Billy Boy and Fenien together make a stand
    To raise the flag of Worker’s Power all across the land.
    Declare it in the factory, the office and the school,
    We’ll put an end to poverty and the old Divide and Rule.

  5. It is just beyond sad at what is happening to the once pristine Gulf of Mexico. So dam F’n sad!

    The people and the sea life, all destroyed! And NO amount of money or hearings is going to right this beautiful and fragile ecosystem. We are totally F’d! All in the name of greed, disaster capitalism. I HATE these bastards! All of them!

    It appears BP located thousands of year old abiogenic petroleum and they had absolutely NO! right messing with the Earth’s crust especially at sea.

    The sheople of what some still refer to as “America” have no idea as to the scope and the horror BP and those who gave permission to drill created, NONE! With Hockey and Baseball the sheople are just too consumed and comfortably dumb to care. As a species and planet we are F’d!

    It won’t be until the water with which they use to create the ice for these hockey venues comes out black, will they understand the enormity of what has occurred.

    It didn’t have to be this way.

    The hypothesis of abiogenic petroleum origin holds that natural petroleum was formed from deep carbon deposits, perhaps deposits dating to the formation of the Earth. The ubiquity of hydrocarbons in the solar system is taken as evidence that there may be a great deal more petroleum on Earth than commonly thought, and that petroleum may originate from carbon-bearing fluids which migrate upward from the mantle.

  6. It never happens any other way. It’s a matter of economy, greed and incompetence.

    WHY? It is so written that’s why. What ever happens M, it will so end at some point. Alaska did as well. It only took twenty years (not including some litigation still keeping the Khazars busy)

    Every death, man, animal or ecosystem will have a resurrection or renewed life. I hate to sound like the preacher here, but sometimes I just have to say it because I believe it and to avoid going stark raving postal.

  7. M, chin up it IS hard sometimes to make light of things like they ask of comic strips, and LA got hit with this spill the worst so yall are suffering.
    I’m sure not counting on abiotic oil for anything now or whenever. What has been confirmed as an available abiotic resource so far is not much to get excited about. The oil companies are sick of drilling deep offshore (“lose money”). Offshore drilling can be set aside and then brought back at $200 a barrel. The main crisis motivation or opportunity value (cui bono and all that)is demonization of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide, to get everyone mad at carbon so that the masters can push through the Lieberman pronuclear bill. They support all the phony environmentalists who pushed the greenhouse gas fraud. Those morons believe they can spend the rest of their days paying carbon taxes and dealing with cancer from the nukes, or maybe they plan to live outside the future Chernobyl zones and hegemonies or maybe even outside reality on another planet than our beautiful contaminated earth.
    It’s said that people living directly under a dam will not be worried about failure whereas a little further down they worry and way farther down they don’t worry as much. I guess Lieberman world is like a big cracked cooling pool leaking tritium into the groundwater and god forbid it leaks dry and the rods burn in air. Right next door with its temp jobs and taxpayer bailout.
    But when the easy oil drops off their happy lifestyle will change anyway. There won’t be electric airplanes guaranteed. They are pushing the sheep into hating and taxing CO2. COTO knows AGW was a scam. Gore is a science fraud if rising temperatures always precede rising carbon dioxide levels. Obama and Chu are liars about their reckless energy plan being pushed through while everyone is distracted and hates black gold. Without new taxes the Rothschilds are slightly inconvenienced, but they assure us the good times are coming for more taxes. Even Killary told the Pakistanis last year that help was coming in the form of new taxes for them and got a bunch of blank stares. WTF Who wouldn’t be as excited as the Rothschilds are with knowing the new taxes will be spent on the people, ur, transfers out of the US Treasury to unnamed persons who may not even be Americans.
    The rig companies admitting they did things backwards prior to the explosion and introduced unusual elements sounds very interesting. This reminds me of Dick Cheney’s stand down orders on 9/ll which were omitted from the official report after sworn testimony by Mineta. These comments will just vanish unprocessed by most. I heard too there was betting on Wall Street against the Gulf. I’ve been overseas two months but this is the best I can figure out the rig blowup situation based on little time connected to news. But I would not be surprised to find out some of it is true.

  8. Nice updates to your Toon, M! You’re Sooo Good!

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