Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 22, 2010

I feel Unlucky 2010 predictions ~ Halftime score

Raw Video: Few Survivors in India Plane Crash From: AssociatedPress | May 22, 2010 ~ As many as 160 people were feared dead in India on Saturday after an Air India Express plane arriving from Dubai crashed and burst into flames at dawn as it overshot a runway in the south of the country while trying to land in the rain. (May 22) …

1. Gas prices rise substantially over the next three months and stablelize at those high prices through summer.

Up $ 86.2 over last year. Oil Spill will drive it up for summer

2. Food prices go the same route in April. Produce especially thanks to the weather from HAAPOLOGISTS and other CHEMTRAIL tomfoolery. Crop yields will fall significantly. We will be competing for food with world shortages and the consumer will be paying higher prices to offset bids from US foreign Aid countries. Deaths will exceed previous years.

3.5% expected to 4.5%

3. Due to the fraud that is global warming and the delay in healthcare, Copenhagen and finance reform bill, we will se no job creation plans this year by administration or Congress. The public will go ballistic. A commercial real estate bubble is likely. Elections are foremost in Obama camp.

No jobs bill thus far

4. Foreign terror will occur in India and Indonesia and most likely by aircraft.

Mangalore India 5/22/10 – 160 dead Boeing 737 – NATO HAARP or  COMMITTEE TERROR ATTACK.

5. Domestic terror attempt will occur in LA, Denver, Las Vegas or western city and it will likely involve an entertainment venue or event.

PENDING – [New York Car Bomb FF]

6. There will be another big push by media, SPLC and ADL to identify another militia group in the country involved with a campaign for government assault linked to antisemitic and racial white power. This will all be carried out with CIA and MOSSAD operatives working out of Atlanta and Dallas.

HUTAREE raids took place in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio – SPLC and FBI false sting operation by Mossad Jewish agents

7. This years hurricane season will be more active than the previous two and the pacific will see some serious typhonic activity. A major quake in Mediterranean, likely Greece or Turkey.

Turkey earthquake kills 51; 6.0 Magnitude

8. Karzai and McChrystal & Co. don’t jive and Karzai will fall this year. Either willingly or horizontally.


(*****Wildcard****) Either Geithner or Bernanke will resign.


I am checking the passenger manifest for two things. 

1. Persons of interest who died.

2. Persons of interest who did not board

1 Miss Harshini Poonja IX06049803 Adult Boarded
. 2 Mr AARON JOEL FERNANDES IX06693233 Adult Boarded
. 3 Miss NIHA IMTHIYAZ IX06802294 Adult Boarded
. 4 Mr BHASKARAN TV IX06876929 Adult Boarded
. 5 Mr KOMALAVALLY ALINKEEL IX06876929 Adult Boarded
. 6 Mr NarayanaKanthav Rao IX06924271 Adult Boarded
. 7 Mrs VaniNarayana Rao IX06924271 Adult Boarded
. 8 Miss VaishnaviNaraya Rao IX06924271 Child Boarded
. 11 CHD HIBA AZEENA IX06933730 Child Boarded
. 12 CHD MUSHINA CHD IX06933730 Child Boarded
. 13 Inf HAIFA HASHA IX06933730 Infant Boarded
. 14 Mr JOYANRICHARD SALDANHA IX07000007 Adult Boarded
. 15 Mr UMMERFAROOK MOHAMMED IX07077382 Adult Boarded
. 16 Mrs SHAHIDA NUSHRATHAR IX07096559 Adult Boarded
. 17 CHD ZEESHAN ABDULREHMAN IX07096559 Child Boarded
. 18 Mrs KANNURZULEKHA BANU IX07098065 Adult Boarded
. 19 Mrs NAZEEMA MOHAMMADASHRAF IX07098065 Adult Boarded
. 20 Mr sathyanarayana ballakuraya IX07105917 Adult Boarded
. 21 Mrs SUJATHA RAO IX07105917 Adult Boarded
. 22 Mrs FATHIMAMEHZAN SHAFQAT IX07106336 Adult Boarded
. 23 Inf RASHAAD SHAFQATMAHMOOD IX07106336 Infant Boarded
. 24 Mr KhaderAmmangod MohammadShafy IX07108811 Adult Boarded
. 25 CHD SUHAIB MOHAMMEDNASEER IX07137356 Child Boarded
. 26 CHD BIBI SARA IX07137356 Child Boarded
. 27 CHD NABEEHA MOHAMMEDNASIR IX07137356 Child Boarded
. 28 Mr MOHAMMAD ASRAF IX07156572 Adult Boarded
. 29 Mrs MAIMOONA ASRAF IX07156572 Adult Boarded
. 30 CHD ASHAZ ABDULLA IX07156572 Child Boarded
. 31 CHD AYESHA AFSHEEN IX07156572 Child Boarded
. 32 Mrs PLAVIASHAKUNTHALA LOBO IX07163650 Adult Boarded
. 33 Ms VENISHANIKOLA LOBO IX07163650 Adult Boarded
. 34 CHD VISHALFLOID LOBO IX07163650 Child Boarded
. 35 Mr ABDULLA KMr IX07180836 Adult Boarded
. 36 Mr MERWYN DSOUZA IX07182890 Adult No Show
. 37 Mrs ROSLY SHIBU IX07222046 Adult Boarded
. 38 CHD GODWINA THOMAS IX07222046 Child Boarded
. 39 CHD GLORIA THOMAS IX07222046 Child Boarded
. 40 Mr BHAGALI PRABHAKAR IX07223849 Adult Boarded
. 41 Mr Kammadam Kunhabdulla IX07225789 Adult Boarded
. 42 Mr Shashikanth Punja IX07276493 Adult Boarded
. 43 Mrs Manirekha Punja IX07276577 Adult Boarded
. 44 CHD ABDULBARR DAMUDI IX07277325 Child Boarded
. 45 Mr MAHESH Shetty IX07286920 Adult Boarded
. 46 Mr mohamed naser IX07286992 Adult Boarded
. 47 Mr Anwar Sadiq IX07290169 Adult Boarded
. 48 Mr Hassan Kutty IX07292971 Adult Boarded
. 49 Mr JoelPratap DSouza IX07305534 Adult Boarded
. 50 Mr Arunakumar shetty IX07330441 Adult Boarded
. 51 Mr VASANTHA SHETTY IX07335439 Adult No Show
. 52 Mr ABDUL SAMAD IX07351046 Adult Boarded
. 53 Mr PRASADANAND MANJREKAR IX07353403 Adult Boarded
. 54 Mr krishnan koolikkunnu IX07361416 Adult Boarded
. 55 Mr mullachery balakrishnan IX07361801 Adult Boarded
. 56 Mrs SHANTHI OLIVERA IX07363593 Adult Boarded
. 57 Mrs Chethana MukeshKumar IX07365767 Adult Boarded
. 58 Mrs Thresiamma Philip IX07367503 Adult No Show
. 59 Mr MOHAMED ASHFAQ IX07370398 Adult No Show
. 60 Ms Husna Farheen IX07371051 Adult No Show
. 61 Mr AHMEDNAUSHAD ABBU IX07371108 Adult Boarded
. 62 Mr RAJAN PULIKODAN IX07371229 Adult Boarded
. 63 Mr JAYAPRAKASHA DEVADIGA IX07376424 Adult Boarded
. 64 Mr Jayaram Kotian IX07380334 Adult Boarded
. 65 Mrs Chitra Jayaram IX07380334 Adult Boarded
. 66 CHD Rahul Jayaram IX07380334 Child Boarded
. 67 Mrs Prabhavathi Karkera IX07380882 Adult Boarded
. 68 Mrs Ashitha Bolar IX07380882 Adult Boarded
. 69 Mr Akshay Bolar IX07380882 Adult Boarded
. 70 Mr SURESH KUNDER IX07394328 Adult Boarded
. 71 Mr Sanjeeva BabannaHegde IX07396284 Adult No Show
. 72 Mr SOMAN NARAYANI IX07398922 Adult Boarded
. 73 Mr PRADEEP GK IX07418711 Adult Boarded
. 75 Mr THALANGARA EBRAHIMKHALEEL IX07432568 Adult Boarded
. 77 Mrs NAZIYA AFARIN IX07444331 Adult Boarded
. 79 Mr MohammedRafi Beliyapura IX07447716 Adult Boarded
. 80 Mr Abdulla Mohammed IX07447716 Adult Boarded
. 81 Mr IBRAHIM SAHEB IX07451216 Adult Boarded
. 82 Mrs SAMEENA SAHEB IX07451216 Adult Boarded
. 83 Mr ISSAM IBRAHIM IX07451216 Adult Boarded
. 84 CHD RIDA IBRAHIM IX07451216 Child Boarded
. 86 Mr SHIVAKUMAR NAGARAJ IX07455809 Adult Boarded
. 87 Mrs MEENU GUPTA IX07456244 Adult Boarded
. 88 Mr SHETTY KK IX07461984 Adult Boarded
. 89 Mr GANGADHARAN NAIR IX07463009 Adult Boarded
. 90 Mr Prabhathkumar Attavar IX07464806 Adult Boarded
. 91 Mr SATHISHA SHETTY IX07464955 Adult Boarded
. 92 Mr Irshad Ahmed IX07467786 Adult Boarded
. 93 Mr Neha Parveen IX07467786 Adult Boarded
. 94 Inf Affan Ahmed IX07467786 Infant Boarded
. 95 Mr SAMEERBEERAN MOIDEEN IX07475406 Adult Boarded
. 96 Mr ABDUNNASIR AVINJA IX07481516 Adult Boarded
. 97 Mr RIJU JOHN IX07482119 Adult Boarded
. 98 Ms SABRINA NASRINHUQ IX07483099 Adult Boarded
. 99 Mr Steven Rego IX07483166 Adult No Show
. 100 Mr MAHAMMOODABDULLA KANYANA IX07486756 Adult Boarded
. 101 Mr ALTHAFAHMED MOOLANA IX07488192 Adult Boarded
. 102 Mr LOKESHASADANANDA BELCHADA IX07490123 Adult Boarded
. 103 Mr HAMEED POOKAYAM IX07491364 Adult Boarded
. 104 Mr MAYANKUTTY KP IX07491541 Adult Boarded
. 105 Mr vipin kattoor IX07494451 Adult Boarded
. 106 Mr KISHOREKUMAR KUDPAPOOJARY IX07495555 Adult Boarded
. 107 Mr CHANDUKUTTY NAIRK IX07495566 Adult Boarded
. 108 Mr NM BHARATHAM IX07496238 Adult Boarded
. 109 Mr ABDULAZEEZ ANCHIKATTA IX07498971 Adult Boarded
. 110 Mr UMASHAN VIJAYAN IX07499869 Adult Boarded
. 111 Mr Cavin Sequiera IX07500101 Adult Boarded
. 112 Mrs RESHMASANTHOSH RAI IX07500375 Adult Boarded
. 113 CHD NALANDSHAUNSANTOSH RAI IX07500375 Child Boarded
. 114 Inf VIHASANTOSH RAI IX07500375 Infant Boarded
. 115 Mr Vamana Prabhu IX07500748 Adult Boarded
. 116 Mr GANESH PRABHU IX07500969 Adult Boarded
. 117 Mr QAZI ABDULSALAM IX07504230 Adult Boarded
. 118 Mr QAZIZULEKAH KHUDDUS IX07504230 Adult Boarded
. 119 Mr Jackson Periera IX07504303 Adult Boarded
. 120 Mr MAHAMMED ISMAIL IX07508335 Adult Boarded
. 121 Mr NAVEEN KUMAR IX07508915 Adult Boarded
. 122 Mr SANJAYKUMAR MAHABAL IX07509790 Adult Boarded
. 123 Mr MAHENDRA KODKANY IX07510380 Adult Boarded
. 124 Mrs INDUMATHI NAYAK IX07510445 Adult Boarded
. 125 Mr VIJESH KOVVAL IX07510490 Adult Boarded
. 126 Mr RAMAKRISHNA NAYAK IX07511144 Adult Boarded
. 127 Mr Ajesh Mottathil IX07511784 Adult Boarded
. 128 Mr NAVID IBRAHIM IX07511838 Adult Boarded
. 129 Mr IGNATIUS DSOUZA IX07512697 Adult Boarded
. 130 Mr SUKUMARA KUZHIYAMKOTTUCHAL IX07512738 Adult Boarded
. 131 Mr ABDULBASHEER KM IX07512869 Adult Boarded
. 132 Mr MOHIDDIN FARASUSMAN IX07513099 Adult Boarded
. 133 Mr MAHIM MOHAMMEDPALLI IX07513347 Adult Boarded
. 134 Mr MOHAMMEDASHRAF KA IX07513389 Adult Boarded
. 135 Mr MOHAMED USMAN IX07514220 Adult Boarded
. 136 Mr KUNHIKANNAN CHANDU IX07514492 Adult No Show
. 137 Mr NAVEENWALTER FERNANDES IX07514642 Adult Boarded
. 138 Ms SARITAPHILOMENA DSOUZA IX07514642 Adult Boarded
. 139 Mr ULLAS DSILVA IX07514761 Adult Boarded
. 140 Mr MANNAPADUPUASHRAF ABDUL IX07514833 Adult Boarded
. 141 Mr SAFDHARALI SHEIK IX07515021 Adult Boarded
. 142 Mr Mahesh Shetty IX07515448 Adult Boarded
. 143 Mr ABDULHARISH KOPPALAMHOUSE IX07515515 Adult Boarded
. 144 Mr ABDUL JEBRAN IX07515658 Adult Boarded
. 145 Mr PARAMBATHKUNHI KRISHNAN IX07515795 Adult Boarded
. 146 Mr PRABHAKARAN PACHIKARAN IX07515795 Adult Boarded
. 147 Mr NEKKAREIBRAHIM ISMAIL IX07515995 Adult Boarded
. 148 Mr MELWYNKIRAN MENEZES IX07516154 Adult Boarded
. 149 Mr SIDDEEQUE CHOORISULAIMAN IX07516238 Adult Boarded
. 150 Mr PUTTURISMAIL ABDULLA IX07516637 Adult Boarded
. 152 Mr LOKESH NARAYANAN IX07517077 Adult Boarded
. 153 Mrs LOLITTA DIAS IX07517088 Adult Boarded
. 154 Mrs LILLY DIAS IX07517088 Adult Boarded
. 155 Mr PRAVEENA SUNDAR IX07518144 Adult Boarded
. 156 Mrs HILDA DSOUZA IX07519277 Adult Boarded
. 157 Mr pradeep deepanivas IX07519409 Adult Boarded
. 158 Mr DENIS SALDANHA IX07519598 Adult Boarded
. 159 CHD ASHTON SALDANHA IX07519598 Child Boarded
. 160 Mr MANTHUR HASSAINAR IX07520023 Adult Boarded
. 161 Mrs RAMA SATISH IX07520219 Adult Boarded
. 162 Mr MOHAMMED BASHEER IX07520379 Adult Boarded
. 163 Mr ABOOBACKER SIDDEEQ IX07520379 Adult Boarded
. 164 Mr MOHAMMED USMAN IX07521420 Adult Boarded
. 165 Mr SHAILESHRAO BRAHMAVARA IX07522104 Adult Boarded
. 166 Mr MOHAMMED ZIAD IX07522846 Adult Boarded
. 167 Ms SAMEENA ABDULKARIM IX07522846 Adult Boarded
. 168 CHD ZAINAB MOHAMMEDZIAD IX07522846 Child Boarded
. 169 CHD MOHAMMED ZUBAIRZAID IX07522846 Child Boarded


  1. hey Puddy, you forgot that bloody volcano..I read Katlas has 3 or 4 rumbles in a couple of days.
    if she goes up the whole game changes fast.

    • I did not predict it Laurel. Though it is significant.

      So far, I think I am batting about 400. If Karzai goes and Geitner or Bernanke resign I think it will be one of my better years predictions.

  2. I’m interested in who of those who boarded is among the no GMO campaign in India.

    I’ll forward the passenger list to see if any of my Indian friends can answer this.

    • Great, I’d appraciate the help Rady. Going through these manifests is drudgery.

  3. Me own humble “prediction:”
    (to begin with Hulett’s voice)

    “…Don’t cling so hard to your possessions,
    For you have nothing if you have no rights!”


    This will happen internationally… because as Marx (and many others) realized, “financial capitalism” (ie- looting with paper) is unsustainable. In the US it will be different… the last Feistung of “divide and rule” because the pigs have filled peeps’ heads with “anti-socialist” twaddle for well over 100 years… for a REASON.

    As the crap hits the fan in 2010…$5-7 gas… “unemployment” approaching 20%… the peeps will be FURIOUS (at something). It will go down almost exactly like it did in 1930 Germany… the “reds” will be fighting the SA (tea-party “constitutionalists”) in the streets.

    The pigs will (again) support the SA… because of the same reasons… easily manipulated by social/ racial/ “nationalistic” hatred… and because they are more likely to believe (and obey) “authority” (as long as it’s packaged properly).

    We Greenies will try to mitigate… maybe successfully… maybe not. Because the future WILL be green… one way or another… a sustainable society… or grass among the smoking ruins. The Green Meme was not nearly as powerful then… and it was co-opted by the Nazis (like ol Cap’n Trade)… just like they co-opted “socialism.”

    • That’s one of the best synopsis’ you have ever offered WP. It’s the reality, D&C
      we will see.

      As in any civil war the master crafters have segregated us by ECONOMY. As we kill each other we will never see that we all bleed the same blood. The blues will have the pigs and the globalist UN slavetraders will have the reds and the final solution will be a purplish, black and blue fraction left to work for the new order.

      1984 was no answer to a very important question. How do you make green from red and blue before you turn yellow.

  4. Bodies are filling morgue freezers in the larger cities,there is no money to bury relatives. I predict mass graves.Suicides will increase. Those robbed for years by the insurance racket will realize that when the house burns down or the provider dies the insurance companies may be in bankruptcy or just move the premiums off-shore and make out like Madoff.Car lots full of new cars will remain full,auto makers will fold.Auto-bank drafts will be pushed in the press and forced on customers by companies. Cash will be vilified and cashless ID will be pushed. The 2010 census will be a failure.

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