Posted by: laudyms | April 20, 2010


THE EVIDENCE IS HERE: This document contains over 60 pages of evidence and analysis proving Barack Obama’s use of a little-known and highly deceptive and manipulative form of “hack” hypnosis on millions of unaware Americans,  and reveals what only a few psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts know.

Barack Obama’s speeches contain the hypnosis techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. who developed a form of “conversational” hypnosis that could be hidden in seemingly normal speech and used on patients without their knowledge for therapy purposes. Obama’s speeches intentionally contain:

– Trance Inductions

– Hypnotic Anchoring

– Pacing and Leading

– Pacing, Distraction and Utilization

– Critical Factor Bypass

– Stacking Language Patterns

– Preprogrammed Response Adaptation

– Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges

– Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions

– Emotion Transfer

– Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming

Obama’s techniques are the height of deception and psychological manipulation, remaining hidden because  one must understand the science behind the language patterns in order to spot them. This document  examines Obama’s speeches word by word, hand gesture by hand gesture, tone, pauses, body language, and  proves his use of covert hypnosis intended only for licensed therapists on consenting patients. Obama’s  mesmerized, cult-like, grade-school-crush-like worship by millions is not because “Obama is the greatest  leader of a generation” who simply hasn’t accomplished anything, who magically “inspires” by giving  speeches. Obama is committing perhaps the biggest fraud and deception in American history.

Obama is not just using subliminal messages, but textbook covert hypnosis and neuro-linguistic  programming techniques on audiences that are intentionally designed to sideline rational judgment and  implant subconscious commands to think he is wonderful and elect him President. Obama is eloquent.

However, Obama’s subconscious techniques are shown to elicit powerful emotion from his audience and  then transfer those emotions onto him, to sideline rational judgment, and implant hypnotic commands that  we are unaware of and can’t even consciously question. The polls are misleading because some of Obama’s  commands are designed to be triggered only in the voting booth on November 4th.

Obama is immune to  logical arguments like Wright, Ayers, shifting every position, character, and inexperience, because hypnosis  affects us on an unconscious and emotional level. To many people who see this unaccomplished man’s  unnatural and irrational rise to the highest office in the world as suspicious and frightening and to those who  welcome it, this document uncovers, explains, and proves the deceptive tactics behind true “Obama  Phenomenon” including why younger people are more easily affected.

Poster’s comment: I think it is obvious that these techniques are also used regularly by those on the other side of the (artificial) political divide. In fact Americans are constantly barraged with suggestions from advertising of all kinds from those who seek to manipulate them. Wake Up!


  1. NLP and its effectiveness has been refuted by the psychological community as hokum. I know, I know. I was disappointed, too.

    But NLP’s status also means that this anonymously published, dubiously footnoted and deceptively professional-looking document is not worth taking seriously.

    I think it’s racist in its effect and its intent. There’s plenty in Obama’s record to go on without having to make stuff up about him.

    • Maybe. It all sounds quite reasonable. But 30 years ago I personally experienced a Moonie meeting in which more than 80 people, most of whom didn’t know each other, were soon ensorcelled/laughing on cue/ and focused blindly on the speaker. They weren’t like a normal audience, they were like puppets with their strings being yanked. It was a bizarre experience and felt completely evil. I thank my contrary nature that I seemed to be immune.

      Today our “social” media sets young people up to be completely subsumed by activities which are nothing but herding techniques. I think it is quite clear that social programming makes people open to suggestion, and then quite cynical people fill their heads with “talking points.” I’m neither an expert or even certain, but I do suspect NLP has dangerous implications, especially for the young.

    • I don’t think it’s hocum at all. The Obama zombies sure acted as if they had fallen under his spell. They seemed as if they were in a trancelike state as they shouted O baaaaaaaaahhhhh maaa… and yes we can yes we can yes we can. I found the whole Obama campaign and it’s followers disturbing on many levels.

      I also don’t get your point about it being “racist.” Care to explain?

      • Racist – antisemitic are deep left field. To say that liberals rely heavily on these rationalizations is understated. Like Neo-Cons with anti-American or communists. It’s really tired.

        Kennedy used it, Reagan and Carter as well. If you use these techniques and repeat and reinforce them, you can captivate andmanipulate your subjects and never have to to actually accomplish anything.

        Bush couldn’t master the art because he had no cognition.

        Happy Birthday to Adolf Hitler, another NLP Master.

    • I totally disagree with you Volar, Neurolinguistics is hardly “hack” science…and “racists”? how so? What a weird leap into illogic.

    • It is the “Psychological Community” that is hokum my man. Just like all of “academia” they are part of the mutually linked sausage mind.

      Read Antony Sutton’s, SKULL AND BONES, and you will get the history of where this whole Public Relations Regime came from and who brought it over the ‘pond’.


  2. The NLP “TRIAD” underground hypnosis is as relevent as it was prior to WWII. From Walt Disney to Obama this Alpha imbedding is part of all Illuminati run ops.

    Marketing, Movies, Public education, Religion (cults) Especially used in Scientology and Mormonism.

    Everytime someone from the TRIAD trained NLP comes forward they quickly move to discredit it.
    You should finally come to accept the fact that when they jump on someone or something with that intensity, it’s generally correct.

    This I know correct. Disney has been a long time part of my study and along with the clear subliminal imaging they use, they were masters at NLP.

  3. Hope-nosis

  4. Oops! that was way bigger than I expected LOL

  5. lol laudy. In this case, bigger is better. Hopenosis.. love it!

  6. yes i can…..yes i can…..yes i can…..yes i can…..yes i can…..yes i can…..yes i can…..yes i can…..

  7. Ah! Yes, Barry the magnificent, and the cadence of his monotoned voice.

    It done captivated the apathetic credulous proles into actually believing in the faux mantra of “change.”

    I asked my neighbor again (who donated to the Obama campaign) how she liked the change thus far, being her brother-n-law is Iranian? She was pissed, and said “there’s not going to be any change.” That’s what I told her before she donated her cash, it ain’t nothin but trash

    “There’s a “sucka” born every minute” P.T. Barnum 1810 – 1891

  8. Who needs “hypnosis?” Check this out:

    now… is it just me… or with the passage of time, do the speakers look even lamer… and the peeps even dumber… than they did at the time?

    I did not think that were possible.

  9. I think it’s possible because of the aerial spraying, the fluoride in water, the gmo food, the created by design devastated job market and economy and mostly to the MSM spin machines and govt propaganda bought and paid for with our ever increasing tax dollars.

    Welcome to Amerika, a scientifically controlled police state.

    (Btw,Waldo thanks for the link to leading to war. I intend to watch it as soon as I have the time which will probably be over the weekend.)

    • Rather than chem trails and fluoride, I think Leading to War makes a strong case for good-old-fashioned stupid.

      What surprised me was that the video somewhat ruffles the charge that “the media” didn’t do their job. You will see some of the “hard questions” asked… and blown off. And then there was the nice cuppa STFU journalists probably got from the front office when they got back to work.

      Besides, why pay those pesky “reporters” when you can create real “shareholder value” by down-sizing the schmucks and simply running Pentagon press-releases and calling it “news?”

      “Our tax dollars” is chump-change compared to the ka-zillions to be made by selling korporat fiefdoms off to the highest bidder.

  10. I’ve gotten some interesting responses from friends (who are professionals in psych) and who say this article is crap. I’m somewhat persuaded that is true, tho the main concern it bounces off of is in fact a big deal.

    Why are Americans no longer authentic? Why are they obsessed with celebrities, determined to avoid any quiet moments of reflection, eager to pass around someone else’s “talking points” without doing any research etc etc?

    Life is a treadmill
    Life as a herd animal
    Life avoiding the pain of growth

    If you haven’t checked out this video, believe me it’s right on target: The Story of Your Enslavement

    • “I’ve gotten some interesting responses from friends (who are professionals in psych) and who say this article is crap…”

      THAT is their problem…that they are supposedly “professional”…which really means they have been conditioned and programmed by the very same system.
      Academia is the “crap” in this movie.


  11. It all really gets back to breaking from the MATRIX.

    We have discussed so many ways to do it. Until the “useful idiots” decide to embark on a spiritual and reality awakening, they will just follow the pack – and the pack is getting larger.

    STUPID Waldo. Yes but too far gone, no. It just takes something special for each to have the light switch click. But JG is accurate when she confirms that dumbing down has been a campaign from day one. Be it chemical, psy-ops or social engineering it has played such an enormous role in their success.

    Life in America has been a dream. Not the American dream but a fantasy created one like Dreamworks presenting a candy store of meaningless diversion and instant gratifications that has atrophied the human mind to a mere dwarf of it’s potential.

    I hope they are not dead but they are certainly suffering from the addictions of dopamine that are repressing their power to reason.

  12. Wal- if that aint enough to gittle yer dingles… how bout this:

    MS- NBC… it don’t get much more “main stream” than that… and hey- peep the date… 1/23/08… so why aint Dumnuts bein frog-marched to The Hague in shackles yet? Cos the issue is “high taxes” and “big gummint.” Like “money” is real. Like “gummint” actually exists.

    Now for all o me, I -don’t give a squeet what bam-a-lam sock-puppet does or says any more than boochie-boy. Mebbe it’s the chem-dumps… or frankenfood… or HAARP… there’s gotta be some kind of rational explanation why so many fukkin peeps are so fukkin stoopid.

    Well… there is. We believe what we WANT to believe.

  13. I dont have TV so I hear ohbummer on the odd radio report, I almost fall asleep from boredom, all those pauses..
    at least Bush was funny, listening to him murder the words and stuff up had entertainment value.
    nukular etc.
    but BS interesting initals hey? sure seems to get some? people all hyper, damned if I can see or hear why though.

    • “Nook-yoo-lur” was just the Bosh-puppet’s way of flippin the bird to all us pointy-hedded innulekshuls. Of course Frat-boy was capable of speaking English… but it delighted the dummies and pissed of the wonks.

      Now the Fats simply turned the record over. Now we gits them highfalootin bigwords and complete sentences that delight the wonks and piss of the dummies. But hypnosis or halitosis… the translation is the same:

      “WE don’t give a diddle WHAT you peasants think or do… and if you make the puppet show too unprofitable, we’ll just drop the puppets, tear down the set and reduce your numbers by about 80%. Why? Because we CAN.”

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