Posted by: oldschoolanarch | March 10, 2010

Jesse Ventura Discuss 9/11 on The Peeew…I mean The View



  1. One of my favorite moments is Hesselbeck referencing the “Institute of Studying Steel.”

    I wish Jesse – who was clearly talking about Tower 7 at that moment – would have calmly asked her “And, what does jet fuel have to do with the building I’m talking about?”

    Surely whoever prepared her with her jet fuel steel melting argument didn’t ready her for that. It would have been a great moment.

  2. Are they really very clever Khazar propaganda puppets or are they really that thick?

    I opt for thick but you never know. Good to see you Oldschool. Last entry was July 09. Glad you stopped by.

    • I opt for brainwashed.

      I was discussing this lately, how its much harder to convince an otherwise educated, successful person about the truth of 9/11, than it is to convince those that are on the far side of that spectrum.

      These are Blue-pill popping people we’re talking about here, if they’re not totally brainwashed, they’re so scared of the truth that they’d rather cling to the lie for as long as they can, otherwise their entire world, everything they’ve been programmed to believe, gets ripped away.

      That’s a pretty heavy charge for many people to handle.

      Now do I have any sympathy for them? Not much. I feel sorry for the suffering they will experience, but compared to what happened to those 3,000 people that were murdered, and their families, not to mention the millions more in its aftermath, or the million upon millions from past crimes these cretins have committed, and the carnage they’ve wrought upon this world, its no more than a bee sting.

      I don’t know, maybe I’m just fighting windmills, but I just can’t bring myself to believe that what we’re trying to do is for naught. I see some inroads, we all sit among the people that would rather ignore this, who make excuses for not wanting to care, and we know that they’re just fooling themselves.

      Who knows what’s going to happen? There could be outbreaks of mass psychosis, they could call it “9/11 Denial Syndrome “, Merck can come up with a pill they can take to lull them back into their trance.

      But damn, can anyone imagine the amount of rage that is going to be unleashed once that tipping point is reached, if and when its allowed to? I know what I felt when I had confirmed for myself what the truth was, and I’m not one that has ever had his head buried in the sand. But I can’t imagine, say, being a veteran, having put my life on the line for these cretins under false pretenses, or having a son or daughter having gotten slaughtered because of these evil bastards, what kind of reaction that kind of rage will spawn.

      This is going to be hell of a summer.

  3. I’m telling ya, something has got to give and soon. 9/11 is popping up everywhere, there is no way the pace can keep up like this before this pot boils over.

    Ventura is going to get savaged, but it won’t matter, more and more people are going to start stepping up. I’ve seen more about 9/11 in the MSM this past week than I have since 9/11, and half of it is pretty damn informative. It’s going to have millions of more people Googling their asses off.

    Even though this was probably the worst of the interviews I’ve witnessed him do, it still gets some points across.

    I can’t believe that the powers-that-be are going to allow this to go much further before another attack and Martial Law is declared.

    What other scenario could there be? I can’t believe 9/11 is just going to go the way of the Kennedy killing, and remain a hot-topic for talk shows, it’s already far too viral for that, and the passion behind those of us trying to get this out isn’t going to wane.

    They’re certainly not going to just let this build until we come looking for them. I would love to see some Grand Juries be formed and people start to be arrested, and we have some resolution to this, but to think this would be done peacefully, I just can’t imagine. It’s something to hope for, but what are the chances?

    Man, things are getting real interesting.

    • Michael, the reason that 9/11 truth will go viral is because it is so obvious, and we have some very brave and fierce people who will defend their lives and property from foreign attack and deceptions, and once the remaining one third of the American people catches onto 9/11 as a falseflag the only thing left is to ask Israel WTF, why mess with the eagle like that? We aren’t like a Palestinian with nothing but rocks, this is a grave event for our country and we have never suffered such a defeat before, other than USS Liberty and all the spying and the Fed looting and all that trillions stuff going on, the last century. I know Ari said before slipping into a coma, don’t worry about the Americans, but it’s not like Eagle can’t connect the dots and identify the rats. Everyone basically is gonna know. So how is that gonna work out for the secret masters who came up with the screenplay and did it? Very bad planning…..grade FF for Falseflag bros.

  4. Those ripe old gasbags amped on too many creampuffs blathered away and serially interrupted The Body for their oh so important “views” without the slightest idea of what they were talking about. A roundtable without cutting in would be worth tuning into. Just using the NIST test results for fire temperature of samples would completely invalidate what the lady said about fire and steel. The metals experts she wants to cite in fact disproved her theory. If “everyone knows” kerosene fires melt steel, how come it doesn’t work on anyone’s barbecue when the coals get red white blue hot? Women who want to deceive, who realize they have nothing to back up their view, resort to whining and pleading as a kind of extortion of belief.
    Jesse looks great now. He’s proud, plus nobody can attack him physically even if they jump off ropes. He’s just the outspoken stud to bring to a party of airheads with no real men in their lives. Whooper said something like, “so they died, so it was dirty, so what?” How about asking the families, “Goldberg”, if it isn’t obvious enough for ya?

  5. Whooper said something like, “so they died, so it was dirty, so what?” How about asking the families, “Goldberg”, if it isn’t obvious enough for ya?

    Yea Mar, that line REALLY pissed me off. How would Whoopie like it if someone said to her “yea, the black folks were slaves but that was a long time ago. So what?” Hmmmmm

    Hasslebeck is an idiot. …”institute for studying steel” LOL. Did you notice how she eagerly jumped on Jesse when he mentioned the Bush admin was responsible? She’s programmed to attack anyone that says anything bad about ANY republican. I normally like Barbara Walters but not here. How could an intelligent woman be so incredulous to the fact that Cheney was involved? Hello Barbara, newswoman! Don’t you know about the torture memos??! Behar seemed to be at least respecting what Jesse had to say and quietly nodded a few times.

    I used to tivo this show everyday when Rosie was on. She was gutsy, not afraid to give her opinion that she questioned 9/11 and wanted to have an entire show devoted to it. But of course, she was hushed and eventually left the show.

    If only the bubbleheads gave Jesse enough time to mention Operation Northwoods, the blueprint for 9/11 some truth may have sunken into their thick skulls. BUt really, they already know all about Hitler and the holocaust. (but not even the whole truth there) What makes them think it can’t happen here? Do they really think American politicians are beyond reproach and none of them are driven to do evil things in the name of power? Oh HELL NO!

    Btw, I think Jesse did a damn good job in the small amount of time he had, especially with all the interruptions.

    Thanks for posting oldschool.

  6. For future generations to know that ALL of us didn’t “go along to get along.” That’s the whole fucking point.

    I’ve never heard anybody say it better.

  7. I’ll settle for marching them to the gallows or nearest tree at all cost.

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