Posted by: mary sunshine | March 4, 2010

Mossad Madness

From Christopher Bollyn:

The Mossad has been at it again: The recent assassination of a Hamas military leader in Dubai looks conclusively like the Israelis’ handiwork. No doubt, they hoped for a little more anonymity in the aftermath–they likely didn’t expect the Dubai authorities to be quite so technologically competent…Either we are complicit or we are not–there’s no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations.
– Melik Kaylan, “Mossad Madness”, Forbes, February 26, 2010

Dubai’s Police Chief Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim identifies eleven of the 27 known suspects wanted in connection with the killing of a Hamas commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel room. Tamim has called on Mossad Chief Meir Dagan to own up to his crime or deny Mossad’s involvement in the murder.

The Dubai police have provided details about the stolen identities of the Mossad murderers and their arrival and departure routes.  Some of the killers came from and returned to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, and the United States.  Will the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and the other nations involved investigate and pursue the Israeli killers that use their nations as bases?  As Melik Kaylan says, “there’s no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations.”

A list of 26 Israeli Mossad agents wanted for the murder in Dubai – At least two of the suspects sought by Dubai police for the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh reportedly entered the U.S. shortly after the crime.  One of the Israeli suspects entered the U.S. on February 14, carrying a British passport, while the other, with an Irish passport, entered the U.S. on January 21. Mabhouh’s body was found in a Dubai hotel room on January 20.  Will the Department of Homeland Security track down the Israeli killers in the United States?

There are lessons to be learned from the murder of a Hamas leader in Dubai.  The information provided about the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by the authorities of Dubai has shown the world that their police force is technologically competent and professional.  The detailed information provided by the police of Dubai about the suspects involved in the al-Mabouh murder is the result of a police investigation using normal procedures, yet it is far superior to any of the information provided by the FBI about the 19 alleged terrorist hijackers of 9-11, who have been blamed for killing some 3,000 Americans.  Are the police of Dubai that much more competent and professional than the FBI or is there another reason why U.S. law enforcement seems so incompetent when dealing with Israeli crimes?

The murder of al-Mabouh is, like the false-flag terror atrocity of 9-11, evidently a crime committed by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad.  In both cases there is clear evidence of Israeli involvement.  In the Dubai murder case the authorities have come forward with detailed information and begun an international effort to identify and locate the suspects.  In the “non-investigation” of 9-11, on the other hand, headed by Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff of the U.S. Department of Justice, crucial evidence was confiscated and destroyed while key terrorism suspects like Dominic Suter and Kobi Alexander were allowed to flee to Israel and were not pursued.

Michael Chertoff, son of an Israeli Mossad agent, oversaw the non-investigation of 9-11 in which prime suspects were allowed to flee to Israel and crucial evidence was confiscated and destoyed.

The response by law enforcement authorities in the two cases could hardly be more different.  Unlike the police of Dubai, when pursuing Israeli criminals the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are dogs that won’t bark – or hunt.  Why is that?


Kenneth Feinberg was the Special Master of the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund.  He alone was responsible for distributing some $7 billion of taxpayer money to the families of the victims of 9-11.  In this he was supported by some 30 lawyers from his law firm and his wife, Diane “Dede” Shaff Feinberg.  Diane is also an executive member of the United Israel Appeal and the Jewish Federation of Washington.  She also happens to be a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency – the parent organization of the Mossad.

Diane Shaff Feinberg, Governor of the Jewish Agency

Take a look at the complete article at for the full story.



  1. The web of deceit is so interwoven throughout near every fiber of the system as to come to the conclusion there can be no fix.

    But one should not let despair relinquish one’s efforts to any degree in working to fix it anyway.

    A good start would be to witness these psychopaths dangling from a rope.

    • One way to understand 9/11 is as an Israeli coup d’etat or shock victory over the US, which its leadership had long considered “behind enemy lines”. The 9/11 falseflag set in motion Eretz Israel which is depicted on the Israeli flag bracketing the Rothschilds’ satanic hexagram, as the Euphrates. I doubt despair would be strong enough medicine in this case because we literally live under Israel, their interests are supreme in Congress, they control many facets of our lives, and their endgame is as you say, psychopathic.
      Mossad was formed out of the Jewish Agency according to the article. And their motto is war by deception. It really is pathetic and tragic to see the chickenshit US jarheads who think they are so patriotic fighting for Israel, off genociding muslims who really can’t defend themselves in a fair fight, and yet it was not muslims who did 9/11 but judaeo christians. Ironic world.

  2. And Mr. X still resides in America. With Marc Rich, Tom Delay, Chertoff, Feith, Wolfowitz, Emanuel and a hundred others who fit the bill.

    The dosiers they keep on the puppets in Congress it’s a wonder we got this far. Bill Clinton knows and he shakes when he thinks of X.

    Hush money and hits, it’s the American Zionist Way. I still think Murtha caught wind of the X Man and got a NICKED in time to save nine, or more MOSSAD spies.

    Pollard must wonder why he’s still sitting in the hoosegow while the AIPAC’ers walked.

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