Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 16, 2010



I have put the basic site together and want to get some things going.

Oz requested the header art I make to be in a collection. Thanks OZ I did.

I also set up members page and you can see what I did with my little info bio.  It would be nice to get members to send me an email with an avatar, pic or photo and a summary like mine with their personal bog or site. If you don’t have a site or personal blog, I will link to wordpress to show all your entries instead.  For Mr. M,  I want to link to his toons page here.

I will add links and video as well for any favorites you may have.  The website is loaded with Keywords ADwords to get hit and we can broaden the scope.  T-Shirts and Hats would be nice in the future should we survive 2012.

Feedback and collaboration are welcome. We own COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS for .com .net. and .org.



  1. Wow, Patrick your headers look great tiled like that on the homepage. This is so cool, we have our own home .. thank you for all the work you put into it.

    I’ll check back tomorrow to add my info. I’m so tired right now I can barely see straight.

    • Me too! I’m going to view your AJ vids in the AM

  2. Patrick, do you want the info sent to the website or to your regular email addy?

  3. Either one will work. Thanks JG

  4. Puddy
    I am with Jersey on this one..

    Thank you for the fantastic work.

    • Thanks michael. I want you on the site in members as well, unless it will hurt your chances for election. Minnesota can’t survive the likes of Klochubar or Franken for years.

      • Puddy

        thank you Sir.

        I am no chickenshit politician who is afraid to speak..

        That is what has got us here.

        Of course I want on board..

      • Puddy
        I am sorry. I accidently deleted the e mail you sent me to get on the new site.
        can you resend?


  5. Puddy, they look great:-)
    It would have been a tragedy for them to be unseen after the pages changed!
    I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite many to choose from, I,d need a new wardrobe of T shirts..
    well done indeed.

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