Posted by: Mr. M | February 6, 2010

Scan this



  1. Brilliant M!

  2. There ya go again, painting a thousand words…… excellent as usual Mr M.

    PS: I see you revised it a tiny bit..those damn censors!

    Just say NO to the body scammers !

    • Revised it a “titty-bit” ya mean.

      Made me take out the very top of the areloa … I mean … as though any children are reading political rags, and maybe, that’s what’s wrong.

      Just wait until they get a gander at my next strip, I’m thinking of doing a penis with a wick.

      Fuck em’.

  3. Very strange how I decided on the pineal gland header about the time you did this toon, M.

    Hmmmm, very odd indeed. I am getting some updated info on Fluoride and nano-chemtrail and the possible 2012 scenario.

    If the certainty of a cosmic inside/out is to occur, then it seems they (them) are looking for a multi- prong event that will solve the 2000 plan with it all being the work of the universe and they will be vindicated.

    Not much they have to do but prepare for the cleanup.

  4. Not so strange Patrick. COTO is “connected.”

    Anxious to hear your report on chemtrails and 2012.

  5. The End of the Arrogant will be Ashes. I think they will be on the receiving end of the “multi-pronged” instrument of equilibrium.

  6. I have posted a chemtrail , scanners-invasion of privacy, health and beatup of terrorism for no real worth, and a couple of other topics on an aussie blog, just 2 of 600 or so are aware and willing to comment, the rest are accusing me of conspiracy theory and being off the wall as regards their codes and posts.
    well some of us will be alive later with luck, and it may not be them.
    like the ocean dwellers accepting the rising waters crap, when they can look outside and Know, that nothings changed

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