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More Kurt Haskell on Flight 253

     also see Part 2

Remaining Questions


The following questions are those that we do not have adequate information (In my mind) on in order to make a final determination.

1. Who is the Man in Orange?

The story of the Man in Orange has been previously discussed at length, so I will not state it again in this article, but who was he?

The following evidence supports the theory that we know the identity of the Man in Orange:

The Detroit Free Press released an account of Flight 253 passenger Samuel Pappy on January 29, 2010. It stated the following:

“Two bomb-sniffing dogs named Jordi and Brenda checked out hundreds of bags and carry-ons that had been deposited in Customs. They cleared every bag except one: The dogs keyed in on a soft-sided black carry-on belonging to Pappy, the Indian born man who said he helped calm other passengers during the flight.
Pappy, who lives in Georgia, said he was hand cuffed in front of other passengers, which he said he found humiliating. A police report said his bags were searched and cleared. He was released with other passengers later that afternoon”.

The Free Press account verifies the following aspects of the Man in Orange:

1. Indian Man
2. Bomb-sniffing dogs were alerted to his carry-on bag and no other bags.
3. He was taken away and questioned.

There is further evidence that Pappy may have been the Man in Orange. When a fellow passenger called me in an apparent attempt to get me to change my story, he did not attempt to change my story in regards to the Man in Orange. He actually concurred with my account.

While the evidence indicates strongly that Pappy was the Man in Orange a few questions are raised in my mind.

The following evidence supports the theory that we still do not know the identity of the Man in Orange:

1. Ron Smith, spokesperson for U.S. Customs, changed the official story of the Man in Orange 5 times. Each story appearing after a public statement from myself, which discredited the official version. Why?
2. My account of the Man in Orange indicated that he was NOT handcuffed when he was taken away, but he was handcuffed after he emerged from questioning. This appears to not correspond with version 6 of the official story, which appeared in the Free Press.
3. As he was exiting Flight 253, Mutallab indicated that another bomb was on the plane.
4. How often do bomb-sniffing dogs indicate a false positive?

2. Did Mutallab know the Sharp Dressed Man?

The story of the Sharp Dressed Man has previously been discussed at length and his identity has been proven(To my satisfaction) as an agent of the U.S. Government. However, did Mutallab know the Sharp Dressed Man?

The following evidence supports the theory that Mutallab did know the Sharp Dressed Man:

1. The two men approached the final ticket gate together.
2. The Sharp Dressed Man did all of the talking.
3. The Sharp Dressed Man indicated that Mutallab was from “Sudan”, which was an obvious lie.
4. The Sharp Dressed man advocated for Mutallab to board without showing a passport.
5. The U.S. Government is now admitting that Mutallab may have had help in making sure he did not get cold feet when boarding.

The following evidence supports the theory that Mutallab did not know the Sharp Dressed Man:

1. Mutallab was nervous and fidgety as he stood by the Sharp Dressed Man.
2. The account of Shama Chopra, the Montreal passenger who also saw Mutallab before boarding, also described Mutallab as being very nervous as he went through security.

3. Was it intended that the bomb explode?

The only reason I am here today is that Mutallab’s bomb did not explode. We have to ask whether it was ever intended to explode?

The following evidence supports the theory that the bomb was intended to explode:

1. Mutallab went all the way to Yemen to obtain the bomb.
2. It was stitched into his underwear.
3. The quantity of explosive was enough to blow up the plane.
4. Mutallab purchased a one-way ticket without luggage (except for one small carry-on bag).

The following evidence supports the theory that the bomb was not intended to explode:

1. The bomb required a detonator to explode. This bomb did not have (Or had a malfunctioning detonator) a detonator.
2. It is difficult to believe that Mutallab would plan for this event in such great detail, but not assure that it would work.
3. A camera man filmed the entire attack from before it started until after it ended.
4. The U.S. Government allowed Mutallab on the plane in order to track him in the U.S. and catch potential accomplices.

4. Did the U.S. Government know that Mutallab had a bomb when it allowed him to board Flight 253?

This is possibly the most important question to be answered.

The following is evidence that the U.S. Government knew Mutallab had a bomb when he boarded Flight 253:

1. The U.S. Government had pre-purchased body scanning machines.
2. The U.S. Government had already begun bombing Yemen.
3. The camera man on the plane. Although, this would indicate that the U.S. Government knew Mutallab had a defective bomb.
4. The extensive evidence over the months leading up to the flight, which included wire tapped intercepts indicating that someone named “Umar Farouk” would be attempting a terrorist attack.
5. Michael Chertoff’s ties to the company that produces the body scanning machines.

The following is evidence that the U.S. Government did not know that Mutallab had a bomb when he boarded Flight 253:

1. It is almost incomprehensible to believe that the U.S. Government would intentionally allow it’s citizens to be blown up (Although, this would not be the case if it knew that Mutallab’s bomb was defective).
2. The bomb was in Mutallab’s underwear and may have been difficult to find.

5. Why is the U.S. Government seeking a plea deal for Mutallab?

One has to wonder why the government wants a plea deal when the U.S. Government has plenty of evidence to convict Mutallab.

The following evidence supports the theory that the U.S. Government has a legitimate reason for seeking a plea deal:
1. To seek additional evidence from Mutallab to catch accomplices.
2. To spare the cost of a trial (However, this trial would be very short and not too costly).

The following evidence supports the theory that the U.S. Government does not have a legitimate reason for seeking a plea deal:

1. There is plenty of evidence to convict Mutallab.
2. His crime was particularly heinous and he does not deserve a lenient sentence.
3. Anything less than a life sentence without the possibility of parole would be ridiculous.
4. Mutallab could have been treated as an enemy combatant and denied a court appointed attorney, which could have had the same result as a plea deal, as far as obtaining additional evidence. The U.S. Government already admitted that Mutallab was telling all until his attorney arrived.
5. The truth of the story would be known when evidence was presented at trial.

6. Why did a fellow passenger call me to discuss changing my story?

Approximately one week after Flight 253, and after I had been telling my story to the media, I received a call from a fellow passenger. The important parts of the conversation were as follows:

1. “Kurt, I think you should stop telling your story about the ‘Sharp Dressed Man’. It was an unaccompanied minor that you saw. I am sure of it. He was escorted on the flight by an airline employee. I saw him after we landed with the employee. You will look stupid when the truth comes out”.
2. “Remember when we took the buses from the plane to the terminal”?
3. “I thought you were crazy when I heard you in the media, but yesterday(One week after the flight) I had a revelation and remembered what happened”.

Lets look at the reason this call was made and the importance of the above statements.

The following evidence indicates that the call was made from a concerned fellow passenger:

1. The caller was pleasant and appeared to be concerned.
2. My wife verified that he was, in fact, on our plane.
3. Maybe he did see something, but was something different than what I saw.
4. He did not say that he saw the Sharp Dressed Man before boarding.
5. He provided, on its face, a seemingly believable story.

The following evidence indicates that the call was made from someone trying to “shut me up”.

1. The call was made after the caller had a revelation one week after the flight. This would be a highly unlikely event.
2. I have since discovered that the caller has ties to the U.S. Government.
3. U.S. Customs has indicated that there were no unaccompanied minors on our flight.
4. To have an airline employee as an escort, the minor must be age 11 or younger. Although Mutallab looks young (15 or 16 by my estimation), he does not look 11.
5. Why the call out of the blue to me?
6. The statement that we took buses to the terminal was not true. This statement could have been made in an effort to make me believe that the plane landed far away from the terminal. This, if true, would cover up the post-landing gaffes indicated in the January 29, 2010, Detroit News article.
7. Why indicate that he thought I was crazy? Possibly as a subliminal put down to me to make me not talk to the media.
8. Although I have since spoken to many passengers, none have indicated that they saw an unaccompanied minor either before or after landing. One passenger, however, did indicate to me that she saw Mutallab escorted by another individual to the final ticket counter.
9. The numerous amount of evidence that has since come out and now indicates that the U.S. Government intentionally let Mutallab on Flight 253.
10. The U.S. Government knew at that time, that I could not be intimidated by a government official and knew it had to try an alternative means to stop my story from getting out to the public.
11. The caller has since made the following peculiar statement (Which may not be an exact quote but it is close), which is odd considering that it is coming from a victim of a recent terrorist attack:

“The American public should forget about Flight 253 and focus on health care and the economy”.

This statement appears to be a statement more attributable to a government official then a passenger of Flight 253.

7. Why are the important questions being ignored by the main stream media?

It would seem that in a free country the press would be investigative on all important questions, including those that may show corrupt/grossly negligent activities by its own government. However, as often has been the case, the mainstream media is all too quick to put the “official” story out to the public and not ask the difficult questions. As I am finding out, it is very difficult for a normal everyday citizen to have his concerns heard in the media. Any official statement from the government, however, is immediately reported worldwide. One has to wonder whether the ties between the large corporations that run the media and the U.S. Government itself, have become so tight as to jeopardize the freedom and safety of the U.S. citizens. It has come to the point that some are calling my wife and I heroes for insisting on the truthful reporting of this story. That is a very sad statement, because we are not heroes, but only eyewitnesses. The belief that we are heroes, speaks of the current sad state of affairs in this country. Those that have something to say are scared to come forward with the truth. The United States of America is no longer a free country.

I look forward to hearing the responses to this post. I know some of you will feel strongly in support of one side or the other on each of the above questions. However, I take no position on these questions at this time. I also look forward to hearing any other questions anyone would like me to blog about, as this is a very involved story and I acknowledge that I may have missed some further unresolved questions.


and:  Congressional hearing reveals US intelligence agencies shielded Flight 253 bomber



  1. Kurt better watch his back. And yes, the underwear bomber was a set up for naked body scanners and xrays in airports and more draconian measures against the people of the world. The next false flag terror attack is just around the bend. The question is when and where not if.

    • Most of the public has moved on, and a web site that features a mac and tuna recipe is unlikely to get big hits. The “conspiracy” label is still working to keep the sheep in the pasture.

      • “and a web site that features a mac and tuna recipe is unlikely to get big hits” mac and tuna recipe??

        • OK, maybe I messed up on the “mac” part. LOL Go to and scroll down a bit to:
          ” Made an awesome recipe tonight, which I paired with Zatarain’s Jambalaya Rice. The recipe is as follows:
          Tuna Cakes by Kraft
          What You Need….”

  2. After reviewing the Kurt Haskell info, it reminded me to go back to my real history article, the Mayflower Conspiracy.

    This just hilights the fact that the Netherlands, Belgium Bilderberg, the HAGUE were the seat for Rothschild operations. Marked by their desire for human sacrifice and their child abduction and slavery operations, the freedoms that exist in this center are well known. Liberal drug laws, legal prostitution, homosexual and heterosexual pedophilia and pornography.

    It is about time that people look at the Mayflower Conspiracy and realize it was all a Rothschild plan to eradicate natives and take over the territory and set up the seat of Freemasonry / Fabian dialectic and follow the Neoplatonist philosophers.

    These Rosicrucian /Pilgrims have consistently followed the guidelines and orders of Rothschilds who operated from the European Centers.

    Havens of Saints — members of the Separatist Leiden congregation,
    The Strangers — members of the Church of England
    who were emigrating for economic reasons (not), but because they were Satan Worshipers and attacked by the Church as heretics which they were.

    In 1666, (Hmmm) after the second great fire of London, these freemasons began the City of London we know today. Another Haven as in the Netherlands and another Rothschild protected State just like the Vatican and Israel have become.

    The Conspiracies of the Mayflower, Speedwell and the Dutch and English agendas were as consistent with the two party democracy dialectic which created the United States Triad itself.

    The Red and Blue centers of the world working in harmony for the Master Technician, the COMMITTEE and the admin/enablers are well funded and operated and the center in the Netherlands is no exception.

    • Funny, you mention the Hague, PD. The ICC imho, is mere insurance for the real criminals.

      My apologies for not commenting on the remainder at this point in time as it does strike me as most interesting.

      To me, and from what I see and feel, you’re right. The next BIG ff attack is right around the corner. Mathematically speaking, we could take this thing and reverse engineer it to come up with the a) location (done), b) method (done), size (done?) and result (who benefits + which stones will be set for a furthering of the 1984 as a result).

      I’m still very cautious with anything from AJ. Better safe than sorry. The underwear ff is too transparent for me. I smell a very dead fish and I need to look into why “Phoenix” and maybe come up with more.

      • Yes you do Curt. You have the gift, right. The dream and the gut? I need some power sources and your knowledge and EU familiarity is so important for us. I have asked you before for some advise and thoughts and really look for your comments and articles.

        They come sparingly but they are highly anticipated from these eyes.

        I rarely use AJ for my information unless his info coobborates those who I depend on. Though in this case, it does.

    • “The freedoms that exist in this center are well known”.
      So, can we say that under certain conditions, Patrick you do not endorse sexual freedom or Cannabis freedom?
      Could you point to any crime statistics in Holland supporting your thesis that this sort of freedom is not good for people, please?
      Because it is a fine line between calling out Satanism and being uptight.
      Gauguin certainly got sick of the lack of European freedom and had his Noa Noa years to escape it.
      Different strokes for different folks.

  3. Yea Curt, spill the beans on your “Phoenix Prediction”….lol

    Sometimes though, that feeling you get in your gut is worth more than a thousand hours of research…..

  4. Kurt rocks, he is the brave heart who tells the truth of what happened.
    Now to digress, in defense of Holland.
    Patrick, perhaps you are right about the Netherlands, but I’ve lived there and have a somewhat more complex vision of what is happening there. My latest research is a trip in 2009 there. If you want I can write this in Dutch. Sure, Bilderberg, bingo. It is the same as the anglo zionist money power but so is Germany.
    My nieces in Holland tend to dress slutty but with less tattoos than American kids. They seem oblivious to most of life’s real problems concentrating on their live in boyfriends and drinking booze. Cannabis is not very popular beyond about fifteen per cent of the populace regular users.
    I was there when Barry McCaffrey came to town in 1999 spreading lies about crime and the coffee shops. I can tell you about the seventies and Schiphol too, I’ve “been there”, and have a clean record and nothing to hide. I think I know from hanging out in the Amsterdam central police station with a brigade chief just when McCaffrey came in that Americans really misjudged the Dutch people. Many Dutch were shocked by the lies then, fewer by far, now. I have seen Holland fall to global commercial mindfuck the last ten years. The coffee shops have been under siege the whole time.
    The Dutch put up a clean prostitution district, and I’ve been there with my old mother. She just likes to have fun window shopping. Most all of the sex workers do not get infected and they like their income and don’t feel stigmatized.
    Royal Dutch Shell is Rothschild, naturally.

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