Posted by: wxman2001 | February 2, 2010

Barack Obama in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama over US war policy? 1 of 2

The parallels between the administrations of Barack Obama and John Kennedy are stunning:
1. Both engaged in what might be called “Election Deception” During the 1960 election, Kennedy attacked Nixon for being soft on communism, particularly Cuba. In his book, 6 Crises, Nixon complained, bitterly and accurately, that this was an unscrupulous deception on Kennedy’s part. Kennedy had been briefed that Nixon and the CIA were planning a full scale invasion of Cuba. So, even though he knew it wasn’t true, Kennedy attacked Nixon from the right, claiming that he, Kennedy, was more of a hawk on Cuba than Nixon. As soon as he got in, Kennedy told the CIA to forget their invasion plans; the CIA went ahead anyway at the Bay of Pigs; and Kennedy fired the top three men at CIA for disobeying his orders.*1 The military shared Nixon’s perception that Kennedy was a liar and a traitor.
During the 2004 election, Obama surrounded himself with hawks like Zbigniew Brzezinski, and attacked Bush from the right, saying that he had neglected “the right war,” the war in Afghanistan, and that he, Obama, would transfer troops and treasure to the effort in Afghanistan. However, once he got in, Obama brought none of the Brzezinski people with him. None of them. Not Richard Clark. Not Anthony Lake (both of whom were very active in Obama’s campaign, and are very deep-cover operatives for the darkest side of the Pentagon). And, as you will see, Obama fought bitterly with the military over their desire for more troops.


  1. Very interesting assessment Brad. What confounds me is the fact that the people who wish to take all this information cannot conclude the financial redistribution of wealth as the overriding objective.

    In all the false flag, assassinations and black ops the red and blue teams work systematically to appear polar opposites of each other while in confederation to the ultimate goal. The two teams starting from the same point moving diametrically until they arrive at the meeting point once again, where it’s winner take all.

    At that time the masters [bankers] appear from shadows and declare that Corporatist Red and Global Governance Blue ended in a tie and they merge into a healthy New World Order Fascist Combine in which we find what’s left of six billion sick, insolvent, enslaved people and the purple people eaters who now control the empire.

    I have to chuckle some at the idea of mutually shared destruction and the cold war, when it was clearly a dialectic in process that would be created by WWII, another false flag.

    Kennedy had to have realized the FED and Rothschilds/Rockefellers were playing both hands and saw the ultimate goal of bleeding this superpower dialectic for every ruble and dollar until such time as they agreed to crush the soviets financially. War Criminal Gorby, the KISS and Bush through Reagan the pawn.

    What would be the nest step in the chain. That was to share the NAZI, SOVIET, and US intelligence, Science, WMD and combine forces to move on to China.

    The only detour is to control the energy. Thus we got the IBC’s WOT dialectic. Once they collect those risk pieces it’s on to China. There is some concern now for non red/blue players having WMD. I won’t dispute this.

    Follow China’s effort to destablize the Red teams ops in Iran, Pakistan and surrounding pipeline routes. Also follow China’s moves to alternative energy development. They are fully aware of the dialectic and agenda.

    Whatever the result the winners are the owners of the game. All players can side on any team red or blue, just don’t screw with the IBC, IMF, FED or FIAT, with a gold standard or Silver certificate.

    That’s what got Kennedy killed though the IBC didn’t actually do the job there were players lining up to do it as you say. Khazar Mafia, CIA/Bush, NATO and others who would taken a cut in their profits.

    Meanwhile all these little subplots are moving wealth up the top of the TRIAD pyramid to the owners of this board game.

    Obama hasn’t upset the Apple Cart for the IBC. He’s fine and will be fine. The sanction has not been approved by the COMMITTEE until he tries to pull off a JFK (Junque Fiat Knockout). He’s a company man like Dubya, Bubba C and the three before him. Just Red and Blue operatives running the Master Ponzi.

  2. you get it; the bankers are the end of the chain of criminals. You follows don’t you?Not sure he has all the right info, or does and is misleading us but seems to be right about many things.

  3. Yes indeed. I read all C. Story, Tom Henegan and Ben Fulford take on the financial and match it with MSM maintream prop and try to determine what’s really what.

    You breakdown well the info in the article and correlate very effectively to give us the events. But we are always subject to the fact or fiction and the sincere or deceptive characters.

    We must rely on gut instinct, Occams theory and at times assuming the opposite of MSM or high profile interpretations. Complicated is the understatement of the century for this historical pogrom of financiers. Somewhere in this massive web runs the single thread of truth buried deep in this weave.

    It would be nice to see Obama morph like JFK unfortunately his legacy would parallel that of Kennedy’s. Dead, and a weak LBJ standing in the wings named Biden who would enable perpetual war in Afghanistan that would have us drained financially and have us conclude as we did in Nam.
    50,000 plus dead Americans, a million plus dead Afghani’s & Pakistani’s.

    Obama is protecting IBC investments there. Iraq is done and the check has cleared. Pipedreams are now coming to fruition here and secure drug pipelines as well. It all finds the Coffers at the top.

  4. Commenting on articles of this stature is hardly worth the effort.

    Afghanistan? We’ll be there until they run out of resources to plunder, just like we’ll be in the other 157 countries around the world.

    BHO will only matter when whatever false-flag event occurs and he assumes the “I’ll protect you” solution to the problem of which they created, in their never ending “problem, reaction, solution” merry-go-round of cluster-fucks.

    And I have a bad, bad feeling we won’t have long to wait to see the next shoe drop in this game. If we make it through the Olympics and SB with-out an incident, I’ll be surprised, and relieved. But I have to tell ya, my “spidey-senses” are on high, something is in the works.

    Today this article appeared in the Time-Picayune:

    Now, the T-P is an out and out Illuminati rag, the editors since time began have all been Skull & Bones grads, and this was ripped off the AP, Rothschild’s propaganda machine, but in the mist of all the SB hoop-la, why this now? It’s such a none story, but it has great meaning to those that have some awareness of how the game is played.

    Prelude of things to come? … let’s see? … what was the name of that brief again? “Osama Determined to Attack …”

    Man, and I’m still so unprepared.

  5. I told you we were at DEFCON 3 since December.
    Of course I said this but translated for COTO it means:

    Black op false flag attack is preeminate and the HS, TSA, CIA and NATO spies are collaborating with Saudi-Israeli Qaida on the staging, info containment and follow up scripting for this attack.

    No urgency for financial reform and jobs bill bullshit when you can toss the nation in the grips of another 911. I assume they will call this one
    315 or 417.

    Beware the Ides of March. for again it’s time “to divide”

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