Posted by: waldopaper | January 22, 2010

Citizens United v. FEC:

A Country for Old Men.

“I need you to get out of the car…” Chief Justice Anton Chigurh

Some background information: Nike v Kasky, 2003 “…is commercial speech entitled to reduced First Amendment protection or noncommercial speech entitled to traditional free-speech protection.”  (California… “free speech” vs. “commercial speech”)

Now we have Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.  The opinion is supposedly here… good luck trying to open the accursed pdf file.  Or, you can go to the Supreme Court website and try your luck.  Or, you can read a summary on a cleaner website.

Just who the hell is “Citizens United?” No… seriously… who the fuck are these people?  hmmmm…  “Excellentia Inc., “a company specializing in marketing to conservatives and Christians.  hmmmmmmm… me smell BULLSHIT “IDEOLOGY,” piling up on the way to the “market.”

Well… now the slurry gets really thick… for ME at least… because most of the “conservative Xians” I have met are neither “conservative” nor “Christian.”  They are “Christian Hoards,” gobbling saturated drive-thru fat theology supersized by handsome Pastor Hermen Neutics.

To me, they are simply (what Bob Altemeyer calls) “authoritarians; bullet-heads defending the status quo… because the fatties who are making out on the status quo TOLD them to do it. They think “status quo” is some kind of medical term… but they don’t like the way things are.

The main idea is “marketing,” as in “marketing to conservative Xians.  The problem (or solution) is not the volume (money).  That would make sense only to people who think they win “arguments” or “debates”  because they yell louder.  Then there’s compartmentalization:

It’s not fascism when WE do it.” Or better yet. the quote of the year: “Get your government hands off my medicare.”  Witness the teabaggers and their dip-dunk “healthcare debate” at the “town hall meetings”   If you don’t get distracted by the braying cattle, you can see the problem.

The problem is abject flat-fuck stupidity… which makes victims vulnerable to memes constructed as simple and virulent as virus or prions.  Look at “Change you can believe in”  “Yes we can.”  Can what?  Change from what?   Dribblecraps are being paid by the fats to change NOTHING.

Old Man Teabag himself just came up with a winner for the Repocrumbs:  “The American people are more interested in shrinking unemployment than expanding government.”  Well of course they are… whoever they are…whatever THAT means. “The Market” knows best.

It’s a crock wherever it comes from. Stocks go up for the fatties when there are layoffs… and thanks to St. Ronzo’s drooling acolytes, whatever “government” is has become larger, more dangerous and more intrusive since it threw the “murikan peeple” overboard thirty fucking years ago.

It’s all packaging… for the “murikan peeple” whose last critical thought was diaper rash.  Of course Mr. Astroturf is celebrating the SCOTUS decision… a victory for the advertising industry… because whoever yells loudest DOES win an “argument” before a population that’s brave as a box of cupcakes.

There is no “argument” to begin with.  The Punch and Judy politic puppets keep the “peeple” entertained,  twisting  their Maggie-Simpson voting wheel furiously to the “left” and “right.  The train stays on the rail because the fats pay for puppets who play “dead-center.

Their cattle-car “country” rolls merrily toward the stockyard.



  1. Props Super W! Very Juicy Stuff. Dripping with ass-herb-ic wit and carrying a pointed stick. Fun and flavorful!

  2. They cannot see the hedges for the Bush’s

  3. Not that it matters… but the globalist fats need no “foreign troops” with tools like this under their Coats … the next Senate-stooge from dominionist krakkkerland:

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